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Ninja Revolution

Ninja Revolution for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by JIANGYUN located at 香港九龙长沙湾道28号2f13座. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Language) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Support doesn't care about you. If you lose something because of glitch or lag, they accuse YOU to cheat or something. Please do not install or support them in any way. They are busy making copies of the same game (you can find many of them here) and never work towards good user experience. It is also pay to win, very much.
ugly game it says you cant enter the game click here to refresh and I click that button but nothing is happening!!!
Game only supports pay to win, it is enjoyable, but you can't keep up in any way. And the summons are a joke. Faction recruit is hard to come by for 10x did my first one and didn't get a single 5 star character. Should be guaranteed 1 for the time it takes to save 10 up. If effort is there for free to play to have a better shot id even be keen to put money in to the game. But with the way it is, not investing
This is quite obviously a Carbon Copy of AFK Arena and trying to capitalize on AAs success. That being said, i really like AA, and I also really like Naruto so I'm gonna give this a 3 right off the bat not a 4 or 5 because I can tell it has been rushed an depending on how it goes I will adjust my rating.
The game is fun and love the naruto characters, but i gave it 3 star coz its kinda hard to click the icon and even i click it its slow to go in what i click, and the event even i click the icon event it didn't go there
Just started playing and so far so good. It's really exciting and unlocking one of my favs, Neji, takes it to the next level
I'm new to here. My friend invited me to play. First i thought is was just 5.5mb and it will need to download mega file in game. But i open and connected with my social account and test to play it. It was awsome. I love it and no need to download mega files. Those animation and graphic are so nice and hope to improve more. I advise you to play this game. This is very nice game. THANK TO ALL & CREATER TEAM❤
Pay to Win through and through. The game basically ignores the actual concept of recruitment layers. No matter it is a normal, faction or even Legendary summon 90% times you get B rank trash ninja. The possibility of getting a decent S class ninja is like 2-3%. Sadly no wonder the players leave the game within 2-3 days of joining. The game is ok but the P2W concept is too deeply rooted. It gets visible from the 2 day itself. Sadly, no freebies code nor any motivating factors for players to stay.
The game is great and it's fun. It's just new evidence that you don't need extra high graphics nor a 3d game.
It could be a good game but is very leaned towards p2w, you need to pay to complete even a small part of event.The amount of gems you get is very low.Devs very greedy lol.
Really like the game concept. The beginning of the game is not hard to figure out. Just follow the directions and look at everything with an ! On it.
Awesome game very nice but how can we use different abilities of a single ninja ? We unlock different abilities but only one is used how to change it ???
A like the concept of the game a lot. However, the connection issues sometimes make life frustrating, settings don't save, the UI is very particular where you touch. The worst, though, is when you draw new Ninjas and you miss touch you loose your scrolls and the new characters - at least that's what happened to me.
Believe me, this game arr no good at all. We need 2700 diamond to summon 10 characters but the game just give us 10 diamond for each task completed. First chapter are easy to pass, after the first chapter it become harder because we got no usefull character. Waste of time. The game almost the same with AFK Arena.
The game is very fun, however I think it would be way better I'd we can control the ninjas. Like who to attack and another reason for 4 stars it that there is a bug that makes the music suddenly stop and it happens alot.
It's a good game but too slow to play, if you don't have any money you'll get stuck, plus everything's too expensive and translations aren't the best
Update: Rigged game, a level 56 Zabuza oneshots my level 80 Naruto, and level 100 Sasuke with a ninjutsu. Can't pass level 3-30 just because of this. Don't waste time on it, at first it makes you think it isn't pay to win, but later on it will rig your career so you spend money.. Quite a fun game, however the ad which made me download the game said that I get a free SSR ninja, however I didn't get any..
In all honesty great game, but the power levels should be more real, because I'm on 5-12 up against a bunch of level 73's and my team is all level 100 and up, but they still have more power points, either make it so the level system is harder to lever up or just make it reasonable with the power levels in each section
not bad. came from afk arena paid a dollar to start with. so far all good. i think there's a spelling error for "SIGN IN" it is SING for some reason. LOL
It's good and I am happy to dowload this game it's been a long since I have played this kind of game and I would say its satisfied
It's good and all but, it's just when u log in it does the intro but, when it says chaos it just ends up fizzing at the start of the game so please fix this.
I rate it 3 because game freezes me and my friend have same devices and he is not lag gy and I'm laggy pls don't make it lag anymore ok by the way do you ever update the game
So the bottem of the screen sits under my home button so I can't push anything on the bottem of the screen
The elements are wrong of which element is better to use against a other element. But everything else is fine accept for the Ino-Shika-Cho Hiashi is not part of that group.
Pretty good time consuming game. Only downfall is you have to pay to get the upperhand. Every new server has 1 person who goes crazy on the topups. But besides that it is a fun game.
Good fun, so far plays like AFK arena which isn't a bad thing, sound needs some work as sometime there is either no music or sound affects
It's a pretty good game even tho I just started it's not too hard and it's easy to learn how to do everything
Gameplay is straightforward and the tutorial doesn't give away too much and isn't too long. Pretty game to play when you have some free time.