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New York Mysteries 3

New York Mysteries 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game. Some of the puzzles seemed odd, like piecing the images together to get the full story. None of the puzzles were too difficult. Seemed a little more directionless than the other games in this series. Still worth playing though!
Thought was brilliant but theres a fault in the game at the beginning of the metal door scene theres no box so cant go any further forward it's where it loads so it should be there
Just started 3. The first 2 had too many hops and mini games. The directions was not very helpful at times and the maps would be better in colour. This game so far seems much better.
I have played all of the games by this company, except New York Mysteries 2, which refused to open on my phone. They are all really well devised and thought through, and pretty glitch free. They have saved my sanity in lockdown!
I love all the Five BN games! They load quickly, movement within the game is speedy, graphics are great - spooky but still easy on the eye - actually very finely detailed. The music is atmospheric. I think all get at least 4.7 stars and they are well deserved - s/b more imo. Please keep on keepin' on, devs!
I love this company, and all there games, I played everything in two weeks, I was so addicted. No ads!! There is not many true puzzle and hidden games left that has graphics, storylines that keep you involved and that don't bomb you with ads or lock your software.
Good times, another Five BN game to play. These games are challenging and fun keeping us entertained and the puzzles are keeping our brains sharp.
Just like others experiencing the same issue, the wires puzzle did not work correctly.. game was cool up til then- would've left a good review if I didn't play nearly the whole game through just to reach the finale area(s) and be unable to proceed further....
To get round the bomb wire glitch, clear the cache for the app. Then when doing the puzzle keep your finger pressed on the connection point and drag to the new connection point. Don't click then lift your finger off as this doesn't work. It took me a number of tries but managed based on previous review comments. Hope this helps as great game otherwise.
This is a pretty fun series. Clues can take a bit but not a ridiculously obtuse challenge. I'm gonna keep going!
Would definitely recommend if you like problem solving games. Good graphics. No energy bar restricting your playing time.
Love these games. Hope there's a new one soon. I've played the first 4 about a billion times and can't seem to find any others I like as much!
I would have given it 5 stars but I'm on chapter 7 and the game where I have to connect the 4 sets to deactivate the dynamite to enter the building keeps freezing up on me, I've tried leaving the game and coming back but it let's me connect the first wire then freezes up, please help since I can't move forward.
Another amazing job always is and I am always impressed with the graphics storyline and puzzles nothing but absolute joy can't wait to play the next one I've already downloaded it.
Truly loving ALL the New York Mysteries series! Great graphics, and they didnt crash on my old phone like other games. Cant say enough good things about the game, really. Plus, it is really free to play. Love it love it love it, great job guys!
Awesome game. Excellent story but controls are near impossible. Once again stuck on a simple task and I am unable to go forward- I am not clicking or dragging or sliding correctly and will not let me capture data.
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The story is interesting, the graphics are superb, and the overall gameplay offers a good challenge. The player often progresses through areas with puzzles that can't be solved until an item is found later in the game (while carrying other items that aren't used until much later). This requires a lot of backtracking, but it only adds to the fun. While the puzzles range from simple to challenging, most were fun to solve. I'm hooked on the New York Mysteries series.
I felt really motivated to finish the game until I couldn't progress anymore. The blocks in the room next to the prisoner's cell in Mayor's bunker can't be rearranged according to the hint. They just wouldn't move no matter what I did. Plus, I didn't like that I had to move from one area to a completely different just for a thing - I would have liked it better if I had to finish one place and then investigate another. Sorry 😐
WARNING!!!!! THIS ONE PART WILL FRUSTRATE YOU. Fine until I got to the wires mini game. I read a review that said the same thing. Don't bother playing because that mini game is near the end. It's just a waste of time. And you need to play in order to finish the game.
I was enjoying the game until a glitch connecting the wires in front of the Empire State Building prevented me from moving on. I've tried restarting multiple times but can only do the first 1 or 2 before it glitches again. The developer has been aware of this glitch for months but still hasn't fixed it. If I can't finish the game, I can't buy the bonus chapter and the developer doesn't make money.
I enjoy most of the games by this company, with a few exceptions. This one was neither, but I couldn't enjoy it. Partially it was the knowledge requirements no average player would have, much less a noir reporter. Mostly though, it was a visual thing. I don't know why, but I just couldn't see many of the clues in this game. I had to go to the walk through over and over again, and I often STILL couldn't find them. It finally got too frustrating and I gave up.
Haven't finished yet but there is a problem with the vent map. It's not correct, i followed it but reached a dead end. I only got through from guess work.
One of the best games I've ever played. I wish I could buy it. The coins are too expensive for me, not everyone can pay and that really shucks. Now I will never be able to finish this game.
The explosive puzzle has the glitch. Very annoying. I got the patern but there is a glitch and you cant continue!!!!!!
Very entertaining! Great graphics and the puzzles are not too difficult. A lot of it is common sense! Most five-bn games are great!!
Absolutely loving the New York Mysteries series! The developers did an outstanding job with graphics, storyline, characters, hint system, along with a variety of mini-games!! I look forward to any new future releases...
Great game. But yes, there is a bug on diffusing the bomb near the end of the game. You have to diffuse with the last numbers, first. Or last equation first. Then 2nd to last equation, next. If you try the 1st equation, that diffuse part will lock. And you'll have to completely exit the APP, and reopen
It is advertised as "free to play". After all, it is worth to pay for the game in advance than to discover in the middle of the game you are robbered for paying more and more for every hint and when finished the main game you see the bonus game...but...if you want it you should pay for it. Never more games from this creator.
If anyone enjoys theses kind of games you should take a look at the lost land games they are really excited and addicted and the puzzles are really good
I can't get pass the statsue of liberty on the mantle it won't open when I have the right clues .... Why ..??? Fix it As for wires in the building ,.... Tap and drag ., That's it
I cannot connect the wires inside the Empire State Building and I am very disappointed because the developer knows about this issue. I don't mind paying for hints but I'm not spending money on a glitch. This isn't the first time this has happened in a Five-BN game and frankly I'm surprised they haven't been called out by the play store.
Very disappointed game gets stuck once you make it to the bomb closer to the end. Many complaints and not fixed ðŸ˜Ą
I had the same problem like nost players at the Empire state building,so i deleted the game and downloaded it again but it doesnt open,i enjoyed the game until i came to the bomb puzzle,its frustrating
You have to be patient and logical in thought.Puzzles are about right for difficulty. An addictive game.
Grt game . Bt still 4 stars coz the bomb puzzle in front of empire state building doesn't work. Hence u have to save and exit the game than clear ur ram memory nd get back to the game.. so 1 star minus for this problem. plz solve this DEVS. Or this game will lose its dignity in front of users... thank u
Its fun, it begins on a decently engaging storyline with likely engaging narrative. Again, like all other sequels in the Game, everything abruptly ends after quite a buildup leading to some dim disappointment. That's the only part where I couldn't figure out enough logic.
Very entertaining game but there are a few glitches where the interactive objects are not responsive when you touch them and the bomb disabling puzzle doesn't work. I even watched a YouTube walk through video to make sure I did everything right and I was but the buttons aren't responsive when touched/clicked.
These are fun games , puzzles are challenging but not too hard ..Worth a download for free and bonus game is priced reasonably so occasionally I'll buy one and support the developer .... keep em comin
Again a game with such pleasure. Really happy that such games are available in this madket that we can spend out time and can really enjoy. Keep the good work. Again with story ,graphics and game play. Only one part of the game make me goosebumps otherwise love it.
Great game so far, but as well as another reviewer I am unable to complete the connect the wire game as clicking on them does not highlight anything.
Great game its challenging and very good animations its not timed no restrictions to completing the hunt which makes me keep wanting to come back to continue complete the search.
Nice game. Compared to the previous version The story line is more accurate and the logic of the gameplay is easier to follow. Pity it's shorter too. However the bonus game still can only be played by spending real money, which again makes the collection of items to play bonus game redundant.
These kind of games are great I enjoy them tremendously and this is no exception, on the rare occasion the items won't interact with one another but after a few tries its fine. I guess its due to the device its played on. All in all, great fun. This type of HOP games are fun. Love them
FYI, I really like five-BN games because I like this type of game and also the graphics are insane. Even tough we need to pay for the bonus chapter, we could play about 70% of the game for free, how generous right? But I found some trouble in THIS game, it keeps force quiting by it self. It's the only reason I give 4 stars. Please fix this...! Thank you
I prefer their other storylines, but ny mysteries is still the quality and length you can trust from this game maker. Highly recommend you try this but also go play their other games, i think they are even better!
Ran into 2 problems that affected the game play. First one, the truck that had the wiring, gas, and key. Had to leave and when I returned it wouldn't let me finish so I uninstalled the game, reinstalled. Was good until toward the end when it wouldn't let me attach the wires to the circuits in the room full of puzzles. Lowered from 3 stars to 1 star.
Nope... Cannot diffuse bomb outside empire state bldg. Walkthroughs all say to just connect wires using hint.. Cant pick them to drag wires.. Sucks after all this time playing. Uninstalled disappointed
The connect the wires puzzle in one of the hidden object games doesn't work. I even looked at a YouTube walkthrough to make sure I did everything right and you add the lightbulb and the wires (after plugging in the machine with the papers on it to get the clue that shows how the wires are connected) and it just says to connect the wires but nothing happens when you click on the knobs, wires or on anything. Super disappointing. I'm on Samsung Galaxy S7 active.
It's a Very good game. Way of playing is same as last two i hv played. Best thing is No Energy Limit. But there should be SKIP option, if i wouldn't want to solve a puzzle. Giving 05 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paid for the bonus level for it to be over so fast and still had coins left it was that short! DON'T PAY FOR THE BONUS LEVEL!! HONESTLY U CAN COMPLATE IT WITH IN AN HOUR AND THAT'S BEING generous
This one is great. Has a lot of back and forth between rooms but it makes it a bit more intrecate and not to hard to figure. Very challenging in spots. Had to quit a few of the other game in this line up since I'm not buying coin. Should have a decent opportunity to get some to get thru some levels
Loving it so far. Have been a fan of all games since lost lands. Beautiful graphics and good stories. Sometimes the plot goes off a bit but not bad
Is really a great game but needs more beta testing. The NYC bomb puzzle gave me issues. 😒 Ended up quitting game and uninstalling.
This game isn't free to play after the hints have gone you have to buy them which if this game was free you would get hints by watching adverts but this game dose not allow that which is why I have it a 1 star as it is telling you it's free to play when it isn't I got upto 11 purcent done but can't go any further without paying it's unfair
First time playing 5bn games. I love playing h.o games and the graphics on this games are awesome. Just started playing so still don't know how well it plays but so far it seems to be running smoothly. To deactivate the bomb at the ESB drag the wires. Don't lift your finger.
Brilliant game. Just got stuck on 1 of the puzzles to make the light bulbs work and won't let me do it fir some reason.
I love these games by this developer, especially when Free to Play ☚! This one went smoothly without any glitches and was quite engrossing.
This is a good game. The powers of observation are key to figuring things out. NGL, I did purchase a few clues, however, looking back, they weren't necessary, I was just impatient 😅. Take your time and enjoy!
Like most supposedly f2p games, it's all about making you buy your progress. The game requires you to solve puzzles by collection objects from various rooms, but there's no way you can do it without using clues. The clues tend to be useless, such as pointing out which puzzle you need to solve next, which you probably already know... And then, if you use another clue, the game shows you the exact same thing again. It's a rip off with decent graphics.
Also stuck at the entrance of empire state cos of the wires. Too bad I was really looking forward to how the story ends.
I really enjoy these games. I have learned to just push on and you will figure them out!! But if you get in a real bind there's always the hint button!!! And it doesn't cost that much. I have one question about the electric guy in the last one I played in New York, there were 5 envelopes and six heads but everyone got something. It is driving me nuts! please tell me what gives???
I liked the game very much..it stimulates the mind. gives you a good feeling when you solve its puzzles..exites and amuses you with the smart and the beatiful ideas..more you play more you like it..l hope the next terms will not get harder to solve..I wish to pass all or most the stages and get a use of it's bright ideas..thank you for offering joy..
Played the full game!! Just brilliant... Great story, graphics, and challenging... I can't believe some people moan about there not being enough hints!!! Just GOOGLE your answer if you're stuck! Fabulous....
Some of the puzzles are far fetched and all over the place. Not always fun to follow. Didn't finish it.
Puzzles i dont mind but making stuff where you cant even see it to get you wasting vague hints so you ll spend money on coins is a pissant base manipulation. Better games of this type out there.
I love so much five bns games really I love so much I have no words to say but please make more levels of lost lands and darkness also other games like this and my favorite is the voice that you give in this game
Great game, sometimes the game didn't register when I touched & had to waste a life. Worked great offline. I even had to search a few clues. Really enjoyed playing.
Great game with a good storyline! There's a little glitch at the end which I've seen that others have also had an issue with the wire puzzle not connecting or responding. I tried for over an HR to get that puzzle to work and about gave up. The next day I was able to get it to work. So if this happens to you, go back in later and see if it works. Other than that, it's a fun game!
Great game. Engaging puzzles, mostly of moderate difficulty. Entertaining plots keep you pressing forward. Highly recommended.
This game is really good! I love that there's just one story but it's in so much detail and the fact that items from a different scene can be used at another scene is also really unique. It's made such that it's an enjoyable challenge to the players. It's just that when the free hints are given out, they're given out randomly. So say the hint is given for scene 1 and I'm at scene 2, so it glitters at scene 1 and that's it. When I click on the scene there's nothing showing the hint.Please fix it.
Highly recommend if you enjoy point and click sequential puzzle games. I will complete all of them eventually and have yet to use a hint ( requires great patience haha ). Basically you collect objects and use them to progress to find more objects required in order to to progress ad infinitum. The puzzle lies in where to use the items and it isn't obvious or easy for the majority. My advice is play them in order, don't spend or use hints and enjoy slowly unravelling the story ðŸĶī🧠🏋‍♂ïļ
Same problem as everyone else, the game has a bug. Unable to connect the wires to the circuit board in the Empire State Building.
Used all but one of the hints to finish the game, and only because tapping the correct item never worked UNTIL a hint was used. 2 puzzles caused issues and had to close the app and reenter multiple times to complete them (diffusing the bomb and connecting the wires). Bomb had to be done from the bottom up, which didn't always work, and wires connected by tapping and dragging to proper connection. Finished in approximately an hour and a half to two hours.
Very fun and completely free. I'm not playing them in order but that doesnt seem too important cause it's fun and explanative just on its own!
Great series ,got as far as 58% done. In there were there is a telescope on the desk is a violin ok i had the cover but would not let me price it together ? Had everything else done. But cant move on.
I don't think you truly understand how awesome your games really are. I've played every kind of game along these lines that you could imagine starting with Mist on a PC and your games by far are the best! Great story line, wonderful characters, love the puzzles, but most of all how they are series not just pointless like most games like this are. I'd give 10 stars. You should also know I don't leave reviews hardly ever. Your games are worth taking time to leave a review tho. Keep it up!
Advertised as free to play, but might as well be a trial version. You are given a measly 10 free hints. Sounds good, but it isn't. Those 10 free hints disappear faster than you realize. Too bad, because then you HAVE TO BUY hints. Also, the hints are vague: no, you have nothing to do here, but we won't tell you where to go & what to do either. At least give us free hints on watching a video, maybe. Sigh.
Very good games. I love that they let me play till the end of game without ads. You have total of 15 hints and I never need to use all of them. As long as i keep track where things are. But this mysteries 3, boom cannot be diffused. Please fix it soon.
I love these games, what's not to, they have everthing, storyline, puzzles, narration, video! Perfect for a cold winter day's entertainment.
The game is amazing, but you have to buy hints to use them. Also, when you get to the bonus mini-game, you have to buy it so that you can use it. I managed to solve every puzzle and end the first part, but now I am disappointed that I have to buy the bonus...
Puzzles are hard enough to keep you intrested, but not obscure to the point of frustration. I do wish that the hints were free.
Another high standard game just as the previous NYC mystery2. The graphics were just as detailed as beautiful as the last game and story interesting. NYC 3 feels a bit simplier than NYC 2 in terms of the complexities of the various of locations. Although the puzzles were just as fun it is slightly dissapointing to see little variations of types of puzzles from NY2. The music was of the same style and would be more exciting to hear a different genre in the next game.
Enjoyed the previous 2 games without problems. However on this third game I got stuck. It won't le me click the fire hose which is so weird. That's like, 2nd from the last step to finish the game so it's very frustrating
I like the games but I don't like having to continuously move back and forth between scenes/rooms. Sometimes there is no logic to it. I also think it would be great if a check could be placed on the map when scenes are completed.
My third series and very brain thinking. Great puzzles. Biggest flaw for me is i do buy coins to help in a few areas to help solve puzzles but the coins dont go with you to next series. Kind of downfall. Id give game 5 stars if you could keep your coins as you go to next game.
I like the game, reminds me of other games like this (house of a 1000 doors, for instance), always a good play on rainy days.
I had to uninstall this app three times! There's something wrong with it! I was enjoying playing it but then it wasn't doing right! I got in car and went from house to lab but could not return to house! The first time I played I just touched car and went to house but then messed! The other two times it wouldn't let me return to house! Something had to be wrong with app! Too bad! I liked it!
Game worked until near the end. Some kind of wiring puzzle wouldn't work even with in game hints. I forced stopped cleared cache retraced my steps to no avail. So I ended up dumping app. I could have purchased a skip for $1.99 but I never do. Bummer
Cant get past the connect wires puzzle in front of the Empire State building. You can't click on anything after placing the clue. Bummer to be so far in the game only to get stuck on a simple puzzle. It was fun up to that point.
very good game...i almost play every game that produced by 5 bn games but the puzzles are too simple and same as in previous games....graphics and story is good...
Good game, but the puzzles are too simple. If you're looking for a game where you have to find lots of pieces to open locks or access doors this game is great. Good graphics and lots of places to discover with easy to navigate areas by using the map. However, I find that the puzzles you have to solve once you've found the pieces are really easy and more there for show than to actually make you think. I have played many other similar games and those puzzles, though similar, are much trickier.
Loved this game right until I didn't!!! That wretched bomb at the ESB wont work. Frustrating. Sort it out cos the game to that point is fab.
Good story, good game play. Lots of puzzles to solve, challenging but not too difficult. Nice graphics. Overall an excellent game of this type.
My partner had used the amazon free version which then insisted she pay for continuing the game half way through? This needs sorting out!
I've enjoyed all the BN games I have played so far, but this game is bugged for me at the bomb outside the empire state building. I cannot connect the wires to diffuse the bomb so I can't move on any further. I manage to put 2 wires together then nothing. I am on Android. Enjoyed this game until then.
I have played most of these games and so far no problems until now. I'm at the bomb at the Empire State Building and it won't let me do anything. I click everywhere and nothing happens....please fix ! Will then change rating
Really like playing until Empire State Building section the wires on the board don't work no matter how many times I try. SO CLOSE TO THE END BUT CAN'T GET FURTHER
Truly enjoyed this game. Loved the upgrade to the map! Great story line, kept me on my toes. One suggestion - as an area is cleared perhaps it could fade or a check could appear on the map. Thank you so much 🌚
This could be fun BUT there are so many places to go you get lost and need to get hints to find your way. Was forced to buy hints (have played A LOT of games like this and NEVER had to buy hints). Once you buy hints nothing works til you use one or two or three. BUYER BEWARE!! Saw others say the same thing. Thinking I got scammed.
Very well done game. Good graphics as usual, more like easy side puzzles and problems. Used only one hint because, after not playing the game two weeks, i forgot the location of unsolved problem, which can be WAY back at the location almost beginning of the game. You need rather good memory to play those games.
Wish it had several types of mini games other than puzzles... Something like temple run or arcade games, just like what they did in the lost lands series.. Anyway still 5 stars for me coz it's still a great game.
Very nice game. But I try buy some clues teen my internet connection was lost.. payment went through but no clues. Very disappointed
Great game. Defintely a must have. Ive used all my free hints and i refuse to buy any so im forced to use my brain. Isnt that the idea? Other than my cry baby complaint about free hints im giving it a five star because its an awesome game!
I was really enjoying the game and would have given it more stars but then I had to deal with the bomb puzzle in front of the door of the Empire State building. I kept tapping the hell out of it. It would not work no matter how many ways I tried it. That was so frustrating I had to uninstall it. ðŸĪŽ
Very Good game not hard not easy good graphics , I have no problem in it expect the last tower bomb when I connect the wire it's like hang I connect 2 numbers and not the game works good but the other wires not work
Great game but yet again a different variety of hidden Object scenes could definitely help improve the game more. And that stupid map through the pipes was pointless I had to use trial and error to get through.
Great game. I enjoyed every minute of it. Just one thing, the hints are not very helpful. I wished the hint to show you not the location but the exact spot in the room.
The game was good. Nice puzzles. No "energy" system. Only problem was the "I need a long thing" "I had a long thing a few minutes ago." "I don't have it anymore.".
Great game!! FYI: There is nothing wrong with the electric bulb (wires) puzzle. You just have to figure out how to make it work.😉
Great game. Nice graphics and storey. But like most reviews, I'm having trouble with bomb wire puzzle. Why are the developers not responding to these reviews? Not interested perhaps? Would have given it 5stars but since you can't complete the game.... ðŸĪ” Disappointing....
I loved it. Within 4 days I played High Voltage, The Outbreak and The secret of the Mafia, and I loved them all. Now, I'm playing The Lantren of Souls, and it's not less than the others of being challenging and engaging storyline, besides, no ads, which is great. I suggest you can embed ads inside the game on the billboards or streets. Thanks for the efforts you've put in this game, as the images are wow. Sure, I'll search for all your productions.
It was fun up until the game glitched. The symbols won't show up in the book after i put the yellow crystals in the chandelier and raise it up. Uninstalling 👎
To proceed with connecting the wires in the game in the room off to the right of the main lobby of the empire state building toward the end of the game, all you have to do save and exit and then clear cache/optimize phone in settings. When you return, it will work fine. Love all these games! Great fun for free! Thank you!
I love this game. It is hard though, but I've persevered with it. I play the game on my phone but for the best experience I reckon it would be better on a laptop or PC as I miss some of the clues. All in all as someone who does not have much experience with these type of games I have to say that I would recommend l.
The game got stuck at the scene with the bomb so I can't play it no matter what I try (and I can see from the comments that I 'm not the only one having this problem). It's really bad that you are almost at the end and have no satisfaction to finish it. I don't recommend anyone to download it untill the bug fix. It's just a waste of time...
Wonderfull game if you like to seach for stuff, like to figure out puzzles and like to go to diffrent places, then you would love this game, and its so interesting, and it keeps you busy for hours, you don't want to do anything else. I'll would give it a 10/10 if i could
So far really enjoying this game. Keeping me on my toes and thinking. There is a glitch when trying to connect the wires near the lobby of empire state building. Have saved and exited, several times but still can't complete it, so I can't finish the game. Reduced to 2 stars. Please fix this Bug!
love these kind of games. relaxing, challenging, great graphics, very long game. what do you want for free? your money back?
Finally finished a game finding all of the collection items. No issue defusing the bomb but did have an issue trying to pick up the grinder to cut the pipe - although eventually got it to work. Good game, puzzles keep you thinking with a good variety.
The 3269 wire puzzle at the bottom of the Empire State Building does not work properly on Android. Could not finish the game.
Brilliant game , most of it follows and doesn't have silly bits where you combine stupid things. Really kept me entertained but not that puzzled that I couldn't get through it 😁
I really enjoy all of the Five BN games, NYM included. However, this one had a bug for me (android device) on the bomb puzzle outside the empire state building. The puzzle kept locking and wouldn't do anything as I was trying to complete. Even if I exited the puzzle and went back in. Had to restart my game several times before I finally got it to work.
Well I enjoyed the game and I figured mostly everything out until I got to the end of the game. Then I paid $7.50 when I got to the end because I wasn't sure it was the complete End of the game. I'm going to download Network mysteries part 4 now.
I bought this game over 10 years ago. Now it's rigged, if you don't use hints it blocks you from using objects. As soon as you use a hint suddenly objects work. The objects are scatterd to far from objective, puzzles are easy.
Such a fun game. I love all of these games but I must say New York Mysteries is my favorite. Walkthroughs are useful instead I'd buying coins.
I'm about halfway through and I'm really enjoying it. Challenging but doable, beautiful graphics, spooky bits in between. More varied and and interesting than many HOG adventures. And amazingly, it really is free, no buying after you've played a trial chapter. You can buy hints if you want to but don't have too. Thank you, developers.
Engaging game. But I'm stuck with the bomb in front of the Empire State building. Please fix bug. Thanks.
All the puzzles and adventure, none of the fighting; nice story and animated cutscenes make it feel like a console game; can be played all for free. A more entertaining way to get your required brain exercise. For me, the best of the genre.
Great games, this one is up to the usual standard, I'm not the quickest puzzle solver but I tend to get there with a little patience!
AVOID its not free when you charge a fortune for hints....glitchy throughout and the bomb deactivation puzzle doesn't work!!!!!!! keep pressing but nothing happens AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID
Love the game but due to the glitch with the wires in the empire state building I cannot finish it. Let me know when this glitch is fixed because I would like to see the end of the game. And I have cleared cache and optimized my phone like one other wrote it did nothing for my phone
Love all games like this made BN Games. I have played many and loving it. I must admit i need walkthrough to help guiding as there are too many stuffs to remember. Animation and voice is awesome. Thank you. 😊
I have played all your games and absolutely love them. For those complaining about it not being the full game, remember this is a free game. you get the option for the bonus chapter at the end for purchase. For a free game it is phenomenal!!! I have yet to come across any glitches. And it's add free! Thanks for all your hard work in creating these games.
Very entertaining, all of their games. The glitchy bomb puzzle is quite infuriating, but overall I was hooked. There is one thing though, which is hard in games like this and I get that, but also I hope there is a huge plot twist at the end - how do I keep finding objects in different locations from where they're used, if there is no connection between the heroes, who put those things there? I guess it needs to be revealed that the HQ guy is in cahoots with the villains, he is so sketchy... :D
How rare is it, that you get a game like this for free. Graphics are great and story line is super interesting. The games are long for this kind of game. I love playing them and serious appreciate, the fact that they are free, considering the hard work and dedication, thats obviously gone in to making them.
Was doing well until the end. Couldn't finish HOP game with circuits. Wires wouldn't move! Decided to go to other scenes. Came back to have another go. No luck. It seemed as if I had "completed" that HOP! As i needed that part to continue I uninstalled. A bit miffed to say the least. Still.....I'll try a different one.
Love all their games. I had a problem with this one getting stuck once but I logged out completely, restarted the game, and that solved the problem. Since main game is free to play, I make sure to buy the bonus chapter to help support the developers.
Can't finish game! Looks like this is a common problem! The last HOG game, doesn't allow me to connect the wires. I don't expect much from free games, but when you have a consistent problem that affects every game user, you should maybe think about fixing it! Don't download if you want to play all the way thru!
I love the games from this company. My preference is for more mini puzzles and more challenging ones. Thank you!
This is my 2nd NY Mysteries game. The first one was good and I completed without any hints. Same goes for this which I don't need hints until I reach the Emp State Bldg puzzle room which the game just won't allow me to connect the wires even after I placed the bulb. I tried so many times without success. It is a bumber to me, after completing to this near end but I cannot finish the game cos of glitches. :(
The use for the powder and cork were odd. I like that the keys had a characteristic that correlated with where they would be used. Towards the end of the game I tried to go through each room to find the collection items and still didn't complete most of them. Nice variety of mini games. Edit: looks like many ppl had difficulty with connecting the wires in the Empire State building. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working at first then by accident i realized u have to touch and drag to connec
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Love your games! For the most part they are almost all 5 star worthy! Sucks to pay for the bonus game but for 1.99 AFTER playing for free is well worth it. I hope you keep puming these out!
Although i have not completed the game wt this point, i absolutely love and enjoy all the five-bn games i have played. Great graphics and great story line. Thank you for these great games!
I love this game, but I have a problem with going trough in the laboratory where I need to organise lights in the way no colour is appeared more then 1 in a row or column. ðŸĪĢ I it is not manageable. You can't do this.
Love these games but this one has multiple glitches. The most frustrating being the bomb at empire states building. The wires do not connect, no matter what you do (and yes I'm doing it right ). So can't proceed from this point . Waste of 3 days
I really like the series, except that it's frustrating that near the end session, the bomb puzzle is not responding, no wires appeared hence can't connect anything at all. Have to abandon game. Please fix this.
I like the game so much.It's very interesting.But the biggest worst thing in this is,that I get stuck in it again and again and not even a hint is available, then there is only one option left that I have Uninstall this game.
Same as rest brilliant game but buttons do tend to get pressed by accident causing you to get a hint you didn't want or exits you when you have nearly completed the puzzle games irritating other than that great game.