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New York Mysteries 1

New York Mysteries 1 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game! My only problem is that I can't play the bonus chapter. Just a suggestion, start the player with 20 coins, this way, if they make it through the whole game without hints, they get the bonus game for free.
A really great game. It makes you wanna play till the end in one day. Great storyline, great enigmas and lot of fun. 👍
I always wanted a investigation game like this and this is the game i ever wanted investigation games should be and u guys nailed it ! The graphics, the game play and everything was so perfectly executed ! We need much more parts of this game ! Please keep making game same like this ! Lots of love for newyork mysteries makers 😍
Honestly I'd give more stars if I could. Excellent game in every way. Puzzles were difficult but always had an attainable solution. I never had to Google outside the game for help, and there were always enough clues to get me to the next step. The story and graphics were amazing too. By far, the BEST online game I've played so far, and I've beaten 20+ similar style adventure-escape games already.
I liked it a lot so many puzzles to solve. The graphics is awesome! But I stuck in the game, bought some coins from an offer. Money were withdrew from my card but I didn't get any coins. Try to go further but if not succeed I will have to delete it
Great game, good story that always has you thinking. You have to go back & forward a lot & I had to watch a lot of ads for clues. You're not interrupted by ads, it's your choice. I just found it a bit difficult but that's my issue. Runs smoothly with no freezing, which is getting rare. Great app 👌
The game was fun but I am close to the end of the bonus game and the organ doesn't want to work. I bought hints, nothing happens. I googled the organ walk through and what I am trying to do is correct but it does not go further :( please help
Boring and it's limited. You have to purchase to play the remaining half or more part of the game, whereas games developed by haiku don't get locked after playing the first half.
Fun game although a little limiting on the hints otherwise very fun to solve the puzzles and figure out what the clues are for
Very nice. Majority of puzzles and problems are between easy and hard, but nothing frustrating, with few exceptions (illogical puzzle without clue, item impossible to find without an hint and illogical problem solution). So hints are needed, but not many.
A bit disingenuous, click on that flashlight all day, but it won't let you insert the battery until you pay for a hint.
This series has all the same features that make each of Five BN's series awesome: beautiful art, compelling storyline, and challenging (but too challenging) puzzles. It's a great escape from the everyday, but it is hard to put down and you might end up playing for hours straight.
Was really enjoying this but didn't get very far before some kind of glitch with getting the battery in the torch. (First chapter!) It wouldn't allow me to complete this task and didn't respond at all. Unfortunately, seeing as that was the only possible next step to take to progress in the game I had to delete. Would gladly reinstall and rate again though, if this issue could be fixed?!? Loved the graphics & style but disappointing for it to mess up so quickly.
Really really good game 👍 graphics are great, and game is challenging. Highly recommend 🤔👍👍
I like how you don't run out of energy. You just need to watch ad or pay if you want to have a hint and that is very convenient. I also like the images and challenges. It is hard but not too hard.
Enjoyed playing this add free game that had no energy limitations. Was happy to pay 2bux to unlock the bonus level and keep playing. Challenging without being frustrating.
the graphics are great the only thing I wish is that the puzzles were a little bit bigger and I had a little bit better eyesight
I had a great experience playing this game!! It was so nice to be able to play without energy bars!! I recommend to anyone seeking to play a fun mystery, any age! The graphics and load of the game was excellent. I didn't encounter any bugs or problems. I'm very happy there's follow ups because it kept me entertained and I'm looking forward to playing the rest! Thank you for creating such an awesome game!!!
Good, they have hide objects in a way that there is no other way than to buy hints. In many cases there is no hints at all.
Worst one so far. And I've played all of Lost Lands and Darkness and Flames. Story is not as good and the puzzles are made for ants, the clues are so blurred you can't see anything and there's no note so you have to go back and forth between your screenshot 50 times to guess the clue which has already shown but so blurred it's useless.
I think that this game is a very fun game with adventure, horror, and activity. New York Mysteries reminds me of where i live, because I also live in New York.
Great game, with many mini games and a logical history. Also it does NOT contain ads. Congrats to the development team. Five stars from me and keep it up!!
It is extremely hard to find things or know which way to go, the game really doesn't help you with clues unless you buy them but some are obvious....but it's really fun if you like interacting games 😉
The parts that you're looking for in each round are too obscure to find. And then to try to figure out how to use them is subjected to how the maker of this game might think. Not generally how something might be used. Too difficult to make it a fun game for my time
Really frustrating. How do you get more coins?? Help is worthless as it just tells you to go back but doesn't actually give you a clue. So once you use up your allotted coins and your 8 "free" coins, you're SOL.😡
Great game although buttons do conflict with parts of the game making it really irritating at times which makes you exit puzzle games etc, but they are placed much better on this game than dark lands, legacy and darkness and flame! Once again though, all these games are super but just needs a little work with the buttons for gameplay other than that A+
Great mystery game with some neat puzzle mini games throughout. Not too hard to complete but not too easy either. And it's free! Bargain! Just as good as other games in this genre that you pay for. And the in-game adverts are optional and not intrusive. A solid 5 stars! Now onto NYM 2! :)
Love the game, but it won't let me save my progress. It says 'save and quit', but three times now, it hasn't saved. First time, I was 17% in, the next 27%. Also, if you ask for a hint, and it points to a certain area, if you ask for another hint, it'll just point to the same area but still costs you another coin
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Very good, some running backwards and forwards, same as all these type of games. But seriously worth a good.
I missed item's and it won't let you go back to check. Love the game I'm 69 and it pisses me you should be able to go anywhere because so many items. I need keys, different part's. Why is this so?
There were many glitches, but I loved the game for working up my mind. even if you knew that a piece can be used in a certain way, it still won't work untill you really clicked it on certain place causing unnecessary time loss in solving an easy puzzle and hint consumption. Else love the story, graphics and puzzles. Since the clues are scattered everywhere you have to remember exactly where and what things are needed and will go.
Enjoyed this game. Sometimes hard to see what to click on, but makes up for this with blocking what you have completed. No ads, and can play the entire main story for free. Nice.
So far it's full of drama and suspence. It's quit a change compair to the Lost Lands that is full of twisted puzzles, l hope this one won't turn out the same. I've just re-installed it back after i got stock first at the light puzzle and second at the ABCD puzzle, they even gave me guide to follow but still it doesn't work while no guide for the light puzzle so annoying like The Lost Lands. If i got stock again then 'am done for good..
Loved it! Love how it challenged me. Some people might not like going back and forth between scenes to go back and solve puzzles, etc. But I LOVED it. Kind of like one big puzzle with a bunch of smaller puzzles within. I thought the graphics were good. The visual is important to me and adds to the fantasy. For the first time I actually paid for some extra coins to skip about 3 puzzles that I got tired of messing with because I was ready to move on. Bonus chapter was fun too.
Enjoyable. Simple puzzles, absorbing story line. Well executed. Not intense. More fun than endless killing on PS4 etc
Most fun mystery game so far. I have played several mystery games from the play store. This one was the most engaging and has the right balance of difficulty and fun to keep you going and guessing. Well done.
I loved the story! But it was SO hard!!! I had to go to youtube to get help before I even hit the half way mark. Any you only get one video to get coins so I once you use the coins you have the only way to get more is too spend money, which I can't do.
I played the game. Paid for coins. Completed it. Played again with minimal hints as I spent all the coins. Then, got stuck. Paid for coins (200) and somehow along the track, got stuck. Hints were not working. Couldn't use it to find one more toy car. Used the coins to open bonus game. Completed that then went back to continue the original game. Still stuck. So, deleted game and reinstall game. But coins all gone! Start with 5. I expect my coins to be transferable from the old game.
It was great until I encountered a glitch in the part of cutting the chair open. I can't move on with the game after I played half of it already. Really disapointing. Had not been that and I would have rated the game better.
The game is ok. A little dark and difficult to see the background and find hidden objects. Also, it doesn't fit to the screen so it's too large for my phone (Samsung note, which isn't small) and it does this annoying scrolling.
I really like the game but in some of the puzzles it's hard to solve them and you can't get any more hints once you use up the hints that you have already gave us you can't even earn any more hint so I think you should be able to work up somehow to get a hint cuz I am stuck help
Finally a decent game that isn't pay to win. Really enjoyed this! Well done to the developers. Not money grabbing or greedy. Optional perchase of second game which is cheap. But first is more than excellent on its own!
Loved the game! The graphics, the story line, the combination of puzzles, mini games were really entertaining. Wish there were more apps like these
I sort of liked this game but I'm going to uninstall it because sometimes I want to skip the mini games. I don't mind watching ads to get free hints, but it doesn't allow you to do it. I only could watch ads once to earn a skip. What ashame because this game is really beautiful.
My favorite mystery game so far, there is no energy bar so you can play for as long as you want, is challenging without getting to the point of frustration, there are no adds, the clues are useful and accurate and if you where to need more you just have to watch a video. The hidden objects part was elevated from a normal mystery game. The minigames make sense and the storyline as a hole connects very nicely, it shows that a lot of thought, time and dedication was put in to it.
Love these games. Makes you think enough to be interesting and it's all free except the bonus chapter. I think I've played them all at this point. Think I'll have to start over at the beginning
So, I like the mystery scavenger hunt style of this game, however, I 100% give this a thumbs down as I should not have to do not pay to play a bonus scene when it's a bonus for completing the main game. I also do not like how I have to download a completely different app just to play a different story line, that's really stupid.
Today i have made a purchase for 60 coins , but they were not added in the game. But i have received a message from the bank confirming the transactions. Can you help me to solve this issue?
I wasnt as impressed with this series as much as the others(LL, D&F, etc.), although I still enjoyed it. The placement of the back button is weird, i really dont like the fact that this game doesnt confirm usage of coins for hints(especially since you only get 5 to start), the different map is also confusing and is basically a guessing game to get where you have to go. Regardless, it was a good game and im off to play the 2nd one!
Game is intracite with lots of good story and adventures but some of the games are ultra complex and frusrptrating. I felt like this game was designed for frustration so you would buy hints.
This is the second time something has gone wrong with these games. I played the 3rd one first and after a few days it wouldn't even let me get into the game! And now on the 1st one the game won't let me use an object. The part with the boat and lifesaver, I tried using the knife to cut the rope and it keeps saying "this item can't be used here"
Fantastic story line! My only issues were 2 things. 1. I couldn't see the important clues all too well. Like on the life jacket and the clue in the window sill with the wine spilled over it. The writing on the wall in the cabin was also hard to make out because it was too dark. My second issue was the map. I don't like using the map most of the time but I do use it on occasion. The pictures on the map are extremely hard to make out which room it's taking me to. Other than those 2, I enjoyed it.
Was enjoying this game, I did purchase coins. I have tried three times to skip this puzzle I am on. It has pretty much eaten up all I just purchased and has not skipped the puzzle. Not to happy now. And no way of getting help here.
Omg. Amazing game! Good story line, made u think, and most of all.....DIDNT ANNOY U WITH ADS and purchases.
This game is a likeable game. It started off helping me relax and unwind for the day. Until I notice how you don't get many clue coins, and your pretty much forced to buy coins. But here is the thing.... I DONT LIKE GAMES THAT TRY TO FORCE YOUR HAND TO SPEND MONEY IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND OR GET CLUES TO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL. I CALL THAT BULLYING.
Great game until I get to the mosaic in the train station and it will not let me solve it. Because of it, I am unable to finish the game. The pieces work fine at the bottom of the puzzle but the last 4 pieces will not stick. Frustrating
Enjoyed the story and loved the games and task was plenty.payed for bonus round that was good but liked it to be a bit longer play.thanks for a good game.
Love the fact you don't have to spend a ton of cash to play graphics are nice and video clips are well done
It is to hard for old persons. Young people have played for ever but us older ones we weren't raised on these games. You need to think maybe 2 options to follow harder clues or easy clues. Just an idea. Graphics are great
This is a great & detailed game. My one complaint is the amount of ads needed to watch to solve a puzzle- 10 is a bit much but thankfully it didn't take away from game play.
Warning: The 3rd scene has a glitch and there is no option to submit a game issue support request. I found the battery that is needed for the flashlight and it will not let me proceed. I even double-checked by using a clue and it still will not work. There is no game guides and no options to contact anyone for app bug issues. Uninstalling due to no game support for issues that need to be fixed. I loved the game, too bad game support was not an option with the game.
Very fun, & addictive. Unfortunately I can't go passed getting student card part because the folder keeps closing instead of giving me the ID picture.
Good game in every aspect, but after completibg the game , we have to pay for bonus game... all in all it's a fun game
Was really enjoying the game until I got to the boat, the hop won't let me use the wire on the broken cable above the dials.
Great story and setting. It's quite tricky but not impossible. Way better than any other app in this category I have found so far. Also nice to have different language opinion and have flemish/dutch. Great app. Pretty amazed its free. Did i mention no adds!
Game is glitchy af. Won't let me use the knife to cut the rope on the boat even though i had used hints and that's what it tells me to do. Lost lands and darkness and fire there was no issue but in this u can't progress because u can't solve the puzzle. The game simply won't let u. Sort it out please and u will get ur 5 star rating
I love these games except this one in particular....... the fish puzzle is waaaaaaayyyy too hard... couldn't figure it out and gave up... ill never know what comes next lol
I bought coins for hints and they quit working! I like the game but if I am paying 15 dollars for coins, I should be able to use them when I chose. And some places on the map were not accessible. What's going on with the game? I have never ever had any problems with your games!!! I love them. I have over 300 coins. Help please.
I have downloaded and played TONS of games trying to find games like this. This game is phenomenal! Cool cut scenes and the spoken dialogue is great. My only complaint which certainly doesn't take away from this being a 5 star game is that is a little on the short side, but you can buy an additional bonus level for a reasonable price that is worth it.
Great game. No adverts unless you need coins for a hint. No life lines Good graphics. Nice puzzles/mini games. Will look for more by this developer.
It's not as good as other five bn games. I don't like the layout, the back button is too close to the hint and the map is really confusing and unclear.
Perhaps I've become too familiar with five-bn's game design since recently I've been finishing their games without any need for a hint (this included). Still in my opinion, this game could be hard for people just getting into the genre and I don't recommend this as a starting point. On the overall experience, it is enjoyable but unfortunately didn't leave a lasting impression on me both in terms of gameplay and story.
Love this game but am currently having issues with hints. I bought some hints but now I can't use them. I press on the hint button, I can see its being pressed but I am not getting any hints nor is the number of hints decreasing. Please help me fix this issue!!!
Great game. Good graphics. The only thing that would make it better is the map...put it on several pages like other games. The pictures r so small, its really hard to see what is where.
I started playing this game and I LOVE IT! THE ONLY problem is you get stuck on hints!!! If you use them and don't want to use your money then it's going to be kinding hard figuring out where to find things. Hints should rejuvenate like every 10 mins. That would help with ppl getting discouraged and deleting the game.
The most fun I had on a mobile app. Felt like playing Nancy Drew. I really enjoy games like this. 100% recommend for mystery and puzzle lovers.
One of the best games I've ever played. Best graphics, mind blowing, technical game , puzzled situation, excitement. Everything is good. I like it alot. I really really enjoyed.🔥
Really good version of a computer game resized for Droid phone. Graphics are pretty good and the mini games ard fun. Love this stule of game.
Much harder than I thought it would be. Challenges and puzzles are good. Buying hints sucks. Becoming a chore I can't quit. Had more fun with the other ones.
Good game. Some errors (knife/saw). Also I tried a move multiple times with no result, bought a hint, and it was the same move. It only worked after I bought the hint, hmmm. "Bonus" chapter isn't a bonus, you have to buy it. Map scenes are miniscule (to force you to buy more hints).
The story line was amazing along with the animations and all the fun puzzles, some were a little tricky but I loved every second of playing the game.
I love this game but I'm stuck Help!! I'm at the hangar, i have solved the coin puzzle but when i tried adding those coins they have disappeared. I have restarted the game but some how I'm not able to retrieve them
I love allll your games. At first I thought that if I found all the hidden objects then I wouldn't have to pay for the bonus level... But I still do. Still love all your games tho ❤️
The best game I've ever played, trust me. Unlike other games, it's absolutely free. They just charge for hints, but they made sure we don't require that much hints. Kudos to the whole team and the maker, thankyou from the bottom of my heart to entertain us. You guys should go for it. Without a doubt.
Worthy of its high rating. Really nice, clean graphics. Tons of items, clues, puzzles. But most amazing thing for such a well made game, No ads!!! Only if you choose so to get coins. That's worth 10 stars alone. You can pay for coins if you want, or watch ads, they dont force you to pay. Excellent story, awesome scenery and artwork. Better than 90% of the escape games out there.
Interesting beautiful game,despite sometimes logic is a bit weird. Also it would be great to somehow restore hints except buying, and the possibility to buy bonus game with game coins. Otherwise great ad-free game
Very much enjoy the plot and going around finding the clue and solving the puzzles. Keeps you thinking, wanting to save the children. Great game.
Unable to move on. Gane is glitchy. I finally looked the solution up, because I assumed I was wrong, I wasn't. The game just won't proceed even with correct solution. Stuck on the glasses in chapter 2. Uninstalling. I like their other games.
It's a wonderful game with beautiful graphics. I also love the various types of environments the game brings you into. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out one of the puzzles, no matter how hard I tried. I had to give up and for me that is a first.
Initially i foundout the game to be superbly innovative with puzzles. However, everything started getting boring and irritating after a while. becoz 1 room led to many others but without completely finishing any of the them individually.in 10th room also, u l find the clues ofthe 1st room. So remembering clue reqmnt of every room is dificult. If solving puzzle takes a long time n is yet not been solved then kindly give a proper hint/ instructions as to how to solve it or else hrs go waste.
Many places to look are too subtle and tiny on phone screen, too easy to miss. Hint only tells "look on some other sceen, not here" if pressed on the wrong sceen - wasting the hint.
Fun, interesting and touching. I finished it with the help of the 5 free hints only so completely free - i will buy the additional story though cause it's only fair :)
Good game with interesting environments and puzzles. There are a few areas where you have to tap on a very specific part of the screen, like the university pass, which was annoying to find. The world map is also very difficult to read. Got through the game in a few hours using 3 of the 5 hints. Fun game!
I absolutely love these games ! Played and passed 7-8 from start to finish ! Im addicted 😜 chalanging puzzles within puzzles so fun ! Please keep on creating more ! Im definitely stoked to play and pass each one 👍
These games are great fun, with a decent story and just the right level of difficulty. Some weird aspects, like using various cunning tricks to open an intricate safe, only to find something mundane like a screwdriver, or, despite being a wealthy journalist in New York, not being able to find a paperclip. Recommend all games in the series.
This game is very interesting! Its fun to go around and finding the things! Its not easy at all to get next steps. Plz keep make another games 2,3,5,6,...9,10.. REMART .. i downloaded this game and i havent try it that much. My little nephew 9 years old found it and he played this everyday for many hours. Sometimes he asked whats written about in the game as he cant understand english 😁 sometimes he asked me to watch this game on Youtube how to go 😅 but he keep saying. He likes this game 😁
Love this game so challengeing but fun is it just so cool so cool I just happened to i don't like that it is it's so creepy the maybe kids want to play it and then and then they're going to get bad dream I just think that maybe you should make it a little less scary that's all
Very fun game to play, like that you got to solve the mystery and didn't have to pay to find Mafia and children.
Would be better if the map highlighted were thing are available that way it only showing you were to go but not telling you what you need instead of going back and forth
These games are very well designed. Beats the heck outta CANDY CRUSH 😳 I like the mini games they are a challenge. I have played some of these couple times. I wish there was more. Like 7, 8 9 10 😁
Game is okay at best. Be prepared that some puzzles are impossible to solve without a hint or walk through, and the fact that you can't earn coins for hints makes this game a cash grab. BTW, your tetris type puzzle is not designed for tablets. After spending 45 minutes trying to place the pieces, I gave up and deleted the game even though I was close to the end. Won't be downloading anymore games from this developer.
It looks like a very fun game, but every 5 minutes or so it reloads back to the intro screen, interrupting whatever you were doing and sort of taking away some of the enjoyment
Great games but some of the puzzles are quite hard. I think it should not take so long to get qoins to skip the levels otherwise I would of given more then 3 stars. I've also noticed some of your games are listed more then once on the Play store.
The best game I have ever played! Very good story, just a game without need to buy useless extra staff like decoration and etc. No need to wait hours or to collect any stars/coins/points to be able to open a new location. Many thanks!!!
Great free game. Good story. Puzzles are mostly quite intuitive and of the right difficulty. I had to use an online guide to bail me out maybe three times in the whole game which I consider good. Haven't yet tried other offerings by the developer but definitely will be doing so.
Professional quality graphics but many other games are more clever and entertaining. This is not a game to pick up and put down frequently. I got tired of trying to figure out where I had seen things and to try to recognize rooms on the tiny map thumbnails. I'd rather just move forward. The collections and phantom whatever they are called added no value for me and were distractions. Game was too long. I was glad to reach the end.
I was really enjoying this game until I came to the part where you have to take the photo off the file,it won't let me do it.Impossible to carry on with the game as you need it for ID for the university!
Pretty cool so far, puzzles aren't too bad but do make you think. I've gotten stuck for a bit, but not too where it's annoying. Story is pretty cool so far
Fairly involving puzzle game with a story to keep one returning for more. The difficulty level is decent but, not too hard making it impossible to move ahead and neither too easy to lose interest; so, as a player it is worth a shot. Notably, there are no ads - unless one wants to earn those game coins for redeeming as hints. Although, given the storage size of the game it kept on running into issues with its audio and background music. Guess that was the only part that annoyed me.
Bloody brilliant game! Loves every step of it. The puzzles are great and the story is well thought too.
Five -bn games never disappoint me! This is the first time I am rating the game before finishing but after playing more than 5 of the games I have never been disappointed. I like the challenges they pose. I have not played any of he bonus games for which you pay.
Fun until the glitch. Was doing great till I got to the green and blue lights puzzle, I eventually checked to make sure I was correct, which I was, yet the puzzle wouldn't unlock. I'm uninstalling and completely finished with this game studio, it's the 3rd game they have with a BAD glitch which absolutely ruins the rest of the play.
Fantastic puzzle game! Engaging story plot, twists and turns at every corner. Really makes you think about how to solve the puzzles. I did knock off 1 star in my rating because there were limited clues as to where you're to look for items or what area you're suppose to be looking in. I saw another version on a Youtube video that highlighted on their map where they were to be looking next. But that version was on a computer and not an app on a tablet/ phone.
Ok until 38% achieved then froze so that you could not use hints. All in all it was a good game but I downgraded it because I lost money on hints purchased. I will uninstall this game.
Very enjoyable! You get a huge amount of ad free content for free (I did not mind purchasing bonus game at end for this reason). High quality production value, fun mini games, really big map to explore but it never felt overwhelming. If anything, I think the game was a bit too guiding at times (like explaining a mini game that could be figured out by trial and error). However, this kept the game from becoming frustrating and kept it moving. Amazed at huge amount of quality content for free.
I thoroughly enjoyed the game! the graphics, storyline and everything about it is amazing! I usually don't review apps but I had to review this one as I absolutely loved playing it 😊
The story, animation, and the puzzle are good, but the puzzle can be a bit irritating because for some reason i just cannot finish the puzzle, i had to repeat it many times to make it work. It's a very good game though.👍🏻
Brilliant game, thoroughly enjoyed it. However sometimes it was a little too hard for me and I had to look up a walkthrough for a few parts. But other than that I can honestly say that this game has an extremely well written story line and that I am definitely downloading all of the sequels. Well done!
Well. I'm at the picture that has a certain pattern of colors you need to light up but no clue as to what that pattern is. I'm not going to sit and blindly try different patterns so I have to uninstall mid game again...:(
The game at first is a lot of fun. Loaded fine great graphics and game play. But, as of this moment when I tap on the app to load it all it does is quit and go back to the home screen. I have tried to shut down my LG Stylo 4 and then restart it but, that did not bring any joy. I have been having this problem for the last 3 days. Please advise
So far its 5 stars because unlike lost lands games I haven't come across gimmic puzzles that force you to buy anything to solve EDIT: AH.... They wait before making them so hard even a walkthru won't help! Greedy Developers get uninstalled! C'MON
Incredible. No energy limitations. No adverts, unless you need coins for hints. Amazing graphics. Detailed game, makes you think. Not easy either. Love it.
Played this game several times. Went to play it again and 5bn has fixed it where it won't open full screen. There is another you can open, but it only lets you go so far and then you have to pay to unlock it!
Hint bitton stopped working after I paid for extra hints. Utter Joke. You take my money for a game and have no way of contacting tonfix the issue. Never again will I purchase anyhting
Good game but gave just paid for extra coins after completing 58% of game but coins gave not appeared. Very disappointed.
As a truly avid game player since the days I had to use a 2" paper tape with dots to remember my place (old, old school) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND playing this whole line starting with 1, then search all the 5bn series games. They all are fun, and the newer ones improve. THEY LISTEN TO PLAYERS! Used to play these & a ton more on Big Fish. Now I'm on a small phone, sux, but these Five BN games really do their best at making it possible to transform from my PC to my Android. I Look 4ward to C wats nxt!
My only comment is you have to have lots of coins if in case you ran out of coins, you have to wait for another day before you can get coins for hints.
A couple of actions and resolutions were not as intuitive and there's no action that allows you to have the clue next to the mini game (you need to memorise, pen it down or take a screenshot). But other than that, I had a lot of fun playing this game and am truly appreciative of not having to wait long or pay to top up energy levels.
This game is really amazing! This is my first time rating a game because this game is that good! Out of all the puzzles, I think the hardest ones are just four of them. For this game, you just need to have a really keen eye and a sharp memory. You have to pick up every small detail, and remember the levels / rooms that are still uncompleted, since you will get clues / hints at other places.
Great graphics but it would be great if it wasn't clitching. When a hint keeps pointing to flashlight that tells me it needs a new battery and the battery in my inventory won't interact then I guess I'm done playing since i can't continue
I really like this game but it's buggy. Sometimes I've clicked on an area and it did nothing but when I clicked on hint it took me to the same spot. Minus star for bugs. Some of the puzzles are very hard too and hints don't always help. Minus star for lousy hints. You have to buy more hints, minus another star. Ads for hints would be nice. Please fix issues with bugs and hints & I'll rate higher.
Great need more of these games to get your mind thinking. Like the different puzzles need more the more the better. Like the main character. Story may not be that good but so much better than having to find matching shapes etc.
I got to the third room and it would not let me put battery in flashlight so you can't do anything else. Will ttty to uninstall and reinstall
Beautiful graphics, interesting storyline and challenging puzzles. Love it that is free to play and is ads free. Requires a lot of moving back and forth though and one can easily get lost on what is needed to be done and where as you progress further into the game. I write down my clues as I go along, I find that helpful.
Enjoyed the game, even on second play through, after games 2, 3 and 4 in this series. Don't mind paying for hints from time to time either. But if I come across any more spelling mistakes, gonna start deducting stars.
So far its 5 stars because unlike lost lands games I haven't come across gimmic puzzles that force you to buy anything to solve
Paid for the bonus level, and one of the puzzle items (trying to avoid spoilers) seems to not have generated (had to check videos to see this), so I could not proceed. Hoped clearing data would still allow me to restart the bonus, but now I'd have to go through the main game all over again.
It's an awesome game. I was a little so at first but didn't take long to see what to do and what to look for. I don't like that you don't earn money or diamonds or whatever to help with hints, etc. Graphics r awesome, I really like the story line it's very intriguing. Definitely 5 stars.
Love these games and love that they are free with no adds just hints to pay for if needed and you run out of the free amount. Some aspects throughout the games can be repetitive so some new ideas might be a way to go and more hidden Object scenes of different types would be fun. Just funny how this is the 1920s yet the man's she's helping was born in 1901 but is clearly about 50. I think someone needs to redo their math exams. Just start with 1+2=3, you'll get there in the end. Next Hahahahaha
I love these games. The graphics are great, as well as the storyline and everything in between. So entertaining, hours of mystery solving fun. Good job all involved in bringing this game to life.
A couple of hours in and really enjoying this so far. Puzzles are a good range of difficulty, needing some thought but with hints available if needed. No ads interrupting gameplay.
I definitely like this game, good stories and a lot of mystery to discover and you really can play for free!
Played through the lost lands series and loved it. This one has been pretty fun. It has it's issues. Kinda disappointed she didn't use her notebook more. Some things she'd say oh I better remember this but she didn't write it down.
Enjoyable game with great graphics. I like that its free and the bonus chapter is pretty cheap compared to many other games Ive played (also optional so it doesnt take away from the main story if someone chooses not to play it). Only thing I didnt quite like were the puzzles which I enjoyed more in other games by this developer but otherwise it was fun.
Good game but I'm stuck on the coin mini game. I collected all the coins to play the game and they disappeared when I opened the mini game now I can't play it or progress further in the game. Glitch? I will have uninstalled the app as I can't go any further
Great game most of the clues are easy to find, but the game buffers each time I try to make in game purchases and charges me 10 coins to skip impossible mini games when they only start me out with 5. This glitch is very frustrating and makes me want to delete the game.
Very fun! Good storyline and graphics. I like that not all of the puzzles were solved in one room & that you had to go back & forth to solve them. Puzzles were tricky enough that I had to use a few hints but not a ton.
One of the best game, no ads no distrubence. We can enjoy the game with nice music and backgrounds, Graphics are pretty good and cut scenes are awesome, a professional, overall game levels are also good. Lock pattern puzzles are interesting... Overal best game....
It is really good but I'm having trouble getting one token from the point where the ship and across is the light and it's refusing to be taken. Please fix and thanks
It freezer up at same spot everything. I even tried a Uninstall and install no go. This a glitch that should have been fixed long ago.
I like this game. It moves right along. I always liked the maps, it saves alot of time when you go from one site to another. It would be nice to be able to mark the most visited sites with a different color.
Intrigging and fun. You really have to think sometimes. Just wished you didn't have to bounce around so much to get pieces.
It's a cool game great graphics I just don't like your don't get free daily hints and the back button to get out the room activates the hint button so even if you had some they get used but other than that it's ok
I played so many games from this developper, they are all awesome. This is an awesome game too. But I am stuck in a block puzzle and I solved it too, however I am unable to put final 3 blocks. It's like, I have the answer but I cannot write ot down. It sucks.. and this issue is with every game. 1 or 2 puzzles in each game has this problem. Why? Just so we get tired and by the coins so we can skip the puzzle?????
I stumbled across this game after having played some Haiku games, which I really enjoyed playing. However, this game was far better. The game and storyline flowed well and chapters, thankfully, weren't complete after just 2 mini puzzles. The level of difficulty varied to some puzzles being straight forward and with others requiring hints, or a quick glance at online walkthroughs. You can play this game without the interruption of adverts or the need to spend any money to complete.
Really been enjoying this game and played legacy, darkness and flame and lost lands, love them all. I am however disappointed that everytime i enter the university and start piecing the paper together on the table, the game crashes abd kicks me out. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it hasn't resolved the issue
Really good game! Although, there were times that it made me want to cuss(lol). The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was bc you have to pay to play the bonus chapter. That kind of sucks.
Great game as usual, but the thing is, perhaps it's not suitable for people with poor eyesight such as me. Some puzzles had letters too small to read and unlike the other series, I couldn't reset the puzzle mini games when I thought it's wrong. I think maybe this was developed earlier?
Loving this game. You need to keep going back to get clues instead of moving along the platform so you always need to be on the lookout and remember where things are One of the best I've played
This is an awesome game with lots of puzzles to solve. Great story line, good graphics. Would definitely recommend if you like problem solving games.
After playing all the others I was at a loss for what to play till I found this series so I thought I would give them a try and it is not a mistake great game thanks joe.m
Not a fan. I'm completely stuck and cannot get a hint without buying it! I don't like that you keep having to backwards and forwards into various rooms just for one item. Needs simplifying a little & and provide realistic help & hints,
Excellent game. A story, great graphics, no glitches. The games may get a little repetitive if you play a lot of bn games, but there are always one or two new ones.
I love the mystery and the hidden objects make sense. It has a suspenseful storyline that makes me curious to find out what's next.
So close.. I was on the last chapter when I discovered that I was unable to go any further. Having checked the online walkthrough, there was supposed to be a nest with some chalk in on the pylon. No nest and no chalk so no finishing the game. Very disappointed as it had been really good until then. Uninstalling.