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Night Killer

Night Killer for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fastone Games HK located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is alot of fun it let's you watch adds as you want and it doesnt force you to watch any that you dont want to the only reason that I'm not giving them a full 5 stars is because I'm on level 256 and the quest haven't updated past level 180
Stealth, Strategy, Quick response FANTASTIC ACTION GAME 👌👌👌 Fab music, clear, innovative levels, graphics. If I could earn variety of weapons would be wonderful 😊 Good job, Guys 🏆
Game has so much potential to be a 5 star game. It is really fun to play. But there's some things that made me just get to the first boss and walk away. The way the chests work was annoying. I can only possess 4 and have to wait awhile for it to open. When full there's no point continuing to play in which Ill have to pass up chests because I can't carry anymore. Other than that great game but need a far less annoying item collection.
What I loved about this game is there is not many advertisements coming out when you playing the game. This is not one of those stupid games after every level you should watch 15s advertising. That's perfect. Just one think about it when you come to level 300 there is no more level and there is no end every time you pass the level it repeats it self but I am sure many more levels will be added on.
I first downloaded when the rating was only 2.6 stars. Level 90 was hard but felt so nice when I beat it! (Old version) the new updates have made the game easier for people. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. This is the only game I have actually begun playing again after losing all my progress and diamonds! (Bought a new phone. Didnt sync right) I lost progress at level 100 so you know I put work into it. I 100% Recommend! EDIT: I sent you an email of my rating. I ramble I'm sorry. Theres a TLDR at the end!
I like this game until the update to All the stuff I earned before the update are gone and level 126 starts you with 11 out of 165 in the health making it impossible to do anything. Change it back to the original format.
Game play was good up to level 330. If I repeatedly swipe my screen down a wooden landing peer appears but even if I clear level 330 without any damage I cannot advance. Is level 330 as far as the game goes?
Fun little game but made it to part 330 and it will just repeat the same section. I have uninstalled and reinstalled at least 5 times and still won't work. I'm sad since I was having a great time. Hope it can be fixed up.
I ll give him five star bcoz game is awesome but my game is not conect with wifi . i have re install it but issue is not solved . when i play this game my is conect with net but game shows i play it offline
Loved it up until the end, level 330. I am puzzled as to why after finishing there are still 3 missions left to do. Loved that it was MY choice to watch ads if i wanted things. Great job
Good game so far I'm on level 270 or somewhere in that area. Just curious when the last 3 missions are going to pop up. It started with a new mission after you completed the previous one until the last three now I've gone well over 100 levels with no story line mission. The game is still fun it would be nice if the missions would be a bit more continuous. As far as people complaining about level 90.... it wasn't that hard people it's a game you aren't supposed to be able to just walk through it.
Loved this game up until today. It was sparing with the ads and was a fun and decent game. The latest update is nothing more then a money grab. Health gets replenished over time??? You lose health for teleporting??? All of a sudden I'm getting spawn killed??? Seriously what are you playing at. Ruined a very decent game!!!
New update came out. It stole all my bonuses I had amassed and all the chests I had left to open (x3). Finally you no longer heal after completing mission. You are timed out awaiting hit point replenishment or you can use diamonds for recovery because dev wasn't making enough money just using them for opening chests. Thanks for Pay to Play update.
I cleared all the levels which is 350 for now. It must come with new levels. I like the game but giving 3 stars because gifts in the levels and especialy in the bonus levels dont work.
Made it to level 90. There are a total of 24 portals, you can't see all the rooms so it's just a guess on the timing. There is so much going on that it causes my phone to lag which makes playing impossible. Uninstalling
Puzzled. I have completed upto and including level 130, There is half a bridge in view to level 131, every time i complete level 130 it says level complete then i start level 130 again, Very frustrating as i cannot go any further, Can anybody help me on this issue ?
I love this game so much becuase its like you get killed you actually fall you get hurt you run slow and when you get a kill streak you become. Fast even when ingured and the killer remindes me of legion from dead by daylight and michael myres becuase of the knife but anyway i love this game peace love the game
Wonderful game, I absolutely love it, but are there only 150 levels? I beat them all in 2 weeks and now I'm just repeating the last level... Is this a glitch or are more to come?
It gets me stuck on the tutorial and says don't get caught by the search light but I can't do anything at all
Mechanically, the game is amazing. I'd give it 5 stars, but the 90th level is designed such that it is impossible to beat. You have to navigate onto teleportation pads, but once you step on one, you're tossed onto another, and back again without having made any progress. Edit: I updated the app on 18 November 2019. Since then, theme has changed significantly, and for the better. The style of the game (aesthetically) has changed slightly, but I like where it's heading.
Nice game but it's a bit hard to escape after the enemies see you mostly because they throw or shoot things like a minigun (very fast) also if you could change or make the stealth a bit better because right now if you kill a enemy it alarms all of the enemies near by and if a enemy spots you and you manage it hide in a tree the enemies just walk In to the tree and spot you anyway. But overall pretty fun game to play
Fun game but even after the update...level 90 is still impossible. Just keeps teleporting me back and forth between 2 portals and cant get the blue diamond at the end of each row past 4 portal.
I would give it 5 stars but there are no more levels after 100. Also there are other missions that still have question Mark's on them? However the game is great and a lot of fun. Wish there were more levels. Maybe an upgrade is coming?
Fun until 330, nothing after that but there are still more missions to unlock on level??? Email to developer was returned undeliverable.
Great game until level 128. Everytime I go through a portal I lose half of my energy, and once I try to revive, my character disappears from the screen and I have to exit.
It's a good game, NO 30 seconds Commercials!!!! That's what makes this so good!!!!! This is a real game! Thank you guys!!! 😀
Potential but I'd rather just pay for it than get stuck having to watch ads for power ups all the time.
The issue I had has now apparently been fixed but I had to reinstall so have to start from the beginning. Which isn't happening. Thank you for fixing but it was fun whilst it lasted.
It was a fun game but level 90 ruins it. Portals that you don't know the timing if so you die as soon as you use them. Then if you make it past that you get stuck bouncing back and forth between 2 different sets. No real point in playing the game any longer. 11/19/19 Edit: I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. The app will not open. It gets to 3% loading and crashes. This is on a GS9. 11/20/19 Edit: Ceared data and cache, still won't open.
Not bad. Difficulty curve is a bit steep providing slightly frustrating boredom more than fun. Some glitches only increase the annoyance level. For example getting caught in a whirlwind that doesn't throw you somewhere leaving you stuck and having to quit forfeiting all your loot.
Mostly good but every "Boss" level I have come to I've started on the target and dont even get a chance to play that level, which kind of ruins it for me sadly
Really fun game until you hit level 90...basically that level is just too complicated to beat with all the portals. I read the other reviews with people getting stuck at level 90. Please do something about it otherwise this is a really good game. After the update on 11/17 the app doesn't work anymore. It keeps crashing.
This game is pretty good except I can;t click the top row of the map, causing some levels to be unfinishable
Level 90 can suck it. This was an awesome game. I lived the incorporation of stealth tactics into the gameplay. Level 90 is absolutely terrible. I bet even the developer would have a difficult time getting through that ridiculousness. I understand wanting to make a challenging game, but that's just insane. Maybe nerf that level down a bit and we can talk about those missing 2 stars.
Really interesting game play. I really like the flow and how each level is unique. There are a lot of characters that make the game challenging.
Lame the moment your seen you can no longer move so whats the point of having more health. Plus there's nothing to work for. Waste of time uninstall
Level 90...mine as well delete the app. Loved playing, great story line, great way to pass time. Level 90 is an endless teleportation cycle that ends with you dying.
Was nice at first untill this last update going in to a level with 1 of 100 ho to force ads on people so instead it got uninstalled would have gave it 5stars but it's clear y'all will give up good game play to get a buck sad
Loved this game until level 90.... it's impossible to pass and yes I've done the update, made it even worse.
This is my third time redoing my review, and for good reason. After updating to 0.4.6, it has fixed my past critiques, the main one being your health regenerates over time; it didn't reset when you lost an onslaught. However, this update changed that which made the game much more enjoyable. Now, health is fully replenished after every onslaught so you don't have to wait for your health to regenerate; this makes the game challenging but actually playable. Previously, I gave this app 2 stars, then 3 stars when they tried to help (but didn't fix the problem), and now I give them 5 stars due to their actual care for their users and their experience. A lot of mobile games are cash grabs and I called this game a cash grab, but after seeing the developers actually change it and listen to their consumers I take that back. Amazing developers, thank you. Now, a few words about the game, if you have played Archero this game is a bit like that, however, with different mechanics: instead of throwing something like in Archero, you take cover from obstacles and attack your enemies (all enemies seem to be one shot). However, this game to me is better balanced than Archero, in Archero it takes a lot of time to level up. I am fine with this, but it was disproportional, it seemed like you would get no where. In this game, if you do well in your onslaughts it seems you are fairly rewarded (however, keep in mind I'm only 90 levels in). Now if you are not familiar with Archero: this game (Night Killer) is an onslaught-esque game, meaning you go through different levels and you kill enemies until you die, after each certain amount of levels (not sure how they calculate this) you are able to get a power-up which aids you in the rest of the onslaught. Your health persists through the onslaught meaning after one level of completion your health stays until you die. The game has very simple mechanics and is a good time passer.
The new update is poor. It leans heavily towards making the player watch ads to pick up boosts. Health regenerates slowly over time and you take damage teleporting making you use the ad focused pick ups which is a shady and awful business practise
I would give a better point because it has a unique way of play. However, the more I play the game the more it became dull. It repeats itself. Needs major changes: a story, graphical enrichment and customizibility of character powers.