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New York Mysteries 2

New York Mysteries 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Enjoyed this second New York mysteries but again the bonus was even shorter than the first one.cost of game play has got better and now I can afford to play.keep up the good work.
Captivating story line and beautiful graphics. Good amount of adds. Few people mention this: the sound effects are high quality and tastefully chosen. I have played many of the same type of games from Big Fish on my Android SM-T720 without any technical proplems whatsoever. Nice game series.
Love all the New York mysteries games, graphics are awesome , the mini games are challenging . Can't wait for the next one !
It's a really good game I love where I can go Room to room it's just that it's hard to remember we're all the rooms are and the tasks within the room so I spent a lot of time looking for the rooms but I'm going to play it to the end thank you PS Storyline is great!!!
I've played two of these games and I will play the others. Great stories, fantastic graphics, and no ads! Puzzles range in difficulty and are usually pretty clever.
It's most enjoyable game I have played, the game graphics are excellent it helps to keep on track on what you are competing
I appreciate these mystery adventure games and love it when they're free because that means i can play it too recently Domini or DG has made a few of their games free to play like these i bought this game once on my old computer and i have already played or finished all of the games that are free now i hope to see more games like these offered on play pass before i decide to stop my subscription due to or because i can't find nothing new i really like to play other than these thats been on here
This game is absolutely fantastic. I played Murder in Alps. It was good but annoying as it pushes you to buy the game. But this game is totally free and plot is amazing.
Love it! Keeps me guessing. Have to pay close attention when looking for and using clues. Worthwhile to purchase $4.99 towards hints. If one is clever enough, not necessary to purchase hints, thus game is 100% free. Great storyline! Totally bingeable!
Love all of the Five-BN free to play games that I have tried so far. This one has been also wonderful right up until I get to the Tesla lab at the end. I am not able to place the diagram so that I can complete the Hawk game and move on to the end. I am a bit disappointed tha I made it this far and cannot complete it. Otherwise, this is a wonderful game!
I was unable to tape the eagle template and receive the mould form for the last part of the game. I had already started on the assembly but could not finish without the mould.
ENOUGH! Theres ONLY so many times any person in their right mind - play the SAME game (dressing w different story doesnt mean the GAME isnt the the same) and this is the 6th different 'version' of the Five Bn games i played, and only cause the ratin was high. NO DIFFERENT!! and maybe its in america but ive never done math with the colon : , so it was the hardest math i had to do! Thats not fun. do not download unless you want the EXACT SAME OLE GAME PLAY ! Subjuct matter NOT 4 TEENS!
Good graphics. Good storyline. Would definitely recommend this game if you like problem solving games. No adds during the game. No energy bar restricting your playing time.
The game is super fun but I am frustrated to the max cause unless I am not doing something correctly with the template near the end.... it physically wont alow me to use it with what it supposed to be used for... I watched a number of walkthroughs and they all can use it but mine wont and I cant do the puzzle. Not sure if I am missing something or it's a glitch
Very fun and can be challenging. Only thing i dont like is that some of the puzzles require you to find the clue first before you can solve them. Otherwise, everything you try will always be wrong
I really like these games, so much more to work out than the other free games of of the like. Can be frustrating at times, but this just adds to the experience.
Excelent game The puzzles are just the right level of difficulty could get through without hints but I bought some to contribute to the games creators as I would have happily paid for the game
Love your games. Only problem I have, is not being able to enlarge puzzles, and the map portion. It's very hard to see. Please can you help me with this issue, thanks.
What I prefer about this series is its simplistic style puzzle solving which are often intricate and engaging enough. The maps are quite expansive, too; one may end up putting two parts together from the far ends of a storyline and yet, feel a bit of amazement at such an oddity. However, this series could have had a better plot, which makes me more inclined to play. I felt that the creators could have especially improved upon its abrupt ending, unlike the previous other parts.
Very intriguing game & keeps you playing. Wish they had more free games. Finished them all. Will do over later without interactions.
This is a point-and-click adventure. There are occasional find an object puzzles but those are nicely done. The story is mediocre but the gameplay is fun. You are absolutely not forced to pay, and ads are very minimal which is a rarity these days.
Really good game and it's free no ads . Great. Would give it five stars but found it hard to keep going backwards and forwards remembering what needed to be done in different locations, but free hints help . Will make notes next time
Great game, like all of the other Five BN games. I have only one observation though, on the phone some clues are really small and can't be seen good enough in the no zoom pictures
The game freezes at times, and I wish you could zoom in farther, but those are the only negative things I could say. Love the puzzles and the story line.
Great game still on the first prt of the game.. great puzzles not too difficult. I have only used like six of my hint. Ill give 5 stars when i complete the game!
These are the kind of games i enjoy the most even with the math problems that i can not seem to understand but the story lines are very good and hope you can make more
It is truly FREE, unlike some games that lure you with the word 'free' then want money to continue (which I consider a type of fraud). This game is entertaining and challenging in parts with a story. Thank you.
This is the best game that I have played from the Play Store. I had to use a walk though on YouTube when I was stuck. But I didn't spend anything on this game. I'm going to download the other games. It's a very fun game. I'm glad that I found it
Great game but as you go along you will encounter a puzzle that has a clue that has no defined answer. So..... if you want to keep going its pretty hard. I have gone from 3 stars to 5 because of the developers response to issues are great. Games from this developer are very entertaining and lots of fun. They are not too short aswell. GREAT GAMES GUYS
Pretty... pretty.... good. This doesn't have the OLD "hidden object" and is very good for the money paid for sure.
Very good game. Nice puzzles. No "energy" system. Only downside was that you constantly needed to go back and forth.
Pretty fun so far. Some items are hard to see on my phone and a couple of the clues are kinda vague but not too hard to get past that.
Love this Game, fun to play and challenging enough to keep you interested. I couldn't stop playing. If you like puzzles and mysteries, you will love this game and I cant wait to try another one
Great graphics, smooth gameplay, really realistic. I wonder if they'll ever make a fixer upper game or cleaning game. Would really love to play
I love all of these games. Very addictive. Really good graphics and no annoying ads. A great challenge.
I was really enjoying the game up until I got to the car by the prison, done all the tasks but the key that is supposed to be on the seat (I googled it) just wasn't there so couldn't get past that part of the game. Can you fix this bug please?
Was enjoying the game but have come to a standstill the game won't let me put the correct time on the clock when its in the dairy ! and won't give me any hints when I have coins going to have to uninstall as can't go on shame I really enjoying it
Great little game. Fun, entertaining actually makes you think a bit sometimes ;) It it possible to complete the game without spending money, which is rare with mobile games nowadays. I rarely write reviews, but the developers did a great job with this game so if you like solving puzzles, I strongly suggest giving it a try. Thank you devs!
Brilliant game! Played the NYM#1 a few days ago and downloaded this one immediately. Great puzzles. Very weird storyline but fabulous none the same!
I've played all the games of this series along with others and they all are amazing. Easy yet challenging. Totally loved it especially lost land series. Great work!
Games was fine, the usual. However, the "map" scenes were miniscule and intentionally designed to all look the same so as to force clue use ($) to navigate. And the "Bonus" chapter isn't a Bonus at all, you have to buy it.
The graphics are amazing. The storyline is good. It has some mystic elements that I don't care for much but overall a great game. I like that it is free and I dont have to watch ads for energy refill. If you wanna use hints you do have to though which is understandable.
Love all your games. The graphics, the locations. And best of all; It's FREE to play the basic games. Haven't experienced any glitches or freezeups. Keep 'em coming.
I love point and click games, I'm playing the android version and for a free game it's very entertaining. Puzzles range from a bit easy to very difficult. There is a hint button but this may cost money so I'm avoiding it. The graphics and cut screens are of the highest quality, can't wait to play others in the series.
great story, great game play, hints are way too expensive, coins impossible to obtain and too expensive to buy with real money. I WON'T spend real money. unfortunately I will be uninstalling do to this.
Don't get me wrong.I am a fan of FiveBN games.i've played over 10 games from FiveBN. All five stars except this one. Why? 1. Execution scenes and room are too violent for teens. 2.The action spots(where you tap and something happens) are crazy. In the first page scene of the prison.There are three action spots next to each other in a very tight region,the briefcase, the fuel cap and the truck door. In the previous scene, the punch card scene, the boot and the punch card have huge action spots.
Excellent game very engrossing. Good plot and puzzles galore but in my opinion not as good as the lost lands games. Free to play as well so you really can't go wrong.
The games are good, but frustrating at the same time. I know its a brain game, but some of the answers are a bit too ridiculous and hard to find or work out. Some even with hints.
Absolutely love these game. The graphics are so beautiful and the whole visual layouts are so great with all these games by this developer. On the larger tablet phones the clues are easy to see, but with smaller phones I can understand people will have viewing issues. But on the whole these games are great fun to play and interact with. πŸ’–πŸ’–
Enjoy playing the game. I am at 45% complete. Struggeling with the 1 puzzle where you have to get the ball in the hole. Wrote down the steps but can't past the puzzle. Can someone maybe help with the steps.
In a market full of rushed games and add infested cash grabs this game stands out as a true free game. Full experience, no pay walls, no adds, excellent gameplay. Nothing original but delivers on what it promises
Great game.... Totally addicted.. I do find it hard remembering where the rooms are and what parts go where as there are so many rooms... Map helps but my memory sometimes fails me so sometimes have to use the hints but that's what they're there for... Love this game and would definitely recommend as it makes you think "outside the box".... Keep these games coming, they're amazing
Planning & execution of clues & hints are often very bad. Feels like they were devised by a committee who did not communicate with each other, e.g. 2 pairs of rubber gloves that overlap in story, maths equations that are not written correctly , several more . The animation ,art ,script ,voice talent are excellent.
The first screen had an item that was "rusty and needs oil" to open. The puzzles were repeats of most other games of the genre. Repetitive and not worth playing if you've done similar games. It shouldn't be that hard to think of some other situations to solve.
Really enjoying this game even though some of the puzzles seem impossible to do without help. Wouldrecommend
I enjoy this game immensely. The mini games can be hard. Very good game. I cannot afford the hints so when I run out I restart the game, can we not have more free hints please.
Good so far. Suspenseful. Nice retro feel. Intriguing, once you get the hang of the game designer's way of thinking.
This was really a great game! Loved the story and puzzles! I didn't like how you had to pay more money to play the bonus game though as it was very short.
I seemed to be stuck. Set up pump control diagram The switch panel. I only have a knife and a medallion. Some body help me! Try the switches nothing...
I give 4 stars because I am stuck at the end of the game. Diagram map can be put in then eagle stone, i dont know why. So I am stuck and can't play game till the end :(
I love this I love that there is an narrator that speaks I also love the game because it has a very good story but I would have gave four stars the puzzles are a little hardit should have an option whether or not to put easy or hard other than that I paid my money for the corns which was well worth it and I skipped the puzzle I do think 10 tokens is a little much but I paid it
I love the games I haven't played this one but I'm sure it will be fun and pretty hard just like the other lost lands I don't get why people are saying it's hard like it's a puzzle game for a reason but I'll come back when I finish the game for a more clearer review
I am frustrated because I put in the right code or touch the right item and it doesn't open until I hit clue then it works. Too bad was fun while it lasted
I really enjoy playing these games. Puzzles are fun, the graphics are cool and being able to find other clues is fun too.
Fairly good puzzle adventure. One puzzle has to be done in a certain order and if you mess up you cannot redo. Otherwise good game.
As all, really good, but controls can conflict with one another and not work too good occasionally! I am playing off my mobile phone mind with these game apps!
Fun game. This was the first game of the New York Mysteries I'd tried. The puzzles are pretty challenging, and if you're careful about using hints you can make it through without having to buy anything. I will download another one from this series now.
The game play is fun in the fact that you have to use your mind to figure out the clues. What sucks about the game is the touch sensitivity, and by this I mean you can touch an object or item or area like ten or more times and nothing happens. Then after you get frustrated enough and decide to use a clue, the clue lights up the area or item you were just tapping on.
I'm horrified to go into play my game to find out all the progress I made has disappeared, I was almost at the end. Not only that but you will know how much money I have spent on buying hints. I have checked all my achievements and they are there, but when I started the game it took me back to the very beginning. PLEASE can you look into this for me. I have praised all your games as I really think they are great but I'm not a happy girl right now. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.
I am so disappointed in this game. There's some sort of glitch in the bedroom where you have to place the 7 books. I've placed them all but it's not recognised one of them therefore I can't continue with the game. I've played many of these games and have never had an issue before. I've even gone on to the cheats, something I've very rarely done before, to see if I've missed something glaringly obvious but my screen matches that of the cleared 7 books except the missing one. It's clearly a bug.
I do enjoy the playing and the story line but wish that the map would show where there are active rooms for me to find things so I don't have to keep searching everywhere. I can't always remember where a particular room is to use an object I have found.
Even better than the first game! NYM2 lets you combine items to make something usable. Great spooky mystery, great puzzles. Going to play NYM3 now and looking forward to it!
Love this game puzzles are both fun and some very challenging. Be patient though it takes some getting used to. Some rooms you may have to go out and go back in as certain items can be tricky to click on. Use the hints if you're stumped but the game play and video scenes are well put together.
During the game I paid for full version. Completed it (very simple, and basically, except plot, the game looks as a copy of other their games, there is no real creativity in terms of puzzles) , then extra level was unlocked, but I decided to get back to the main level to check my achievements - but it started from the beginning, and now to get to the bonus level they want extra $2. But the 3 stars for the boring game, story is different, everything else just a copy/paste of previous releases.
Took me about 5 days to clear the main game without using any hints nor walkthrough. It is doable without cheats/hints. After obtaining all the free coins, I paid less than 2 bucks for the additional coins to redeem the bonus game. Gladly pay for the bonus game as it was well put up (no ads, nor forcing players to pay). The bonus game took me another 1.5days to complete without using hints. The ending was a little anticlimax, not what I thought would be.
Sometimes struggle with this sort of game, but 10/10 just enough to make you think but not struggle graphics superb and game play .
Excellent graphics! The play is complicated but not beyond reason. This is a great entertainment and fun for a group or single.
Cant finish the game. The last diagram with the bird isn't registering as the correct piece to solve that puzzle. Got all the way to the end for nothing.
Great game so far, captivating and brain teasingly enjoyable, great way to decompress and zone out if everyday stresses for an hour or two, I thoroughly enjoy it and highly recommend it to anyone that likes mysteries and puzzles. Great Job!!
Really good game. The map does not tell you where you still have things to do like the orignial game but still, very good otherwise.
Very nice graphics! Also interesting story line. The "logic" is sometimes a bit of a stretch but with perseverance you can figure things out.
I love it just start playing but,I found it there isn't enough hints to play along . We need to go around to the various sites and you easily forget where you need to go !!!! Hope you consider to increase the hints . I know tha we have 10 free hints but it's no enough only the puzels take 10 and with no hints some can be solve . Thank you ☺️.
No doubt it is a high voltage game! Story,screenplay,puzzles,hints all are excellent. Kudos to the brains beyond.
This is the first one of this game series I've played and I really enjoying it. I've downloaded 2 more already and can't wait to try them. Just wish they were longer and I was a bit disappointed by this ending. Apart from that, awesome fun 😁❀
Call me old school but I'm disappointed in Five BN - I really like their games but not their greed. It used to be pay once and play but since Covid hit it's 10 cents per hint - well I've played as much as my $5 (what this game used to cost) got me thru but will uninstall now and will look for other games from other developers that are more enjoyable and more affordable -
I've got a problem with the cupboard on the wall in the tunnel with stairs. The arrows when the last one is pressed will not work. Because of this I can't finish.
I like these games, it would be fun to find all the collections to play further but haven't yet, which I knew how. Second time around is so much better now that I've played several of these games and know what to look for.
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The story is interesting, the graphics are superb, and the overall gameplay offers a good challenge. The player often progresses through areas with puzzles that can't be solved until an item is found later in the game (while carrying other items that aren't used until much later). This requires a lot of backtracking, but it only adds to the fun. While the puzzles range from simple to challenging, most were fun to solve. I'm hooked on the New York Mysteries series.
5hia one hell of game I'm impresed specially when network is good I loved playing and solving I've been playing this since part1 am now 5 ,, and now I have to request developer to update more part thanks ,, whish I could rate more stars . I Suggest to those who feeling bored you can download this game and spent some time it'll help you
I really really like this type of game they just kind of keep your mind straight I like having to look for things. It's fun I really like it.
I found this abit harder than the first version - some items were harder to spot or were just more obscure as compared to the first storyline and the map was more complicated to use but otherwise still a great variety of fun puzzles with a good difficulty intensity.
Enjoyed. All main game free. There were a few tricky parts I had to seek assistance for. Overall, good fun.
Abit like professor layton with the puzzles not as long which I enjoy the plot is a bit boring for me. Wish it was longer some puzzle are more difficult. Wish there was a help on some things as the hint option isn't very good. Have enjoyed the game. Wish there were more puzzle games
I am quite enjoying this game so far. Some puzzles are hard and some pieces you need are not so easy to see straight off but definitely worth sticking at it. I think the frustrating thing is knowing what you need but can't find the blooming thing but it's all part of the fun. The front door puzzle with the trees, mountains, clouds and houses had me well stumped but I'm not going to lie I found the answer by Googling it!
Loved this game. Easy to follow and puzzles are nice.. good fun for hours. The only difficulty i had was some times items from one location would be used in a different location. Remembering that is difficult. One improvement suggestion would be to give notification when you have to return to a previous location to interact with the bishop.
I have played several games by this developer and this one by far is the less complicated. I never had to use the hint button once and the puzzles were not that difficult to figure out.
Great game play, a good combination of mini HOGS, where you have to find and use everything in one location, and finding things in locations a long way from where they are needed.
This is a great game, I really enjoyed playing it! The only thing that let it down is the fish puzzle, its impossible..
Wonderful storyline, interesting gameplay with a good taste of the paranormal. Also, the mystery of the characters and the case just balance everything nicely. Great voice acting too! We'll done!!
Not good at all, you have to spend money to get coins for hints, I am stock since 3 days, if I don't buy I can't get farther. Too boring
Love these games! Finished Nordic's Murder in the Alps and wanted more ... These games are very similar and they have the dialogue too. Also, the games do not require "energy" to progress thru. Some times I will get stuck, not knowing where or how to proceed, but other that ... Fun way to think and kill time!!
Loving the game...except got to a point where I'm 61% done, and have the template needed to complete the eagle puzzle, and the game won't let me use it. Have gone over a video walkthrough and have every item that the video maker has. It just won't let me continue. What a shame. Was very much enjoying it.
I love these games, they have little puzzles arnt super intense or time consuming. They can be addictive.
Great game! Only problem is it's really difficult to see on a smart phone. I'm sure on a tablet or of it would be great. Very nice graphics.
Fun, but it drained my battery too fast. I was almost done when I saw that I was down to 19%. From 80% within a couple of hours.
The game is great but charging coins for hints is terrible. Either allow us to purchase the game or stop saying it's free to play. "False advertisement"!
What a nonsense game is it. Developers, you have to fix bugs. Especially the last scene in the main game where I can't use the template and it shows-" This item can't be placed here". I tried repeatedly, still I couldn't able to do it. You should remove the game from play store because it's not entitled to do so in the presence of too many bugs. For this, I am unable to finish the main game.
This series of games is great, just difficult enough to be frustrating at times but not too hard so that it puts you off. Many thanks to the guys who put this together.
Really enjoying the game. Puzzles are just hard enough to be a challenge. The way through is not always obvious. You don't need to spend any money which is a real bonus.
I have been wowed by this game. Excellent graphics, story, range of puzzles complexities, and sounds. Impressive!
I never rated any game before, but seeing all the comments about some glitches just makes me angry. If you want to use the template for the Eagle puzzle, you need to put it on the tower and use chalk on it. You can find it in the nest by the ladder. And about the arrow game in the brown box - just fix one of the lamp (on left) in the main hall, where Bishop is. Then you can solve the puzzle. Everything is connected so if you're stuck you must have missed something.
Entertaining. Variety of puzzles, clues, object finds. Like the quick map navigation to get back several scenes prior. Crisp graphics.
Brilliant game, interesting , I can play for hours, enjoying the finding of items, solving puzzles. Outstanding game.
I like this game for the puzzles, the graphics, and the story so far! I wish I could play more, but no matter where I look, I can't find clues that I need for hidden object... there's a coin and a medallion I can't do anything with anywhere, and the hints actually get all used up and sometimes are vague. Now I have no hints, and I'm stuck with nothing else to pick up. I hate having to end my game prematurely, but I had to this time.
Only been playing for a little bit and so far, I'm loving it. I'm a big fan of puzzle games because I like to keep my brain active. This seems to be the perfect mix between puzzle and adventure. I'll definitely be getting the other ones once I've completed this one.
Absolutely Love It!!!! It's one of games you just can't put down,and the beauty of it is, you don't have to. If you take your time and use your critical thinking, it doesn't cost a think. Best Game Ever
Love all the BM games , this is the second time I've played this one. Still enjoy the games. Have used the walk thru if I get stuck. Hope you make more stories. Keeps my 60 plus mind active
Going well until I needed to switch on the pump to clear the flooded tunnel. Tried numerous times, checked a video and a picture walkthrough but no joy.
Best game so far! No ads! It will definitely trigger your brain to work as it offers a lot of puzzles to work on. One thing I liked here is that the whole game is a puzzle and that it really sticks to the storyline. You even have to go back from previous scenarios to complete the puzzles there. I also like the mini videos, it is really interactive. Looking forward for more games from the developer πŸ€—
Great game. I played 2 others of this serries. The first one had a glitch that kept shuting down the game during a puzzle. Hopefully this will work as well as the last one I played. Sometimes i really get stuck though!
Nice puzzles. Easy to complete them by following the well connected storyline. Most importantly there are no bugs nor greed from the developers, which makes up for the not so intriguing story. Even though it's not a very smart story for a crime game, it's still fun to play. The other setback is about the bonus game. Upon completing the main game you still can't play it unless you pay real money. There's no other way. So why bother? Really devs, put a little more thought into it!
It was great until the end. I couldn't get the eagle map up to see which buttons to press. I uninstalled. Very disappointed.
Fun game with different type of puzzles to solve. A bit complex, since one need to remember all areas and what was left to solve after leaving first time. You might return late in game, and not always easy to remember, especially when you are not playing the whole game in one day. At least I don't.
Well... The first part was great... And this one too is great... But there are no coin options in this second one for hint... Game is no doubt amazing... But am stuck at 15% only... Please please please do something regarding, the hint option...
Still playing, but really enjoying the game! Great story, fun puzzles, beautiful graphics! Best of this series so far! Thanks for the free play!
Love the game, dont have to wait 30 minutes for 1 energy. Also everything isnt in plan view. Love this game
Love all of these but you need to put a little more explanation on the puzzles. There are times when you can't even figure out how to move an object in a puzzle. Maybe a β„Ή when in puzzle mode that would pop up a more thorough explanation? Then you'll receive 5 stars from me for every one of your games!
Long play game. Do have to purchase extra coins to complete the game. Game is very challenging, even in casual mode. Would like to see the map show needed article. This would help the game flow more smoothly.
Great game play and graphic design. Really appreciate the story line and puzzle challenge. Already looking for a new one to work through.
Awesome game. Interesting and intruiging. Amongst the best games I've played in a long time. Will definitely recommend to people who enjoy mystery games. Amazing graphics and clarity of design. Nice game play experience and the best part, no ads! The only missing star is due to the fact that after some time, it becomes relatively easy and predictable. But still very much an enjoyable game play.
Another great app. I really like the New York mysteries from 5BN. No adds and great settings. The level of difficult and story line is just right. Needed resot to hints every now and then. Definetly recommend this game if you like mysteries, in urban settings. The little video are cute and add to the atmosphere. And Laura rocks.
I have given four stars for this game, I would have given five, but I do not like the ending, a bit abrupt and disappointing, plus if you want to, and we all would like to play the bonus game you have to pay, sad, I know the game is free, but it would be good if your told that at the beginning.
Very well put together. Graphics are great and story lines very intriguing. Almost like murder in the alps on an investigative level. Very nice.
At last! Stimulating, and brilliantly put together. Greatly appreciated. The time flies by. Thanks for your intelligence,keeps my little grey cells working.Recall where you've seen objects , in what place , link them - then once assembled in some cases;- go on to solve puzzles and clues within both. Jumping back and forth, great for the memory.
I like these games, it would be fun to find all the collections to play further but haven't yet, which I knew how.
It stinks you have to pay for the 'bonus level' at the end. Super challenging, I really enjoyed the game
i was plating a puzzle when suddenly the paper clip i needed go finish it disappeared, this is a big issue, and if i didn't have to replay the entire game just to fix that I'd probably give it more than 3 stars.
Really good game and super enjoyed playing. Even happy to have paid for extra coins. But a variety of hidden Object scenes could definitely help improve the game more.
Love it. Amazing movie like graphics slipped into the excellent story. Cant wait to play the others. No intrusive adds.
This game was amazing and it's one of the only decent games that I've been able to play all of besides the bonus chapter without purchase, thankyou so much for this it was a pleasure to play
Fantastic games used to play games similar to these years ago, Would recommend to anyone they really keep your brain active. If you get stuck just leave it then go back to it later. Sometimes you just over think things.
Loved this one, I'm finding it hard to remember which ones I've played and which I haven't by this developer, so I'll review each after completion then I'll know! Theyre all brilliant and theres no need to spend any money. I've spent a little sometimes as I'm impatient and want to see what's next /see the new area, but you get plenty of coins if you use them wisely and only for a clue should you really get stuck.
Don't have to buy anything or pay to.play. Glad I found this one. Lots of puzzles and, a storyline with a mystery!
Great game! Playing on my Galaxy Tab A. No issues. This is my first NYM game and is not what I expected. Having fun playing. 5bn games are always great.
I am loving this game. However without paying for the hints I would never be to get this far or even finish it. Wouldn't pay or play again.
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Game has good game play and puzzles made you think. All was good until the eagle puzzle, which would not let me us the template I found.... uninstalled after that.
I like the graphics, and the clues are from easy to hard, as are finding the pieces you need. You do get some free coins, then you need to buy more, but don't, just google the game walk through if your really that stuck.
Good puzzles, I love the story and the graphics. Everything has a start and an end. The only thing that I didn't like was to have to travel to one extreme to another to solve a puzzle that could be in the same spot of scenes. I don't know if I explain myself.
I just love mystery games and they are just so fun!!! Good job guys!! Love it but have to buy some hints bc it's hard. It makes you concentrate and look at everything closely. I am addicted to the game!
Enjoying this so far. Have followed all your games and always found them good. Have not played for a while as so many of them and I played back to back but feeling fresh with this one
I've only been playing games on my mobile since lockdown and apart from True Fear I've found most of them dull and unchallenging. Then I discovered New York Mysteries and I'm so happy I did, beautiful to look at with a good plot and great puzzles, finally found a game to hold my interest ☺️
No ads. πŸ‘ I like the option to skip the storyline scenes and the puzzles go from simple to difficult.
Good game. Liked the secret agent atmosphere. Good controls, good puzzles, what else can you ask for?
Another fine game in the series. Full detailed free walk-through available from developers online which is particularly fair. Encourage others to support developer by paying for extras at end of each game.
Excellent game! Managed to complete it without using a single hint, with some luck. I figure some people may have problem to find some items or an clue. But it is fairly easy game and puzzles are fun.
This game make me play all day since I instaled it. Addicted.. The puzzle connection between rooms is very challanging.. good story I'll never met before... The Ads doesn't bother me... I recomended this...
I have now played a few series, they are really intuitive and challenging, wonderful story line! Great Job! Keep them coming!
Love games that make you piece things together. Especially when you find an object later and have to go back to a place you 've already been to use it. The cut scenes are well done, including the voice acting. The second New York Mysteries doesn't really feel like a repeat of the first game where it feels like you've done it before.
The game is great but suddenly i am stucked at this one point (somehow the place looks like a stairway and the puzzle i need to solve is regarding arrow where we need to tap the arrow in the right sequences) where i've tap the correct sequences but it still said that i tap it wrongly.. please fix this 😭😭😭
Just started game 2 after game 1 and I am hooked! I have so much fun playing this game and trying to figure things out on my own. If you need a clue it comes with 15 free ones and there is also a walk through you can refer to if necessary! Give this one a try!!!
Beautiful scenery and a great storyline. Puzzles are super easy but finding all the items needed and remembering where the puzzle is located is the challenge! Love it!
Absolutely love this game!! Great, intriguing mystery. Love the challenge of finding the clues. Some scenes are tricky but never frustrating. Just when I think I'll have to use a hint, I look again & find the clue😁. Never gets boring, I could play for hours. And, NO ADS!!!!! Super job with this game. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to use their detecting skills & have some fun! Beats the usual mindless games a 100%. Many thanks to this game's developers!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love fivebn games. I started with the lost lands series and these ones are a little more challenging at times. The style of them and the story is really good and I'd recommend it
Love these games for their graphics and storylines, my only small criticism is after spending AGES trying to solve one puzzle, the next would be doable by a young child. Still great entertainment though!
This is one of the best mystry games. You don't use timed energy so you can play as long as you want. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible to where you always have to use hints to figure them out and it has a lot of different places to go to find clues so that keeps it fun and interesting. Great job creators and developers!
Love these games. I still get stuck occasionally which is a good thing. I hate when the puzzles are too easy. If I get completely stuck I just look it up on you tube. Lol
Brilliant game, great puzzles, keeps you intrigued and doesn't ask you to pay and upgrade after 3 mins. No glitches and very engaging.
Great game, so much fun. Not too tricky, but I did need the help of a walk through once or twice. Can't wait to play the rest in the series!
Outstanding free game! Fantastic graphics, well setup. Couple of complaints about captions and not succeeding at getting sound to come on (though perhaps not related to the game). All in all an exceptional game in a vast space of meh games. Thank you for not inundating the content with commercials and instead allowing the user to enjoy the game, because of that I wasn't mad about needing to buy a few hints. Just very well done.
its a great myster game, love how theres a story to it an hidden objects...only problem i just ran into is that after completing every chapter and unlocked the bonus game, it closed out on its own and i reopened it to only find everything deleted. Not happy at the moment, i have spent some money on it. If it didnt do that then it would be a 5 star.
I love these games. They are very challenging at times, but not so much it can't be figured out. Best part its free unless you want to buy more coins for hints, but they aren't necessary if you're willing to put in the effort. I played the first New York Mysteries and immediately had to look if there were any other similar games by the company and was extatic to see there were I believe 5 of these (as of comment). If you love mystery/puzzle games this is a must in my opinion.