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NeonMergeDefence for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Merry realm located at Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 5 Canton Road, TST, KL, HK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I actually enjoy this game a lot, however the problem now is that it won't allow me to accept the terms and agreements after reading them. I may have to unfortunately uninstall the app. It is a shame really.
Okay... I played through the first 50 levels, and if you like an idle game, you might like this game. But, I got harassed by adds every 5 levels and a half dozen "Rate us" requests within 15 minutes... there's no need to use any of the ad-watching features, the game is simple. Towers don't even have a range, so the enemy pathing is a moot change when they do incorporate it. The ads are so intrusive and add nothing that I would play on airplane mode if I enjoyed a slow-paced, mindless timewaster.
Sooo much to do, maybe too much. This game is one of my favourite tower defense games. Purchasing the no ads is great because using the roulette and buffs doesn't require ads anymore after the purchase. I recommend purchasing no ads to everyone who also enjoys this game.
Before the last update progression and seeing how powerful you can get was great. but with this update and putting a level cap now makes this game not worth playing any more. spending weeks getting my level as high as possible made for nothing by a update. will no longer waste my time on this game I have to put at least one star but really give this game a zero star.
I was enjoying the game, but since the last update it is not working at all!!! What the hell did u do ?!?!
I like the game, it takes long time to grow. I want to see the code for roulette and add tower button; i dont thrust the randomness. IM STUCK AT HELL CHAPTER 7: I HAVE CLEARED FINALBOSS POISON, BUT I KEEPS SAYING 49/50
The good: This game has a fun concept and interesting graphics. The bad: I have just spun the golden roulette wheel four times and all four times I received the same crappy prize (the worst on the wheel ofc). Is there a way to get the better prizes? Also, the game becomes boring very quickly as there isn't much else to do other than click a button. Another addition is that you have to watch an ad for absolutely everything! Overall, it's just not my game.
Recent update has stopped game working completely. I now get to watch an add then nothing. Complete joke that is making cash from ads and not giving anything back. Waste of a decent game to amoe more money.
even though I play this game doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. There is one wee little problem. Boosts and auto merge is the only reason why I am giving it a four star. Both last 15 minutes and require ads. Those ads.The auto merge and the boosts have to last at least 30 minutes to make me tap on the 5th star. But I still love the game.πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ€©
Probably fun to play if you pay for no ads, but frankly it feels like you've got to choose between wasting your time watching ads, or playing a slow and fairly boring game. Unfortunately you failed to good me enough to warrant buying no ads, so I'd rather just not play.
I am not a fan of the latest update. The look of the icons for in game currencies and other graphics seems more basic and not as cool. The fact that you can't skip the after-level ads and that you can only have auto-merge on by watching an ad now just seems like a cash grab by the developer. I like the game, but I don't like that the developer seems to be getting greedy by shoving more ads in their users faces, so I'm not going to keep it.
Can you please remove the ad for merging or just extend the time for the meeting button I don't like the 15 minutes only after i watch a ad
Seeing the complaints about ads was already a turn off, but then... They require you to accept they send private data about you and there is no opt out πŸ˜† not going to happen. Installing was a mistake
A fun little time waster. I loved the music and how easy it was to play. I'm uninstalling though cause I don't like that I can't disable certain towers. Too many towers junks up your hex field and makes it really hard to level the towers you do have. So you waste a lot of gold on unecessary things. Pretty agitating.
Super fun tower defense mixed w/merge upgrade mechanics. Loved the different tower types and enjoyed the different game modes too. If you like TDs at all get this one!
I gave it a try but the reviews are right, if you play double speed expect to get 1 to 2 ads every minute, not including the banner ads. It's just unplayable, I could deal with it maybe if it was one every couple of bosses or something but its one every 5 waves, it just takes you out of the game and makes it not enjoyable at all
Auto merging was free, now an ad, and only lasts 15 min. Other boost always took ads to start but lasted 3 hours, now 15 min, and you often want to do all 4 (now 5 with auto merge needing ads), that is 2 min for 15min. Now the game will freeze between waves, needed the app to be restarted.
Really cool but need to do something for the ads availability. After 30 min, need to restart the game or it keeps saying no ads available.
It's a perpetual advertising machine! Look it's super pretty, simple, and can be fun. But it's also non-stop ads. You can't even play it more for than a few levels without another ad. It's impossible to play idle given you need to close the latest ad to prove you saw it. Even boosts which are needed are all ad based. The app is 1 giant ad on top of a half decent game.
I have completed stage mode chapter 3 but it won't progress me past says 29/30 even though I get the rewards for completion
Did love this app however the new update has left me unable to even play it, everytime you attempt to do anything it just crashes :(
I normally dont give reviews but this has bren bothering me. I would give it 5 stars, but I'm playing the "Lucky Roulett" mini game more than the game. It pops up every 10 to 20 seconds. Rewards are great. But if you are going to have it pop up this much, make it its own little button with a timer like the tower upgrade boosts
I like this but, but it sometimes pop up random videos to watch even if there is a lot of other rewards you can get by picking to watch a widio by yourself, but thankfully there not to many so it's just a minor anyones, I like the normal mode and the extra special modes to get your towers stronger. So much good things for a simple tower merge game
First off the ads are super intrusive for free players. You will quickly feel overwhelmed by them. Even for players having ads removed it feels like the bonus wheels pop up way too often and feel too mandatory, making actually playing the game feel less rewarding. Second, the game is WAY too slow. Even with x2 speed being constantly active your runs stretch into the 2-3 hour mark. I doubt x3 does much to change it but don't think putting any more money beyond removing the ads is worth it.
Had a great time playing before this new update. I feel the developers got to greedy. If you make the ads to much, people will stop playing because nobody want to keep watching 30sec of ad every 2 min. I dont watch a 10 min youtube video with 5 ads so why would I play a game with that many. Very disappointed smh
Gameplay is ok, if a bit derivative, when you can play it that is. You'll probably get at least two adverts before even being able to play anything, and then expect another 30 second advert every level or two. Game is ok, but not good enough to justify tolerating this quantity of advertising.
Advertisement Simulator. I immediately uninstalled when I found out that the tower levels you unlock via Random Box disappear when you rebirth. You keep the tower but not the levels that you may have spent 300 jewels to unlock. That's a pretty big slap in the face if people spent money for those. Thankfully I didnt.
Too many ads! Every time I clear a level and receive the blue tickets, they never appear. Probably a good 20 I've missed out on preventing me from getting any better attackers. I like the game but the problems outweigh the enjoyment.
It's a great time killer and fun game, but in all seriousness, I hate losing all the elixirs used when you scrap a high lvl. It's really stupid, all the time wasted to upgrade and only get back less than the spawn amount.
The towers will literally just sit there and watch them go by. Not reloading or anything, just will never shoot. For a tower defense game, this is worse than horrible. If I could give it negative stars, I would. Installed.
Fun experience idle merger strategy, too many ads. >4 β˜† if you fix. You have an ad banner, okay, you need to make money, I get it. You can watch ads for bonus items, agreed 100%. Spamming forced ads WHILE playing, not cool. Seemless controls, quite intuitive. I like the auto merge once I've made enough progress, that way I appreciate it more. This game eats a lot of battery power compared to others, check ad programming as it is the likely culrpit. Don't triple ding to make ad money...
Great tower defense game to just waste some time on. There are a lot of ads that play though and at $8.50 to remove them, that is the highest ad removal price I've ever seen. If the ad removal price was more along the lines of other games, it would be a solid 4 star.
I really enjoy this game, lots of fun, great way to waste time. I would have given it 5 stars but there's an issue... There are so many things you have to watch ads for... Boosting your towers, keys, doubling income and for the tower boost the perks only last 15min. Well the last couple days it has told me there are no ads to watch, which honestly, completely ruins the game.
To those who complain about legendary % and what not keep in mind. The only tower you really need to get to get started is the jewel thief. if you get that 1 you don't need to spend money on jewels cause all the jewels you can ever want can be mined by solely placing a bunch of jewel thief's and letting the game run for a few hrs or overnight if your me. Now stop complaining!!
Iv been playing for a while now and progress just started to pick up. I really enjoy the game but the issue is theres a lack of information at all stages. New enemy's come on and theres no information about them. New towers information isn't specific enough making the game a bit hard to understand and pick up
Honestly, I don't know which ad to write a review on! There were so many to choose fromπŸ˜€ oh and the game was a nice little touch... FYI... that was all sarcasm. This is such an ad filled app it is almost unplayable. A great game concept that is absolutely destroyed by ads. Time to delete and find something else
My only problem is that when an enemy is killed a bright flash goes off and there is no way to reduce or remove the flash. I see a lot of people complaining about adds and there are a lot but you can remove them by turning WiFi and mobile data off.
the game is great idk why everybody said this game is full of ads well the game is giving you an chance to get a prize if you watch it and if you didnt want the prize then dont click the prize , im not seeing too much ad because im only click on ads when i needed to and the game doesnt force you to do it. overall this game have quite an ads but this game is not some cheap made game either this game have solid mechanic and strategy so if you can the dev needs money so click the ad when you need
This game is great, but the ads are so many.... An ad appears when you spin a wheel for a reward (often), when the wheel is rolling, randomly when finishing a map, when you want the daily reward, when you wish to boost your power and lastly there is also an ad banner in the top at all times. They say they remove all ads if you make a purchase, but I'm afraid of trying it since I've been scammed by such mentions before. I really hate random pop-up ads.
this game has been updated several times since I started playing it. many of the earlier updates were fine, mostly just quality of life. recently, the updates have just made everything worse. things that were available for free before are now gated behind watching ads. the speed of the game has been cranked way down so even with x2 speed every level is very long. this game has really picked up on the "annoy you with ads until you pay them or stop playing" model.
The update earlier this morning completely broke progression in the game, significantly slowing down income after you close the game and reopen it. It's clear that testing prior to the rollout of the update was nonexistent, because the issues it causes are pretty impossible to miss.
Used to be a lot better. The game has become a lot more ad based. Features that used to be free now require you to keep watching ads to use. Features gained by watching ads are less beneficial than they were before. Comparing different towers more inconvenient than before. Overall, the only thing that seems to have improved is the developers desire for more revenue.
I'm seriously disappointed with the new update. They added more content, but good luck getting to it. They took a important feature, auto merge, and made it time based. So now, instead of spending 2k gold on towers as things combine for you, you spend maybe 40, merge for a minute, and spend 20 to get the tower you actually need only to have to merge and repeat. All of that was solved by auto merge. Oh also enjoy the slower game speed, so they can try and sell you the 3X speed item. 8 bucks.
This is a fun game...unfortunately playing the game only takes up about 10% of the time spent in the app - the other 90% being watching adverts. Endlessly, sometimes for rewards, sometimes just because. Honestly is just a horrible experience, the worst of modern mobile gaming excesses.
Onlynissue i have is the slowness of regular mode. And that any time i getba boost it freezes on me . Then i fully close n reopen i always get the bonus but thats what i have to to to keep playin. . Other than that love it .. great time killer
The new update made the ads you watch go from 4 hours to just 15 minutes and made something that wasn't part of the ad rewards that originally was just a apart of the settings. They did this to make more money, if they didn't milk ads it would get a 4 stars because it is a fun game.
The gameplay is extremely addictive and I want to keep playing and supporting this game but I won't play a game that tries to trick its users into accidental clicks with pop-up ads. That passive-aggressive copypasta response is bs because I'm not bothered by there being ads. I won't support devs who trick their users into ad revenue by putting popups on a tappy game where they know the ad will get accidentally tapped. Thanks for confirming you don't actually care about your users enough to respond honestly.
I'm out, I recycle all of my apps periodically. I like prestige, I like a base game, it have gotten an upgrade but I'm not going to stick around for 5 games because you guys want to ream us. Sorry, that might not be the case but if it is...grrrr. PS, the game seems to start strong and then slow to a halt. I was trying to give it a shot dude. I closed down, restarted, my phone. Had one app running, never happened until you guys messed with a good thing.
It used to be great and now my towers won't shoot and I done have my months of data for the game im angry change this please
My download is glitched. Whatever towers I buy just sit in the center not even placed. I have to drag from the huge pile and place them myself. Even then, I cant fuse anything. I cant buy any upgrades even with the 1.5 Mil I start with. And whenever I go into an "upgrade tower" or "tower info" screen, it freezes in and stays up even though I can press the buttons behind it. I've tried redownloading it twice, and the sams thing happens.
There are a few issues, when watching a add for the spin roulette thing, it doesn't give you the really good prizes... I've gotten a bunch of key rolls but haven't actually gotten them... I rolled 5 of the better keys (just now) but wasn't given it at all and I find this so dumb... Please fix this... And the continue/start a new one thing is also weird.. . spending a key to recreate the match or whatever should reset rewards too in my opinion as they are hard to come back and cost more as lvl up
The recent update (28th Aug 20) meant I lost all my progress and every single purchase, over Β£100 worth. Reported to dev on 29th. Reply saying that they will look into it. Since then I have heard NOTHING and not received any refunds. Do not play or you'll be ripped off like I was.
Decent game, but the 300 currency towers are a complete waste of time. You have the chance of getting towers you already have, which give you upgrades that aren't even close to permanent. They last for one reset, which is literally useless. Other than that it's a pretty fun game. Don't waste your time on those
The tower unlock is broken. it's this system that ruins this game. I've opened over 150 boxes and never seen a legendary at 1%, it seems too low and the epic tower is 10% In the last 20 I opened I didn't get a single one. And the pay to win option is never free to open and even if you did decide to buy them again this is 10% for legendary you would probably need to open over 20 of them for 1 legendary that's 60,000 gems or $200. So far from fair you should just walk away from this crime.
It used to be a really fun game. Rewards for watching ads were decent, definitely worth it. Then they "improved" the game by turning it into one big giant ad engine. Now it sucks. You have to spend an hour watching ads just to get any bonuses. Features that used to be free (auto merge), you now have to watch an ad just to get for 15 minutes. The duration of other ad-based bonuses was cut WAY down. I'm done. I'm out.
Loved this game until the new update. Auto merge is no longer free and watching an ad only gets you 15 minutes of a boost instead of the old 2hrs. Graphics are good. Also as soon as i watched the ad to get auto merge a second one popped up. Sorry but uninstalling.
One of my absolute favorites, I play quite a few of these games and this is definitely a great part of the rotation πŸ˜‰
This game is awesome it's just my first day and I'm enjoying it a lot awesome music too auto merge and more upgrades and u can be the king of this game how cool is that u can change the rank like a diamond rank bronze rank I just reccamond to plz play and download it it's litter awesome and there different modes!!! Don't miss this game out.
I love the game, but the game keeps on freezing so i saved my progress and uninstalled the game, then i reinstalled the game but my progress and purchases did not return and the game keeps on freezing again. Please fix it, i really love the game
I used to like this game. I recently saw ads for it, and thought why not? I enjoyed it last time. No, just no. The game is not even playing. None of the enemies are coming out, and I can't even merge the towers. Another problem? The towers don't spawn in the designated spots. They all spawn in a spot that doesn't even exist, and you can buy more towers than necessary because of this. I had a hard time selling them too. Just not worth it.
At one point in that not so distant past this was a fun game. There were shorter ads that popped up after some many levels auto merge wasn't locked behind watching ads boosts would be 4 hours for ad watched. The visual are okay but the fact that it costs $8.49 USD for forced ads to be stopped us shameful. I hardly write reviews so for me to make one now should tell you how much this game disappoints me.
Have you ever wanted to play a nice, polished, aesthetically pleasing, well designed game, about watching ads? This is it, this is the game about watching ads. Every 5 seconds a new ad plays in the top bar, a boost roulette pops up offering a major boost in exchange for an ad, or an invasive ad just pops up over the whole game, or you are asked to watch an ad to refill energy Ive experienced a full two minutes of gameplay now after playing the game for 30 minutes, do not download this
I played through chapter 1 to really give this game a chance because I normally enjoy tower defense games. Here's what I learned. 1. The music is a grinding mash of "dubstep" that's on a 30ish second loop 2. Don't merge your towers unless you don't have room for anymore. 2 level "x" towers do more than 1 "x+1" tower does. 3. An ad per minute is a great way to get players to leave 4. I don't like games with Invincible enemies 5. I need towers to shoot whatever is in front, not wherever they want
Last update broke my game. I can't play now. It won't load any of my stuff, just a blank UI. Please fix it.
Played to Chapter 4: 1) the enemies barely get any ground before they're killed. Idk if this is just bc my defense has a higher skill rate than the game predicted, but it would be nice if the enemies were harder to kill in future updates. 2) The reincarnation option isnt described well and having more info on that would be great. 3)not having to watch an ad just to have auto merge for 15 minutes would be much more enjoyable. 4) a setup that promotes better organization would be lovely :)
Game has been unplayable through the last five updates. Towers cannot merge or attack, nothing can be done except watching countless ads. Do not waste your time with this app.
If you love watching ads, you will love this game. Do you want a "free" daily reward? Watch an ad. Spin the wheel of chance? Watch an ad. Just beat a boss? Watch an ad. Like, I get that it's a free-to-play game, but try to tone it down a little. Or at least get a wider assortment of ads. I just watched the same ad for Facebook messenger at least 10 times, an app which has no need to advertise btw. On the plus side, the game does seem like it is truly free to play, at least money-wise.