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New York Mysteries 4

New York Mysteries 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
On a 7 dollar game at least let me go back and get all of the hidden objects. Love the bonus game but would have more loved to get all of the hidden objects.
Good game, except it cuts you off midway and you can't finish it unless you pay. Either make it cost something, or make it free. This "now that you're already into the story, you have to pay to finish it" is bogus. That's why only 2 stars.
it took 800MB to be downloaded just for few scenes. After the scientist took the mask it asks you to pay for the next episodes. This is the worst among the worst episodes and it sucks!
Excellent mystery stories and puzzle games! I like that we can set and change the challenge level!! My husband and I love the whole series.
Not letting players know in advance that only part of this game free is nothing but a bait and switch. Boo! Don't bother playing unless you plan to fork over $6.99. Ue
Love these games and the limitless hints but I hate that you can only get so far before you have to pay money.
I love this game and the graphics are amazing, but I'm unable to finish because it won't let me pull the screen down so the projector won't work. I know to use the pointer but it won't work. I paid for hints and still have 40 left, but now can't continue. Unhappy.
New York Mysteries are among the best point and click games - they are long, with lots of varied puzzles and a great map for navigation. Looking forward to more!
Another great chapter to the series. Storyline, graphics, gameplay and controls are well done. There's a fast travel map and a journal. The length is adequate, as is the bonus chspter. No issues.
Ok, but worst one of the series so far. Masks puzzle is too difficult, but that's to be expected, while some are just illogical or just don't make physical sense.
I loved this game, I played all the Lost Lands and all the New York mysteries. Until this one, I was just getting in to the game and then it asked me to pay £5.99 to move on in the game?? What the hell? I've never had to pay in the previous ones, and in this climate I can't afford £5.99 for food nevermind a game. These games kept me sane during lock down and now I'm very disappointed to not finish them all :(
Not free. You get to play a demo and then pay to finish game. I knew this going in. One star because that is not Laura! Why change the character model? New York Mysteries is one of my favorite series and I bought all of them except I will be passing on this one. Story seems fun but I just cannot pass some of the changes the developers made.
Fun game but I didn't realize it would stop a little way in and require payment to continue, so minus 1 star. Just when it was getting good, too!
For those complaining that you have to pay to play the rest of the game, there's a "free to play" version. Unfortunately I had to replay the first half because I made the same mistake of downloading this one first!
Wow! Now i know why they want you to pay for the full game, the clues are unlimited that means you dont have to pay extra for more clues and also theres 5 different choices of difficulties!, and the game is much larger than the past 3. But only thing i dont know if at the end theres a bonus chapter which i doubt?! I maybe guess its worth the money?!
I really enjoy playing all the games from this Co. These games are just my type...so much fun and challenging too at times-well done team 😃
Enjoyable love these puzzles games Nice that you can choose your difficultly Wish they were longer Was great then after doing a bit it stops and you have to purchase to play on. So unless you pay can't finish the game. So I prefer the other 3
Once again great game but buttons for hint etc. Get in the way causing you to get a hint you didn't want or exits you when you're close to completing the puzzle game very irritating. Other than that great game.
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The game is brilliant, just right for these days of enforced isolation. I have played the previous games with pleasure as they are not over in an hour (not the way I play ). However this game ends suddenly and expects £5.99 to continue. I have been disabled for 17 years now and sadly I am not employable which makes this marketing agenda leave a pretty sour taste. I understand the commercial aspects but from free to £6.00 when the world is in the grips of the Civic pandemic seems heartless.
Love these games from this developer. Know this one leads you in and then you have to pay for the whole thing. The bonus was included, which was good, too, and like a prequel. Minus a star for the bait in and pay. Unlimited hints, if you use them.
It is just way too difficult in some of the mini games, which spoils the flow and adventure of the main game and the player forgets where he has been within the adventure after they eventually solve the difficult mini game, all this causes is frustration! As said it spoils the flow and adventure of the game, so no point in making mini games that difficult as it achieves nothing. I do not want too find the solution on line, no point, but after two days, I was at the point of giving up!
ok first i want to be clear,the game itself is awsome i mean i never liked the games where your having to find stuff all the time,but this one i love the story line behind it along with all your games,but with that said,i have to add you should make it clear that its not the whole story that youl have to pay for the whole story,noone likes a scam and for me to go thru the trouble of downloading and taking up space only to delete again its just stupid,,nothing more than a plot to get your money
Way too easy compared to the others.. looks like unfinished version. 1-3 were very good. From this one, number 4 I'm disappointed
Great game to play during quarantine. Best time killing..it kept my brain working. But then I have to pay in between to continue the game...no way when I played all other games for free. That too paying during lockdown for a game was not at all a good idea.
Pay to play?! Be honest at first and state that from the start not when the game has already started.
Good game but seems more delayed in actions unlike the first 3 and some of the puzzles are far fetched, still very entertaining though.
Great game love this company. I unlocked full version yes its pricey but the majority of games from this company are worth every penny this one was no exception. Incredibly detailed story flowed all the bells and whistles.
Why do you re-upload the same games under different names? I've played this before and I always review what I've downloaded. Weird & annoying.
What a shame. Played 1-3 and loved them. I didn't mind paying 2.89 for hints but no. 4 plays like the others sucking you in the story line and then stops. You have to pay nearly £6 to continue. Dirty trick and uninstall.
Really enjoyed the game until I was about 1/4 way through game 4 and suddenly the game quit on me and went straight to UNLOCK for $6.99.
I originally gave this a 5 as I have with others I have played but this barely deserves a 2! Only part way into the story you are stopped and you must pay!
Another winner. Sure about 25% through you get the option to pay to continue, in exchange you continue to get unlimited hints and great gameplay and storyline. Everyone has the OPTION to pay. Its not ALOT to ask considering all the FREE GAMES 'BN' provides. And like the First 3 N.Y. Mysteries games you know you will get good graphics and play. Also, The mini games in NY4 seem to be ALOT more fun than in the previous games. Only wish the N.Y. Series continued by 'Five-BN' Games.
This developer is top of the pile by a long way. Story line good and grown up, graphics superb, puzzles and gameplay logical. I always look forward to a new game from 5BN
Love this one,and so far you don't have to pay,plus they help you with the hints, like to find more games like this one.
Not sure what happened with this one. Stopped half way then requested $10... Didn't get to second chapter which I normally purchase with all this developers games. Avoid this one. Not challenging, short and has no plot development
Great series but this one you have to pay for. Such a shame. Maybe if it was 99p I'd go for it but not nearly a tenner. It's 6 hours of entertainment at most
What a shame all of the other new York mysteries I've played have been free throughout, but this is now charging when it starts to get interesting. I've completed NY mysteries 2 and 3 and found them brilliant games. Shame they got greedy and are now charging when the game gets interesting and to a point that you are really getting in to it. It's seldom I find a game I like and that had this much good content and puzzles that keep you intrigued throughout.
After some time you can't continue without paying for it :/ they should say that from the beginning....
These games are all so much fun. I've played them all. This one amuses me because the point is to stop a virus from being spread. A version of coronavirus. Irony, anyone? Lol This was made 6 months before Covid-19 hit the US. Love all your games guys!
This game is awesome!!! Lots to unlock and figure out! Plus, unlimited energy!!! Best puzzle games ever!
Really hard puzzles this time around. Plus putting so much sleeping pills might have OD the guard dog.
Best series of free game's going . Just challenging enough and with no energy bar you can play all day if you want.plus the best thing about them is you don't have to buy anything
awesome, i was able to find the free game after several times of downloading and deleting, just look for comments players without players saying they need to buy half of this series
I've played every one of this group of games and i think their amazing...fun, interesting, good stories, great gameplay & addictive...thank you for them.
Absolutely love these game. The graphics are so beautiful and the whole visual layouts are so great with all these games by this developer. On the larger tablet phones the clues are easy to see, but with smaller phones I can understand people will have viewing issues. But on the whole these games are great fun to play and interact with. 💖💖
I really love these games so I was taken aback when it let's you get far enough in so that you are into the story line and then it says you have to pay $6.99 to finish the game?? Um no. Sorry. Part of the reason I love new york mysteries is because they're free lol
I have played all of this companies adventure games and they are all winners. Beautiful display, good game play, hard but not killer puzzles. New York Mysteries is a great series and I was glad to see a new one available. My only quibble. I am a professional costume maker and I am not sure what period this is meant to be but our heroines clothes are terrible not 40s or 50s. Quick someone get a costume reference book and pick a period. Just saying......... Thanks for the new game!
I truly liked it. No ads the play length was long and I was able to pick right back up from where I'd lefted off.
Great addition to the series. Really like the newer elements as well. 5BN is in a class by itself in this genre. One of the few devs left worth playing.
Was enjoying the game then nxt thing it skips to the main menu and then asks me to pay £5.99 to continue playing
I have loved these games a lot! But I was a little bit disappointed to find out that this game is not free at all. Would have been nice to know before starting it.
Marketed as a free game, but then has a £5.99 paywall after about 30 minutes of gameplay. Dishonesty at its finest. Disgraceful.
This was a very fun game to play. Puzzles of all levels (easy-hard). No energy bar restricting your playing time. Graphics was excellent as well as the story line. Would definitely recommend if you like puzzle games.
This is an excellent game. There are great graphics, excellent music, and a lot of challenging puzzles.
This one has a different approach to all the others. A bit more challenging, and you need to be a bit more obsevent. Otherwise a good game. Can't wait for 5 and 6 to come out.
Overall pretty good. All works well. Good puzzles and hidden objects. Some impressive, extensive scenes/graphics/animation. Story not very engaging at first but gets progressively better. Voice actors vary in talent. Lot of work went into this.
Played all the lost land parts and new york mysteries untill this part, it's now asking for purchase. Why ? It said free and now asking for purchasing it. So much disappointed, i was enjoying these games, they are keeping me busy during these boring lockdown days. Please make the games free :(
This is not like their other games, they try and force you to pay for this one. You only get to play a tiny intro. There's a reason it didn't say (free to play) I guess, but it's still misleading given how the others in the series are
love this game.. great graphics!! I love the fact you don't need coins s for the hints if you get stuck. Great game !!
I understand the need to earn money but put in on your description. Dont be cheeky. Also respond to your emails and reviews . Not doing it shows a very unprofessional behaviour so how you expect someone to pay for your game? Was about to put more stars on but unfortunately I can't.
I've played the other New York Mysteries and didn't have to pay. This one gets you lured into the game then you have to pay to continue. Deleting game now.
I've played 1-3 and now playing the 4th one. Honestly I really enjoyed the first one and as I continue to play the others they seem to get more and more unenjoyable. I have played several game series before and so this is not my only not my first go at games of this nature.
Have to agree with Amy H, there is a free version to play. It took a few tries of uninstalling/ then reinstalling. Same happened to me at first, but after scientist stole mask ive been able to play full version.
Great game. But this one wants your coins. You play some of the game but must pay to get the rest. 3 stars for great gameplay but not letting you finish.
If you are going to charge to play the game, you should disclose that up front. Instead, you play for free until the game is getting interesting and then it cuts you off unless you pay to continue. Very deceptive.
All 5BN games have the same great quality - good graphics, good puzzles, interesting stories, cinematic cut scenes. This is no exception!
Very good game, but wish maphad names of areas. Would save lots of time hunting for right one to go to
I was enjoying the game but then it suddenly stopped on the second chapter and showed a screen asking to unlock the rest. So I couldn't see much but that point it was good.
Very short game. If you want the longer version you need to pay an enormous amount of money comparing to other games of this kind. Very expensive
The 4th game of the series underwent a great development. There are minor details and features which provide a better gameplay. Also the puzzles seem to be more logical and better arranged. - 1 star only due to the fact that it requires payment exactly when the story starts to unfold, a cheap old trick on the market. Other than that if you are willing to pay the low cost of 7euros,it is a pretty neat game!
Great job. As always love your games. Beautiful graphics. Engaging plot. Puzzles not too difficult but enough for a challenge. Nice bonus chapter and extras. Looking forward to more games from you.
Very disappointing 😕 I love all the Five BN games but I'm so very confused as to why all of the rest of them have been free and then all of a sudden I'm asked to pay $6.99 to finish the game? That makes zero sense and is unfortunate. It seems priced really high too. If it was $5 or less I would but $7? That's outrageous!
The fact that you've got to pay to continue with the game or play a bonus level is rediculous I was enjoying the game up until then would be better if you didn't after pay for just another money making app
The game ends half way. It asks you to pay to continue. It is not like other games of Five-BN. It ends as soon as it gets interesting.
Brilliant games 👏 it's the 4th game in the series I've downloaded and played, thoroughly enjoy the puzzles and the stories. Please continue to make these graphically stunning, challenging and addictive games. Thank you.