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New Star Cricket

New Star Cricket for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Five Aces Publishing Ltd. located at Calder House Healey Road Ossett West Yorkshire WF5 8LN UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Generally,I think the game is good but when your running It would be so much better to tap instead of swipe.I have a big tablet so it's hard for me to run and when I do run I just get cought out immediately.Its very annoying and I hope you guys can fix it
Prices of energy drinks are too high. Especially when you often only regain 25 or 50 stamina after a match. Means you need to buy an energy drink after every game just to be ready for the next match. Energy drinks that cost more than the salary you earn. Then as a further kick in the teeth, if you don't train your skills then they decrease. This is easily the worst New Star game I've had the displeasure of playing. Major changes needed.
fix the ads..... unplayable. Remove Ogury or whatever really annoying l, you cant play 5 seconds without seeing an ad, it even opens adds ontop of ads?????
This game is made good, only problem is that energy drink prices gets higher and you can't afford when your fee per match is lower. I get around 280/match while drinks are 320 and will get higher when progressed.
I used to have this game and then I switched tablets and I didnt have google play. I forgot the name of the game and have lost it until now. It is a very relazing tense game and is so good for people that do do or dont like cricket. Also the gameplay is very simple but fun and epic. I honestly cant explain how good this game is.
Decent game but quickly increasing price of energy drinks is a cheap tactic to get you to spend real money. I've also got no energy and 0 coins (gambled it all to buy more energy lol) so I think I just can't play any more.
The game is very laggy and the controls are hard please update your graphics and make it like your baseball game and I will rate it 5 stars I promise
Absurd design decisions ruin what should be a good game. If you can't see the boundary rope (if it's off screen due to the camera angle), your shot aimed towards it will automatically score 0 runs even if hit well enough to score a 4 or 6. This is just... well, stupid. Cricket has a boundary around the entire pitch, not only one corner of it. Also, the running controls are very poor and imprecise, making running needlessly difficult. A shame, because most of the other controls are good.
It's a very frustrating game. For one thing, my team mates are always dropping catches after I bowl a great ball. But the opposition never drop it. I feel that it should be one rule for both, not one rule for one and another rule for something else. Secondly my stats are maximum and yet the game just seems to get harder and harder. Surely if my player is at the top of his game, it would be easier to hit sixes, not harder. Needless to say, I'll probably delete this game...
Good game very fun and addictive. Although my team didn't get promoted despite winning the league, a shame that it doesnt do promotions, takes some of satisfaction out.
I like the conceapt of the game i really love it but it is really hard to get enough bux to buy energy so instead of just buying it all the time you could change to like in NSS where the is a timer which refills the Energy in a certian time . This would make the game easier for new comers
While bowling the game lags just before hitting the stumps and the ball ends up being hit. Sometimes just before you catch the ball, the game lags and you end up missing the catch. And these days as you're batting, the game lags and then crashes every single time. It's a cool game and I really like it. But it randomly started developing faults.
The game uses the same forms of gameplay as other New Star games, but does not come across as being anywhere near as mature. There are some extremely frustrating aspects of the game, including hitting a great shot and getting no runs for it because the boundary isn't on screen. Even worse, you never know when attempting a run-out which direction the ball is travelling as you can't see it before you start running, meaning that you will often go in the wrong direction. A ridiculous oversight.
Good gameplay but costs alot to keep playing the game as you need a lot of 'drinks' to have the energy to keep playing matches/train and you regularly need to pay for these, even when you play well.
1. Seems to be developed by someone who hasn't ever played cricket 2. Scores, Runs - everything is so arbitrary and I am not sure what algorithmic logic was used, but it sucks! 3. "Boss isn't happy that the energy is low" - kidding me.. the minute game allows to earn more, prices go up disproportionately.. So you guys need to learn cricket, coding and economics.
I like this game. And its good but it has a few serious problems the devs need to fix. Firstly, throwing. Firstly the bowling. I seem to bowl, its going to just clip the stumps but before it does, the game lags, for just a millisecond then continues saying i have missed. This is unacceptable. Secondly, it needs a big finger mode. My fingers are larger than the ball on the screen when I'm batting making it hard to be accurate and it's prone to just decide I touched it in a different place.
Good...... But could be alot better. first of all the overall gameplay is fine I can't complain there, but this game only has england division 4 which after one season is boring knowing you can't transfer and work towards division 1 so it puts you off doing another season. Second you need to sort the energy drink system out, you have to choose skill or lifestyle they is no perfect balance you can't improve your skill and buy items because energy drinks and ridiculously overpriced. Very Pay to win
This is game is the best I spend hours playing this game its really addicting but please make more of this cricket games like the international type which could add bit more fun
the controls are a bit too much, and there's too much going on. Throwing/running is imprecise, bowling is too unresponsive, batting is poor. You cant see the boundary? then boohoo, zero for you. you want to put spin on the ball? tough, youre bowling the ball poorly and their team is getting a six. Then add in the cost of bits and pieces, and the reaction that if you dont score 200 and take 5 wickets, then you've had a bad game? it's an okay game, but severely let down by some of the mechanics.
Fun game but the computer so clearly and obviously cheats against you. I've never seen a game so blatant in how it stacks the deck against you. Fortunately you can just close the app and restart the match without issue.
I love this game it's great good controls one problem is after a while it gets a bit repetitive so new features would be cool like where you can try and cheat like taking steroids etc P.S please please make an American football game or/and a hurling game
Great game just didn't like how the nrg price kept exceeding, and I think out of the screen shots should be a single. Thanks!!
Really an all-around GREAT cricket game. Play this game for hours and it seems to always keep me challenged.
I. Love. This. Game. Best blend of playing-oriented and player-dev-oriented I've encountered. Mechanics are intuitive to learn and develop; challenge level as well varies in a very realistic manner. A terrific sports game. I also *very much enough to withhold a star* would love to have a casual (non-career) mode to just play because you already have the (excellent) code, cricket is fun, and *I love this game.*
There is an issue with gameplay. When you spin, it sometimes throws the ball so I recommend an option in settings to be able to have a button to press to throw after you spin to avoid that. It would also be cool to be able to do missions to win more energy drinks.
Started the game and thought I should upgrade my batting skill and... I did the first level 3 star, second level 3 star and then bang! Ran out of energy. I only batted 2 balls and I ran out of energy. This is worst than real life. Then I remembered the reason why I uninstalled the game, there is a constant need for energy to play and you must buy the energy which leaves you with nothing to buy something else
Most mechanics are good, but I have a few problems such as the moment you get out your team suddenly all gets out as well. Also a lot of the prices are ridiculous in the lifestyle section and the NRG drinks should stay the same price. Other then that an overall great game.
One of my favourite games. Love this game, and have done for years. Easy to play, doesn't take up much time if you want a quick break game, or can be played for long periods if you wish.
Would have got a higher score but now my game is ruined by a pop up screen from Oglury or something that will not let me play. Not happy as I have played for many days and am now in division 1 almost fully skilled. I see from other reviews this is a regular occurence beware!!
the game itself is okay, but cricket is a team sport, your expected to be a opening batsman and top bowler, if you don't score centuries and 5 wicket goals the team loses. not very realistic.
The game starts off well enough, but as you progress your player doesn't seem to actually get any better whilst the opposition improves dramatically. The controls are very difficult. Not as good as New Star Soccer.
nuinely the best New Star game there is. I love cricket and they've managed to create a very enjoyable game with plenty of variety in gameplay.
Fundamentals are decent, but the game isn't very responsive and often lags on input, which are often crucial times. Micro transactions, while never really shoved in your face, are often necessary as energy is a scarce thing. Especially at the low levels, you feel very clunky, like a tractor playing cricket, which can cost you your match rating or even wicket when running. The bowling is also ridiculous, as you end up being forced to spin balls outside of the wicket that somehow smash middle stump
wheres my purchases gone i want them back ,2.99 trainer snd big bux 2.99. im going to inform google play if this isnt sorted now today !!!!! also wheres my sponsors and all my other stuff
The game is fun, I haven't gotten far enough to see if you have to pay for more energy or if it regens quick. Before I can get there, I've had to uninstall because there's a notification about 3rd party data usage and if you try to opt out, the game crashes.
This is a quite simply a pay to play game. If you don't pay, you have very low "energy" and get sent deep when fielding, and dropped down the order when batting, meaning you rarely get to do anything. There are occasions when you can watch adverts to boost your "energy", but don't botter because it doesn't work... you watch a 30 second video, but dont actually get give. your primised reward. This game is a shameless money dip, and frankly the developers should be ashamed.
I don't know the first thing about cricket, but gave this game a shot based on absolutely loving the New Star Soccer game. I don't know much about soccer either, but both of these games are very playable and really fun without being overwhelming with details. That doesn't mean that the games aren't immersive. They have plenty to keep your interest. Truly enjoy the unique approach of these 2 games and the similar baseball one. Glad they are all still being supported and updated. Love the gameplay
Ads ads ads! Want enough energy to play a match? Watch an ad! Just finished a match? Have an ad! Navigating the menu? Better have an ad... This is nearly an amazing game. If only the devs hadn't gotten so greedy... It's ruined by the level of pay to win and the number of ads
Great game, but adds have returned! I got rid of adds a while back and all of a sudden they've returned. I can't restore any previous purchase and I'm not paying for them to be removed again!
Big fan of New star soccer so I knew I'd enjoy this, however I have a few issues. Firstly, fielding the ball to the wickets is too difficult as you often find there is no wicketkeeper guarding the stumps, and you have to launch a ball directly at the wickets from a mile away while the runner is a metre away to the wickets by the time you reach the ball. Secondly, the casino odds are rigged. Impossible to make money on blackjack, every time I get 21 the dealer gets blackjack. Should be illegal...
The game can be fun and all but there are a some stuff that not right. Like if you fail to take the last wicket the team wins. The team was liek 151/9 chasing 232 and chase it. The other problem is that if you just miss click the middle of the ball while batting you can be caught and why if you just time the ball where you can't see it anymore just a few meters away its a dot ball but hou time the ball really well
I dont mind the adverts but the only way to not accept cookies is to close the app after each game as there is no way to exit the choice. Very poor
Absolutely love this game, and love the obsolete teams (being from horowhenua.) One strange thing I noticed is that, even right up to international players always wear white pads and a blue helmet even with coulored clothing! It would be cool to get that sort of thing. But great game thanks! 😁
played a few enjoyable games but then the app kept crashing because i tried to opt out of the data collection by Ogury. No choice but to uninstall.
if you clobber the ball but you can't see the boundary slightly that doesn't there is a fielder on the boundary every time it is always no runs no runs no runs yet the bot team always gets a boundary just fix your trash game it's nothing like cricket
Don't understand a cricket game that if you hit it perfectly you get no runs because the boundary is not visible on screen. You have to try and hit it badly. Madness! Fielding near edge of screen impossible. Could be so good if someone who played cricket helped to develop it.
It's not a bad game and most aspects of it work well BUT if you have a match where you end having lots of fielding to do , well fielding is almost impossible unless the ball comes to you !! .. no matter how hard you try the fielding score always let's down your overall scoring ..
I understand the need for ads but ones that are slow to load and need to be closed twice after every game is too much and runs the experience of an otherwise decent game.
Has potential, but currently far too much is expected of you - if you don't score a century and take 4+ wickets then the team seems to flop and lose. Then all the money you earn needs to be spent on energy cans, or you get dropped despite clearly being the star player. New Star Soccer managed the balance much more effectively than this.
Have never had to pay to win on this game to be honest. In game Im 49 years old (about 70hours of gameplay), 32 years into the career 14x world player of the year 3 x world cup winner. Anyone that has said this game is difficult hasn't been smart enough with there energy usage... it's a simple concept and obviously it helps if you dont mind putting the hours into the game but genuinely not a difficult game just an easy pastime
Signed with a club and played my first two matches and now cant get anywhere because of this CONSTANT bombardment of dialogs trying to get me to accept Ogury so that they can use my personal data cant even go to the next menu because I get about 10 in a row
Fun at first but then if in one match you do not do good you are placed down in the batting order and you can't score 100s any more and then it's not any fun more.
Good game but there's no point in playing if you do badly and don't get to bar for a bit and because of that I haven't batted in like 8 times in a row
it starts off quite fun. but the fielding is atrocious and running between the wickets is worse. bowling can be awkward and the game decider is a bit like a coin flip and relies on virtually no play ability. has some nice game features but could do with assize improvement!
Awful. Why is there a character creation? This is just a random jumble of cricket aspects, Not a game. I honestly don't see why its popular. I would never spend money on this.
Great on the whole, but some annoying design decisions - I understand why knocking the ball off screen can't score a boundary, as it'd be too easy, but why can't I run while it's still on screen? Super annoying watching my guy stand still for 10 seconds as the ball *just* trickles off the screen and gets picked up.
Good game but have a serious issue with the ads - whenever it comes to an ad it infinitely loads and never plays so I have to restart the app. Serious bug.
the only problem is that if you bowl 3 times, and give up 0 points, it still gives you a negative rating. Yeah, it's not a wicket, but still no runs
The amount you need to pay for energy cans keeps rising and it becomes increasingly harder to afford the energy and to keep playing in the top divisions, please make it easier to get coins and fix the fact that the price of the cans increase
not bad but it gives you just enough to tick over without spending money. Big bug is that it has stopped increasing my energy for watching the video ads
good concept and plays well, just wish you could choose your bowling style as trying to spin the ball sometimes doesn't work
Great game! Really fun to play with great replay ability. My only complaints are: occasionally the game gives you a fielding moment (bowling, catching, running you name it) which is literally impossible to get the wicket from so it counts against you. Also BE WARNED the top stuff (agents and bat's) are all PAY TO WIN with actual money. There is no other way to get the top items than to pay real money for them. But otherwise its a good game, keeps you playing and changes everytime
I get about 10 seconds into a game and the app dies. Every single time. Used to like this game, would have given 4 stars but ruined!
Enjoyed it for a little while but then you realise that to get anywhere, you need to spend a lot of cash. There are too many annoying bugs to justify me parting with the regular amounts of cash require to progress. The batting and throwing sections of the game are genuinely awful (a slight miss hit? caught by the bowler), bowling is a lottery and the catching is too easy. I couldn't find enough here to sustain me longer than a season. feels like an unfinished product
The game is exceptional, but i gave it four stars because even though it is a great game it still needs improving.
experience is amazing but there is only one problem when the chances the horses win so I pick the best one and it always looses is there anyway I can get my 25000 coins back
Just so incredibly disappointing, they have pulled together some interesting mechanics but have then built in so many unfair elements to try and force you into paying real money. I'm a massive fan of NS Soccer, its upsetting that the developers have just got greedy with a follow up, I'll be sticking to Stick Cricket for my cricket fix
Fun game but needs improvements. Maybe a Test Cricket mode, it wouldn't take much to implement and its absence is glaring. On top of this as others have said there are some glaringly frustrating things during the gameplay. The fact that you don't score a boundary because it is out of the camera screen is really annoying. The other majorly annoying part is the fielding concept, you aren't given any idea which way the ball is moving before you run and the game punishes you harshly.
Amazing game. Pros - The game is very unique and addicting, Offline. Cons - you are only allowed to play in division 4.