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Naval Front-Line :Regia Marina

Naval Front-Line :Regia Marina for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Uniques Digital Game located at Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
no air carrier.,it is online we need offline so that we can level up!!. no complete light warship and battleship??.in history they have many battleship even philippines have medium battleship even china., france, and india have also battleship.thats all no need to optimized just nid more country to build more ships.
This is a really fun game to play. I love how you're able customize the ships weapons and armor layout however you would like. I think that makes this game unique in a good way. I do however think more ships should be added and the ship techtree should be reworked slightly. The only think I'm not a fan of in this game is how you aim your weapons. I think this should be reworked. Once again, this is a really nice game!
This game stole my money. I had a bunch of money on my phone and decided to blow it. Bought some ingame currency and it took my money and failed to give me the currency, saying "purchase cancelled". And now it won't let me log in. Dirty cowards stole from me and now I can't log in.
Graphics are incredible...However, when i tap on "start battle", nothing happens. cannot even start the game on my galaxy tab a 8 android tablet,,,,,will now uninstall.
I REALLY LOVE THID GAME! LIKE damn, I wish the developers still update this game and make it better, I really love how u can change the armour value, how u can change ammo type and shoot one shell at a time, I really love how the devs worked hard to make the shooting sound really realistic and sick, especially the battleships! I love how easy u can get credits and there's many missons and it gets hard sometimes but I get a lot of stuff, I just wish devs to work on it to make it better, Thx!
I love it, I've been playing it since 2015, still the best among aku other warships game, the sad part is just when there are rarely people online for the online battle, and it's kind of difficult to progress other than playing the campaign battle, and the dev please put co op in the campaign, and add more campaign. And dev thanks for the game. My IGN Cpt De Ocid and HunterFish
Good graphics, and good performance but you must put more good graphics on the water/sea/ocean and for the propellers of the ship because I noticed that the propellers are not spinning on the the other players
I have all was loved this game it was one of the first games that i have planned but I really wish for a lot more people to play the game it is a really good game
This is one of the best naval games i think there is. Possibly better then world of warships. Its really cool how the armor values are taken into account for how much damage you recieve. Pretty good graphics with the smoke and shell hits. I love how you have to start little and work your way to the big stuff. Its really cool how theres shell drift and and AP and HE shells. There really isn't anything that I could think of to improve the game. It really keeps me occupied. Overall a great game.
There something wrong when I touch the button. I it's some bug that's bothering the buttons. Can you guys do something about it.
The game is great,ship trees,customizable ships,and huge multiplayer.Huge multiplayer in the past,now the game is just really dead.atleast do some updating like FINALLY adding the french ship tree,more premium ships,and basically,aircraft carriers In conclusion,the game was great it it's heyday,but then deteriorated as time passed.However the game is a great naval game since you can customize armament,camo,and armor.
Well I haven't played this game yet but I'm rating one star just for a laugh but also there is a plausible reason why and its simple the developers aren't replying to their players which means they don't care about their game or their player base so not worth my attention the game would be more attractive if that was present for me anyway so I'm out.
Most certainly better than the more recent releases <3 You ruined the community this game had by releasing multiple games and dividing the playerbase.
I rated 1 because there are so many players that are trash talking to each other, it's ruining the experience for me. I highly suggest you add a feature where we can block certain player.
Sorry for the 2 stars but ADD MORE SOLO MISSIONS !! And what happened to all the players. And please update the game
It's a very good game though you could add better graphics in the enviroment and in the cannon smoke, and add more missions for all the nations even Italy cause it doesn't have any. Also add some carriers and submarines.
Love this game, best game I have ever played and I have being playing this game for a couple of years. I wish the makers could pay more attention to this game
Its almost impossible to play only because so few play it. Very realistic aiming, and i really like the upgrade system. Just wish more people played it...4 battles and only 1 had someone else in it. Put out some ads or to be cheaper i could advertise on my youtube channel for you. Get this game out there, others will want to play for the accuracy.
a very good game have played 50 to 60 hours it great loved every minute. and have been playing since 2015 off and on and allways comeback to it.
I used to play this game but had to take a break for my studies for 2 years now i am back and i can still say after all the gaming world changes this game is just unbeatable...!!!
Uninstalled... Looks like a great game but there are players that solely want to play using submarines and having to rank up to level 19 to unlock them, it's a grind that could be avoided by providing a lvl 1 starter submarine
Well what do you know even this game is no longer updated but it still playable. However no players in online mode. But hey at least do some one last update on this classic game. Make it like Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz that you can play with bot offline or online at VS battle would you? Because to be honest this naval game is much better than to World Of Warship Blitz if you ask me. This are much more realistic physics than to other naval game.
for those who wanted a historical naval battle,well you lucky and even your favourites warships is here too (even the blueprint warships),but sadly,I heard that the developer teams is quit from this game,sinces they have make another game,I having an issues where I buy one of the products but I doesn't get the item,chances to get support is very rare,just enjoyed it !
Is this a leggo game? Seriously. You cannot put forth this effort to match up against blitz! .Flat -out bad game ,bad graphics and another bad review. And for those who reviewed and said it is a great/ good/ mediocre game should be ashamed of themselves.
I like this game cuz i loved warships.. even it takes too long to get yamato i can wait for it.. lol... but im hoping that the graphic wll be improved.. and have more war maps. ^_^.. im enjoying in this game i hope many player will played too.. this game is just like battle of warships but the battle of warship can be offline and online.. wish that this game will be like that.. unity can you? ^_^ lol.. ty
So the one thing that annoys me is the fact that you have to have a password and username. An me getting a new phone and everything the password and username are gone, so I can't login and actually enjoy the game
I used to play Naval Front Line when I was very little since 2015. Its been a great game and I really enjoy play this. Unfortunately there is not that many players active.
its a very good time killer with easy controls and decant graphics its on of the best if not the best mobile warship game for phone/tablet
Update The GameπŸ˜”πŸ˜” Players are decreasing cause there is no update and the developers wasted the gameπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­.. imiss the good old days😭😭😭
This game is pretty awesome after 2 years this game still rocks af! I really like everything about it but if theres gonna be an update please add more stuffs like more campaigns, ships(especially Aircraft Carriers), graphics(still pretty good), and more armaments for the ship so that it may look like real or something just sayin... but still I really like everything about pretty and such I really hope you creators didnt forget the game.
Logging in to the game doesnt even work at all. Im like one of the OG of this game from 2015 but login in now sucks than before..its either the game is finished or their isnt any server up..like come on i miss my subs!!
Been playing since 2015 i guess. Best Naval game. But sadly only few players have remained to play this. I miss my team where you can play with them anytime cause they were always online.
The game is really amazing and controls are outstanding... But the only thing is.. I want to revive this game because there is not much that active players...we expect more updates if you can fix this..make this game alive again... Bring back the past were there are so many active players that having fun at this game..make it alive again pls devs
Best game but, Please add the German submarines a "deck gun" please that's only what I want this game is good not gonna lie
I remembered about 5 years ago I played this game, there's alot of people playing this game and really popular at 2015-2017. But, when I come back at 2019 and now, this game has no online player anymore (my thought), I came back because this was a very good naval warship games. I hope developer and team will bring a new major update later. Keep it up, I still playing this game xD
Good game. Main issue is i go to verse others and no one else join and im the only ship and when i leave my ship be lock out for 15mins please fix that
Game itself had so much potential, it's ashame to know that it's slowly dying. I hope the devs get back in to it as soon as they can.
It's a good game but it's old fewer people play the online multiplayer and it takes forever to get to a respectable rank
This is a very good game that I have kept playing on and off like other people and I believe that it shouldnt have been let off... We need more people to play way more frequently in multiplayer but the campaign is not bad. For those who still plays my gamer name is: Supremes21
They really should revisit this game and update it it is still fun and needs a better new playerbase. They should re add co op again at least and make it more popular that's all.
I have been playing this game since the open beta and I will keep playing this game. I have had a lot of fun playing this game. Best multiplayer match that I had was a BISMARCK vs a bunch of destroyers and cruisers (I was in a Brooklyn) I hope that more people will get involved with this game in the future. And for those still playing I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. And the AI could use a buff so that it's not spinning in circles and shooting at same height. IGN BigJake02.
Add aircraft carriers and more anti aircraft guns and aircrafts, oh and more missions especially for the Russian missions.
The game is great it dose need a update tho and something needs to be done about the battery it's to much on my phone
After so long still a great game I think you could revive your player base by adding some way to have any ship at the start somehow remove the grind this would make a lot of people check the game out and I think would get a lot more playing again I know the grind detours a lot of people
Out with the old and SCARED to be new !!! This for anyone still playing on this dinosaur, afraid to step into a new day. Eventually (Naval Frontline 2 -"World War Battleship") shall become old but now its the present happening Naval War game and yes I would had enjoyed the 1st NFL just upgraded to Aircraft Carriers with planes; that didn't happen so Naval Frontline is the cadet school till you graduate to World War Battleship and yes its gonna be hard to be domineering, for I know its not E-Z
Being as my account is not working and the people who made this are useless and won't respond, im making a new account and will try to be online if anyone still plays this
The server that I'm in have a really few players wether to chat or to play with. Can dev fix this error or problem 'cause I want to play with others too.
-Good game and fun to play -easy to learn the game settings,play style and upgrades the ships. -very realistic view of battleground,the Sounds of ships blown up etc. -best part are the different sounds of the guns!especially the big guns! and the 16" cracking and clanking sounds are the best in this game!!I LOVE IT!! -downside of this game was NO PROPER SOLO missions!!and not many missions to play too!! -playing the same solo missions over n over again is so boring!! Plz add more solo missions!!
Definitely a great game. Love the control , graphic and the customization , wish had more map and upgrade options. Overall its awesome
By far the oldest game ive played, even when i was 9 i played this game i am now 17, i enjoyed this game, sad to see that i cant find an online game
Great game except multiplayer.... It needs way to much time to prepare and get players.. and there are like 10 rooms. Pls remove some online rooms so you can get a decent match. Thanks. My IGN is KuzuA if anyone wants to squad.
Such a stupid game, once the game count down before start, there is no way to stop and exit, even there is only you in the game, I have to quit the game and suffer 15mins block penalty
Im sad because around 2014 alot of people play this but now i mostly see none. I had a ton of fun in this. I just wish that there are a lot of people playing it
I loved this game... many people said what ill say already but please revive the playerbase. Maybe put out some YouTube ads or something.
I love this game. But its just sad to see that not many people play it. Im really happy this game is still up and running. Good luck on life random people and have a day or night.
So I came back to the game and played it for a day and spent around 7 to 6 bucks on it. And the next day which is today. The servers wont work. I thought it was my phone but the wont work on my tablet no matter what wifi I use. Please fix it. I did not spend 7 bucks on it just for it not to work.
8 love it you can put armor where you want it to be please put that you can see ships before you buy it so you can see how it looks
Great game ...and i like german battleships but why you guys didn't put the h44 at the final tech tree
Most likely I like this game, because this game is more Better than the World of Warships, In World of Warships there is No Submarine, in Here there is a Submarines.but in World of Warships there is a Aircraft Carrier,here No Aircraft Carrier.