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Nightclub Story™

Nightclub Story™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played this game years ago. This game needs updating mine keeps stopping l have to uninstall and install several times a day to get it working becoming annoying. A good game when working properly.
Very good game! I wish there were more decorations to unlock when you get further in the game though. So glad I can still play it after it was deleted off Apple's app store a few years ago.
Tried it out but instantly hated it, it's so simple compared to Night Club City on Facebook. The lack of staff such as bar tenders, bouncers and djs would be a great addition. As well as removing the dumb big headed npcs and replacing them with normal looking people who would actually go out.
I just love this game. It relaxes me throughout my day and I love decorating my club the way I like!😁 Thanks for making my days nightclub story
Honestly there's nothing fun about a game where the only gameplay is playing music, mixing drinks, and decorating. waste of time.
I use to like playing this game until it started taking money from me and pushing me back a level whenever I get to a certain level. Whoever's running this games need to fix that or stop rigging the game up to take what I earned and strong pushing me back down a level when I get on a certain level. One star from me
To many pop ups trying to sell crap games EVERYTIME you open the app. Do not download. You don't want to waits your time here.
I had already spent more money for this game so that my nightclub designs and decorations become beautiful.. But suddenly I can't enter to my nightclub anymore and I feels I'm kicked out from my nightclub. Hey! What is this?! Why do I experienced this matter..?! It is looks like the developer runaway with my money..! I'm so regret to spent my time and money for this game! Please return back my nightclub! I'm the owner of my nightclub account because I bought it with approximately 500 SAR!!!
Amazing fun. I played nightclub city in facebook years ago till it disappeared, this is undoubtedly where it went, it relaxes me, I don't mind spending a few bucks here and there to expand, the developer doesn't bombard with ads so they deserve compensation for creating this fun game. I would like to see more clubs to buy and own. Then you could run multiple clubs with different themes. Anyway it's a great game.
not like the original one and this one is super boring. u don't get a bar tinder n it's just a horrible game
kinda like the old game I played but its even more difficult to play and frankly sucks...im so disappointed... i thought i could relive my childhood but no....i wish someone would fix this game cause its an amazing idea for a game but this version of it dosent do it good
Dulled down experience of nightclub city with no character traits,celebrities and other things which existed in the original nightclub city game...gets very dull after 10mins of gameplay
I love this game and I love the simplicity of it. But I expanded too many times on my old phone and the game kept crashing afterwards. I think I reached 18×? When it started crashing. So if you expand try not to get to 18×? On my new phone I stopped at 12×? The game was designed for an older version of android. I have the newest version of android so I have to stop expanding my club in order to keep playing.
I love this game! I remember back when it was still a FB game, I had a huge club and then it disappeared. Years went by and I missed playing it, so I downloaded it again this time from the Google app store. Fresh start, but my club is thriving and jiving. I just wish they would update the game and put in more stuff!
I love this game. I've always dreamt of owning my own club! My favorite part of the game is that you get to play music from your own library. I dont know if it's the fact that when the people walk in they smile because theres drinks or if they like my personal library music. I guess I'll be wondering that for awhile. :) Good work developers!!! ❤😊😊😊
I love it and can you please add more songs. This game reminded me of the old days back when i was younger
I used to play this game four years ago and it's still the same it was a fun game then it's a little outdated a little boring now
Good Idea, Bad Glitching I will put drinks on for 1 hr and when i come back ti place them there are no drinks in the mixing stations. Game constantly refreshes when it loads because it is out of sync. I tried this game a couple years ago SAME PROBLEMS, so once again Im deleting it.
All in this games are cool but we need more design like person coming to the club look so robot 😅 and dance floor is small amount of design. At outside the club u can build anything make it look a life. Example vip people coming with sport car and building around the club look nice and amazing view. If u update like that u can get more people play ur game. That time i will give u 5star for that update and more people support u we hope u can help us.
It sucks that i downloaded this game. Had a hard time to control the game and waste my time because of its lag. Uninstalled it already
this was one of my favorite and best childhood games. This game is obviously not supported anymore so I can say that It's getting boring after some few weeks.
I used to love this game. But I noticed it keeps on logging everytime i open and check my messages. It sucks now i can't play well.
It would be nice to have bartenders, bouncers and be able to customize your character and also the customers can look more realistic graphics can be better. Other than that I like the game.
Doesn't work for my Samsung! It's not a newer phone at all and when I first downloaded the app it gave me a pop up saying the app was intended for older versions and I may need to update the app? I just downloaded and they havent come out with an update since 2014
This is technically a "S E X " game for children, i will not recommend this to KIDS, parents need to check on their children due to predators.
I already rate it because I played this before.. But I have a request,can you please add some new characters? Its so boring to see the same customer.
I purchase 24 club cash using my credit but after I successfully purchase the 24 club cash my club cash is not increasing.It was still the same amount no change. Freaking liar.
I absolutely love the game,was great until today,when i added bucks on the game and used them..Then my game started closing. I cannot get back in my game now. Please fix this asap,thanks.
I really like this game...very addictive. Only problem is I don't get notifications anymore. Its allowed in my phone settings.
NICE. Pros : You can choose music from your device, Able to redesign & name the club, there is a social aspect (able to visit other clubs) Cons: The best things cost green dollars (but you're given 10 to start with), Last update was in 2014.... Feedback: *User should be allowed to sell things they no longer want. I accidentally bought something and it's just in storage, being able to sell it, even for less is a nice option. *Mini games should be added, like spin a wheel for special drinks
Great game I do not have any issues does need bit of update like other story games. This is a game i download every so often to check it out
I remember playing this game years ago. Before FB. Back when all the Teamlava/Storm8 games were more fun to play. I can't figure out how to get my accounts back. I wish I had those right now.
Boring and pointless. Can't hire staff or create a dj. Can't upgrade decks for longer Playlist. No celebrity visitors. Most stupid game ever.
Have to constantly pay attention like its a pet. Seriously? Drinks spoil if you dont play for two hours. Music stops? So what? I'm not playing. The clubs closed. Cant move furniture once you place it. This is a cheap NIGHTCLUB CITY Rip off.
Please add more songs and all the songs are very old and there are only 6-8 songs to play it's very boring! Please please I really love this game please update it's my huge request please 😭
Fairly good game.. I used to play this game 10 years ago and I'm happy I've found this game again. But! there is no update at all so it's like players are abandoned.
Paid for club cash but I didn't get it even though the money was taken out of my bank already. This game steals your money and their website to submit a ticket doesn't work. Garbage. Don't download this.
I am VERY addicted with this game! I used to play Nightclub story on my Kindle Fire HD all the time but it stopped working recently. I checked to see If Nightclub story was for mobile and it is which makes me super happy!😍
This game needs to be updated and i would like to completely enjoy the game i cant expand, my money is missing i was supposed to be at least close to 350,000 but for some reason im not getting any of my coins i would like some easier way to get club dollars. I like the game but seriously update this to fix it because i would like to properly fix my club and be able to enjoy the game in peace.
The games is a good game to play just like the restaurant and bakery the only difference is it has no goals to make it more interesting and it doesn't get anything new in it. This game hasn't been updated since July 28, 2014 why is that? Ya'll developers need to get off your butts and do better with this game. It didn't used to be like when it first came out and it shouldn't be like this now. Make updates just like you do with all your other games which I also play.
I loved the game while it was on Facebook and was glad it was brought back here but it is missing quite a bit from when it was there and whish they would make those changes. Maybe even give it an update likeake it a little more social than before as well.
Hi this is a cool and cute game but why dont you add some staff to intertain you know what i mean and some more decorate things and it is good if we have adding and visiting friends ryt hehe thats my suggestion anyway the game is nice so goodluck!
I love the game....got a another phone and now it sucks that i can't get into my old game!!! Spent a lot of time on my old club!!
for those of you who just tried this game and try to give suggestion, this developer already went bankrupt, and this game haven't been updated since 2014
Its an ok game at the begging it gives a good amount of money and all but it doesnt tell you how to play how to make drinks or food. It also takes a lot of money to make drinks like 1000 and you only get a small amount of money like 2 coins so yea it sucks.
I just started playing the game about a week ago and twice I spent hours making the drinks and put them in the counter to server my customers and twice the app force closed and both times those drinks all just disappeared making me have to start over again and that alone frustrates me, because it took me hours of waiting for the drinks all to just disappear within a couple of mintues
love this game!!!!super fun...but doesn't compare to anything like nightclub city that was once on Facebook...but still awesome!😀
Please issue an update that you can order stars and run more clubs in different places and increase all the things you can buy including drinks
It seems like a fun game but it won't let me buy any of in app purchases. When the cash says sell and i hit it and it doesn't do anything.
Awful. Would be a better game if everything wasn't dollar bills so you are stuck paying a lot of money to even enjoy this game. Don't even waste your time downloading . So Disappointed.
missing my money. when load the game first time was black screen, reload the game and my money was made from previous drink gone. disappointing at the time
Good game but hate that ill save up thousands and thousands of coins and literally watch them deplete without buying or doing anything. This needs to be fixed. I shouldnt drop from 56,000 coins to 23,000 coins without buying anything. The game literally robs you of coins.
Great game, but not much to do. I like that we can play our own music and get to serve drinks but there seems to be no actual point to the game.
Okay so I was able to download it so my review has changed love it plus the fact you play your own music from your own playlist👍👍👍Also to the developer it would be really cool if you can incorporate food like wings fries mozzarella sticks you know like club food and it would be like cafe world meets night club story🤔
The app keeps closing up. The developers do not care to fix the app. I contacted the developers. They said they have limited support for this app. They do not take individual complaints. They said check the forums for a possible sollution. There is no solution in the Storm8 forums. The developers will not help anyone or fix this app. Do not use this app.
Do not get this game. Other than making drinks and decorating, there is nothing to do. Plus I keep getting an error message saying I'm not in sync with their servers, which means the drinks I've waited 8 hours to be done have now been reset back to back to back. Uninstalling.
This was starting to become my favorite game however I started to notice that I would buy drinks, close the game and when I would come back the bar was empty as if I didn't buy them. Worst of all im not getting my coins back. Please fix this problem. People waste money on this game and it's not fair this is happening.
Erases my drinks constantly. The server never connects right and takes all my progress away. It's annoying.
Loved this game quite a few years back. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get my old club back and, now, have to start fresh. Time and money down the drain because of lack of login feature. I cant find a way to recover the password or anything!
Im sooo glad this game is back but it needs some major updates.. Theres no avatar for you.. No bouncers.. What nightclub has no bouncers? The dj systems doesnt have any upgrades to add more time.. It last 1hr. Thats it.. doesnt matter the DJ system you have. Needs some more options to buy with coins though. But awesome game and worth it to get. Not really a time waster tho. Its like something you would check everynow and then. It needs some work. Im rating 4 outa 5 cause it needs some more work.
I love this game however its really frustrating when you spend days earning coins and club cash only to have them disappear every time you load the game.
I used to play this on my Ipod Touch and when they took it off the app store or I couldn't find it I was devastated I LOVE Team Lava games Bakery Story was my first
I like this game but it hasn't changed from the last time I played like 10 years ago, it needs some change, some different styles, the ability to change the doors position etc.
I love this app so much fun Like having your own club decorate it people come and dance add your own music
I'M SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS GAME BACK! It's been years since I played this! One of my childhood games :') I literally forgot about this game until I saw it again
If you fix this Game and make it stop crashing after opening it I will rate 5 stars. IDK if anyone else is having this Problem but, it keeps crashing on me. Fix it!!
We need and deserve more. Our demands are simple. We need to see who is writing on our main wall its annoying to guess. Add name to the comment. A club game should be a social game. Next make it so we can at least hear one anothers custom music. Last why leave this game so bare bones storm 8. im so upset. I rated it a 5 cause we both know with a few small tweaks it is a 5 star game. Yes you dropped the ball. We do like that there isnt goals it keeps it easy relaxed plz.
I played it on facebook years ago. Like 2006 i think. Nothing changed and but only got worse and we are in 2020. Before at least you had different ppl and VIPs that said stuff and dunno... Was more fun. Now its such a flop
Great game not really anything wrong with it just takes a while leveling up but yh a good game other wise😌🙃😌
I'd give zero stars if I could. All my drinks have gone missing and Ive lost all the money and time making them. I spent at least $15 in buying coins and sent a message for help with the bug and they sent a reply back that they wont answer my help ticket. The items in the game mostly require the dollars which youhave to pay for to get enough to do anything so they are basically stealing peoples money and refusing to even assist with problems...kind of like a huge scam.
I use to like playing this game until it started taking the money I made and pushing me back a level whenever I get to a certain level. Whoever's running this games need to fix that or stop rigging the game up to take what I earned and stop pushing me back down a level when I get on a certain level. One star from me
Gta 5 online money converter and It with the battery and The battery and the battery it was very annoying when the battery came I'm working on the phone today and now the battery died on the phone and it seems like the phone has broken down I've been working on the phone this morning and have been trying to get hold of you to fix the phone problem with the email address y I think you should have sent it to the email address you sent me on the phone but it seems that the email address is wrong so
I used to play this a lot. And its still a good game imo. But some text doesnt scale well with newer phones... Other than that, pretty solid game.
😐Like..i enjoy this game (this one & fashion story )BUT....I CANNOT WRITE ON MY WALL,OR OTHERS;Therefore i cannot invite neighbors which is sorta manditory for me to have neighbors to expand...both club/fashion story are like this for me,i cannot write on walls,PERIOD.what the hell?..... HELLPPP!!!!!
I used to play this on Facebook when it first released and was excited to download again! Maybe my tastes have changed, but it's kind of boring without goals of some sort. Another issue I have is you can't move floor tiles. It would be helpful to either allow floor tile movement or make tiles cheaper. Overall it's still a decent time killer.
what is going on?! lately I cannot get any notifications when it comes to this game I'm not even getting any more notifications as far as when the Music Stops I don't know I've uninstalled and reinstalled this this game several times within a week let alone I even went as far as turning my phone off and turning it back on I really believe now the night time story is starting to get messed up also it's like you try to go to other people's clubs to tip the game automatically shut you out now
I loved this game a long time ago. Was excited to get back into it, but it seems the company no longer supports it. Got a popup when I launched it basically saying my phone is too new. The game is completely unresponsive when I try to play. Too bad
please please please support the game again. PLEASE!!!! Desperately in need of updates. nothing major, just revised
Very miserable. Been playing this for months and adore the game. I've paid a fair bit of money into it too. All of a sudden, today, it throws me out of the game straight away and says my phone isn't compatible now!!!! I'm so gutted!! 😭
LEGEND GAME IT IS ! Just please do some work on it and add some new features and stuff plz plz plz, I've finally found this game after almost almost a decade or 8 years so plz my request to you is that do a little work on the game, it will be appreciated alot more than now. Thankyou !
I'm like most everyone else. I miss the Facebook days of this game. There was more customization. You made a character and customized him/her and they were the dj, you had bouncers to kick out people who you didn't want in your club. I think the game looked better when on Facebook. I still hope this game will become what it once was. I really do miss nightclub city.
ATTENTION all these people rating this game 2-4 stars are just dumb people that can't get their club back lol the game is very good and addicting! seriously so fun and you can play with your friends, or make new ones!
I like this game to the fulles the only thing i hate i cant get none of my clubs back once u loose your phone or it brake i been plaging for sum years and i have driffrent clubs for each year
I been using this since 2019. It was facinating at first. But theres no update in the game. I like the facebook version were you can hire employees and celebrities.
fun and entertaining....but what happened to the bouncers? and the love connections? I liked those things.... and it seems like items are more expensive with fewer options. can we have these things back?
I am really disappointed in the game 😕 I prefer the old version, the old version was better, you had more to do, you could hire staff, you can't hire staff in this game, they have made the game boring, there isnt anything to do, you can only mix drinks and design your nightclub, it's hard to buy any items for your nightclub cause the items are too expensive, they need to bring back the old version, that was a better game.
I just emailed the developer and hope I can get an update for the android galaxy s9. If I get that and unsuccessfully play this game, I will come back and give it 5 stars.
Like all the games in the Story line, this game is perfect for the not so tech savvy among us. Like the creative/design aspect of the game. The social aspect of the Story line is awesome too.
The coins decrease without spending, you can't sell your extra wall paper and flooring and you have to storage first the items place in the wall before you can move it. it's still the same when I play it in 2015, No improvement.
my drinks keep disappearing and im not getting the cash from them. i putt in a ticket and was told nothing was found
There should be a way to cancel invites and a add friend button instead of typing long as names for club request...... needs to ne update bad
Put a search box in "my music" so that we can selects songs easily and no time consuming. Imagine i have 800 songs on my phone and i want to play a song starting with the letter "V". I have to scroll down for hours to select and play that song, very time consuming. 😅✌ I hope this will get notice. Hehe nice game anyway!😄