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Never Ending Dungeon: Clicker

Never Ending Dungeon: Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Creative Mobile Games located at Pärnu mnt 139a 11317 Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Only 3 star bc after you reach lvl 50 and almoust maxed your items you can't kill bosses than are hoger lvl than you. So itt's annoying staying in one place doing nothing. And also im playing much more less, bc its nothingto do.
I've only been playing a couple of days. But so far it's very good. Simple to learn, yet complex enough to keep me interested. Well done
Played as a dwarf for about ten minutes and had to restart every time something new happened. I will uninstall it after this review.
I've never really been interested in mobile idle games until I found this one. Love relaxing fun games, especially when an RPG is involved. Fantastic work developers. Looking forward to what more you might have coming - especially more character classes and/or weapon/armor selections! Keep up the awesome work! Thank you.
It's decent but I uninstalled it because there wasn't enough to do after upgrading skills and armor. Pace it too slow leveling. Devs take a look at Ulala to get an idea of how to create ways to keep your game interesting.
Game is broken. Do not play. Game crashes always in every device, sometimes can play 1min sometimes 5min, always freezes and cant do anything.
Game looked cool. Downloaded to try it out. Killed the 3rd boss then the game froze at loading sound. I force kill the app and reloaded game. Same thing happened. Did this 4 times. Same result. Giving up on it. Like people commented about the game freezing. Yeah it's happening. Not worth trying. Good luck.
Doesnt do offline mode but maybe half the time...ill close it down and come back later and nothing ..no exp no gold accumlated ...kinda like i paused the game
Im rating this a 3 star right now due to my character is constantly getting stuck in the middle of a floor. They will stop moving and shooting and no enemies are coming. This happens each floor. I have to close out the app and reopen to restart the floor in order to get unstuck and then it happens on the next floor. I hope this gets resolved soon.
Fun game but has the major issue that every 4 minutes or so the hero will stop walking, no enemies come, no fighting happens, and you are forced to restart the app. This needs fixing fast as it makes the game unplayable. When this is fixed I'll gladly give 4 stars as it IS a fun game I enjoy.
Game that you can play and just set your phone down and let it play for you... P.S. if the game's going to play for you then why not add something like materials that get gathered while it plays that way when you get on you can have something to do like build weapons or armor!!!
Bought the dragon, Twice, still worthless. Price does not justify its lack of functionality. Game is repetitive, very bored with it other than just collecting materials, exp and GP. Also you have to login every hour for the idle feature to work. Not exactly an idle game with, very limited idle progression.
Its on auto, cant see a settings button to turn auto off, rather pointless watching the game not playing it.
Its ok for a few days but everything there is to do in this game outside of arena which needs to have its difficulty increased. All you do is clear the same floor boss from grinding floors in the portal and in the maze so its like the devs just had a short budget and didnt create very much content for the game. The final area you open is the tower and its a very uninteresting variation of the default grind with rewards that leave you not caring if you do it or not. Has potential but needs work
Constant notifications. Overnight you can expect 3-4 notifications. It's just insane. I could turn them off but the fact that the developer thinks this is okay means I am just uninstalling the app.
This is a good example of autoplay. Its still engaging and youre not just watching. Id like to be able to see all enemies health bar in the area. Also being able to pull the camera back a little would be nice.
Game was fun until after beating the 3rd boss. Then it just froze while trying to load next area. Tried killing the app several times and it just does the same thing. I'll come back once the game is fixed.
It isn't idle. The character only continues running around for a an hour if you close the app. And where the heck is the NECROMANCER?
Game started out pretty good. Then as i kept playing i noticed the character would just stop. Then i would have to restart the app. Happened 4 times in a 30 min period so i said screw it. I regret buying the dragon as i learned it was not shared between characters.
I enjoy the game. Its a good time waster and I mainly play it when I'm busy doing something since it doesn't require all of your attention. Still trying to figure out how to get the necromancer though.
Too many screen freeze glitches, bosses glitch and suddenly one shot when they can barely do 300 damage to me. Can't enter arena, not loading. Fix your game, jesus. Worst enough you gotta pay to get orange legendary tier.
The game is ok but the should be a way of getting blue diamonds or whatever they are because it's a pay to win kinda game and can get expensive..
It's a good game, but it locks up my phone even when it's all that's running, so I had to uninstall it for now.
They fixed the freezing and the game is working fine now! Its a cool little game, fun to pass the time.
I kinda like the game but there is a bug with the archer he is glitching when he jumps or I dont know I have to relog or close the game to start again and that is making me mad .....
Can't idle when there are no enemies to fight...the game requires a reboot every minute to actually refresh the dungeon
I played it out and made sure i got to lvl 30 before i made any judgement on it. It has potential to be a great game but the arena is a joke like seriously try it once its stupid af. The crafting is useless you get better items from market with gold or FREE GEMS. The tower is stupid making you run around the cave killing 16-20 weak mobs just to move to next lvl you end up wasting most of the 30 seconds your given AUTO RUNNING TO THE MOBs or getting stuck running in a corner. Not to mention other
vary easy, fun, and surprisingly addicting game. I asume necromancer is coming soon, cause i can see his slot but cant select him. Cant wait for necro. good job guys. P.S is necromancer will be added at later time or he is available, just need to unluck him?
I would like to thank the Developers responding to my post. I've been playing the game and it's great the loading issues that I was having seem to be fixed I think you guys have a great game keep up the good work!!!!!
The game has great promise much like torchlight and very original with great hopes for more improvements to the games over all character layout and to the game play of the npc, will hoping for increased skill slots will in combat
Game keep freeze after 3rd bos...at loading sounds...please fix it GM ...thx for your response...i hope game patch will be available soon...cause i can't wait to play again.....it is like diablo but with auto...great game, great graphic,..
Game is good, camera may need a bit of work can't see character unless I swipe screen. Otherwise a time killer yes.
Tons of potential. The bosses are too hard and the levels are too short and too easy. They need major rebalancing! PVP is too easy or too hard (short win or lose) so WHATEVER factors they are using, unless you are EXTREMELY close to the same power as someone the PVP battles do not rely on skills. Everything seems exponential, when each level should be a slow progression. My take. Still fun.
You only got that much because the game has awesome potential if it didn't freeze every 5 minutes or so , sometimes 30 seconds into gameplay
making this 5 star rating cause that guys rating saying it's not an idle game if the offline timer caps out is stupid af because there isn't an idle game in existence that doesn't have an offline cap. what do you want to come back to the game in a year and a half and be the best player or something? dip stick.
Killed level 3 boss with dwarf, game won't load next level. Started the elf. Cleared level 3 boss and it won't load fully anymore on either character. Kind off pointless if you can't get through the tutorial levels due to a loading error.
The game is fun and original. The devs have been responsive and solved a technical issue quickly. A couple of tweaks I would suggest are to make the offline rewards appear faster once the game is opened. Currently it takes a minute or more which makes me wonder if they will show up at all every time I open the game. The other thing is to give the player something to do before level 20. Watching the hero auto run around with minimal interaction for 20 levels gets boring.
Good looking game, fun yet hard (very fast and zoomed in) to smash all the surroundings for extra gold. BUT my character constantly stops running mid dungeon or won't proceed in a dungeon even to the boss leaving me stuck. Can't beat the boss if I can't keep running to get better gear/lvls. Gave up at lvl 9. Store wouldn't refresh via ad, just very buggy. Samsung Note 10+.
The game is beautiful. Layout is very user friendly. The offer for the dragon for a buck is my kind of offer. A lot of game decks go too big with their first offers imo. This was perfect. Still more to explore... Will update review later.
Game play is good for idle and I even purchase the set but the one star is for the data syncing. It don't sync when I'm playing on phone and in blue stack, which is a downside
Game is good, f2p friendly as far as I could tell, BUT you really don't have much to do. It takes days to progress a little bit, really tiny progress, ALREADY AT THE FIRST DAY OF PLAYING. Really, what? Uninstalling
Seems like it could be a fun game but the further into the dungeon I get the more lag I get. I cant even use the abilities cuz the buttons don't activate til like 6 seconds later and by then I have to heal cuz I'm almost dead from not being able to use my abilities in the first place. Makes the game impossible to play
Monsters stop spawning halfway through levels (specifically level 10)...please fix and I'll 5* the game. I'm having a lot of fun, but having to close the game and reenter over and over kills the mood.
It is supposed to be an idle game. I close the game and come back 2 days later, the character only up 1 level. From level 10 to level 11. 3 stars for now.
Same loading sounds issue here. Was liking the game too. (Elf) Lvl 6 after the boss. Same same. Samsung S10, Android 10, kernel 4.14.117, build ending *DTF6. Fix the bug and ill revise my review. Revised to 5. Good job guys 👍
guys i love this game, im waiting for an update maybe you can include an assassin or bersekers also pls include a skill slot changer so it wouldnt be too tire some to change skills during boss fight maybe like a sliding switch before figjting boss levels like slot 1 & sloth to swipe command to easily change it during before boss fighr or during farming then pls add ambush settings so that we really need to change slot for a quick access
Ah game needs alot of balance. Like im lvl 15 and I cannot beat a lvl 9 rat. Even with good gear. I smell a greedy Developer making a very underpowered character so you have to buy gear and pets. I dont do PTW, 1 star with a side of unistalled.
It's a fun cartoon adventure, Good for the casual player to build up at your leisure with customization.
I just don't understand what we are aiming for..it takes an eternity to level up so becomes quite tedious. Not enough to do between roaming the same dungeon for ever.
Its ok for a mobile game. Endless crawler good to turn brain off while on a bus. You don't move the character it just walks and you press skill buttons. However, the game very regularly gets stuck. The character stops walking and you have to restart the game. When I say regularly I mean it does this every 5mins ish. Really annoying..... (I'm using an S20 FE)
I saw a review regarding the game freezing after the defeating the third boss. You answered it that it was fixed but apparently it still isn't. I created both characters thinking that the bug might be working only to the archer but it also happened to the other one. Please fix it. This is a good game but I cannot give it a high star due to this.
Game is working great, got past the 3rd boss just fine. Looking forward to see what this game has to offer!
Definitely got potential with Quality of life and UI/Info improvements, for instance would be nice to have a info button to show how long till next level and current xp/gold gains in auto fight rather than having to reopen to see the info flash again. Reminds me of ezpz rpg which I played for years before it shut down so intend to do so with this game too
It doesn't load. It's stuck on the loading screen for who knows how many minutes. I mean I've tried turning off my Internet connection to see if that's the problem, but still stuck. Other games that require Internet connection says that it requires it if you turn it off. But this game does nothing. I've restarted it many times. And still stuck.
After the tutorial the game cannot load I literally removed 3 games worth of space uninstalled reinstalled and tried to make a new start nothing explains only 100k playing plus the grossing amount of people complaining about it not starting don't waste your time was a great game devs had a small issue to fix they left the game hasn't changed jul 15 2020 -unhappy customer 😂
Amazing IDLE RPG with good graphics, play for you when your offline, bug free, PvP rank and challenging bosses. I just supported the developers by buying the Anicent Dragon and Ancient Dragon Sale. Please and thank you so much developers continue to make new updates in the future.