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Neon Shadow: Cyberpunk 3D First Person Shooter

Neon Shadow: Cyberpunk 3D First Person Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by GameClub Inc. located at 12 East 49th Street, 11th Floor New York, NY 10017. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fix this game please i played the first level and the next gameclub subscription keeps on showing up please fix i love this game
Trash the controls are good and the story tland the multyplayrler to but now i have to pay money just to keep playing the game i don't wanna pay money to play such a simple game.
it a game were it is free and they hook you up, but then you have to "subcribe" and they wont let you get past level 3, you got one month free then you have to pay 10 dollars a month, clearly a pay to win game, has other games but i don't got the money to pay for some data.
Loved this game until gameclub got ahold of it. What was once a wonderful console-like experience on mobile for free is now a blatant money grab scam. Gameclub has ruined some of my favorite mobile games by talking great games that were once free and forcing us to pay an outrageous subscription fee to play anything more than a short demo. The greed of companies like gameclub is driving me and several people I know away from this industries products.
The worst game ever. Why do I have to pay subscription for everything. Before it was for free but now it sucks. Developers fix or else I will never install it and r commend it to my friends like I used to.
From the short level it lets you play it seems like a fun little game but not for $4.99 a month, especially if you're already paying that for Play.
Another great game ruined by greedy developers. I loved this game especially the offline with bots mode. But then they added a $8 subscription just to play the game that was free before. Literally nothing has changed other than the subscription. Congratulations developers, you just killed your game.
Hate it, it was fun earlier but now its pay to unlock full, so real bad, atleast could have kept story mode free or keep only skins,etc. For paid in multiplayer and singleplayer
The game is quite good to play and cool graffiti's.But my was surjection that they should improve the way a person controls the character.
Bought this game and I can't play it. The game is telling me to provide proof of purchase, never seen this scam before. Vote with yor wallet, please do not give these scumbags your money, we don't want to encourage this kind of unethical behaviour.
Remove your subscription model or ad a one time purchase option for accounts. This game was free originally.
can you pls add crouch button and jump button plss this game is the best 😊😊😊😊😊 no big no glitches 😍😍😍😍😍
I'm not paying for a subscription to something I've never heard of to play a free mobile game. It's a shame, I enjoyed this Neon Shadow.
A lot of the content is behind the paywall of a subscription, free to download but it's esentially a demo. Just let me play your game normally, without having to make an account and pay a subscrition. Very dumb decision, in my opinion, to do this kind of thing.
I used to play this game with my brother but now why do we need tokens to play the game and why do I need to put my email and you only have 5 minutes to play the game and this game is ruined now
Such an amazing game that I was to give it 5 stars. And also was to request a controller supported VR version of the game as it would look dope. I had made quite some progress in my previous phone. So I downloaded it on my new phone as well. But boy, I was surprised!!! THE GAME IS PAID NOW!!! Sorry Devs, I was playing it rn and just discovered that it's paid now!!! So I'm uninstalling it rn!!!
This game was perfect for LAN play year ago then it removed from playstore and now it's online multiplayer game in which u can't connect in LAN. ..... WHY??? Trying to figure out how to play multiplayer with friends and there also game wants to connect to browser page and there Page is not available.
Neon Shadow is an enjoyable first person shooter, perfect for a phone. The graphics are decent and somewhat simplistic, but the gameplay is tight and most importantly enjoyable. There is plenty of content to satisfy most phone shooter enthusiasts Full Google Play Games is not offered. Edit: Fantastic customer support. Full game was unlocked. Most pubishers should pay attention and provide this quality of support. Cost: $2.99. Keep It!
What the hell did you do with this game? I am sick of you people shoving monthly subscription on every click in this game. And this is the same game as before nothing is improved, it was a doom clone and a good time killer game before now its a mess. Who's idea was it that you can't continue the game without a monthly subscription?
i was being a unfair on my first review,the game is not bad at all,it looks great it amazing and (ONLY IF YOU WILL GET THE SUBSCRIPTION) i recommend the game,it reminds of a game so much which is what i loved,i knew this would be a good game but i wasnt expecting the subscription i cant get and i dont wanna put progress in it,but it is a good game Alot is unexpected it has a good challenge on ever difficulty mode,and it really challenges you on being stragetic and being careful on your moves
If I could give Neon Shadow 10 stars, I would. My only request is to Crescent Moon: Please develop a follow-up scenario with more robots!! It really is patterned after Doom and it might actually be more fun. I'm not a big fan of multiplayer, so the fact that you can use it offline in solo mode is a huge plus to me. I love fps games and I found the controls to be very good for fp shooting. Each level gets progressively more difficult, but it's just so much fun, it's hard to stop playing.
Bought the game ages ago now I have to go through the rigmarole off contacting developer's to unlock the game I am not paying twice for a game #joke
To those of you who have play this game and coming back because of the new update,bad news some features that is already available back then is now only accessible by payment,LAN multiplayer has been removed.... Too bad this is a great game ruined by a paywall.
You have to pay an in-game subscription service to play 95% of the game, I wouldn't recommend downloading it since they added that cash grabbing feature.
Personally I got this for the singleplayer and am definitely enjoying it. Of course the controls are garbage and completely suck and require you to play claw with the right hand and thumb with the left but despite that it's a fun little cyberpunk DOOM shooter.
Worst game shooting game ive ever played if you want to play the multiplayer or online you want to subcribe game club then first i played multiplayer its sayed to login ive login and it sayed to subcribe better than a 2D game and ive wish to give 0 stars the game play and the graphis is only good in the game and now iam going to uninstall it its is going to be worst shooting game in the history shame on you
I had this game formerly, it went missing so I was worried, now I found it in your hands I was happy, but, why, why do we have to have a subscription to play freely?
Not free anymore after update. Shame as it was a brilliant game. I appreciate that everyone needs to earn a living, but are least have the integrity to be up front about the fact that if you update, your free play will be removed. If you haven't updated yet, don't. You'll end up uninstalling it and looking for something else.
I played this game when I was a little kid (7 or 8yrs old) and now I'm 13 I tried it bcuz I'm bored of quarantine and something changed and what was it? The game being pay 2 play and I know why , the original creators (I forgot the name) probably sold the rights of neon shadow to a money grabber company imagine paying like 150 dollars just to play on a map what a disgrace I had fun with this game when I was young and now idk all I can say is the new devs ruined the game
I was able to download and finish the game months ago . Can you atleast give it free for the people that have played it before . I dont want to pay for a game that I already finished months ago .
Best Game you would loved it I play it first time and I loved it nice graphics, better experience, nice control
As a person who played this game before with a lot of people using LAN, i shall say that this game is now a TRASH due to their GREED
You have to return the old version of the game, the new version has problems such as chipping and errors in the interface. The old version is much better. I hope that my words are worthy of consideration.
well I've got a Chromebook and the key board doesn't work the I same that yuou could us a contolar but you got to pay it a it ads are fine but for a contolar no one
Broken and tries to sell you a monthly subscription. Real shame. The pause menu straight-up doesn't work, and the aim sensitivity is really low. I can't access that in settings because the pause menu just soft-locks me out of the game. Also, you need to advertise that the "Free" pricetag just applies to a demo.
Amazing classic corridor shooter reminiscent of DooM. It's unfortunate this title changed publishers as it resulted in lost IAP's. The game remains unchanged though.
Ok , I was totally wrong on my first comment, now I love the game , and it is a best sci fi fps offline game (with subscription) , thanks a lot to game creators , thanks a lot game club , the game can be as popular as minecraft and fortnite , if it is for free without subscription, gameclub told me that I'll have a free unlock in the game but I don't get that, i emailed also , but please make the whole game for free
Another great game ruined by greedy developers. Used to be a great game to play with friends, but now it's ruined.
GameCube has ruined everything you have to pay to change the map get acess to story mode so on so forth this turned from a wonderful game into a desperate money grab... I just wish it was as it was before completely free.... the thing is they're making us pay for stuff we already had!! Atleast add some new features for free jeez im so disappointed i just wanted to play a childhood game and now I see what its become.. 5 star to bring back the good no gameclub times
This game wants money dont download it. Dont download I warn you I will never download this scam game again! I dont recommend downloading this frick game. It's my first time i thought would love it but You have to pay just like you copy ea to earn so much money. Do not recommend downloading this. Fact is that this is EA's twin brother cause it's like this game I dont like it if u remove that gamepass to buy full game I would like this game. But not yet I dont like this.
The game went from I love it to I hate it with that club thing It use to be free, and now we have to pay "monthly" for a game we played for years on multiplayer
Seriously is it really important to subscribe to this game club thing it just keeps appearing and won't let play the game
this game was fun before because of campaign, multiplayer, and splitscreen. but now this game is a disapointment doing to gameclub and the subsciption, pls get rid of this and give us old version back
I love the old version of this game we can play multiplayer offline but now it's trash it needs to pay money to unlock all features. AND ITS ONLY ONE EPISODE!!
Great game but the club stuff is disgusting Why make a previously free full game cost money to finish the campaign I know demos are a thing but dont make a full free game and then break it down into a demo
This is a joke all new players must pay to play a game that is free to download. Might as well make everyone pay money just to download this game because once u open the app it forces you to spend money in order to even play. For all we know this game could absolutely be garbage and we just wasted money and our free time for something that is not fun or interesting.
Now I can move in the game thanks to the new update, ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ yay now I can play this game thanks Neon shadow now it is much better like the 2016 one, but I rate 3 star because after level 2 and you wanted to continue in campaign then the club forced you to go on a VIP subscription, that's why I give it 3 stars.
It's good and fun.but I'm disappointed because it's needed to pay true money to go to the next stage pls make it free.
I'm glad u guys brought it back but come on now, 5.00$ to access the story? And for other small details like changing the map area? You guys have might as well made a full fledge console game outta this.
Solid game, reminds me of doom a little. First actually good mobile cyberpunk game I've found. Gameplay, difficulty, music, visuals, are all good.
If you are gonna buy someones game then you should make the game better than before not ruin it and make it uglier than before this was one of my favorite games me and my friends use to play this. The LAN is also gone for good. Stoo buying peoples games if you are just gonna ruin it.
m not able to play this game there is no analog stick on my left side i wouldn't be able toh move only view is moving thats it pls fix this prblm
The game is better paid direct from play store than making it look like it's free, very annoying....I actually love the game but I'm giving it a 1 star
The Game IS GOOD, graphics are decent but the only thing I don't get it is WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY A SAVED GAME LIKE seriously we can't complete campaign in one day it's impossible It was really good game like halo but it hurts that we have to pay in order to complete the game :( that's why I'm giving you 1 star
Great game especially when you have a lots of character choices Keep up the good work gamecub I really appreciate the control and the graphics l was looking for a great game until I found your company game and Im from 🇲🇾 it s a really fun country oh and My name is Muhammad Haziq Rizqi bin Mohd hazani you can call me Kyle and we use as our slang sincerely Kyle .♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍 Thank you for hard work I hope keep making these games , thank you ,👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍❤️ byeerr
I remember playing this game with my friends thru LAN a couple of years ago. We had a lot of fun with it. What the hell did you do to this game? I can tell that you even faked some of the ratings since there is no way in hell that someone would rate this 4 stars or up.
I don't even understand why I can't move forward since I started the game just one place since I being the game I can't even shoot if only aim that is working. I don't understand what is wrong
Another game shamed down to death because of corporate greed. Whoever you are, stop this. There's two proper ways to actually play this game, seeing as how this is pretty much bs where it is right now. Option A: Buy the PC version, it may have outdated visuals, but it's better than this. Option B: Download an apk of a past version of this app, without this new management stupidity
It was a great game but you have to subscribe to go in your save lvl that why I decided to join the club and it said no ads and there is Still ADS
D game is awesome but They said it is offline multiplayer am not seeing any offline multiplayer to play with friends
This is the most stupidest fame ever because on the old version you can play offline lan multi-player but now in this new version you can't and you must pay before you unlock new feature I hate this game
New update very worst.... I will delete..... Because of subscription....This game is not worth for that subscription 99rs