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NinjaGirls:Reborn for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Carolgames located at 28 MAXWELL ROAD, #03-05, REDDOT TRAFFIC, SINGAPORE (069120). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seems to be better than the other one in the same universe. I do wish that it had the ability to save my progress because I've beaten the first chapter a few times. I have changed my phone since i first started and i forgot about this app. Needless to say i have had the same first team, the same tutorial, and the same chapters to re complete.
I wrote a negative review about this game a while back complaining about how a lot of it requires money to be paid, but I realized it was a flawed review. I didn't play the game enough to know that there are ways to get rare girls without spending money, just getting lucky. My mistake entirely, and now I can fully say I recommend this game and apologize to the developer for a negative review for a reason I wasn't even fully aware of.
I'd rate it zero stars, but sadly, that isn't an option. I don't even wanna spend dmy time on the app page. I'm just gonna say, the ads suck and don't match the game, and it's just bad. 😑🙄
Where to start... Love the characters,the upgrading of characters is fair. The people are trolls, month card is misleading (you can purchase and it will allow you to keep rebuying), daily task for month card will always be there to claim your rewards even after you already did but may not have noticed trying to bait you into buying another month card (Shady money antics). The only reason I did not give full stars is because of their misleading money grabs such as this. Not enough words to review
The game play is alright and it's got a big spot for collection people. My big problem is the monetization. A single skin for the characters is $50-$100. Btw there's over 200 characters you can collect. Over half are behind a pay wall that you need to reach VIP 9(spend $200 on eligible purchases) to collect. More annoying, so many events require you to spend money just to participate in it. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who isn't loaded or wants to retire in their lifetime.
Decent so far... after playing longer ive come to like this game as everything required is easy to gain... always loads of events for P2W/F2P rewards... lots todo... keep it up ... will update in future ..
Decent game graphics ok but a little too much pay to win could rate it higher and a better way to increase vip rank with cheaper prices.
I think it is a good game even though you have to spend some real money to go higher but all games are like that so I think all in all it is a good game and of I had faster WiFi I would play it a LOT more (P.S. I am not a bot that is just leaving good ratings so please don't say I am 😭)
Fun time killer, only few days in so far. Cute chibi girls, with beautiful art and semi animated pieces. ENGRISH r Bads... But not enough to not understand what's happening... If you are an Anime fan (why would you be playing otherwise!) It's fine... Plenty of grindy goodness or buy what you like type of play, I'm on the broke side, and still enjoying it so far!
this is an average at best RPG. it reminds me of every other 16 bit style RPG that has come out in the past 10 years. Edit: continue to play the game to see if it was more entertaining. I find myself still playing although certain aspects of the game seem to be completely focused on in-app purchases. This is a pay-to-win Style game while it may be free to play you can only achieve so high of a rank without spending money
A bit of p2w aspect as some features are not available unless you are vip. Gives dias on tasks but premium currency is not just dias, there are stuff you can only buy with real money. Aside from that, good game with some translation fails. Edit: Rough translation made me pick a wrong decision which the protagonist says exactly the opposite of what I picked. Translation improvement is nice to have.
Great game but i keep getting kicked out when i borrow someone's pet from my guild for sky city pls fix
This game is simply amazing. I love everything about it. The only reason I am giving this a two star is because I have spent quite a little bit of money buying diamonds, and enhancing their skills. The system will lag or bug or something and take away all the plus power points I just bought for them. Leaving me out of 30 bucks easy. I will not be spending another dime in this game until it is fixed. Again great game. But I expect to get what I paid for.
It's surprisingly very fun. The story is easy enough to follow (and fairly interesting) and, the mechanics are easy to adapt to buuuuuuuuut, I do have a problem with in-game currency and, it's difficulty to obtain. The system is somewhat confusing and, obtaining certrain currency or items ranges from difficult to near impossible. Otherwise, a 10/10 experience. I'd rate 4.5 but, it's mostly perfect so, I decided on 5 stars instead of 4.
I wanted a fighting game and chose this one. Good choice! Only been playing for a few days but I am getting the hang of it. There is a huge choice of characters, items, powers, challenges etc. Love the graphics. I play this on my old Tab 3. Shame the game keeps dropping out, but that might just be my device. I like this game that much I may even spend some real cash...
Attention developers constant cheating (pay walls from begining. Boost low ranks VIP acc, start from lvl80 f2p acc on scripts downgrade to actual lvl1 skills lvl., Same for all PvP and PVE events). Strong P2W game. 7day new players event cant be completed by free players (on 7 day player need pass 20 stage of Sky Tower and have 1 5 star character - without donate around 700$ it is impossible). All pointed on VIP players start from Vip9 (around 1500+$ real donate). Game constant lost players.
Pure money greed. Game requires large sums of money to be at end game. They will gladly take $100s of dollars from you and even give you a VIP rank based on how much you spend. However once paypal reverses an accidental payment not associated with a in-game purchase the game dev will quickly suspend your account without discussion. loyalty, vip rank, server rank status has no impact on how dev will treat you. Stay away from their games. They will burn you eventually.
1. It's already a friendly game. 2. I'm always stuck at the loading thing, you need to optimize your game. 3. It has cute characters.
This game is so great and the girls are so beautiful.I play this to relax and see the beautiful girls. Maybe in the next update need animation on the girls.like when they used there skill. That's all(^_^)
I downloaded this app for one very legitimate (more than likely ONLY in my opinion) reason, to publicly giggle about the creator's use of the Evangelion theme in their trailer. Anyway, the tactic worked I supposed...as now that I've downloaded it, I might as well give it a try. I'll even come back and add a note about the app itself once I've tried it. ;) UPDATE: Surprisingly this game surpassed all my expectations! It's FAR worse than I imagined possible! 2 stars for making me laugh at least!
People were right, the developers dont care about the customer at all. I like the game and have dropped well over a grand into it and then the game screwed me out of $4 worth of diamonds today, which the gm response guy in game basically laughed at when I asked to have the $4 worth of diamonds refunded to my character! Blows my mind, they wanna lose a player worth thousands to their company just to avoid doing the right thing.....ludicrous!
Its a gatcha, so expect to pay something at some point. Can feel expensive, but alot of the upgrade process once you have the unit is free. Time consuming, but free. Its story can be confusing due to translation, but is gettinv better. Loads of stuff for catchup for new players now at start. Tldr: expensive, but rewarding longterm.
I love the game (although i lost my account) but other than something not even close to the game i just like it. 98% (add darker skin characters cause im a fan of them🙏🏼) you dont have to just keep it in mind though if its too hard 👐🏼😎
I don't know if others have come across these issues or just me. Name and level does not show, VIP status, Currencies and A lot of incorrect spelling. Only reasons for the 4 stars, if they are fixed I'll update it to 5. The positives: I can tell this game was made with admiration and struggles. The mechanics are well thought out even with the simplistic layout and animations. Art work is beautiful. I feel that in a way the creator and designers are being restricted with the Store's policy.
After playing this game for well over a year losing my old account and starting over, I've found that unless you're willing to spend thousands of $$$ playing will be rather difficult not to mention the game crashes a lot since update 1.212. There really isn't any way for players who play to get good champions unless you pay top dollar. Now I understand that companies need to make money however only making certain champions accessible through pay makes the game Bias and uneven.
An ok game, but I still don't understand its goals. Easy enuf to get gold/coins but diamonds is where the game gets p2w. However, it is pretty brain dead- don't push any buttons during combat, strengthen your girl s battle gear (which is just ordinary clothes) send them back in to battle, rings n repeat. Most annoyingly, is that, nothing is explained- I don't know what I supp. 2do/how do I do it- several times I get a pic of a girl, tinkin I acquired a new playable char. I go back out n nothing
this game just isn't my type...it's way too colorful, filled with female characters that I can't breathe and the gameplay isn't that indulging, either . here are a few tips for you guys , though: first that auto button is on in the beginning and may be changed afterwards, make it the other way around. it is only when the player is hooked to the game that you let the game fight for him. also check your ads on YouTube and Facebook because they show it as a date stimulator instead of rpg
This is the type of game I was looking for! It's fun to level up and farm materials for the ninja girls mostly because it's an idle game, I also like the option of me manually using skills that way there's a bit of strategy, not 5 stars cause well they used the same girl assets from girls X battle 2.
I noticed that you created Girl X Battle and you tried creating one that was kid friendly but honestly from the reviews you didn't do a very good job.I would recommend not so much violence no rude humor and appropriate clothing and scenes and no dating because that's not kid friendly for kids to be dating on a game. These will help make your game actually kid friendly these recommendations might even make the game Everyone.And maybe no socialisation.Ty for replying!
Not more recommended it's stuck always in loading screen can't play comfortable sad it nice anime pictures but because of neglection on it ....waste of money fix the issue ASAP useless!!!!!!!!
This game is probably cool but I hate these games that do these way too long tutorials where they force you to level up who they want. I just spent 40min playing only to lose everything leveling up players I didn't want to and it's still not done telling me how I should play. I'm uninstalling. You guys should try giving SUGGESTIONS without forcing me to do something. I'm not going to invest time and money only to have you make me waste it.
Game helps you at the start. Fun once you git the hang oof it. I played the game 4 hr. ago now it will not load all i get is a dark screen. Then I have to close the game because there is no response. What ever update was made disabled my game play. I will need to remove game if it continues not to load. So disappointed it was a good game.
The artwork is fun, the characters you collect have interesting designs, names, and abilities. The controls are simple and easy to understand. My only complain is the story is very difficult to understand, an extreme amount of spelling and grammatical errors and it makes it difficult to tell what is going on. But if that doesn't bother you it is fun.
In all honesty, it's pretty fun. It's less tedious than other "gacha" games, and the writing, for all its'... interesting interpretations of the English language, is actually pretty good as well. The characters are cute, the art is gorgeous; and it's an awful lot easier to get ahold of "cash shop" items than I intially expected. Now, I've only recently started playing; but here's to hoping the game only gets better!
Loved playing the game, hated that all my time and money has gone to waste because I bought a new phone and you can't bring anything you've accomplished or paid for over to the new phone! Fixed, I'm back on my account.
Pretty good overall besides how this game is major pay 2 win. And you gotta fix a bug where if you have bad WiFi and you get the cancel or reconnect screen if you press cancel then the girls keep emoting and there's no stopping it so you have to exit the app.
Terrible game with bugs and the developer is even worse for all their games. Their customer service does not care about the players just money. The reps have a reputation for never helping anyone ever, even when they are at fault (even if they admit it which they rarely do). It's p2w anyway and they don't deserve your money or time. This game and it's developers are the worst ever. Edit: Even their response to the bad reviews shows they don't care to even read the reviews. Don't download this.
After playing for a year I finally have to accept that the p2w mechanics are always going to leave me frustrated when going up against people that are spending hundreds of $s a month. New girls, skins and awakenings are introduced every week, and they don't seem to be play tested, so the balance has been completely off in the last few months. since the introduction of "titan"-class girls, all battles have become boring. save yourself the time and frustration and don't start with this game.
This game is decent but I feel like this is quite similar to Girls X Battle and that's why I am not too interested in it.
Just another collection "game" where they try to get you to spend money for digital doodads, where they then get you to think you've somehow "won". The most annoying thing about these "games" is the busy work they give you as you level until it's all so obnoxious you have to quit because it becomes a second job that they expect you to pay for. If you're into that, this game is great.
I was playing it everyday for getting award but I didn’t play 1 day and it says that it have to load game files. I had allowed to load it but wasn’t working. I wasn’t able to log into it. One day I logged in finally, but when I was in my games home I saw taht I am in the 1st level. I was so disappointed . Please tell me if there any problem in here.Thanks in advance.
since the last update, i have been unable to see any of item images or girl pics. i have the latest update which was the one which caused this error. As this issue is still to be resolved, this review has been reduced to a single star. This is because the devs dont seem to want to actually sort out the issue and would rather lose supporters/players while adding new things to the game than actually sorting out bugs/problems already in their game.
Nice game overall. Many areas for improvement. First and foremost, the text in game does not stay as a word but pushed down the line s uch as this mann er. It makes reading in the game somewhat unsatisfying. The interface is not generated properly most of the time. Some objects do not load after a while, and texts simply "disappears" in the background. An otherwise enjoyable game. Oh, just one more thing, it would be good if we can favourite some characters. Hard to keep track with just a face.
very terrible game balance, no progress without spending big money, save your time AND $, not worth on this game! their 2-star graphic is just a sad trap!! GM and FB do answer you, just "answer" though, no actual "help", they won't take your concerns all that seriously, they will also tell you "nothing is wrong with our game settings" and ignore the problem, care NOTHING about customer service!! way to pretend taking "valuable" (??) feedback from your users! You are WARNED, NOT kidding!!! p2w!!
Terrible. You need to spend a lot of real money to advance quickly or you need to invest a lot of real time to advance as well. The game revolves around finding cute girls, but the rewards you get for finding them are unfulfilling, underwhelming and empty most of all. The game is incredibly hard for what it offers. As a whole, it results in a big waste of time. Spend your time elsewhere.
Best game! It's a really good game. And you can talk to real people when you reach to level eight. And their is activities that you can do too.😍😁😄😃
So far the game is fun. Yea it's a gatcha, and yea you can spend money. But the bonuses for new players are quite generous. I will say though that, seeing an event on day 1 that only really catered to vip 9 players was kind of disheartening.
Waste of time. The sounds of this game are awful, the UI looks very cheap and unrefined, getting new "ninjas" is very annoying. The only thing okay about this game are the girls' artworks.
Beautiful Graphics, great music and character speach sound implemented. I'm on day one of the game but it looks like a keeper. The fighting looks rpg fantastic with loads of depth through choices made of which girls used in party to complement each other and which particular skill set they have upgraded.
Well it is a good game. Like all other games you still need to spend diamonds if you run out of energy. Can make more options how to replenish energy? Energy regeneration is a bit slow. Pvp battle unbalanced power stats. Im already level 42 and so are my characters but i was beaten by a player whose level is 38 and her total attack is 5000+.... mine was 7500. We both have 1 3star character and the rest were 2stars. How is that possible?
I really really like the game and all the characters, the but a down side is that the quest are very repetitive. recently I got a new phone and I was disappointed to see that I had lost all my progress from my last phone
It's a great game with beautiful art. There's lots to do and there are always new activities to take part in. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because the money you have to spend to achieve a level 9 VIP (that's when you can get better things) is well over $250.00 USD. Again, great game up to a point and then the in game transactions will turn most away.
It a really decent no really amazing game for mobile to mee its like really clean the grafics fits well and it dosent make your phone lag so it like you have to buy stuff to head on but i think it worth my time and money. In general its a really good fun and story filled game.
Well it's good game but the event must use lot of diamond and real money and to get better we must be vip 9 it very hard for some people but It's a very good game.
The game is alrighty, however the english is horrible. Then there is a massive lack of information ranging from what exactly i can do in the girls list to what exactly the purchasable packs actually provide. I mean if people are legitimently paying 99.99 for 1 skin they may have some issues.. So I'd assume there was something else but no way to find out.
The game itself I find really enjoyable, but what cost them stars were things like text looking like it wasn't proofread for spelling/grammar, and how any text that went past 2 lines in cutscenes and interactions got cut off and unable to be read. The biggest problem is that in-app purchases are pretty pricey, and they are sometimes required to do some of the events at all.
I really love this game the features are incredible and I really love anime which makes me love it even more, continue to make this game better please.
great game! full of content and depth. There's a bit of a learning curve and it's definitely pay to win. They're thirsty for your $. You'll quickly notice sharp drops without spending money, but it's still amongst my top favorite phone games of all time.
The app crashes when I try to enter a new menu from the main screen after login. It didn't start happening until today. Other than that it is a fun game that I enjoy please fix the above issue. I still give 5 stars
I just got it, and I love it so much! The graphics are beautiful, and the story line is very smooth and it makes sense. I also like it when the ninja girls have a fight, you can pick a side instead of the game be like NU U ARE ON THIS SIDE. I appreciate we can choose. I am having no problems so far aswell!! Everything is just wonderful! I will totally spend my money on such a good game like this. Keep up your work! It's very good, and I want to see more!
Instead of making those infernal Sp girls why don't the devs concentrate on improving the existing girls? Wildtress still has no Blood Awakening and Fangirl has no intimacy. My biggest complaint about this game is the SX vending machine it costs roughly 200 american dollars just to get to VIP 9 which is ok with me but the drop rates are criminal. You should get at least one scroll per pull I spent over 10,000 diamonds trying to get Wu Kong without success which is ridiculous.
last chance i gave to this game. too difficult to progress if you don't pay also it takes too long to load and there are the whale p2w people
A great and fun game,the characters are cute and have many skins, the graphics and visuals are awesome,the events are also good, and it's awafully easy to get resources you get diamonds and gold everyday I haven't had problems with money,the gacha isn't salty and provides a good drop rate many things get unlock as you level up it is a bit laggy so I hope they improve this all in all I hope this game gets only better with time☺☺
I've played pay to win games but this one takes the cake. the "rogue" battles are a joke as you can't even scratch them unless you pump a bunch of currency in the game. When i finally managed to be strong enough to fight the weakest one, it said i couldn't challenge then, with no reason why. Arena is broken, I'm currently sitting at 27th and the guy who has much less attack power has a hacked deck (or something, the girl, who's weaker than all mine, does nearly 40k damage in a couple seconds).
This games is pretty fun for games about girls dressing as ninjas. The story is simple but straight to the point, the characters have neat personalities. The only gripe is that some characters don't have affinity level like vanees and a couple other. Other than that, a good game you should play
p2p is ghey. art is good, English needs grammar check. but 3 stars because of pay2play however I'm not sure how else you can support the game developers? I just feel it's shady and greedy I'd rather pay a dollar at the beginning or patreon optional so every one gets to play the same game, I personally am uninstalling but I wish those of you who stay the best and don't spend too much. uhg.
I really love the game! Since it features some of my favorite Japanese voice actress ‎(。≧ω≦。)ノ But I have an issue on logging in the gane right now...It says Proceed to next program
gacha game but i think it's the most generous gacha game as of date because as a f2p player my progress is near to a p2w player (not the whales tho). the gameplay is fun and some modes need strategies to complete. when it comes to pvp its okay at best, i got a high rank but it's getting hard to maintain because of my enemy's sx composition (premium units in the game).
It's a good time passer. Tons of girls to collect and manage with many builds to pursue. one thing that bugs the hell outta me is the translation to English is wacky and leads me to not care about the campaign and cringe when I talk to the girls. The grind can be heavy trying to get specific NG's but they make up for it by giving you stuff all the time every day for no real reason. you don't have to pay for anything and still get your fill of flashy light, numbers go up yay type feeling.
played for the 1st week. found that the enrollment is almost impossible to complete as the 20th floor is untouchable with my team with less than 24hours to complete. i had 5000 gems. decided to try an event (twice) that cost 2500 for 10 pulls. Ended up with a bunch of items that I do not need (had plenty of them already). I did some research and found out a replica of this game exist (Girl X Battle) and am still confused as to which I should have played. To sum this up. $50 later = RnG is cruel
So many typos and grammar errors during gameplay that it's really hard to ignore, I can't even go one level without seeing a typo and grammar errors. If you can fix this as soon as possible, this would make the gameplay more enjoyable
This game is great if you just want to chill and play a simple game. I would say if you are a f2p player though, it will be a little tough for you after a little while depending on how your server ends up but not impossible. Im in top 5(sometimes top 3) in my decently active server and im f2p. Plus if your someone who can manage the free diamonds you get, it will help out tons for you. Good luck to whoever plays.
Look I like this game but it doesnt save my progress, I have transferred phones 3 times but I log in using the same account and I still end up starting over, is there a fix or something for this I hate starting over when I made so much progress.
Has all the right components to be enjoyable, but really needs a proofreader for their English. It gets really confusing for instructions, but I'll admit it makes the story twice as funny
A very fun game with beautiful graphics! Some levels are too easy and some too hard, it might be nicer to make sure all levels are around the same skill level. A few spelling and grammar mistakes in the text, but an overall good game. I give it 5 stars!
I love this game... (Specially redeyes) I hope u can adjust the touch sensitivity of the game and update the app with less pay to win game. I hope the developer will see this.. thanks
The characters are so cool and I'm kinda addicted to playing this game I love it! But anyway the girl tasks aren't working like the one in the affinity and then visit girls thing Also when I press it I have to reset the game to go back because it won't let me leave
great little game so much to do !!! Been playing awhile and its so busy , a bit expensive sometimes for diamonds but you can get them free so not that bothered as for the game I do feel there is little explanation/instructions sometimes in various places in the game. Like for instance what is AOE in the game? Or is it just me!
Impressed they respond to feedback with detail, well done. My comment on the slowness of the game is taking into account the battles you actually fight and how they just drag on for what seems like nothing in rewards wise for it, sure it's probably the best thing to do since it's the idle booster in the game but it's so slow I just couldn't stand to get far in it.
Not too bad, it's addicting, but if you like 2d fightstyle bitmapping kinda like super Nintendo's teenage mutant ninja turtles, I don't mind the style, the graphics are great for what it is,very nice job to the story writers and excellent job to the creator/creators, it's really cool so far.
What I did not like about this game is the adds are nothing like the actual game and ruined my hopes .I did not like this game and thought the girls outfits in the loading screen was very inappropriate this game should not be 10 and up maybe like 15 and up and if you want to make it better is to change the adds and make it look like what the ACTUAL GAME IS!!😠😠sorry NinjaGirls : Reborn please only contact me one more time UNLess permission from me is granted thanks ~Lexi~
While I would like to give this game 5 stars I really can't. There are a lot of reasons I like it but a few reasons that I don't. The game crashes a LOT seems random. Battles are slow. Need a speed up option like a lot of other similar games have. Interface is really slow as well. Sometimes I have to tap a girl 3 or 4 times just to open her status menu. I play on an S7 so it shouldn't be that bad. Overall it's a fun game though and I can recommend it.
A lot of fun so far. The english translation is interesting, but no weirder than some anime translations are. The characters and their powers/abilities are really good and varied. Added bonus is you don't have to spend money to play the game!
I love the game the quality is great, good characters decent game play ,good story and just overall good and it is free to play, and also has cute characters, also is very easy to at and understand.
Like the game pay to win is nice. Has a VIP 9 for good girls. Also voice acting kinda bad.... But not an issue. This is a heavy grind unless you pay. But I like the approach as far as the girls, moves and what there style is. So playing now and not paying until I can get a grip on the game.
Love this game so I rate it five stars but I wish I could rate it ten stars.The game is great the controls are simple to use but I accidentally deleted the app and I can't get my data back I would love it if you could make the game save the progress and your account.
I really reccomend player who like anime playing this game cause it's fun and many things to do...great job dev and i will wait for the next update and maybe it will be much better if you can fix the crash when fighting or upgrading cause it's a bit annoying but overall this game amazing,fantastic and enjoyable..
I really love the game but I will only give it 5 stars if they fixed the top up problems. I reported my lost diamond but i still haven't got it and it's been a week.
I initially gave the game five stars until I realized that the end of stage rewards the bottles of juice or potion or whatever it is you call them. We're not being rewarded when you go to level the girls up those rewards are missing. I spent quite a bit of money on diamonds in this game. only to find that all my effort and actual gameplay as wasted. they need to fix the gameplay so that the rewards at the end of stages and rays are actually awarded to the player