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Need for Jump (VR game)

Need for Jump (VR game) for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Mike Farlenkov located at Russian Federation, Moscow. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A very good vr platformer. The controls were kinda weird at first but well done (kinda like you are on a segway.) One problem is that if you don't make the jump and you land in a pit, you can jump super high and land on the platform from the bottom. Otherwise great game! Fingers crossed there will be more levels soon
This is actually one of the best games I've ever played on Mobile! I'd like to see more levels & features. Maybe you could add an easy, medium, and a hard mode. Possibly add items & enemies in medium and/or hard mode. You could also add levels in medium and/or hard modes that have gems that you also have to collect in order to go on to the next stage. All in all, this is one of the BEST games I have played IN MY LIFE!
I think your other game is the BESTTTTTT like I know its strange looking around but the other game is epic! :-)
The design is irrational. In one level I need to turn around many times and I get sick and almost fall down. This obstacle is unnecessary since vr is to make people feel world., not to have accident in the reality
My 3 yr old loves this. It's funny to watch him get so excited playing and jumping with it. I enjoy it too, it a fun game. Starving for more :D
Hey , its a great game but only one issue .... that randomly the game camera starts tilting to sides and even become upside down ... Im impressed from this game .. Great Job 👍 👌
This is the best game I ever played on VR so Far! I would love it if you added more levels and maybe even make it so you can play single player levels in multiplayer! Please make more levels!
Well how to say this... It's a very cool idea but bad implemented, i dont want to say the jumping mechanism is bad, it is actually rlly good made but it's very hard to walk, it's kinda slippery and the controls like how u walk are kinda hard, if this will ever be fixed then it will be a 5 stars game
I love virtual reality and I love this game my only problem is some time when I jump it don't jump the rest is good
Had potential but awkward head tilting controls ruin the experience for me. Adding full gamepad support would make this game truly enjoyable.
AWESOME Game. Every is great about it, and it's the best cardboard game I found yet! The only bad part it's it's disorienting when you jump high and you touch ground but in-game you like 100ft up XD. Other than that 5stars
the game is excellent but please add more single player levels and server based online multiplayer other than that i just love this game
It's amazing keep dovelopment coming you could add more levels and also save points save points for more gameplay you could also add different environments and an online multi-player option please keep up development.
i live it becuz when my friend put it on he wiggled his head like n idiot he looked stupid i tried not to laugh i never told him if ur reading this well u know know friend
Love the game and dont read the 1 star comments but the game keeps stopping so fix this and I'll rate 5 star
This game is the best vr game for mobile and I love the jumping mechanics it's just overall a really fun game. The only problem is it's a short game but they said they would make more levels and I hope they do
Imagine Super Mario 64 except you actually have to jump in real life in order to jump in the game. I use this game for exercising. The last level where you jump constantly works as good cardio for me. I love this game. I hope they add more levels in the future so I won't get bored of my workout.
It uses nothing else but your movement, no other control require, which is nice. Very entertaining, hope there will be more levels soon!
El primer pensamiento fue "creo que lo jugaré 10 minutos y ya" pero terminé jugando todo el juego. Jajaja. me atrapó y obtuvo mi atención. Creo que está entre los mejores juego de VR que e jugad.
I can understand what the developer tried to do here, but they clearly didn't play test the game enough with other people to realise that the controls cause a rather large amount of strain on certain players.
Jumping works really nicely, excited to see devs integrating this into more games. Only thing I would say is it would be nice if you didn't have to look so far down to go forward
When I say something I mean it I mean this is the best game ever also if you add any new levels a boss battle would be cool!!!
The game itself is very basic but the overall feel of the VR is the smoothest and well put together out of all the VR apps I've checked out. Their other game Hard Core VR is a better game as far as gameplay goes but I find this one more polished.
This game is probably my #1 favorite thing to do in VR at the moment! I got my cousin into it as well, and we are trying to play multiplayer, however we cannot figure out how to connect! Any help would be appreciated. This is the only reason I've dropped a star.
Game no longer crashes anymore. I just wanted to say this game is definitely worth a look. The mechanics like jumping are super neat and the graphics while basic are very bright and nice to look at. Definitely worth checking out.
This app is SO FUN!!! I've been looking for a good vr game that didn't need controllers for a while, then this showed up and it was perfect!!
The most immersive and fun Google Cardboard game I've ever played. Jumping in real life to jump in the game really adds a challenge as well. Levels 3 & 5 definitely took a bit to complete, but eventually I got through it. Would love to see more development on this game in the future. Just adding hand controllers though the gyroscope would really make it more immersive even if you don't use your hands for anything. 😍
This game is so good! I enjoyed this game so much I could play it every day! If you want another fun vr game download incell vr!
This quick intro to the Dev's platformer has a fun aesthetic and the potential to be a good platformer. It's stylized look suits the low poly count well as really adding emphasis to every verticy. Unfortunately your character handles like Mario if he snorted a mountain of coke and downed a fifth of tequila. The turning is pretty inconsistent and your speed is very hard to control. I feel turning problems would be negated by turning on yaw instead of roll, then maybe using roll as a tight turn modifier. The jumping which is innately fun, as you can see the pits far below go soaring by, is also a bit inconsistent. Your little drug fueled Mario legs are liable to send you to cieling when you might only expect a small hop, this is likely just the limitations of phone sensors, and as such I think I full version on something like the vive or Oculus rift could be a ton of fun with the massively increased data accuracy. I love that there is multiplayer support, not enough mobile VR games have this, and I am glad that the dev is putting the effort into adding these modes. It's too bad that there is no internet play, a direct connect mode would be very welcome.
I couldn't try the multiplayer with anyone I know, so I only checked out the single player mode. The frame rate and graphics are good, but trying to see where you're going, steer and run (by looking down) all at the same time is somewhat tricky. I don't drink, but I imagine trying to run while intoxicated might feel something like this.
Wow guys now you have done it again I'm so happy and now I can speedrun this game with some cool stuff I found out thx mike
This is by far the best VR game I have ever experienced! It crashes a bit.. But no issues. Also, what I would suggest is an option to use my button to jump instead of having to actually move my head/body up and down.. It's a bit risky as you might end up hitting a wall in real life.. Also, an option to change sensitivity would be great!
Took a bit of getting used to, but this truly is a must play game. Play in an open area. I ran into the wall in my bedroom twice and i have a big bedroom. It was all good. I'm sure the jump height sensitivity is something the developers will be calibrating.
It's nice to see people can make games where vr isn't just a gimmick and just part of the overall game