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New York Mysteries 4

New York Mysteries 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Had the safe code problem also but don't care. skipped the puzzle. Good games. Pretty logical puzzles, good map and inventory system. Wish there was option to get a hint for within mini games specifically (as opposed to a hint to do the mini game) rather than only a skip option - I would rather understand what the answer is. Ads could be timed slightly more thoughtfully but there's not many
Game is stuck! I purchased clues, they don't work! I need something to cut the paper on the speaker in the theater & the cable for projector. I've searched, enlarged, & touched everywhere nothing! Everytime I touch clues all I get is a clicking sound with no clue! Smh
Love all these games, it's free to play the full game which is a good length, and then if you want to you can buy the bonus chapter which isn't as long but is normally under Β£2 so it's a good deal for what you get and it helps the creators keep making game's that don't cost stupid amounts of money.
Charging for clues makes this game ridiculously expensive to play. It is NOT "Free to Play"- you need clues to be able to progress and these add up to a stupid amount very quickly. I've uninstalled it and am disgusted as this is not what I expect from BN Games. Why not just charge a reasonable price like Β£4.99 and not have to pay anything else. It's a con.
I normally don't rate games and I play lots of them but this one deserves attention. It's one of the best I've played and there are so many out there. The level of detail is awesome and the story line actually makes sense. Also the items and their usages are logical as well. The mini games are not too easy but not too difficult either. I can't get over how well the main character's outfit is so well thought out too, very fashionable lol. Love this game.
I've played this game when it first came out and I'm definitely enjoying it again. Great story, very surreal graphics, fun HOS and mini games. Awesome job!
I'm a recent fan for 5 Bn Games, the artwork and stories are excellent. Now the good points regarding this one are just that, story is original and interesting and the artwork and mood are very good, loved the morphing and collectables, but I found the gameplay was all over the place. I found the to-ing and fro-ing from room to room quite tedious (finding the bits to the projector for instance) and I was beginning to get bored. I seem to be in the minority on here though so hey ho!
I have to say this is the best game I have ever played. The fact you dont have to purchase points to play or that you dont lose energy and have to wait 24 hours to gain it back to avoid paying for it...makes this game and the people who created it great. The graphics and story lines keeps it interesting! They also have bonus stories after you finish each game that last pretty long as well. I downloaded them all! Thank you for making this game great but most importantly fun to play :)
Fun game love the puzzles!! I just wish there was more to the game once its done its over and less zombies way less zombies please they give me nightmares.
Great game but when it says "free to play" it really isn't. You almost have to purchase coins to get through most of these games. I also think that if you spend the money for coins in this particular series that the coins should be carried on to the next game.
At Last of the game i am not able to safe locker even though i had all 3 clues... Waste of time when you can't reach to end after that long game and to forget the glitches u should click 10 tens then items will be collected
I loved it. Really fun, all four New York Mysteries were so in depth, great graphics, and interesting storylines.
I really, really, really loooove these games. I played every one at least twice. When will there be a new one?? Stop teasing me by changing the picture or the app. Gets me all excited becuz im thinking its a knew game....but it isnt...just knew picture...sooo not nice.... 😞
I love the game. When I went to the different place I saw a clown... A horror clown. Once I removed the balloons out of my way I saw the clown woke up and moved it's eyes πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜¨πŸ˜°πŸ˜«πŸ˜’😒 scary.
I've been enjoying the new york mysteries games the past week. I've spent a couple of pounds here and there for coins which I don't mind. But on this one, I used 10 coins to skip a puzzle for it to take the coins then close the game. So I go back into the game to find its taken the 10 coins but left me on the puzzle that I wanted to skip. I wouldn't mind to much but I'd spent real money to get 30 coins only to have 10 just disappear. So 1 star I'm afraid for this one.
Most of your games have kept me entertained and challenged during this quarantine, and I even suggested it to my friends, but, this New York Mysteries are really not working well with me so I'll only give 3 stars. But all the Lost Lands and Darkness and Flames had 5 stars from me 'cause all of it are amazing! Kudos to all the people behind these!
Best game i ever played, amazing series. I played all the series of this game ,and they are interesting and fun the storyline is best part of it .
Preferred the old trial format where I can play a free chapter without any restriction, such as, limited coins to buy hints. I'd rather decide at end of the free chapter whether I want to buy or not. This coin buying format took the fun away from me.
It's a good game honestly but I hate that you cany go back to something if you missed and recently realized it. I missed the medallion and now I cant get it I have the pieces that go to it but not the round part so i cant go back and get it off the table. The only way I can get it now is if I uninstall the game and install it again and my install time takes forever this pisses me off very bad. But I'm going to uninstall and install again because I REALLY enjoy this series it's amazing
I very much enjoy playing your games . The graphics are brilliant. I try and get through it without too many hints. I am playing on a small android device but i am now stuck on level 18 (i think). The safe code hints has me fazzed as i have a sight impairment . Taking a photo of the hints did not help either. Thank you very much for the game. I will play another one of yours. Have you advice on how to get the safe code?
Great series of mystery games Fun and thought provoking as you need tro keep heading backwards as well as forwards for clues!
You have to pay for hints and pay for the bonus game so not entirely free. (I didnt realise i'd downloaded free to play - usually buy games outright). Story's ok, graphics are nice. Game a bit unresponsive - a lot of tapping to pick up objects or you have to be in a certain scene to pick up an object. Disappointed you cant go back to look for collection items etc. In this free version the there werent any pointers on the map or any helpful info in the diary so both were pointless.
My favourite series EVER, and I play a lot of these games. Only downside is having to buy coins if you can't solve a game, but thankfully, that is rare. So when is New York mysteries No 5 coming out?
I love these free games and that you can play to the end defeating the antagonist. I'm okay that only the bonus game, which is a add on cost money. If you're stuck you can cheat with YouTube walk through.
the code number in the security room doesn't work. therefore you can't move on. uninstalled, re-installed, still does work. I love these games, this is the first glich I have come across, really disappointed!!
Another attempt at getting in your pockets continuously. They couldn't be happy with a one time charge so you have to pay for hints and skips. While I did not use the options I feel this is underhanded. Thought it was an actual detective game but another paranormal/magic game. Not was I was looking for and not in the mood to be ripped off so uninstalling.
Freezes at times and required a restart. Luckily, it saved my progress. Also, to get hints you have to use coins; and you guessed it, they cost real coins. If you're not careful you could spend quite a lot on this game. YouTube has walk throughs but some just pay the coins and skip the puzzles. If there's a paid version; try it. Maybe the hints don't cost real money. Other than that it was ok. Killed time. Don't think I'll play more if they all charge for hints. Ruined it for me.
Very good graphic and the animation have male and female voice talking which make the game more real. I use walk-through to help me along. Love all BN games. My whole family enjoyed it so much. Thank u!!
Absolutely brilliant game, as are all the 5 bn games i've played so far. The plots are excellent, the puzzles can be challenging but you can use your hints or the walkthrough so you never get completely stuck. I can't get enough of these games. Many thanks to the talented developers, well done
I'm stuck with part of the game where you need a combination for the safe. I've found the clue, but it won't let me enter it. The walkthrough shows a piece of paper but I can't collect them. I've been enjoying the game up to this point as I've played other games in this series and from the developer. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but not work. Very disappointing
Graphic nice, story... Seemed to be good, but the game doesn't feel compact. Also very often I stuck at one scene just tapping on everything not knowing what to do next (after using hint twice I know I would never figured it out). I didn't even finish this game. It was boring.
I've played them all thus far and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I just have 1 suggestion. When an important clue is written on the wall or paper, please make it to where we can enlarge the clue to see it better. There was a couple of times that I had to turn to a cheat guide (which i dont like to do) because I couldn't see the important clue that was written on the walls. Other than that, it was awesome! Thank you!
Exceptionally good games for free. This is the fourth in the new york series and very pertinent, seeing as how we are in a pandemic. Great graphics, videos etc. The puzzles are generally easy but not always.
Generally speaking, I am a great fan of five-bn games and the company. I will not however, ever play a "pay for hints" game. I will happily pay to complete the game, and in fact, I usually pay as soon as I download the game. This is the wrong way to do it five-bn! I have played all the other New York Mysteries (years ago) and would have loved to play the sequel. NOT this way though. Sorry, I uninstalled it as soon as I saw it was "pay for hints". Bad move folks; revert to plan A!
This series has been one of my favourites in this game category. I have purchased everyone of the NY Mysteries, often looking for the next one to come out. I was excited to play as your work is innovative, great graphics, decent length of time to play and I was doubly enthused because it was free with purchase options. More please!
I've finished all the story series of this game, i found it amazing for graphics and story line, but i want to Learn if there are more game of this story of new York mysteries or no, thanks a bunch such great game like those
Just finished. Bonus play & hints are $ for. I didn't bother. It's not bad but it is meant for a big screen or computer, not a phone app. This was a "click everywhere & hope you find something" on the screen just to find objects. Everything blends together & you can not tell needed objects from the background. That fact makes this an extremely frustrating "find & click on" game. The puzzles were fun but did not have enough "how to play" explanation to start. All that told only worth 3 stars.
Fun game! Well designed environments. The puzzles were a good balance, engaging but not too difficult.
I love the first three but this one is quite frankly ridiculously difficult. Frustrating rather than challenging. Sucks.
Was really enjoying this game, until it came time for the projector screen!!! Uninstalled now, really frustrating to get so far and can't go further because of a glitch,,, sort it out please!!!
I don't wish to spoil anyone's pleasure with these games ( which I love)..but if you get really stuck you can see the solutions , via the walkthrough on the official website ..so no need to purchase extra coins..
This game was amazing in how they played out the storyline. There were a few parts where walkthroughs were needed, but the end result of finishing the game was very satisfying. This is the second New York Mysteries game I've played and it's already taken first place as my favorite one!
Amazing game... beautiful graphics, nice story Line and beautiful locations to explore all Puzzles aur unique and not so much difficult.. thank you so much to Five Bn Teams for providing free to Play..I really enjoyed this game.
Ok until I got to Travis area and needed fixing solution to develop a picture. No idea what to do or where to go. Gave up and uninstalled. Oct 2020. Came back and tried it again and managed to solve this. So pleased. It's a really challenging game and can be frustrating at times but patience gets you through it. Nov 2020
New york mysties is the best mysteries l have ever played. It is enjoyable more then any other games. This the third time l have play it. Thank you for letting it be free. Love your games. My God Bless ya'll
Was really liking the game until a puzzle popped up about getting a steel ball to a certain spot. There's also 3 copper balls that need to be out of the way. Aggravating puzzle which has not a thing to do with the game. Must solve in order to progress. I literally gave it 5 minutes & finally became impatient. Uninstalled the game because of the puzzle. I like puzzles, but several times I've gotten rid of game-apps simply because of one puzzle that tried my patience.
Like the previous 3, this was advertised as free to play, but as soon as I completed the first area and the plague doctor was created the game wanted Β£5.99 to unlock the rest. I dont pay to play, not even purchasing coins, so I had to uninstall. Very disappointing as I really enjoyed the first 3.
One of the better escape games. Plausible story, good looking environments and puzzles that are generally logical. You don't need to suspend your sense of reason. Some blind clicking needed on occasion though.
Was fun until I'm in the movie room & you need to pull the screen down. I have the pointer but the screen won't come down. I thought maybe I needed to find something different. Finished everything else, this is one of the last things I need to do, but the screen still won't come down. I even wathced a walkthrough video, which I almost never do & the walkthrough shows the pointer being used to pull down the screen. Not sure what's going on with my download, but I'm stuck and cannot progress.
Amazing Game! πŸ‘I love these kinds of games and this one us especially good! Great story & graphics. I played through it twice because I loved it so much :) Not well enough to complete a collection unfortunately though, so I am uninstalling. Thanks for the game!
Has been good up until trying to get the projector working. It took a number of taps to get the bulb compartment open, to install the bulb. One of the times for the clock doesn't quite seem to correspond to the clue and I don't seem to be able to pull the projector screen down with the pointer although I have confirmed that this is what I'm supposed to do according to two different walk-throughs. Will try clearing cache and see if that works before clearing memory and /or reinstalling.
I Love this games totaly in love with it can't stop playing just a pitty there is just a view make some more
Loved all your games and appreciate them being free but like others have said....there is a glitch with the safe. Not mad but wish I could of made it through! I'll try again someday.
How disappointing . I love this game but not knowing that you cant reset this game . Get stuck after I had to rate this game. Not even a hint help within this game. Surely this game is faulty . Please tried to fix it . Other than that , this game would've been the best game , ever. Not impressed at all.
It's fun, however I don't understand, I had the solution and then it disappeared and asked for it again. I don't know if it's some technical errors, but you guys should check that because I had to restart the whole game again for it.
Too hard without paying for hints/coins. Should be able to earn hints. Maybe when a task is completed.
I was enjoying the game until it crashed. The screen went white on my phone and I could not get back to it. There also seems to be a few glitches with this game versus NYM secrets of the mafia.
Great game but once again buttons for hint etc. Are positioned in the wrong place which does cause me to press them by mistake which can give you a hint that you didn't want a little bit irritating that! Other than that great game.
Portrait puzzle. I cant seem to get the puzzle to work the way it should. It will only let me move the portraits only to certain spaces. Ive watched videos bt mine wont work correctly.
I generally love their games, but this one is really getting in my nerves. I had to reinstall and start again once, halfway into HQ section. When I solved the puzzles a second time, I didn't pick up the medallion base from the table, but I had already solved the candles puzzle, so the table was inactive and couldn't get it. Now I have reached the part when I have all the medallion pieces and I need to use it to progress, but I can't get it from the table. I'm not starting over again, uninstall!
Love the puzzles. Very Adventurous! A bit coincidental.Finished entire game in 1 whole day. Wasnt too easy and not too difficult. Just a good challenge.
Is there a problem in the part where the crane needs to be brought to the filled tank, before the end scene? The track s doesn't change position after the 3rd move. If yes, rectify it.
Great game. Rating a 4 because sometimes once you finish the objective, it is hard to pick up clues to continue on. Otherwise, the mini-puzzles are challenging as is the game itself!
Played fifteen of these now! This is probably one of the easier one's to do. Never had a problem with the safe (think the answer is something like 94, can't quite remember, you're just adding things together ;) ). They have all been enjoyable.
Free hints on their website, for all their games.! Just type the name of the game with walkthrough after it.. and the web search will pull up their website with step by step hints for the full game. Thank you.! Without these Free hints I wouldn't be able to finish any of your games, LOL
Good game, some clues are hard to get, once or twice I was going to give up, but use up all my tokens on one let out, that was in vault. But stuck with it.
Gameplay is great, but please do something about the characters. For a game claiming to be set in the 1950's or 1960's the only one who fits is Laura. Will has designer stubble and a funky hairdo, more in keeping with today's style; and please tell me who Bishop's Dr is! For the 1st two games he's an old man with a cane, but in number three he's lost twenty years and is more youthful! I'm giving the five stars as i enjoy playing these games but do something about the character continuity!
I've found many times I was stuck, not because I wasn't paying attention but because of bad controls, I had to click on some screens many times to activate certain areas, that made the game a bit frustrating at times. Also the hints for some mini games are impossible to read. However the game is good, and I love the series. Thank you for a good free game.
Their games are really good! Not just a simple finding game like the others. One thing I hate about their games is that the ending is soooooo short. Please make it a bit longer. Thanks.
Didn't like this installment. The redesign of Laura looks like a whole different character, which was disappointing (and don't get me started on Will's pornstache). The puzzles also seemed harder than usual, which really dimmed my enjoyment when I had to look up solutions to half of them.
Hi. I like it too much, but in 3rd and 4th story of this series after solving a puzzle, it dont work and don't let me find an object and the game don't get to the end...πŸ™
Wonderful mind games and very interesting investigative games. Keep up the good work. Really enjoyed playing it.
I enjoy these new york mysteries. Some easy puzzles, and others you really need to think about. I know it's free, but it would be nice after getting to the end of each game, if the bonus section was also included, sadly you have to pay, and in times of Covid, that's not possible for myself.
I like the fact that its free to play the full game and cheap for the bonus chapter. There were more than a few puzzles that were downright frustrating and some that didnt have clear instructions at all so I was left struggling to figure out what to do. Ive played more than a few games from this company by now and overall Ive really enjoyed them but this one was just ok for me (great graphics though).
I was really enjoying the game until I got to the safe. I watched a video that showed a piece of paper that was suppose to appear on the safe to give you hints on how to solve safe combination. It never showed and now this is as far as I can go.
This is the second New York mysteries that I played that it allows you to get to a point near the end and the puzzle has a problem. If you don't like giving free games then just charge don't add technical problems to make us pay. I'll stick with Haiku and AE games. And the developers or whoever don't have the integrity to answer people with issues. Just don't waste your time. The safe will just annoy you.
I love these games but unless u have money to buy hints, ur stuck waiting waiting 5 minutes until the next free one is available. I wish there was at least an option to watch videos for hints because not everyone has money to buy them.
Love it but I'm on my third try without hints and read achievements it said I missed the video in the library when the projector was fixed? Not so? Your games aren't giving me full credit for puzzles and games I completed? What happened to the artwork? And Laura's hair and makeup? I liked her the way she was. It seems that from the first game to this one there's a lot of excitement missing and the artwork less realistic and more of a cartoonist look. The library video was a cartoon in sienna!
Logical steps. Intricate plot. Gorgeous images. Free to play with some free hints. Love it. It deserves purchasing the supplement game. These guys' work should be rewarded, so that for them to keep coming with new games.
Great game ,like it more than lost land series. Because once you have finished an area you can't go back ( lost lands is ok but to much back and forth )this one is not.
Great game but got to magnetic crane and puzzle did not work. Watched a walkthrough video to see if I was doing anything wrong and was not doing anything differently. Had to delete game and watch video to see how it ended.
As usual a great game. This was the only one I could not finish. I got stuck at the safe because the hint is not clear about which numbers to enter.and though I tried every combination I could think of it did not work. Otherwise love all your games and thank you for making them free. Anna I notice am not the only one with a problem at the safe. Please fix it.
Excellent game play. Prepare to lose a couple of days when you play, 'cos once you start, it's hard to stop
I really enjoy these games. Kinda like playing hide and seek but with a story line and good graphics.
Very addictive game. I started with part 3 and have finished the 1st 2 parts. No ads and the puzzles are at times challenging. Hope more series will be out soon. Love it
The game has a glitch in the scene with the safe. I put in the key, put the photos on the table. I saw the code for the lock and when I click on the safe it says I don't have the code and to look for clues. I uninstalled the game as I can not finish the game.
Great game five bn is always good. Though they seem to have catered more for tablet than mobile this time. Sizes are much smaller than previous games. Especially the safe scene.
Best one so far. Doesn't have the constant back and forth action. Puzzles are good. The new features were nice, except the timed one. And as always, no "energy" system.
After playing the Secrets of the Mafia version, this seemed a bit too straightforward and less engrossing. Nevertheless the puzzles were engaging, sometimes a tad difficult to solve, but enjoyable for its point and click gameplay.
2nd time playing the series... still not easy. Love the format of all 5bn series am desperately waiting for the next instalment of any of them... legacy, lost lands, d&f or NYM
Loved this game and coincidentally it mentioned a corona virus spread as the outbreak on one of the puzzles. Anyway, I don't know why some people on here are banging on about having to buy hints to solve puzzles, I didn't. Yeah some of the puzzles get the brain matter going, but that's what you want right? They provide 5 free hints to start with and you can get upto ten more for free waiting 5mins. No ads! Few things don't contain ads. Don't give up so easily and use your brain people.
Intelligent,challenging and original games,interesting story and wonderful graphics.Keep up your hard and good work
Absolutely brilliant. I love Five BN Games. Stories and puzzles are amazing. Keep them coming please.
Another amazing job always a pleasure to work the mind completing these games. Love BN games because it's free to play and you have the option to buy the bonus game after completing the game
Decent gameplay. Hard to click exactly on areas. The fear-mongering with Covid and grammical errors give it less than 4 stars.
I want my money back! Ive completd the "TURN OFF THE CHIPS PUZZLE" in th storage room ten times now and ive tried pushing reset and the red button. But it nevrer registers that ive completd it no matter what i do. Ive spent $6 on coins only to be ubable to go any further when ive only completed 25% of the game. Please fix this or refund my hint coins? Please. Kristy lusthaus
game is good , but all the new york mysteries have a glitches ... it sucks .. you have to pay to move on and i refuse to pay for a free game true disappointment
I would have given this game 5 stars except for one thing. I recently bought coins to use for hints which didn't work out. I got the coins but now my hint button does not work on any screen. I have sent emails and Gmail to developers with no results. Thinking i need to ask for a refund. Thanks to the support group my problem was fixed and game is working fine. Quick work by them which is appreciated. All these games by this creator are brain builders and lots of fun.
As usual a great game. This was the only one I could not finish. I got stuck at the safe because the hint is not clear about which numbers to enter.and though I tried every combination I could think of it did not work. Otherwise love all your games and thank you for making them free. Anna
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Loved all the series except this one, got to the projector screen and it won't pull, tried everything, very disappointed so uninstalled Update 29th March 2020 tried doing this again and still not fixed the glitch on the projector screen, really wanted to play this but still can't πŸ˜’
Love it!!!! I'm loving all the New York mysteries and five-bn games... I've been playing them back to back!
Game is great, makes you think. Have to say though, I'm a little stressed out because my pointer in the film viewing room will not pull down the movie screen, so now I'm stuck. Ugh!! Cannot find contact info anywhere.
I like the New York Mysteries series. But this one has a timed section- hurry, finish this before the guards catch you. I don't play puzzle games to be rushed. I'm not looking for an adrenaline rush, I just want to kick back and take my time. Uninstalling.
I love this game series, but for some reason keep getting stuck in one puzzle seemingly with no solution like a glitch. in the portrait puzzle where u need to place a portrait on top of a marked area, by dragging, the portrait does not move towards the right. At one point it does and at other point it does not. There are no additional playing instructions given, Is there any particular move trick which blocks the move? i fail to understand why it is getting stuck? Frustrates the hell out of ya
Very good game. People having problems with the big safe and getting the fixing solution..you need to look at the 4 diagrams on the walls. There are 3 diagrams in the bedroom (2 either side of the cupboard and 1 diagram on the wall next to the curtain). 1 other diagram opposite the big safe in the basement. Once you look at all 4 diagrams the clue on the safe appears. You can then get the fixing solution.
I have had the pleasure of playing lost lands also darkness and light.. I honestly have to say that i like those better then these ones..i think it may be the graphics and story line.. I am still continuing to play these ones because I'm a loyal and faithful player.. Thank you for all your fun gamesπŸ€—
Gosh I had from the comments that this game is awesome and I was excited to play it and I started installation at night and meet up my mind to play it in the morning and in the morning it wasn't installed i reinstalled it then I was waiting anxiously and then when finally most of it had installed when a dialog box prompted and in that dialogue dialogue box it was written that can't install new york myestrie like honestly I was waiting for more than half an hour and then it says it can't install!
Fun game, not too difficult. It seems shorter than the other games. It's a little glitchy. I would tap on an interactive area multiple times before it would respond. This game didn't respond as well as their other games in some interactive parts of the game on my Android phone.
Very disappointed. Beware, there's a serious glitch with the combination safe at the end. I can't get it to register that I've read the clue and can't get the safe open so I have to uninstall. I really wish the developers would update these games. VERY glad I didn't spend any money on this
Love these games Get your mind working some puzzles are easier than others and you can always review to the walkthrough if you get stuck for help
Boring game. Have tapped every where and nothing happens only to use tokens to show us to tap where we already have and you only give 5 tokens then you have to pay for more. Now why would I do that? Uninstalling
Super challenging! I can't make it very far! The puzzles are very difficult to figure out! I'm not complaining at all!
I played all NY mysteries games and I enjoyed every minute of them. Great job developers. If I could I'd give you 10 stars.