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New Star Manager

New Star Manager for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Five Aces Publishing Ltd. located at Calder House Healey Road Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8LN UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Useless, but has room for improvement. Use of cards are useless, you need to players player needs very often with less cards. cards are difficult to get, again players energy deplete fast and you don't get energy very often. If you get it you don't get one for skills. How stupid, players complains every single game. Your updates are not solving problems, they're useless just like this game. Touch control and tackling is great, the only downside is energy and skills cards thatare difficult to get
A different style to management but it makes it way more addictive. My favourite manager style to date and I loooove LMA manager games
first season you win the category, next season you are bottom of the table losing every single match with a 4, 5, 6 goals difference, no matter the opponent.... well executed all around until the moment you actually play the game, pitty
NS Manager has some novel elements to it, however it leans far too much towards pay-to-play. Also, the torrent of ads is really off-putting. Having to memorise key phrases for a team talk doesn't work for me, nor does the random 'pressure question' from the media (which can remove significant points from your relationships with various parties i.e.fans, the board, sponsors etc if you get it wrong). The reliance on cards, whether for energy, skill, etc ensures that you have to pay to progress .
First season is the so much fun, but later on it gets really frustrating: you cannot keep the squad up to the challenge, happiness is almost impossible to maintain even when I put all my problem solving skills into the game everyone was upset because of the losses and it just keeps getting worse. it has the potential to be a great game, what the developers are doing is so unjust to the software! exclusive stuff should be optional and/or reasonable, PRICES ARE HIGH EVEN WHEN I CONSIDERED BUYING!
You have to pay for everything talk about a money grabbing game do not buy this!! I cant even get my players to full energy level unless I spend money it's a joke
Very enjoyable game - Constantly improving your team feels very rewarding. Spending definitely helps but certainly isn't required. A couple of flaws - Players complain if they haven't had their skills developed for the past few games, but they become unhappy faster than you can produce skill cards so you'll always have 2/3rds of your team unhappy. Also, NRG recovers too slow! Even in the Champions League Final I was playing at the lowest work rate. Players are always exhausted including Keepers.
best game ever!!! coming from someone who plays FIFA daily, and in mobile PubG, ML etc. This game just blew me away, and the best thing about it is that it can be played offline. loved NSS , loved New Cricket and now This... simply WOW!!
This is the best footie manager game out. There are a couples of suggestions that I have like having a day between matches where you can acquire more training as it is difficult to keep your squad happy. Also maybe a feature to loan players in or out. This would make this 10/10. Current 8.5/10
Cons: AI gets a free kick, Goal, You get a free kick, Half way line, Keeper fumbles so much its unreal, Impossible to keep a squad happy with the training. Pros: Control all levels of the club from making transfers to designing kits, Gameplay is easy, earning money is simple Improvements: Job offers from other clubs, Ability to sign players from abroad, International management, Design your own formation, More goalkeeper training cards regularity, Having to defend yourself would be great
Good time waster. But very bad. So many ads. Opposition always kicks the ball out of bounds, than gets possession. Offsides are very frequent. Spend a lot upgrading youth development and get lower rated youth players. Player control is like maneuvering a boat.
Horrible. Your players are always offside. My players get tackled bunch of times and the other teams players get no consequence. Your players never get stamina back unless you watch ads. Which is a cheap way to make money. Ive been fowled so many times in the box. Youlve exept for me to get penalty but i get corner because ball went out
This game has so much replayability! Deffo my fave game at the moment it has all the best bits of new star soccer mixed in with fifa manager mode. Doesn't even feel grindy if you see the challenge behind it. On my 12th season. Only thing is I would love to se more updates with new features!!
It is a nice game but they always cheat for the better team which makes annoying and unfair fix it 😠😠😠
Amazing game - however recent "marketing" changes pushing in-app purchases in your face are extremely annoying.
The game is fantastic BUT your players get tired and have to use NRG cards to get energy back and they're way too difficult to obtain so I'm uninstalling it. The fun comes out of the game because they're exhausted. I've even had to play outfield players in goal because my keepers are shattered.
After you get past the league you started in the enemy teams are way to powerful and no matter what you do you can barely score. And the game keeps crashing all of the time even tho i have a good phone and intermet connection
Not a bad game. Quite fun to play, actually. However, has few fatal flaws. 1. Energy system is designed to make you pay. Or watch 4-5 ads after each game. Or more, as energy fails to refill 50% of the time. And one mandatory ad after each match. 2. UI is "borrowed" from fantastic game Motosport Manager 3, which would be a plus if it weren't stealing. 3. All purchases last only for a certain time. 4. The worst of all? Pressure interview! Prepare to memorize everything that happens in game. Ever!
Excellent gameplay. Some improvements could include: - Better player filtering (by trait, by arbitrarilly set age range, by concern type, by willingness to sell) - A way to view more info about the competitions my team participates in (schedule, stats) - More events, to reduce repetitiveness.
Absolutely beautiful game, love it, shame about the ads l but revenue is revenue I guess. Possibly needs a slight tinkering as sometimes it picks up button presses on the wrong part of the screen but overall a better version of new star soccer. One possible suggestion would be an ability to skip a match, like if you've already won the season it would be nice to skip to the next season or play just Cup matches that are left.
great game once learnt how to play, don't know how people saying you need to pay money to play, gone from national league to prem in 4 seasons, just save some money for contract....common sense really, or use contract cards. give it a go, and learn how to play it properly and you wont need to spend actual money to play
Its great with lots of stuff like interacting between people, good graphics, realistic gameplay and more.
I love playing this game lots of fun but my only issue is there are some referee errors like they don't give card when they faul me but when I faul them they give faul and that's why I didn't give them five star but over all I love it if they could make those changes this game would be lots of fun
Crashing too much, and getting cards can be sometime pain in ass. Really nice concept of game and well done. Just fix crashing issues and maybe add getting cards by watching advertisement.
Nice game. But 'Meeting card' so hard to get and player always concern about management. Need to spend money in store if want to achieve the goal. Item that u want to buy not 100% guarantee u will get. For me, better let the user to choose each card they want to buy and please make it a lot cheaper. Like the training card. If u make some change like my opinion, u will get many 5stars and I will recommand this game to all my friends. 😊
Nice management game, easy to understand challenging but not too difficult. However, is there a way to transfer gameplay over from one phone to another? I've just changed phones and lost all gameplay from my previous phone and have had to start all over again?!?!
You will doing ok in about 10 to 20 matches... After that everything is chaos... You will start to have frequent injured players, players will lost energy, contract expires and unhappiness squad... no matter what you do, you are just going to stress yourself... In short, you need to spend real money in this game to go further.... Thats all NSM... i give up...
We should be able to buy packs with cards for training our staff and players with coins too,it would be more fair in many ways,and don't pressure too hard your packs ads,make an enjoyable experience and money will come,and it would be great if you could change teams like real managers,and something more it would be awesome if you put us in some mini game when you train a players or staff
1st and 2nd year was good, but then the 3rd year everything went downhill all my relationships went down to 1% and my league position is last. Can't keep everyone happy as it forces you to buy things and as for winning games... Well I lost 95% of my games in the 3rd year.. This lead me to delete the game
This was great. Reminded me of their older game new star soccer but with some management which adds a lot. Very fun and active for the player. A pretty high skill ceiling when you get it but is also quite easy against AI
Imposible to keep Playing I won the League with my team that it's about 20s stars. And I have to play against 40/50s?! It's basically impossible. I've Lost all my money and started selling players but is not enough even to buy 2 players
It's a good game, the only problem is that many games are guaranteed a loss even though you try developing the best squad. Try fixing that, because I have a pretty good squad in 5th place and I'm losing to teams in last place when I literally shouldnt be based on stats.
The game is fun but the control is meh. Sometimes u want the play to run forward without it ending with shooting and the ai is stupid. Main reason for 2 star is the amount of stupid ass ads in this game. Some ads breaks and doesn't load so ur forced to hard reset which is annoying as hell. Do not recommend
I tried this game, because I really liked their other game NSS. I gave it a chance, but this game is horrible. On field mechanics are clunky, after getting promoted to in the 2nd year it becomes impossible to win games without spending money (I lost 15 straight games after taking 2nd place the season before), it constantly freezes and overheats my phone (even the ads freeze), and also ads ads ads ads ads ads ads and ads. Uninstalling it! If you want my $ make a good game first!
After many hours of play, it has become apparent that the game is designed to ensure the opposition cheats. If it wants a team to win, they WILL win regardless of what you do to try and prevent it. You'll get a few opportunities to score, and the opposition will get six or seven chances in a row. All designed to force you into paying for credits. Be warned.
Whilst the game I believe is good, there is one feature that ruins it in my opinion that being the development concerns of the players; you barely get enough cards to develop everyone making the team happiness plummet over the season causing your team form to drop. I may have still got promoted but it's happening again the next season making me lose interest in the app.
I deleted cos those energy cards ruining fun to play. There should be some kind of system like daily cards or every 6 hrs u get free cards or something . I'll take a brake for now. (I don't care to watch adds)
Firstly, this game only about donating, after 20 matches in new season, enemies was transforming to unstoppable, unbeatable, i have team 30-40 average rating, their team was 50-70, they are running faster than my team, goalkeeper telepatic, just always saving incredible shots by my team, and big problem of this game, my team never make a score by themself like simulation AI, and only i can make goals, that was stupid, cause game sometimes giving you 3-4 chance to play against 0-5, unfair.
As fan of their first time, i wanted to play this new edition as well. I spent more than enough time to understand that it is a hardcore pay-to-win game now. Everything is fun in the 2nd decision, but when you are in the first division, OMG! It is like you are playing with children against adults. Good luck to you even with winning 1-2 games in whole season. The power difference is incredible. There is no way to fill this gap without buying player cards. If you won't, don't even install the game
Voery good game but... There is a very big diference in the level of the teams between the first league and the second, in the fist season I won all the matches with a big difference and I finish 1, but then in the next league I can't win a match, I allways lose by 5-0 o 6-0
This is actually a terrific game, once you have worked out how to play it. I had one false start where i was struggling to even have enough players to start matches, and it all seemed impossible without spending real money. Then I started again and made sure to fill my squad from the start to make up for injuries etc, and I've not looked back! The game is challenging enough to be satisfying, while also easy enough to not get frustrating. An excellent evolution of the New Star game.
I found this game very enjoyable if you are struggling or finding it hard to progress through the leagues I would recommend watching Nepenthez 6 piece series on YouTube
It's a good game but to get anywhere you have to spend real money to do anything real money cards are hard to get squad improvement almost Impossible players unhappy because they can't train if you do train them energy gone
this game is excellent but only gets 2 stars because its set up that you need to spend a lot of money to get anywhere, shame they couldn't be happy with just charging for the game as its ruined by this 😏
Gameplay is addictive and fantastic. The down side of this game is the "pay to win" philosophy that seems to have creeped it's way into all video games. EA is that you?
When I watch ads for the 50% energy boost, I have to watch the full ad but more often than not, the energy boost doesn't happen. Then the option to watch the ad disappears. Extremely frustrating! 😑
I hate that these people say that it's a pay to win but they are bad at the games YIKES the game is so easy to play, I won 49 cups in my 19 seasons cause I made my team happy, caring, and knowing how to sort out energy and happiness, I've won all the cups my 2nd season playing I got maxed out academy, I havent spent a dime on this game and I get more then 90m a year.
This is a good game with excelent graphics and immersive gameplay but it is let down badly by the fact that you have to buy cards to get anywhere. There should be options to get free cards and coins as i am constantly losing players and staff as the matches do not generate enough income to cover the wages. If these issues could be addressed i would gladly give this game 5 stars
it built perfectly on new star soccer in terms of mechanics but then ruthlessly tried to bleed money from the player. Do not download this unless you like to be constantly targeted by ads, want to win the next match? why not watch an ad. it's a joke. its 100% a pay to win game don't waste your time. The worst part is pay for no ads, then it'll still ask if you'd like a boost by watching an ad!?! played until it was time to renew contracts then found out it's impossible...
For those who says it is a pay to win game and unable to progress pass certain level when they do not spend, they are totally wrong. I have won, EPL, La Liga, Serie A (all with champions league title) and currently in French League. I have not spend a single cent in this game. It is totally possible with the right planning and strategy, it is just how you play it. Only bad thing is there is always ad after every game, you can skip it so it is not a big issue. Overall best football game on mobile
This game is unplayable. You need to restart the app so many times just to get the outcome you want. You know what thats called in FM? Scumsaving. First, our players get really unhappy at the beginning bc you can't produce training cards quickly enough. Second, the controls are super wonky (wanting to pass when dribbling is super weird). Third, your players make the dumbest mistakes stat wise. The mechanics work for an individual game like New Star Soccer but not for a manager style game.
Desperately needs a balance for FTP players - far too easy for players to become concerned with your management (even if you have a win ratio of 80%+) or lack of development (even though in the beginning you only get one training card every 5 matches or so). Great concept, decent gameplay, too many ads, very slow grind to get through a season. Took me around 7 hours in game to finish my first full season. Don't think I'll be returning for another unfortunately.
Good graphics. Unrealistic game results. You can be up 5-0 and still loose. From the previous game they have made, I feel like they tried to hard to add stuff to this game, uneccesary stuff. The physics of this game is OK. But curving the ball doesn't exist in this game.
The game is well presented and works well. Very challenging and lots of ways to improve the team and club. Had an issue with buying bux but it was resolved in a day. Recommended to all football fans out there. My other issue is players get too unhappy should be better ways to improve happiness.
The game now crashes after every match. The changed points of contact on the ball and their much weaker force is senseless. You make one step forward and two backwards. In what world can the goalkeeper catch the ball when passed by a teammate? Why can't I direct the skills coach to focus on goalie skills (which are mega rare) or the fitness on strength? Why did my GK suddenly lost 4 skill points when he turned 30?
Was quite enjoying the game and concept however am finding it very difficult to keep the energy levels up for my players. luckily the game allows you to watch an ad for more energy. unfortunately it never works! Watch the ad and don't get any energy boost. Please look into this as it's almost unplayable with constantly tired players!
I used to play this game long ago, but stopped for a while, i downloaded it again this week, and to my surprise what was great game is now a ad campaign. After every match there is an ad which often leads to the game getting crashed and its annoying as hell!! I could not retrieve my previous data but i did not mind starting from scratch. But the ads and the game crashing every 2 games is frustrating.
Spent an ungodly amount of time playing New Star Soccer so despite seeing a few reviews criticising the pay to play structure I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it out. I wish I hadn't bothered. Don't waste your time on this, the entire game is structured around sucking every penny they can get out of you. Massive disappointment.
I love this game is really nice.. If you're playing this game it is as if you are a coach of a football club in real life. The creators of this game are so creative and wonderful to have created such a game. Thanks to them. This game is worth being downloaded
Oh hell no man β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ what an addicting game just amazing but sure there are some flaws but I think it would be better if u changed the way we sell u know we can transfer list them like that but this auction thing hasn't exactly been good experience and also can u add the loan move feature for selling and buying other than that I think this is one of the most amazing games I will surely recommend this game to my every Also it's amazing that this game is offline πŸ€—πŸ€—
It is quite a fun game to play but the in app purchases costs are quite high for what they get you in return. Please lower your prices and you would get more people paying. All in all it's a good game if you like more of a management style with a little game play.
I had to leave a review here after reading some of the other reviews i thought were unfair. This game is fun, i have this game on steam and my nintendo switch. The key i find to crush the league your in is to always have a top goalkeeper and top quality striker. I'm at a point now were the game is to easy. Overall it's a good game. EDIT: comment below states curving the ball doesn't exist. That's how 95% of the time i score, is by curving my shots so they are wrong to say that.
I really like this game! It's really fun and addictive! But the reason why I gave it 4 stars is because there are too much adverts and I think the game is a bit too easy so I think maybe they could make the game a bit harder and kind of more in depth but this game is good
NEW STAR HAS DONE IT AGAIN! First of all, an absolutely exceptional game. After New Star Soccer, I did not really find any of the games as intriguing. All were quite a valiant effort but none of them reached the levels. But this game! I really loved Manager mode games but also a game to play within it. Not just management the stuff of a manager game but also the well-known gameplay of NSS. I play this game madly and absolutely love it. A BRILLIANT BRILLIANT GAME!
This game is really good and it's addictive. I like the way you get involved in a match, it is really awesome, thanks. It would be much more fun if it at least had real player's names, but overall it's a fun game.
It's a good game for the first few seasons, but when you continue playing it you get useless lose form other teams you score a goal they score 2 goals. Why?
Good at the beginning then becomes ridiculous with players unhappy because of their development but you dont have enough training to do everyone so they play bad because they are unhappy, the staff want you to upgrade their facilities but you dont have enough money so they wont resign their contracts because they arent happy! So the just becomes unplayable because no one is happy so you just cant win the games in the end!
Prices, prices, prices. Pricing structure is IMPOSSIBLE. Love the gameplay and strategy, but it's impossible to make it past a certain point. I also have tried watching ads to get player energy, but I never get the energy after I watch. Don't make me waste my time and earn you money on your game without making the process for rewards work properly. I REALLY want to like this game but a lot of work needs to be done.
Genuinely the best football game I've played. I played a lot of New Star Soccer and this is so much fun as well. Definitely recommend it and the progression to a huge club is really balanced and hard work pays off.
I do like the game. You need to give it time to get used to players you need etc. I only started to enjoy the game in my 2nd Season. Only issue is, which is the same with all games at the minute is ADS! PAIN IN THE AR5E
Great football game.Addictive af . If you dont watch tutorial you cant understand the gameplay. Btw never open internet in offline game if u dont like ads you stupids kekw
This game have no balance whatsoever. Players didn't grow as much as expected. You're not able to defence at all, your chances are rare and poorly organized, your forwards are always in offside. If you like to spend money - go on and download it, otherwise - go away
after 11 seasons were im playing the game i have won 3 champions leagues 3 europas leagues and 10 championships but i still can't attract world class player's in my team because they say that they want to play in better level... when at the same time i have the best quality players and the best team in the champions League.. The worst thing of the game is that every time im winning the champions League the game starts the next season after i have lost the qualification..and many many more...
This could have been an enjoyable game had the so-called developer not ruined it by setting it up as a pay-to-win, where experience and skill count for little or nothing. Based on the fundamental greed principle of frustrate to accumulate, you never stop paying out in games like this if you want to get off and keep off square one. Speaking of which, that's what you'll be back on if you ever have to change your device or re-install for any reason, for game progression is non-restorable!
Its good game before update syncronisation running, its mostly say cannot download and need restart, but my connection is normal (can open website, social media, etc)... Can you change it, dont auto syncron the data? Thank you
Cheap game made only to make you buy extremely overpriced microtransactions, either grind or lose every game because every team in your league drastically outmatches you, or spend unfathomable amounts of money for 'card packs', or better yet, energy cans so your players won't basically die of exhaustion after every match
Is a great game, but unfortunately ads heavy, and constantly starts lagging or touch become unresponsive. Or worst, tells you game has stopped working. Please make improvement on dragging players n chaning camera angle .. Often changes angle by accident. Is annoying.
Would have gotten a five star if not for the transfer method, the player improvement method, the cards problem and the cost of improving structures....nice game apart from that
Don't waste your time. Clearly a game built around forcing you to pay to win after a certain point. You will never have enough cards to keep players happy or develop players at a quick enough rate. Way too many adverts which can only be disabled by paying break the flow. You can't even rename your club without paying for an editor! If less time was spent on forcing micro transactions on the player at various points and more time on gameplay it might actually have been a decent game.
After 9 seasons I am in Premier League and I did not spent any real money at all. So whoever post bad coments, that it is unreal to play without spending money, probably need to stick to Candy Crush. Game is brilliant, it is offline compared to other manager games, which is rear. Definitely one of my top 5 games ever. Also, sick and tired of reading coments that developers is greedy and want that you spend money on games. Guess what, game developers doesn't work for free, they have bill's too.
Just a constant grind for skill cards, which, unless you spend money, you only occasionally get but are necessary to maintain a happy squad. Also, even if you take every chance available, you still end up losing 5-4 to a teams ranked way below you. Could have been brilliant, all the right things are there...
big fan of new star soccer... only thing i would like to suggest is maybe a player loan system or a way to carry over staff
Great game overall, but you have to spend money to even edit your team name and kits. I mean really? Money is everything in this game. You dont need to spend money in the game but it's very difficult to progress without spending actual money on the game.
Good game, ruined by need to buy cards. Been playing nss for years and played this one now and then. The gameplay itself is great and hard to put down when you get into it. However, I am sick of losing by 1 goal no matter how many I get and all concern bars filling up, leading to poor play and losing key players after a few seasons. The entire experience and team frustratingly falls apart after a few good days play and is basically a waste of time.
Too much pay-to-win aspects. Would have been much better had there been a free timed refresh of some sort of card pack for nrg or other utility items. Not really that enjoyable.
My main problem with the game is that mid way through an entire season you need to have specific cards to keep your players in the team. Such as the manager meeting card which you get in packs which you pay money for, or the board objectives which they plenty of times don't give you it. Players should instead meet with their players and have a chat with some sort of "Puzzle" or make manager meeting cards 5x more frequent. The gameplay overall is great but the cards can ruin it.
Fun but you HAVE to pay money to have said fun. Rn I can't do anything. all my contacts expired and I paid for packs that I've lost the players of already.
Very good game. Two things. 1) Buying a pack for changing name of the team is pretty pointless. No other games does so. 2) player negotiation should be more real. Looking for an update where meetings with players agents can be held while signing. Otherwise, Fantastic game. Will change rating once these two things are done
fun to play for awhile but appears to be a pay-to-win designed app. with NSS, it was very challenging but after playing for months and refining my skills, i was able to win the champions league and world cup with basically any team without putting out any money. i don't see how you can have success in this game without paying, therefore I'M OUT.
Great gameplay and very fun for the first 2 seasons, at which point it becomes pay to win. From around 3rd season, you need to pay real money to have a chance of keeping your players happy, it's a shame as this would've been 5 stars if not for this pay to win being so strict
Simple to play, but extremely entertaining game. I'm too much satisfied with this game. Just keep updating it consequently.
Yesterday I would have given this game 5 stars but I was only into the my first season past that the game is atrocious, there is literally nothing that can be done to prevent the utter collapse of your team without the spending of money on in game boosts( which is ridiculously priced by the way) this game has the chance to be great but needs a major overhaul to be more player friendly
1st season great, afterwards not so much. Can't keep squad fit without watching ad after ad. player/staff won't resign contracts & are constantly unhappy. The game is near impossible without purchases. Sad cos it has lots of potential. shame that developers are only interested in fleecing money out of gamers
It's a really wonderful game, strategically i like the management and financial growth concept except for the players control on pitch during a game. I think You can allow the gamer more control over his players on match days, make more sense for performance. A lovely game all the same, a big deal for My spear time. please consider My suggestions...
Great game I'm waiting for hopefully a upgrade with more depth and more features ,,but all in all I've enjoyed playing .px
I would have given it 5 stars cause this game is really fustrating me, first season is so awesome but the next is so annoying that when playing the game will just off I think the management of this game will have to review and consider some things in this game and give it a regular updating. Cause i love this game so addicted to it that i can never delete it. Keep it up. Looking forward to the update and and better consideration about the game THANKS.
You should not put everything to be bought with real money maybe even 10,000 game cons thats fine.But all in all its a very great game actualy I love the way you put the everthing so thats my opinion
game is horrendously fixed against you itll be piss easy for the first season or 2 then it suddenly becomes impossible to make you spend money, once you spend money it becomes easy again eg team you dominate all game scores 4 goals in the last 2 minutes injuring the same position till you have no back ups, games in a row GKs save everything the jump between leagues is also not relative you go from winning every game to losing every game torally fixed against you to make you spend money
Great fun and addictive and good for free without being pay to win, although it's getting very close in the Premier league as all your players very quickly get upset about lack of development when it's impossible to get enough development cards to satisfy them all and requires lots of squad management before every game to make sure they get the play time. But then I suppose that's just the difficulty factor, it would be too easy otherwise. All in all, pretty well polished game and fun to play.
Good gameplay but the way the game pressures you into spending money is frustrating! I had 5 injuries in the first 5 games. I can't purchase players nor can I develop the players I have as I'm constantly spending my rewards on the NRG drinks!
Whilst I do enjoy the match play mechanics, the reliance on the cards to maintain player/staff progress and happiness makes this game infuriating. You'll have a player who's contract is running low but you can't fix it because he wants to develop but you havent got a development card because you've got 21 other players with the exact same demand but you get 1/2 card(s) every 3/4 matches. Really ruins the experience and its all to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.
I think during the actual chances to play with the players, there needs to be more time before the players switch from kicking to dribbling. Also. there needs to be a way for headers to become chances for dribbling.
Have to pay for everything even though it's a good game.. cant even change team name. Theres no proper way to develop players while playing matches so their ovr would grow so I'm giving it a 1 star
This game is really good. You can play matches, hire staff, build stadiums, stores, training facilities, etc. The only grudge I have with this game is the fact that the players get visibly upset over everything. If I sell deadwood players of which I'll never use, the rest of the squad is upset at me. If I don't have any training cards, they get upset. Because of this, I lose a lot of my better players, which is really frustrating. I wish they would fix this issue, then I would give it a 5.
Good game really addictive, it just need some changes like it have a lot of ads by the rest is all good! Also put cards in the store so we can buy them with money of the game! And give the option of have the same account in many devices
I am looking very long time for football manager game like this.. Finally I've found one. Very thanks to the team who have created this wonderful game. It's fulfilled my all aspects of need.
Well there's no two ways about it this game is amazing and so immersive, it almost feels like you're in the game from the press to board, sponsors and everything in between. There are only a few things I wish they would include which are more more filters in they transfer centre, like it's you want players with positive or negative traits please look into this and include it in a future update
Great game, please add more feature like whos taking the penalti, free kick, corner and etc. 4 star for this game :) i'm waiting to give 5 star :)
Game wasn't too bad first couple of season. Then BANG! You score one goal your opponent scores 2. You score 3 goals your opponent scores 4. This game pushes you to spend money (which are all ridiculously overpriced). So glad I haven't spent any money on this game. I will not be playing it anymore. Shame, coz I enjoyed NSS. This is just a money making game....
Cant recommend it unfortunately. It is very confusing with lots of things which you dont understand. Definitely prefer the player version of this.
My favorite mobile soccer manager. Massive depth; everything is free flowing; no gimmicks. The managing player concerns thing is incredibly unique and makes you love/hate certain players. The gameplay is super clever; you can do a lot with simple controls. In match commentary is good. The graphics are fine; UI and presentation is great. Unfortunately it's too easy. Even with realism rules (no NRG cards, meetings, replays, paying, etc.) I still went undefeated in my first season. 5/5.
Amazing game, really addictive. But contracts are senseless, it feels like signing the player again because it's so expensive. I can't manage to earn enough money to improve the club's facilities and renew everyone's contracts, it's impossible. Also, it's so difficult to train your players because you don't earn training cards all the time, and that wouldn't be an issue if the players wouldn't complain so much about it. It's really hard to keep them happy and it'd be nice if it was improved.
Very good game. Quite impressive and it's up there with the very best I've played. Love the fact that you can to an extent determine the results in the matches and it's not too hard to do so. One thing I'd like to see implemented is improved transfers regarding loans and also putting players up for sale. Altogether, I am very pleased with the game
Playing for a week & really enjoying it. Feels like you are in control of the results with the playable match highlights which isnt always the case with management games. A lot of ads if you don't want to spend on in-app stuff but it does give you the choice.
Its got software problems i built the team and it has frozen i couldnt even pass good game but wasted all my time coulnt go forward.
wish i had read some of these reviews earlier. basically its all very well buying a player pack and getting a gold player. however, it is nearly impossible to subsequently afford their contract. developers have seriously overstacked the curve on the side of greedy. i would avoid this like the plague. PS, half the time the ads to replenish energy dont work.
You've taken the elegant simplicity of New Star Soccer and given it extra layers of depth. This might be the greatest mobile game of all time... but for these microtransactions. Removing ads from NSS was the best money I ever spent, so I paid for the ad removal before I'd even begun to play NSM. I trusted you. But now I can't even look at the transfer market without an internal ad blocking a third of the screen. PLEASE stop pestering me to spend more money. I thought I paid to get rid of this!
Game is good until season 3. Why season 3? Thats the season everyone starts running out of contract, so you have no money to re-sign them. Also at that point you will realise that most people have a happiness of below 50%, which means they dont play as well. And the reason they are unhappy is usually because they dont get training, which can only be obtained once every 5 or so games. And even then, only a single card for a single player. And the only alternative is to buy them from the store.
Please free customising kits. Also please make it happen that we may move to other top clubs like real managers.
1. calm your assistant πŸ˜‚. 2. why aren't throw outs given to us to play?? 3. Fix the first 2 points. Lol game is fun same, the gameplay is same as NSS make some changes. I'll give 5 if I see any improvement, thanks for the game. All the best for future πŸ’―.
makers of this game should be ashamed. the financial aspect of the game is unrealistic and they just want people to spend actual money to be able to buy decent players, upgrades to club and staff etc. you cant even afford your own players contracts let alone get anyone new. do not waste your time or money
It's a fun game, but the in game purchases are ridiculously overpriced for what you get. Please fix this. I understand that packs coz money but perhaps more players would purchase them if they were cheaper.
Could be the best game ever and it possibly was in season 1. Unfortunately, in season two it is impossible to keep players happy. They all constantly want improving which takes cards, they are unhappy with form in the trickier league so you need a meeting, another card. If players/relationships were less demanding this would be an incredible game but they just want you to pay for everything
The gameplay and the graphics are superb. However, be ready to lose if you don't pay them. The energy will drain faster for your players compared to the opponents. Lot's of ads, too, and sometimes you don't get the bonuses you are promised if you watch one.
Wow. Even though the players are not fun to watch buh still nice game. Improvement is also needed though
I've downloaded this game not too long but I've played it for too long already. It's just the kind of game I wished someone would develop, sometimes ago. 1) It's offline,so no network problem (Nigerian internet network I mean) 2)One gets to direct the course of the game by watching and playing it. 3)Great graphics for an offline game. I could go on and on.But I observed I bought players and they didn't reflect in my team immediate.Only to later pop up.kindly fix this. Guy(s), your game is great.
Good game but the high low system for buying players is awful and always seems to work against you. I end up getting a 1 when selecting higher or lower than a 2 more than I get any other number. Surely could of thought of a better way of negotiating deals rather than pure luck?
Awful monetization. Without spending real money you cant progress fast. Potential is achieved only via cards, so players never reach theirs. You get constant prompt to enable notificatons and personized ads. Controls are meh. You get little money per game and are constantly pushed to buy with real cash. And prices are insane too. I get an ad after every second game... It has the potential to be a good game, but the developers are beyond greedy. Reviews on other platforms are bad too
Has good features and is fun to play... for while. Having major issues with most of my players being unhappy, either about development or me as a manager. Also the way contracts work is probably the worst part. I get it adds some luck, but it shouldn't rely on you guessing a number correctly and if not the price jumps up majorly. It stops you from keeping your best players as they cost so much and sometimes a wrong guess makes them hate you. Growing players is also too hard.
1. Player loan should be available 2. Team editing should not be purchased with real money 3. This game is one of the best, I can argue with that even in police station
Really fun game but does not allow for real development of players. Seems like it's a pay to win. Also, I just finished my first real season as manager and got promoted several tiers up in the Spanish league, rather than just one. How is this fair? I have lost every single game by a huge margin because my players aren't developed enough to handle the league or I don't have enough in-game money to buy capable players, unless I PAY for it.
5 stars as it's free! Quality game, nice matchplay and goals that you will want to see again. Obviously it makes money from add ons (which I haven't bought) but it is enjoyable and easy enough to win games without spending any $. Reasonably addictive and offers a good rags to richie experience
the game was interesting first season,the AI's are useless even when you set their runs. The game requires you to pay (which I haven't) to get cards and if you don't you're basically screwed because you can never keep the team happy. they only are happy through training and not by being a constant starter. I dominated the 5 division league my second season and i have a bunch of extremely low ranked players yet I was bumped to the 2nd division for that country. why? my players cant compete now
Great game, really like the detail of the management. Big downfall is the reward ads, I have watched multiple ads with no rewards received, mostly on energy recharges. Extreamly frustrating and the only reason why i stopped playing.
Once you have a good team the game becomes very easy teams need to be able to have better players and kit editing and customisation needs to be free rather than paying for it overall the game is good and so is the gameplay and graphics
Ads are bugged. Everytime I watch an ad to fill energy, the game crashes and I do not get the reward.
Great game but needs so many balancing issues... I'd appreciate the developers getting in touch because i really want to see this game continue doing great after I played NSS for 5+ years. There's also a glitch where watching ads doesnt restore stamina...
Don't waste your time, big time money grabbing game. Full of ads and everything is designed to make you want to purchase. The game itself is ok. However big flaw the controls aren't great several occasions while swiping path for players yiu accidentally make a pass. Its also designed for money making rather then fun. As soon as you reach season 2 its impossibly to progress without buying players.
One of the best mobile games I've played. The only game I have on my phone. Truly addictive experience of football management with simple yet quite hard to master controls. It's also a game that rewards you for the time you put in to it. Just finished my maximum stadium upgrade and have practically completed the game.
This Game has a amazing concept, it just has to fix that the players get conecered to easily about your management when u get barely any training cards for you to train the whole squad, fix this it's a 5 star.
It's perfect,I've played it to the end but still yet I can't change my team's name except purchasing!
I will give 1 star because in the game every match is scripted you can't won against big team πŸ™‚ Please fix this problem I try every formation but every result is loss The against team is so hard that they 7+ goal easily πŸ™ƒ Worst game ever
Great game and enjoyablle to play for who like to playing manager game like this I loved how they develop the game but need some improvement such as free customizing kits and other stuffs anyway keep it up
The game was great. Only for it to be tarnished with ads now. Game also keeps crashing when these ads are loading. Since they introduced the ads, the game has not worked properly. Loved it up until that. Won't even let you buy bux anymore. The fields are just blank. Last update was March, can't see it being fixed anytime soon.
This game is so well done and so addictive! I don't normally spend, but the developers have done such a great job with this game and spending a bit of money is my way of supporting them. With that said, you don't have to spend to progress. I won the league in my first season without dropping a dime. Then I bought a few packs for the following season just to see how it goes. You get gold players for so cheap, that other games would charge an arm and a leg for! Well done!
Love this game, the concept of building a team from the ground up etc, my only issue is surrounding the sponsorship amounts being given which in my opinion are far to low and the salaries of the players which are excessivly high, if these were amended to more realistic levels then its a 5* game all day long.
Terribly disapointing. Played over 100 hours, myriad glitches in game preventing game progression/incorrectly ending winning run/not getting energy boost after watching ads/incredibly poor set up of foreign leagues, very unhappy with way in game play ends (opponent kicks ball directly into touch 99% of time, is incredibly frustrating, no opportunity for defensive skills). Choose another game.
Its a cool game and the game was fun. But my critic is why i have to pay a real money just for editing the team kit and badge so plz change it to use money that in the game for payment. But overall that is a good game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I'm only adding 2 because unlike NSS (New Soccer Star) you didn't add all the countries like Armenia, Kazakhstan, and other countries. Please add those because its a very challenging yet fun part of playing it.
It has a couple of issues. For example being too punishing in certain situations (your relationships when you just promote and will constantly lose). Overall though easily one of the best football manager games I've ever played. I have found a bug where my squad star ranking won't increase past 3 even as my squad grows really, really strong. Wouldn't be a problem but squad rating seems to determine stadium attendance, sponsors, players who want in on your club etc.
I genuinely don't understand the whining in so many reviews. Yes, players are often unhappy, but it's largely irrelevant. Use the cards on players whose contracts are expiring, or sell them on. My only complaint is that the game is too easy. I'm yet to fail to get promotion or win the league I'm in, even if players in my team are rated significantly lower than their opponents. The game's very playable but there's quickly very little challenge. An 'expert' mode, maybe?
Pretty good all around, the packs do genuinely feel like extra stuff to bolster rather than being pay to win. That said I do wish manager rank actually mattered. Same with the achievements that aid in leveling it. Bonus packs for staff, nrg, development boosts for a claim. Something like a pack of 2 items for achievments, 3 for level, 5 for manager of the month. That sounds pretty fair. As it stands 4/5, I manager level mattered and gave boosts it'd probly be 5/5
I love the game but more work needs to be done on it, like being able to fight for the ball while the opponents Are trying to score. Am unable to buy any of the package.
Just can't put it down!! Best football game since NSS!! - bringing it down to 4 stars as there is a glitch that doesn't pay out the cup winnings.
This game is really good if you're willing to put in the time. I haven't spent any real money and I am enjoying it. I agree that it can be frustrating at times regarding player happiness and injuries but this is where your management skills come in. I've found that in order to have a successful team you need a balance of experience and youth. An experienced goalkeeper and defence with young, fast midfielders and strikers will get you trophies. It takes time to build a good team but it's worth it
Really fun game! takes a few seasons to get the hang of it, but afterwards its just plain fun! Everyone complaining about pay2win is just not patient or good enough to get the game.. didnt spend a single $ on ingame cash or cards and my team is fully filled with 90+ players.. so i dont see any issue there except "l2p crying kiddos :)"
Fun gameplay, but everything else about it is badly designed, unreasonably tuned and straight up unfair. It's impossible to keep players happy without spending money on cards, leading to them playing poorly and eventually leaving the club. It has several features that will drive you insane like red cards/injuries in every match, scripted matches, tweets from players popping up on screen and the assistant manager stopping the game every 5 seconds to say something useless. Wasted potential
love the game but if you move leagues you lose everything, I spent 15 hours on one save getting my team to the champions league in 3 season and worked real hard, then got asked if I wanted to move leagues I assumed I would keep my manager rating and probably move to an already established squad but no it just created a new game not sure if I'll get back in to playing it after losing all my work :(
Its a really nice game but it needs improvement. Improvement on the transfer window section. No loan option I.e I can't loan players out. Also improvement on salary negotiations.
Need more country's 3rd categories championships, plus between 2 continents final games eg after ECL finals on next season's, more selling and buying difficulties and filter tools, but in general it is awesome, no further comments to avoid being a spoiler... Try it! It'worthy!
Great game fun gameplay, No ads, And more! Why 4 Stars? Because to change stuff in the team. You need real life money, I know you need the money, and I understand about it.
Simple but nice game and sure additive. But, I had so many season play the number of fans attendance so unrealistic!.. still around 2K whatevwr you win any cup and every season with consistent, what ever top manager do the best for fans, but the attendance still there no change... even already upgrade the stadium there are still only around 2K.. . Developer please take note!