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New Star: Cricket

New Star: Cricket for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Five Aces Publishing Ltd. located at Calder House Healey Road Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8LN UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Definitely one of the worst gameplay ever. It's too hard making you unplayable to an extent. Seriously wasted many hours playing this. Moreover the in-game purchases are equal to purchasing a BMW.
The game keeps crashing in the middle of the match. It's enjoyable but what can I do if I literally can't play it at all.
This game is great ... just few more updates and improvement in controls will be appreciated... this game has lots of potential hope you all will give updates with improvement in batting controls soon..
stupid game . everything is stupid. Wen we throw the ball at one side of goes to the other and when we ball correct on the stump then too it has to spin away and batting we can't take any runs everything goes for a catch idiots
Poor ctrl Pls improve batting ctrl Ad manual batting Why opponnet team make run easily even wicket ball I make 150 runs but match rating dicrease why
Enjoyable but gets unrealistic after getting ten star rating in it how can you throw a ball a direct hit from the boundary just imagine that and when the hit is not perfect it affects our ratings batting also is boring and balling sucks catching I have got my hand at right position but it is saying dropped please fix these issues and try to make it more realistic the team is dependent on us only if we get out early the team gets a insane loss
Its a good game overall, but sometimes behaves just like actual cricket, all fixed and trying to make the other team win desperately. A very good combination of all the skills required in cricket and an interesting approach to it.
Nice game, really different from the rest of cricketing games. But you'll get bored after playing for some time
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It's very good I think childish too but when you reach at international level its becomes 100 times tougher than it's starting
This game has great potential. Being a cricket lover I can say there are many like me who would love to play the game but you have to update the cost of energy drinks and equipment as they are too costly.Please see to it.
The app keeps asking for permission to take personal information from my phone despite me refusing constantly. I got 7 requests in a span of 30 seconds. That's down right preposterous.
Very good story. Good gameplay. But I signed it with google, uninstalled , reinstalled and I lost all the data.Why don't you have backup option?
the game is awesome its just that the wage is too low and it sucks that we have to buy energy increase the wage and make energy increase free or atleast give us options to buy energy by watching ads improve it i most of us will give it 5 star
Consent Notice Reminder Pop up! Game is great but consent notice reminder popup is coming every 2 seconds, how am i even suppose to play
After second update the game performance went smooth but after couple of matches it agains lags too much...sad that new star football runs smooth but as for cricket it requires more updates patches to fix it.
Its the worst game I played in my life it gets stuck in middle poor control batting also if it is perfect touch also ball goes high and I became out worst 😡🤮
Wouldve given a five star rating but there is no concept of energy refilling automatically you always have to go and buy an NRG drink from the store
I dont want the "more personal experience" and would love it if you stop trying to trick me to click Accept a million times in a minute through that annoying popup. other than that, I absolutely love the game
well the problem is its so hard to get money plz give the option to watch an add to get money. i know there is but its not enough after watching an add u cant watch another one and the time taken is too long.. also plz reduce the money needed for buying nrg cans
I purchased the 360 bat and bat just broke like it was a normal bat no repair option nothing this game is disgusting
This game could not play later in save mode .i will played this game and next day I will restart to play this game.its could not responding .dont waste your time .dont download it frnds
I like this game very much.One of my favorite cricket games.Just one thing to add :Here we can be captain as well like we can be in new star soccer Plz add this feature in next update
It's an amazing game. The unique gameplay and additional features set it apart from most other cricket games, especially the fielding. I do have one honest feedback, I'd like more play time on field. I might face one ball in the entire innings at times and end up with a half century or maybe bowl just two deliveries or just get one fielding opportunity. I need more of the strike, more of the bowl, more of the field. I need to play more than I watch. Introducing ‘M.O.M’ too. That's all.
1)First you have to understand that Cricket is not like Soccer! International matches matters the most in soccer and we hardly play International cricket in this game! 2)The wage we are getting is low and the price of Nrg drinks is too high! 3)Also our energy level drops soo low that we have to buy Nrg drinks each and every game! Hope you Understand and make betterment for the game.
Keeps crashing midway in a match! Pretty disappointing ... Apart from that overall experience was fair!
What this is? I never played this game before it is even worse than stick cricket and many more when i played this in i enjoyed it when I played this it was even worse no international team,20-20 whatever this is the worst cricket game , if anyone say this is good game thos wo say are stupid
Great game for career builders. But a player can easily win all the matches and also play the same match until he is satisfied if he restarts the game while playing that match. Does not store the current match status. Hope this bug is resolved.Moreover test matches must also be included in the game. Even making money is tough until we gain some experience in the game.
Casual aand very good infact better than those games which are 100s of mb. A really fun experience Great Work Done by the developers!!!
The wage is too low and we have to bug nrg drunks everytime. The energy does not get refilled over time.
Good storyline, plenty of leagues and levels, interesting gameplay. Cons: energy cans cost more than match fees. Batting strokes are not accurate
I used to say this game was dope but now I change my review and say this is an awesome game to play and all to try it......Best wishes.
Nice game but there's a lot to fix.... Full with bugs... Whenever I try to swipe the fielder to run towards the ball in the field, most of the time the player just Don't run... It stays in the same place... Needs a lot of updates, negotiations in the earnings and difficulties needed most... Hate the fielding part and sometimes the catching... Btw, how can a baller balls outside the criss? 30-40% of the game needed changes including batting, balling, fielding....
Great game .... I am in 110 star rating but the game never show me option to play a test match .. how can i play a test match please reply
I was playing my 8th season and i was playing against England. Just then whenever i started the match , the game brings me to the home screen. Plz fix the bug
I played for 10 seasons, nationality and league both India. broke into the National team in my 3rd season but never played in any world cup. Why didn't the game generate a world cup? New star soccer always had international tournaments. Please fix this bug and also add T20 world Cup and champions trophy then I might increase my rating and re-download. As of now, app deleted and 1 star
Everything is great except the running controls. Swiping , really? They make me throw my phone on the wall
Game gets pretty one dimensional once you olay over 6-7 seasons. You can practically win every match domestically and international. We need more features on the game . You should be able to choose whether you are batsmen or bowler or a wicket keeper . There are some insane things . Even if you get 5 wickets or score 150 runs and still not get star of the match award . Energy reduces at galactic levels lol. You would always need to buy energy drinks . Same boring lifestyle options.
The worst game ever in play store. It is worse than super Mario. If i make 200 runs I would still not get the star man award.do not download this game. you will regret. This game doesn't even deserves 1 star.
Its jus a waste .... More you expense less your income .... The bad moment while using energy... If we maintain energy then the game get lose. . the game only to make pay our liquid cash ... To get coin ...
Game don't work properly even energy should grow after some time but it remains same and you have to waste your coin's to refill your energy in batting even you hit in gap with power it gives a simple catch to keeper or bowler bowling also have problem even if ball is in green zone and spin on stumps it shows batsmen hitting six major problem is with fielding even if fielder Field's the bowl it takes time to throw it or sometime it throws randomly witch cause you penalty points.
Great game damaged by money making approach you bring in a player with great dyamics of game but there is no refill automatically for energy, you can either buy can for energy or you can train. powerups just work for 5 matches else buy them not happy with this
Could be better. Game kind of ends once you play an international match. After that everything is repetitive. Play a season, international series in between and stack up your stats. I expected lot more things after the player is selected for international. Big disappoinment is money!. Why we don't have a handsome contract with international boss?? We don't have world cup or any international tournament in that case. You just play tours that's it. Test cricket misses out.
Game is good but can be btter..The ball travels really slow n fielders are as fast as Usain bolt which is not realistic
why is this app asking for permissions and lots of personal data. Literally after every match this message popped up 4-5 times. very dissatisfied.
this game must improve little bit as some times we couldn't achieve what they asked us to do and when we are in good enough, 70 percent chance that team doesn't perform very well. you must simplify this game again to reach high level.
I am a huge New Star Soccer fan. But this game is a disappointment. It's difficult to hit the ball at the dead centre and sixes are very difficult that are aimed at forward direction as opposed to hitting sixes sideways, could have made the ground circular instead of highly oval shape which seems absurd.