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NEXT Music for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by NEXT Music located at 201 Spear St. #1500 San Francisco, CA 94105. The game is suitable for Teen (Sexual Themes) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was better before they completely changed everything, personally that isn't a problem either. The reason I'm giving 3 stars and not 5 is, I used to be able to play this game with two fingers something that isn't quite possible now... Just a suggestion, maybe you should provide us the option of 2 fingers or multiple fingers mode in the options, that would help...
LOVE IT I mean spending you time in this quarantine with some music is really good and I mean that it has good beats beautiful features and I love it the one who will download this app will know what I am talking about although I have played it for al most 2 months I love it 👍😘😘😎🤘👌
My experience?! I feel like I've been robbed by Gordon Su and Google; I downloaded this app a year ago, just because I was curious and I opened it just once, but I didn't get what it's about! Too rush and pell-mell for a guy in my age. After getting a zero dollar balance letter from my credit company to be qualified for a loan, I found out that there's been a monthly charge from this app that I had no idea about it at all, so I'd been charged monthly as a club member without my permission! Fraud
Everything is supeerrr great! But on my android phone whenever I tapped with 2 fingers it doesn't work instead it just taps with one finger I mean, I guess it's basically my phone's stability other than that I love the game in so many ways! Uh to other people out there, this game is supposed to be challenging you can't just say "Oh my God there's only 3-4 hearts?? Ugh the game is so trash" or sht like that, it just means you don't have any skills to play the game.
The old beat fever was way better especially with all the characters and catching the monsters it was addicting now its similar to alot of different music games and it gives you no instructions. There's also ads now like alot of them.
Honestly, I played beat fever in a long time ago so I wanted to play that game again, only to notice that its gone. I played NEXT music and its very similar to beat fever so why not? I'd give this game a 5 star rating ONLY if the feature that if I miss only ONE note, my game wouldn't fail instantly. THIS issue is the biggest minus in the game. But if you could fix it i'm more than sure that the game would improve in a good way.
Such a bummer. This game has so much potential, and it's so poorly made, it actually makes me sad. I had so much fun playing it, but it's just impossible continue doing it, if they change the difficulty all the time, and you can't even miss one note without restarting the song (loosing a life), or watch ads. Basically they sacrifice all the mechanics of the game just to make you watch ads. It has very well made songs, but it's a miracle if you can play it without being bothered. Such a waste.
At its core this game is good. Amazing songs and fun gameplay but the problems are horrible. For example the npcs are so annoying, like, I just want to play the game and its way to easy. Like if you fail a song, when you replay it it gets easier which is soo annoying and even worse, when you don't want to revive or double your reward, the game tries to force you to do it. Can someone PLEASE fix this
The game is still okay but i miss "bear fever", the original name of this game. I can't even go through one song because if you mess up once your done. Please go back to normal.
They pretty much force you to either put money in or watch a load of ads. I just was to play a song, maybe fail but have fun. I remember when this first came out and to be honest its been down hill ever since. Just implement a nonranking mode where you dont use hearts and can just have fun playing a song, like it used to be. Even have it so you have to play the campaign to get gold, unlock song and rank up. I'm uninstalling this again. For at least the 5th time in 2/3 years.
It is hearthbreaking... I used to play this game and it game was one of the best rhytm game / song party app. But now they ruined it to garbage. 1 chance to complete the song, so many ads, no one's online, and note graphic somehow got worse. It's waste of time. It will be best halloween/christmas gift if they fix this game to it was used to be. I don't care about ads. I will support this game with everything i can if they make it like old one.
Change really messed up the game I finally got back to play it and I can't find a way to use my old account and theirs no more free roam
Where do you guys put the connect to Facebook account button? I have an account that have game data. I dont see the connect to Facebook button on your new app and I need to play from start? If so, i'll not play anymore. Or just tell my where that button is. I dont know why the UX is bad.
Definitely miss the old version. Beat Fever used to be so awesome, now it's this? It's not horrible, but if the people who see this are really listening, they'd change it back. You'd get more downloads and money that way.
So much fun. Giving it a 4 star because the original app (before the re-design) was better in my opinion and you didnt have to watch sooooo many ads. The app is a bit ridiculous with the amount of ads you have to watch, like after only ONE mistake you gotta watch an ad. It should atleast be after 10 mistakes or so. I still enjoy it a lot, but just the ads are frustrating.
It's a fantastic app, I've been knowing more electronic music and unpouplar DJ producers that have great songs.
I wrote a review 3 years ago when this game was originally called "beat fever". It used to be so much fun, the little things you got to do with people, collecting all the monsters, your own little avatar you actually got to see. The music was also great. All the fun challenges and what not. Now, it's honestly (and I don't mean to be harsh) really boring and not the same whatsoever. It used to be so good. I wish it didn't change :(
this is so much worse! stop updating the game and make either this game and a version of the older one back in December or November of last year a whole separate gane, keep same physics but just add songs. no "1 hit miss, you lose" kind of situations. i used to play this to relax and calm down and now its putting me on pro difficulty even after beating 2 songs poorly. i get so frustrated from this game now. please fix something?
You ruined a great game... I played this to make me happier. Now it is unplayable with literally nobody online anymore. If someone from the original beat fever crew could reach out to me that would be great but whatever corporation bought out the game and ruined it just for a buck... You are actually evil. I just wish the original game was still playable because it really brought me joy. And don't say my feedback is important because you don't listen to it anyways
I'm a experienced player in rhythmic games like this. The buttons and the song are not in sync. I think u need some calibration for that. And the health system on this game is so low to the point that your going to forced to watch ads just to revive and not to lose progress. This is quite unfair especially for beginners .
Ok for starters the game was great in its prime when it was beat fever and alot of people would agree with me I understand your experimenting and need income from ads to make the game better but all I have to say is dieing during story just by missing one note is unfair the ads when you load the one that turns the portrait causes the entire game to restart and you don't even get the rewards. I feel like alot of new players won't like how unfair the health system is during story and would leave .
I dont know why I'm stucked at episode 5 i cant see the next button instead it shows the "Shuffle play" button. And when i want to play vs mode it took time to find an opponent pls fix this problem i really like this game and the music are all good , 3 stars for this game.
I love this game 😍 The graphics are amazing and it is such a good idea but at the end the shuffle wouldn't let me play but other then that I love this game 👍
Of course, I understand that the games should go on and not stop just when the update came out, the play became worse due to the fact that, for example, I finally did not feel the rhythm and the game itself, the keys were more convenient, and because of the fact that it became thinner only for me everyone started to leave, online only pro, and in a career it is too difficult to play every game without mistakes
The game is nice.But we need more songs and we should be able to choose them.They need to be longer.Also the one down mechanic should be more a one down
When this game was Beat Fever - it was wayyyy better, you had a selection of music to play from, because I finished the story mode long ago - all I can do now is tournament songs (literally like 3 songs only). Challenging other players isn't even an option since nobody is ever online. Plus, for someone who doesn't want to spend money on a mobile game, this game is unplayable. I have too many monsters to play a single song (60+ monsters and only have space for 40 in inventory). Really trash now.
Really enjoyed myself with this game, that is until you get so used to playing with 2 fingers and they suddenly throw you with a 3 row and you have to re-learn how to play. Other than that, I don't mind spending cash to unlock the rest of the levels past lvl 199. The part that made me uninstall the game was the price (I paid way less for great games that I had for +6 months and still haven't finished) and the fact that VIP is a subscription, why not let us pay for a few episodes, I'd do that.
The app was great! before when it wax beat fever now these next music guys just ruined it. Who on earth is going to pay that much for a game and that too as a subscription and the thing that annoys me the most is that you can't even learn it properly now as when you make a mistake you need to watch a video or pay for it and now from where would I get money in the game when you don't even let me play it And after watching the video the continuation breaks and all the fun is gone. #givbeatfeverpls
The game is fine but you have to watch ads for everything ,like claiming your coins whenever you finish a song and revive for free. In my opinion the game is good but you should change the thing with the ads there are a lot of ads for just a few seconds of playing it.
It is okay. The musics are good but there's one thing I don't understand. When I lost on a level, and when I replay it, the number of falling blocks decreases. But the whole game is okay for me.
My experience with this game has been amazing so far! I love everything about it! I have been making YouTube videos on this game for a year now and the views that has been coming into my channel has just been astounding! Thank you so much for this awesome game experience! I really hope you guys continue to update this app because my channel depends on it!
Beat fever player. When it was an actual great fun game very challenging and still playable back in the day. I took a year out hoping devs might have listened to the original players. But nothing new there then coz they haven't I still like the game but the original was so much better. I live in hope of the virtual world returning. Brett's live shows etc. Keep new features to of course but get back to the basics sell as it started, a very playable and addictive game play loved by all. please.
with the latest updates, every missed note you get an Ads. Never Ending Ads. can check on the Facebook group of this Game Apps. tons of disasctification and complaint and feedback still the Devs ignore player and continue make the game worse than ever since the day it launch. They stated in the in-app purchase that VIP Ads Free and they are lier, they update the game in a new design which force VIP to watch Ads too. Many VIP cancel purchasing and uninstall this game. best game become worst game
I remember when this was under the name of beat fever and I enjoyed it very much. Had to delete because of running out of space. I now come back coz I was missing it and there are aspects that I remember, and I understand ads are a part of games like this, but my main gripe is the fact that you only get one strike and you're out. One little slip/mistake and no more! It's very frustrating if you have a bit of lag or the phone slips... If that changes it would be a better experience.