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Is a Sports game developed by Fil Games located at Developer Address: 166b Arlington Road, NW1 7HP, London, United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Stressful game and annoying Already level 50 No matter how good your paint or exhaust.. Everytime I hit the ball... Ball always comeback to my own goal.. Even when I fight people or com/ai that only have speed, grip, strike curl less than 10, I still lose... Vs human and Ai not same at all...they always get perfect score strike all the time... Everytime they hit the ball.. It automatically going to my goal... Very stressful game... I will not buy anything anymore... Because it so useless...
Spending time and playing thinking that this game is a multiplayer game one will be a big fool Playing whole time to AI isn't fair... This game should be a multiplayer 😳
Great Game. Hard to control and a little slow movement, but once you understand how everything works, it's OUTSTANDING
it's fun :) but a bug: after 2 days of installing my screen went to the bottom corner and I couldn't play
This is honestly a great game, but the matchmaking is horrendous, the ads are even worse (I payed for no ads and all it did was just decrease the ads I got), and the game is extremely pay to win. Doesn't look like it at first, but at the top of the leaderboards, if you do not have 3 absolutely over powered skills, it's basically a loss already. Goalkeeper is op, bomb is op, freeze is op, the slick spot one is extremely broken, the accelerate perk is garbage. Needs balancing everywhere.
I would never recommend this game to anyone, I can't enjoy the excitement at all. Playing game should be a stress reliever, on the contrary this game brings me migraine and bad temper.
I enjoy the game, but there are several issues that prevent me from playing it as much as I would like to. First, when finishing a match, sometimes you immediately recieve an ad. This prevents you from chatting with your opponent after the game. Matchmaking is also too random. You can get paired with someone who's stats are much greater than yours, giving them an unfair edge. Skins and stats should be separate. I want to be able to use a skin I think looks nice, not one that has better stats.
My fav game right now! Totally recommended to my BF and he loves it too! Super fun! Thank you to everyone at Neo:Ball. I am really grateful for a game like yours to help my depression/boredom during quarantine. I literally love your game and t got me out of a funk, so thank you. Take Care and Stay Safe and Healthy! 💕 ×~×~ If you haven't played this game, you are missing out!! ×~×~
It is simple and fun to play and I did not know that this game has online multiplayer when I first got to play this game
i love this game the only part i hate is that if you bet on your money you could lose about 100,000 coins
The game is ok, i don't know if the opponents are bots or real people, but i rate it 3 stars because i reported a problem and didn't get an answer since 4 days ago, recently i had my phone formatted and the backup it loaded was an old one, just sent another email, let's see how much it takes to answer.
1/8/31 thanks for the fix! 1/4/21 No longer receiving free packs. Please fix. Fun game, but the wait time for packs to open takes way too long. Also, it would be nice to be able to have the ability to continue a tournament at a later time instead of having it to be continuous.
I like this game but... I wish there was a way to set the difficulty between easy, medium & hard rather than the game it self switching between the 3 at will. Slow CPU carts will speed up, calculate & predict your movements to make you score against yourself. The game will slow your curls, turns & speed if it decides it wants to win that particular match. If your losing it will help you out with a goal but if your winning a large prize match the CPU competitor will suddenly switch to GOD mode.
This game has too many ads because of this we can not communicate to opponents and very disappointed by this ads
So far I really doubt that I've met or seen, or witnessed indirectly live human, opposing player. Really causing some personal problems getting so mad at this game! Lol. But no it sucks, feels like we're stuck in a single instance, an offline game, with a convincing online , multiplayer format.
(very addictive) secret to the game to move up the score board quickly just do the 1st $100 course the whole time and you will be in first the whole week and get 1st place gems also watch for blue tab in middle it will light up x2 for more points watch video yes there are a lot of advertisements it does get annoying but heres a tip play this game while watching something advertisements come on just watch tv till ads are over then continue to play again overcome your anger over ads and just play
Very good time wasting game, very well made. Seems very fun, and you do actually play against real people now. Great controls and just fun to play
all player actually just Ai right.?they alway do the same trick.. when they have 1 or 2 goal more than me. they twisting in a round. when I don't hit ball they playing like stupid.. they try not to hit ball too.. when I got 4 or 5 goals more than them... just in few second they can get more goals than me. no matter how hard or good you defend.ball always go back to your own goal. I have lots of gold/coin.. add something can buy with gold, add new stage or skin and other thing too every week..
It's fairly easy but my account was washed away from before in which I had unlocked almost everything
Game is nice but it's pretty unreal to win in the Paramount Arcade level. The ball just magically shoots right in my gate but when I try to shoot it in my opponents gate it doesn't go in that easily. Maybe make the A.I. players a bit easier to play against because right now they seem to keep winning all the time and it's frustrating.
I WAS "HAVEING" FUN!!! When I first played the game I was haveing so much fun battleing, I didn't even care that they were bots the graphics were apsolotly amazing!!! But then when I got to the forth stadium it just stoped working. Every time I try to battle the stadium, cars, and ball wasn't even there like EVERY TIME!!! 100S OF TIMES IVE TRYED!!! I even waited and I eventualy gave up and uninstalled. Please fix this bug I would play this game forever if only I wernt for that!
Bring a vs kinda matching system so we can play with a certain player. Maybe give us an option to rematch the same opponent. This ia a cool game but it needs new stuff!
The game is really good and so satisfying. BUT, if you add a split screen 1v1 pvp mode would be great. But, the game overall is Really Really good
Feb.13 2020 *Encountering ads that cannot be interacted with and I have to force close and forfeit matches* *Also encountering "Videos not available"* *Encountering a lot of cheaters on "Mainframe" arena. My car setup is 30/10/10/22 & I am competing against cars that have 5/5/5/5 stats that are moving so fast & smashing the ball against the walls extremely hard & I can't keep up with them, can't defend, can't score.
The experience was great when I was playing offline but why is the game suddenly want me to turn on my data network to play?
Too pay to win. Skill is involved but the perks are worth too much and luck is 80% of winning given the high odds of owngoals. Also, why does this version have ten times more ads than on iOS?
Love the game, nice effects, nice interface, it's really a fun and interesting game (*thumbs up*). But the ads after every single game can be really annoying, it causes my phone to hang. Also breaks the flow and excitement of the game, especially after a defeat. If there must be ads, at least after every 3-5 matches should be more reasonable. Also it'll be nice to add a laughing emoji to tease opponents more before and after the game.