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Nekonoke ~Cat Collector~

Nekonoke ~Cat Collector~ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Picola Inc. located at 宮城県仙台市青葉区一番町2丁目6番17号. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great game but I want to take care of these cats so like you can brush their fur, you can give them a bath and you can feed them.
I love cats.I love this game.I can collect loads and Im having so much fun!I wish I could have that many cats in real life.But one hing you can do to improve it is that u should probably give the cats things to eat and something they can sleep in.:)
The cats are cute, the music is calming, and the game is fun. My only complaint is the time it takes for some things and prices for cats or toys
The design of the app is very endearing. One of the few afk cookie clicker type games I actually come back to.
I love this game!!! Its so cute! I went on holiday and i found this game and i played it all the time😸
The game is mostly tapping cats and earning furballs so maybe add a bit more to it but in all a good game
It is good but when im reading the instructions. They said that if i got to level 10. I will get 100 furballs each furball. So i leveled my cat to level 10 but i got 3 furballs only each furball. So sad and i wasted my hardwork just for nothing. So sad 🙁 🙁 🙁.
it a cute game i realy like it but adds allway pop up when you get something and when it happen is when you pitty the cat but is a realy good and cute game
Very cute game I like it but if you are a germaphobe then I dont recommend. What you do is collect fur balls from cats it's a very cute game I like how weird it is.
Brilliant! Really good for calming down, especially with the cute style cats. Lovely game, would recommend to anyone!
It makes me feel happy in the inside. Becase i love the little kittys and fur things that you can make. Its one of the cute games i love.
I like this game, it so cute, but i play it for a week, and it get boring already, you should put mini games, or something else, but overall this game is best.
It's very cute but needs bit more we should be able to interact with the things we make for them it would be more fun and entertaining.plus why do we have the option to make the same thing over and over where it says make I don't get that. you don't see the extra stuff you make and no points go for doing it so..why I'm super.confused??!!plz help.me understand these things and does upgrading cats even do anything I haven't noticed change.
This game was awesome so awesome and here's the best part the app is so CUTE! that it blowed my mind but there is a bit of a problem here not to judge the ads or anything well you see my brother wanted to play a game with me he said l had to download it so l did and it didn't work but than l tried again and again and it still did not work so l handled to him and then when he tried it and it didn't download neither so he handled it to me but when l open it(my phone)the app was gone also save pls
Cute and easy game to play when anxious or just bored, it never gets old and it's exicting to collect a new cat after saving furballs for so long!
It's cute and I like the way that they made the diary thing and i just thik it's very cute and you can share photos on fb hahahhah
Best game i ever downloaded. The cats are very cute. My only problem is that,it only took me two weeks to complete the room and my cat collections😔
This is a really nice distraction when I'm feeling anxious. It's not very difficult to play but the cats are quite cute.
This app is good for cat lovers. It is about collecting fur. The reason why i give this 5 starts as the quality of the game is good and you don't need to wait for to long for new fur ball. May be just a few seconds and you can make the cat produce for ball.
Dirty trick putting adds right on the spot you are supposed to click the cat on. It pops up immediately whilst you are playing and takes you to the adds location! I was enjoying the game and it's aesthetic but the add at the top of the screen and the popping of is totally irrelevant. If you need adds to support the game fit it into the game, like watching an add for a gift or more wool. Things should not be so bad!
It's like super cute! You don't even need to purchase anything to be honest! Like other games you to purchase to play but this game doesn't even have ads!💯
The game is really calming. I like that you need longer to unlock items and cats, because of that you even love more to collect the fur. One detail I also really enjoy is the dairy and the records. But one little thing is to mention.. I was able to collect all cats and items in just one week. It would be better if there were more cats and items to unlock, or even different rooms.
It's like a clickers game but much cuter. They should add in something else to do so it won't get to boring.👍
its cute but hope you should ad some more activities cause its boring it just tapping the cat so you can get fur
ultimately unfulfilling, first half its pretty fun but then you need way too many furballs to improve items and get new cats. some newer cats also have worse stats than the ones before which is frustrating at best. the story doesn't really motivate me to keep playing either. its cute but really just a senseless time killer of which we have way more than enough I think.
I love it because its so fun but what you should add is the space to be more, items they can go onto(into), make them feedable and etc!!❤❤❤
It's not the creators fault about adds it just pops up and this game is best but also I really wanted it to have something where you can have as many cats out at once and more items please do that
This is so fun I recommend playing this you can collect fourballs and level up your cats and my first cat is already in level 300 very fun!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!🎀🦄🌈😊🦋
It's so calm it helps me to calm myself down it's the best game ever I love it so much🎀🎀🎀🌈🌈!!!
super cute if you can't get enough kitties in your life! there's not much to do, but great for kids, I'm sure.
Awesome everything I ever wanted except for a small nitpick: THEY PUT POP UP ADS EXACTLY WHERE YOUR SUPPOSED TO TAP RAPIDLY
It's a fun little game, and every now and then I reinstall it so I can go on a tapping spree. I used to be obsessed. It's relaxing.
This game is so cute all you had to do is pet the cats to get fur balls! and take care of them I just realize I can design my own home help this game get five stars! (⌐■-■)
This game is pretty cool and impossible to look at all of the cat I can't wait because this game already saved to children and this game fast collected your money the cat maximum level is 300 level for all of cat I'm already upgraded my cat to the maximum level that fast because there are somethink can be fast money come to the cat,now I want to play and be a beater for this game maybe it's hard to wait but just wait
Soooooooo fun! The only problem is the amount of furballs i have and need to create items and pets. It doesnt really bother tho. Suuuuper gooooood game!!!!!
EVERYBODY, INSTALL THIS!!!!!!! This is a very satisfying game, you collect furballs and buy furniture, my favorite part is collecting furballs cause it's satisfying. Install this now!
I really like the simplicity of this game. Just a thought tho, but why don't you add some mini games, dress up, parts were you can take care of the cat (feeding, bath etc.) and a social playground were you can see other player's cats. I just thought that it would make the game more interesting. Oh btw, please add more cats.
This app is fun but sometimes when I pet the cat it does not drop fireballs this game is on onistly very boring
An extremely cute, peaceful, and adorable game!! Super great for when you need an adorable distraction, but don't want to put too much thought or worry into gameplay!
i remember playing this in fourth grade so much and i got really attached to it, i would also get sad because of the soundtrack and honestly i thought that it was such a great game back then
in love^^ neko are beutifull ! you must download this game, the fun of caring for your own chibi kitten .many neko's to choose from, you can even decorate your own house if you like desining, don't believe in the negative comments, beautifull game.calming music, thankyou creators ☮ &❤ from demon ferret stu ×××
I have been playing this game since July 2019 and today I FINALLY tapped out! I got all the cats and items and now Idk what to do! I hope they update this app very soon and add more fun stuff for us to do as well!
i like the game i just feel like its lacking. it could be so much more. add rooms where you can see all of your cats and items. care for your cats. things like that.