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Nerdy Girl 2! High School Life & Love Story Games

Nerdy Girl 2! High School Life & Love Story Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Beauty Salon Games located at 2254 Still Street Scott NY 12345 US. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a super cool app,.i just downloaded it at 27th November which is today and i already finished level 5, you should try it, even though there is adds it is only like q sec, you all should really try it it is the best even though I can't say it. This is the best app i have ever played
I loved it and now I hate it. It won't let me draw on the lips on the side it's really annoying please make it smaller somehow so that I can actually get passed that part πŸ˜’
I think this game is so very cool but I don't now if all of the kids like this game but yes it's still good for me but I look something here it's love story sometimes it bad for 2,3,4 cuase that it's love story that I think it was good for 5,6,7,8,9or10 that's good.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰β™₯️β™₯️❀️❀️πŸ₯ΆπŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±
I love this game but at the first level the shade eyebrows thingy it very hard especially the right one pls improve it
In the start it's good but when i complete level 2 and I will proceed to level 3. The level 3 cannot access. I need to pay $700,000 to unlock ☹︎
Its an enjoyable game but the makeup is honestly scary and ugly paying to get to the next level? I dont understand why people pay for a game that they will only play once and adds are annoying but i would rather watch an add then pay its a small amount of money you do pay but its not worth it i despise every single person who wastes there money enjoyable game but its not worth it so you might as well edit the game so you get a couple levels for free so people actually know if its worth goodbye..
This story is horrible! Teaching young girls that you have to change yourself for others! What's wrong with glasses, braces, and FRECKLES?! FRECKLES ARE ADORABLE! Why couldn't you have made it so hannah realizes in the end that she didn't need to change, and should love herself. This game is a horrible story with a toxic message! Everyone is beautiful just the way they are, and to even suggest otherwise is ignorant, evil, and honestly stupid. You are lucky I can't yell at you in person 😑😑😑😑
It was fun for a little bit, but on level three I can't drag the lip liner as far as I need to because the game extends too far beyond my screen, so I can't finish the level.
This game is so much fun . People that only pay attention to the adds you are not fun you only care about the adds. BY HHAILEY WILSON 10 YEAR OLD
Bad! Only 5 levels please make it like 870 levels cause there only a bit and i finished all the levels in one day!
It only finishes at level 5 and im still waiting for it but its a really nicw game i like how she becomes beautiful at the end so i give it 3
Awesome!! It is so 😎 cool! You did an amazing job... I can't even find the right words to describe it.πŸ˜‚ That's how good it is!✨ Download the app today! Merry Christmas β›„πŸŽ„!! Happy Holidays!πŸ˜‹ Stay safe away from Covid-19!😷🌈
I can't even do the lip liner on liner on level three It literally won't let me because my screen ends and if I move my finger further, the lip liner drops
I didn't totally like how I was supposed to put the lipstick while the pencil liner was tilted I reached the end of the screen and I had not yet finished putting it so please check on it thank you
This is fun but the lip one is hard so l give it a 4 and and on the other part is hard the eye brow is hard so l give that one a 3 so can you fix it if you can that's sad πŸ˜­πŸ€—
I love love love the game❀❀❀❀ i dont mind how you have to watch a video to get to the next level its amazing i love how you have to dress her up and make her nkt a nerd thank you for creating thjs game.
Slow to many ads and bad game story makes girls insecure and think they have to change for guys to like them.
this game is trash i mean like this game is basically telling girls that u have to change for a boy! Which nobody should change for anybody be yourself! Besides there are so many ads its hard to play without tapping it by mistake. Also you have to pay for like a million things. Im deleting it right now this game is my worst night mare.
It's a good game but the level where you have to do the lips with the lip filler is impossible, there is no space on the right for me to finish the lips. But it's a good game πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
On the second level of the game it showed that you have to buy something before you start and I hate when games do that so I will not play until you fix that and if you don't in one month then I will uninstall the game .ok im back and I don't see any updates
this is a decent game but i dislike how this is basicly teaching girls that to be with your crush, you have to be a cheerleader and having as much makeup as a clown. we are all pretty without makeup. apart from that, this is a good game apart from all the ads that pop up every 2 minutes.
No just no. Children shouldn't be influenced by this. I mean, this is very BAD. Also the levels make it seem as if girls have to change themselves for some boy. Lastly and briefly, a girl doesn't have to Bea cheerleader to get asked out PERIOD. Please fix this game. It is a bug. Thank you! :) <3
It was bad! You have to pay real money to get to the next level then it said I can watch ads and then I press it.. it says there is no ads available..! Please fix it because you have to pay real money
I hate this game, it deserves 0 star, I couldn't even play level 2, I wish i never downloaded this game ,I hate beauty salon games
Sorry to say this , but i really dont like it.You cannot go to level two without watching ads , and its kind a confusing for me to play it.Thats all , maybe this game wasnt just for me , thank you
I thought it was offline??? Then why do you have to pay to play more of them??? Who would spend a money by a single app??? And if you watch an add they would say 'failed to play an add' duuhhh stupid app!!!!!
Its not a cool game i thought this would help me lose weight because of the inspiration in level 1 buti in level 3 its worst level it gave me anger u can't even touch the edge in lips
I really like this game but I wish it was longer then like 10 minutes. but the roleplay us pretty fun to do they need to make more or make it longer.
Okay, the graphic is alright and nice. But there are so many ads and pay for next step. When the girl changes for the guy, I was expecting something better at the end only to recieve a "yes". I know this game is not to be taken seriously (hopefully) but I don't prefer this. Your Secret High School Vampire is much better. My opinion.
No way to turn off irritating, repetitive music. Deleted before even played it like I do with every other app that doesn't have the option to turn off music!!!
This game is useless When you come to level 3 the mouth partπŸ˜’I cannot even get some space to finish the lip liner it's useless-!! 😑😠
I love this game . Very very interesting game . But,there are only 5 levels!!! Pls add somemore levels
I really liked your game the graphics were good but the reason I didn't give it a five is because the nerdy girl had to change for a boy and I don't think it's a good example for insecure kids out there
I like the game but level 3 is killing me my hair is turning gray because of the stress please fix the game and I take back what I said earlier the game is absolutely ridiculous ,horrible and stupid next time I play this game I,m deleting it and please make a change with the lip liner now look my hair done turning gray.
This not cool .the level where you have to do the lips there's no space for me to finish on the right:(please fix it it's a good game but not with it like that.Please see this fix it cuz I been on that level for about I don't know! This time it didnt work at all,I think its fir tablets only.i will never play again I always wanted to finish that part..this time,me and my brother tried and tried ,I give up I dont wanna play anymore.if you want me to play it and give u a 5 star then change it
0 star becase i was able to play the last two levels and you have to play like 5 doller for all the levels dont play it
I love it but the ads are too much and that the levels end at 6 or 5 next time try fix it then will give you five stars
I am kind of mad from this game.... first of all the the game was lagging a little bit and second of all i coudn't even play level 2 because it asked to pay for it and so i had to uninstall it πŸ˜‘β˜Ή
It sucked. I was unable to fulfill the requirements because the way they set it up wasn't adequate. When they needed you to unlined the lips the pencil wouldn't even reach the edge. The game wasn't set up very good at all. I would highly suggest that no one download this game because it brings out your inner anger issues. If they make it to where you can't pass a level without meeting requirements then they should make the requirements able to be met. This game is actual trash. Please stay away!
I really like this game bc u can do slots and I thing I don't like is it's a love story and the parents wouldn't like there kids playing some loves story games
I liked this game. For, like, 6 mins. After that I had finished all the levels and I wanted more but there was none 😭! Please add more levels so I can see Scott taking Hannah out on a date or kissing her or something. I am going to uninstall this game, but if you guys make more levels I am so reinstalling it! Please fix it!
No glitches to be had, I think, but you need to consider the message you are sending. Cheerleading is actually extremely hard work, and it is going to take a lot more than the three months of cheer camp to lose the poundage you are implying she loses in Chapter 1, and what exactly does Scott have to offer her to make him attractive to a "nerdy" girl in the first place? It's a really nice base, but I think you have a lot of story to expand on before you ask if we are loving Hannah's story.
I like the game but the ads are so annoying 😑😑 ugh I hated the ads so much 😑😑😑but i still give it 5 stars
It's was ok but there was so many ads u had to get an add before going to the next level and after a level it was so boring and an awful message to other girls don't change your self for ur crush I HATED IT WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE!!! $
it's such a stupid game and it doesn't even load for me. I sat there for an hour wasting my battery and all it said was beauty salon games with a tune a bit like panic at the disco high hopes DON'T DOWNLOAD PEPPA PIG IS BETTER THAN THIS also you don't have to change what you look like for some stupid boy (be who you wanna be be proud) kinda got that from IT chapter 2
OMG i am UPSESED with thIs game πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜— (but they could add more leveles like they could add levels that she moves in to colage or something likr that) but i am stiil UPSESED
The game hang every ten second . Always have to watch adds to unlock every level. Very boring game , so only one star .
It was good but we could have did more level and I hope there will be more games like this this game what's so fun I hope you guys would make more exactly like the same thing but just with the little bit more levels please try to make the next one with more numbers besides that the game was awesome
First it takes so long to do stuff but it's a fun game but when you get to MAKEUP I did lipstick stick so I had to do lip liner first and it was not letting me do the one side one I think you should let the game rotate cause what if your phone size is small how you gonna do lipstick hope you like it
if you need a great time on a game and Love at the same .time this. is the only way to go forward for your response however the game have tooo meny. ads for a game this Small for meh and i need no more ads
I like this app so much but. The chapter 3 makeup is so hard! Like if your draw the lips and its so hard :( please fix this bug!! Well thats why I gaved it 3 stars. Well imma play roblox 😁 well I hope chapter 3 gets fixed soon!! Tell meh if it done UwU
I'm giving it one star because it only gives you one level free and if you press the ad button it won't work!
I like it but I don't like that it have the same add or you have to do a add every time you want to try to get on the level
i think this game is pretty bad example for children, its pretty much saying you have to have makeup and be pretty and skiny when you are already pretty, the braces part! like seriously, a child can copy this. honestly, these games are gettimg worse and worse, i was watching my little aister play this and i immediately deleted it.
Its a really good game i play it every day once i get back home for school i hope u make more games like this and if u do i'll make sure to give if 5 stars and give u feedback thanks for making this game i think its awsome 😁 but u do have 2 watch alot of ads πŸ˜‚
When you put the makeup on (I think its level 3) the lipliner won't go on the right corner of her mouth! I have a smaller phone, but there should be a rotate feature if this happens (which it DID) so we can ACTUALLY CONTINUE the game 😑
On stage three i cant do the lip liner. The right side end is too far and it goes off my phone screen
This game is boring I mean I thought it would have been fun but I can't reach level to you I don't know what to do I would have given that zero-rating if I could
I hate this game.when i at level two i have to put a cream at the back and it dint even work please make it more smoth fix this gameπŸ˜‘πŸ€•