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Nautical Life

Nautical Life for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Alphaquest Game Studio located at Rua Emanuel Kant, 60 - Sala 1105 (H.A. Offices Linha Verde) - CapΓ£o Raso - PR/Curitiba. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
To be honest, the game is great, seriously, but after i quit and tried to open the game again, it crashed after 2 sec i opened the game and i can't play it anymore because it always crashed, please fixx this issue
I love it, the boats, islands, and fish, but i think it would be really cool and good for the game if we could scuba dive.
I remember playing this two, three years ago and i completely forgot about how good and addicting this game is!!! Its a good time spender when you got nothin to do. Thank god for this game!!!!
This seems like it would be a really fun game but it keeps saying "Nautical Life isn't responding would you like to close it?" I would love to play it! Can you please fix this bug? The farthest I got was fishing area but I couldn't fish, thank you! :)
can you add more money like diamonds and in the sanctuary can you make it that you can add multiple fish and more furniture at the shop including fish roads and boats please add
OMG...Learn English! "More than 50 fishes" ? One fish, two fish...singular or plural it is still 'fish'...smfh
very exellent! But bad in one way. Please can you make the yatches, rods, items free. pleeeeeeaaaaaaasseeeeee!!!!!!
this game is great but i was able to get all of the boats that dont cost the rare coins or the pvp in 3 days i wish there where more boats
Hey alpahquest this game is awesome why lv6 is max LV we need 100 and we need more island and fish can you make more yacht
Honestly the game is pretty fun, extremely easy to play and to learn, the only issue with the game is lack of content. You cant really beat the game without paying, because your options without actual cash transferal are slim. I'd rate 5 stars if I seen a bunch more fishing piles, fish, customizations for yaht, and more tasks to complete.
I first played this game six months ago and was so addicted to it. I played all day everyday. I then had some life changes happen and I stopped playing for a couple months. Now that I'm playing again I feel I'm doing way better than when I initially started so I'm actually moving forward pretty fast through the challenges. I love love love Nautical Life! 🌊🚀🎏🎣🐟🐠🐑🦈
the game could be great 5 ⭐ s but it KEEPS UNINSTALLING ITSELF and so does every game by this dev publisher every time Android updates.. Good luck you're gonna get mad when you're making progress and it bugs out google Gmail won't remember passwords or hold saves just save your sanity don't play their games 😠😑πŸ˜₯ fix the glitch
Freezes everytime when i buy furniture and put it in my yacht i tried to exit the game and it will still not work.
Probably the best casual game I've seen yet! The yacht decorating is probs my fav part. But there are some things that would make it better, and I hope the creators see this and hear me out. First, the ads. Now I understand having to keep it well funded, but I personally would like to pay $5-$10 to get rid of them, and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one. Sadly, I'm gonna have to cut it short because I can only use 500 characters Sincerely dedicated to this app being profitable and fun.
It's sad that the game's crashing after a minute or two. Then when I restart it, sadly my progress gets lost. I've bought coins but, now I'm scared to invest anymore. Please send a better update! Added on 28th March 2020: Actually the game starts to lag after a minute or two of play. Then it gets worse if try to continue, which ends up crashing. Edit: 2021 January.... so far it's good the last time I've installed it. The game's changed very much but overall it's enjoyable.
I recently reinstalled the game on my new phone but nearly 2 hours of progress was lost. This makes me unhappy. Fortunately I have it installed on a second device and will try to transfer it from there.
Have played the game for about 2 years now and won't stop. It is very fun to play. Just one issue, when I open the app, it will be on the alpha quest screen and the app will close out.
This game used to be my favorite game before the update, I used to play it hours and hours at at time. Now with all the new stuff, the game got ruined. I recommend that they undo the update with a update that got rid of it. Please if you see this comment, undo the update. I have no games I want to play on my phone and went looking for this game, now even you have let me down.
i thought this game was absolutly amazing till i tried beatting the boss at japan , you cant! you can only beat it if you pay $13:99 to get premeum coins, which i think is stupid instead of just paying money
its laggy if you fix it ill rate five stars its a good game but the lag is wasting time when i want to buy some thing in the shop it lags its annoying
I played this as both an offline and online game before and after the updates and I was surprised to see that instead of going haywire the game improved little by little, and even after I lost my previous account I still couldn't stop playing it. It's REALLY addictive.
When i saved this on my google play it didn't save my progress i had millioners trolphy and more like heli and so many things that i grinded for days to get and its just gone when i got new phone and logged on my account after all pretty good game
This game is fun and a really great entertainment but i have a minor request and my request is that you put a button to show your current missions please.
Can't turn off sound, only music. No way to see quests without going to them. Menu system for buying things takes time to learn because theres two with totally different items.
I used to love this game and still do! Its a shame that to get to Pirate Cove you need a 500 token-rod. Other than that its a great game!
One of my most favourite games. I like the quests given and the fishing mechanics. I would only want the developers to add more boats. Other than that a very fun game. I remember playing the game a year and a half back and I'm in love with it!
well let me start by this is the best game ever it is like a tycoon but then again it's not because u can fish plz dont abandon this game but can u add one with like a hotel or house plz
the game keep crashing after i play it for a while, when other game run perfectly fine. edit: there is no specific condition, it just suddenly crashed out from the game once i went passed tutorial and start fishing. i can't touch any button of the screen, and boom *crashed* the application closed. when i try to open it again, the same thing happened again.. after a minute or so.
The game is great the art style is great and its addictive i hope you add a dog shiba inu pet while fishing
I played this game when I was 11 and I am 13 now and I have a new phone and I remembered that I had a lot of fun playing this game so I downloaded it and it had been updated and I liked it even better than before
the creator didnt make this game well the creator made this game randomly its not a good game if the more they make games randomly the more they make people upset like me and the fishing that game play suck and the power uo its should not be +2 should be 4 or 5 and make it 10 seconds not four😑😑 click yes if you agree and if its ask you 'is this review helpful'
Bc the dev already read my first review i decided to give a second review now (with some suggestion):my review is the game is still great to this day and now suggestion:my suggestion is to add more boat,fish,fish rod,bait,deco,quest,and maps and ive see that you actually say to some random person saying that you were working on nautical life 2 and if so thats incredibly amazing. (For newbie saying that even with the best best gear you still lose just try to catch more easier fish first)
It is awesome but i have two questions 1:can you make the max lvl higher 2:can you put more fish and more stuff to put on your own fish please
Very fun and addicting! Miss having my old stuff though. Who's there was a restore button because I had the gold boat, helicopter, and fishing rod.
The game is best for offline playing since 3 years but 3 star is for the worst ever constumer reply from google play the don't know how to respect their users of game
I love the game but there's a glitch that makes it so that your skills won't recharge forever, this first began with the power and now have the freeze AND multiply both none usible and all three max level, this is an annoying glitch since now my op skill combo won't be able to be used (it's freeze, power and multiply) I hope you can fix this. The abilitys just don't charge meaning I can't use them anymore. Installing and reinstalling doesn't do anything, Thank you for taking this to the devs
Very nice but don't make so mush money purchases, only make like a big pack for money but still cool.
Not gonna lie i love this game like sure its hard and there quite a ads but they have ti make money and the difficutiy is a part of the game cause if it was easy then it wouldnt be a proper game cause i enjoy hard games
Sadly a good game turned into a cash grab. It is now close to impossible to progress in this game without paying for the higher spec equipment with micro transactions. The rate of free coins makes even the cheapest item hours of work and the high priced ones days if not weeks of advert watching.
Nice game it feels like its always summer, in the middle of a stressing months, i can have the feeling of Seas and luxurious beaches with this game. 🌴🌴🌊🌊 Please add Cloud Save service please ill install this again when cloud save is updated.
Amazing game love it, love the grind. Only 4 stars because there is no facebook link and lost a few accounts when i switched phones. Otherwise great game
Really good game, I like the style and gameplay, a nice game to play on long road trips or in offline situations!
I think the app is amazing, but I do have a question. It says I reached the limit of fishing boats and I am not sure how or if I can sell my old boats to buy better ones. If you can’t sell boats, can you implement that into the game, and if you can, tell me how Edit: Thanks!
It is a real fun game with a fun art style BUT I've watched enough ads to purchase both the best rods and have maxed out my my fishing skills, and am still having a very hard time catching anything on the pirate island. It seems almost impossible even with "pay to play" resources so... do with that what you will. Also the ads that pop up traveling between menu screens are kinda annoying.
I used to play this game before. Love to collect all fish and tokens, and the decorations in yacht. Nowaday, everytime i play online (with wifi on), this game is suddenly freeze. Hard to get that pvp with that freeze game. Is there any problem? Can you fix this? If this game works on me, i rather give you full star ratings. Thanks and all the best.
This is Just a straight up awesome gameπŸ‘ butπŸ‘ can you make it where you can trade money πŸ’° for special coin🌟 kinda like trading special coin for money πŸ’° but backwards(15 special coin for 10,000 dollars,10,000 dollars for 15 special coin) just to make it a little easier to get those hard to get special coins (pretty much impossible unless you pay πŸ’°) plzzzzzzz and thank uπŸ‘
Great game I've played it a lot but I wish I could get my data back so I'd do t have to restart but I still love the game.
Having a lot of problems with the app on my Google Pixel 3 xl. Whenever I close the app the game would reset my progress and every time I would try to use cloud save it would also reset all my progress. Also whenever I rank up to level one a notification keeps popping up that I can't get rid off and then I have to close the app which losses my progress. I really enjoyed this game a while back now it's annoying. If you can fix it I will rate it 5 stars.
hey can there be more fish and items to buy and more money and to buy and decorate more fish for the island part thing plz update
PLEASE !!! I want to buy the *revomed adds* option but it's not exist, please put this option in *buy* menu, and i will buy it immediatly !! PLEASE !!! I don't want watch any kind of adds publicity ...
This game is fun in the beginning but it's impossible to pass Japan. Japan and the pirate region are just blatant paywalls. Very disappointing as I use to love this game.
What? This is stupid. First the tutourial. I did what the tutorial said but it immediately -20 and automatically lose the fish. Once I catch a goddamn salmon. the upgrades cost money where did that come from? Idk the tutorial was bad.
The fishing is realy confusing and hard to understant. It is nothing like real fishing. I can't tell when and when not to tap the fishing rod.
Was a really good time waster game that never got old. Now all it dose is crash as soon as I open it.
I played this fame 3 years ago.So many things have been changed in this game. Before, if you will level up your rank some of the places will unlock. But now to unlock new places you have to defeat a fish to unlock new place.
Love the game but the limit for fishing boats is pretty small. There are tens of millions of people who fish each year but I can only have 12 of the worst boat and only 2 of the best boat. Please raise these a little higher or just make them like furniture where you can go up to 99. Besides that the game is super fun.
This game is special, I really love the RPG style, you can buy and decorate yachts, buy cool fishing equipment, and much more!!! It's really fun and addictive, you should try it out!
plz add this where you can make multiple differents types of fish and when thay come out like day or night or day and night and there should more boat like be small cruises normal Cruise big cruises and there should be some better fishing rods because the best one can't even catch legendary beasts without effects and there should be some more fish and you can make building's for your island and other stuff for your island and you can pvp when two play catch the same fish then the pvp starts
Megaladon and Niogara is the only fish I couldn't catch. Need some powerful rods and some more various kinds of fish. Keep up the good work. This is the best fishing game in the galaxy.
It seems like a great game, exepct i havent played it because it keeps crashing the moment i open the game, any ideas how to fix this??
Apart from the tutorial crashing and the game suddenly freezing when you want to edit your ship, it's a good game.
This game is an A++ for me. I just think it is impossible to catch a Megalodon in this game. I've hunted the Legendary fish, and I find the Megalodon to be the hardest. I've caught a Moby Dick, Leviathan, and Kracken. I've literally had all fish besides the Megalodon, but other than that, thus game absolutely KILLED it! You need to make more games like these. I will even give you a promotion if I could. I've figured out this game because of Fady, you know... A YouTuber. I don't regret playing it.
What an excellent fun game. Honestly, it's extremely solid with updates. My only issue is how hard it is to receive the coin currency. Making regular money is no issue but the coins are so hard to get unless it's one from a video every now and then or waste real actual money. If you could add a trade like how we can coins for money but have it money for coins that'd be really great. Other than that the game is fun and addictive. Can't wait to see the next updates.
OMG do NOT get me started on why I love this game 1 because you can buy and customize yachts 2 there are different areas with there own respective fish 3 THERE ARE BOSSES I lovvvve that feature the MOST!!!!!
It's sad that the game's crashing after a minute or two. Then when I restart it, sadly my progress gets lost. I've bought coins but, now I'm scared to invest anymore. Please send a better update! Added on 28th March 2020: Actually the game starts to lag after a minute or two of play. Then it gets worse if try to continue, which ends up crashing.
this is one of the best fishing game that i played since i was a child. It is hard to earn money, yes, but that is what i think makes me play it again and again and again. I cant say im not impressed. Thank you so much for making this game.
Ads when you sail somewhere after closing and reopening the game. Otherwise a decent game. Not too greedy, but could be better.
This game is so fun. Very time consuming i love the way the game is and i have been addicted to it for so long. Keep up the good work!
The game is amazing! Buying yachts and furniture, but the only sad thing is the tokens. The fishing is great too, so unique.
I downloaded this game a while ago and it was one of my favourite games. Then I got a new phone and just recently reinstalled it. I think that the game has disproved since. I think that it is stupid that the stronger fish now have superpowers that make it even more impossible to catch. And all the powers that the player uses do is make easy fish easier to catch. Please satisfy my wants and then I will rate the game 5 stars.
Really fun! A great time-consumer and I love the new updates! The only thing that would be nice is maybe a sync to the PC version.
The game is good it's just that it gets very difficult without watching ads to get the best rods and even then you cant catch most fish in the late game and im not sure if this is just me but i cant find fishing skills/abilities anywhere so im not sure if they aren't on mobile or its a bug.
I liked this game but XP was more tied to decorations than in fishing making it not the right game for me.
I personally enjoy this game because of the way you fish in the game, pretty unique. And all of the other features which, go on. This game probably can't really get any better that much but that's usually what the reviews are for. But they mainly don't help. People are literally saying that the game bad cus they dont like, or it won't download so it bad. Those are problems the developers can't fix because when it wont download, that is YOUR problem.
I would rate the game 5 stars, but the game freezes every 5 minutes if not right in the start. I tried reinstalling the game, restarting my device, and switching to a different device, and it still freezes. I still love the game though. Also, can you please add importing and exporting saves?
I Really Love 😍 This Game But What Is Use Of Helicopter Please Someone Help Me Tell Me 2 Use Of Helicopter!!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
I had rated this game 3 star because when I play this game more than 10 minutes it automatically cut when I again open and play this game more than 10 minutes it again automatically cut please solve this problem faster please and update it soon .
It's one of my favorite games because in it only catching fishes is not real in it there is new places to find with levels new ships and that's not all you can also choose the interior of the ship its just amazing and you can also make your island but it's small. all through its a good game....πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It's very fun and I love it so much, easy game and relaxing. But the problem is the water is not good in the islands next time make it more realistic just like in the game menu, and I already recommended it to my friends it's so fun..
It's a great game but to get the navigation points is really hard to do. I wish they made it a li5tle more easy. in the shop u can trade 15 of the navigation points and get 10000 dollars. I feel that it should be the other way around
Great game guys but when you level it should give you 5 naval coins please do it so i will give you a 5 star review and to not show that your not a greedy company like EA
one of the best fishing games but you could add more content: -more furniture -diffrent starter fishing rods -more harder maps i mean like after river everything is kinda same you get crystals and kill the boss -just more stuff to buy:rods,boats,spells...
Just loved it!! Wish to see an update soon!! Need more places to fish and more stuff to spend money on!!! πŸ‘πŸΌβœŒπŸΌ
The game used to be great, but they ruined it by adding in unessicary power ups, which completely ruins the emirsion in the game, and add another layer of unessicary difficulty to somthing that doesn't need to be that difficult.
Fun and easy but can you do the megalodon harder its easy Thank you for making this game i love it!!!
perfect gameplay, great music, addictive, etc. I got a perfect game out of my imagination! Thank you very much!😊😊
The game was great before the "bug fixes" but it just added more bugs i cant even open the app on my s7 plz fix this thanks
LOVE the game its a time killer its fun and on your yacht you can design the inside how ever you want i suggest this game to have on you devices.
One of my favourite games. Only bad thing is the game becomes totally pointless once you completed all challenges. You just end up with millions of credits (In game money) building up and nothing to do.
I know you might not change anything but there is a skill gap for the parranah monster where you need to grind quite a lot in order to beat it, also the in app purchases are over the the top due to the fact that there items the are the best in the entire game that can only be obtained by money.
I redownloaded this game after a few months as it is very entertaining. However I started again but when I wanted to put items on my boat, the game would freeze and not work for the entire day. Please fix this. Otherwise I do recommend this game hence the four stars. Edit: Thank you very much.
Its super fun and adicting my only complain is that it takes forever to get good items and the orbs are so hard to get
finally a great game where you actually have to grind to level up, not just play for 10 minutes and finish the game. Love it
it is fun to play your game but dissapointed because it keeps crashing then it's always bug I lost plenty of fish I don't what happen but when I take a look at my fish to sell it's gone I hope you fix this problem how can you encourage your clients to keep playing and to buy real money if it's always like this im kinda pissed off because of the issue of your game but it's fun to play so I really hope that you fix this asap
This is one of the best Google play games, there is only one problem, when you change devices, your progress cannot be reverted, I tried so hard to get my progress back but with no effect.
I've downloaded this game before and I really like it back then...but with this new sets of upgrade it kinda make me sad...but I really recommend this game especially to young ones...this game makes me stay up all nightπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Wow, im speechless. Never in my life have i played a game so fun. This game is really well made. It keeps you playing with the tasks from the sushi guy and that fisherman. I also find the boats quite nice. The furniture is also really nice. I remember playing this game a year ago and now it feels like nostalgia. I have nothing else to say, other than, I AM ADDICTED!!!!!!
Gameplay was nice, but its always crashing. Everytime after the google play log in, the game does not respond to any action. Afterwards, it crashes. Hoping for a quick resolution.
Good game, but there is a problem, I can not backup mi progress to the "cloud" or to my Google Play account, so when I play in other phone, I have to start again... Please fix this because I spent a lot of time in it.
I LOVE It! its a great time killer and its fun! And please also add more buildings that we can buy with coins cause most of the buildings are cost blue coins and pvp tickets and also add co-op mode where players team up to defeat a crazy strong enemy like a hydra or Ice Kraken that the bosses are modified
It's a good game and I really enjoy it, but when I use the ability "silence" nothing happens when the fish is using ability. I don't know if this is bug or it's just how it's working. But still this is amazing game where you can buy boats buy furniture for them and where you can do fishing! Keep up the good work!πŸ˜€And just to ask will you update the game soon cause I saw from my brother who has iphone that his version is with 2 versions after this one. And can't he find me cause of this?πŸ€”
Its a fun game since you can design your own yacht, island, and fish. Something they should add is a T junction wall since its painful to look at 2 walls that cant touch.
I loved the game, i had almost all the yachts before I uninstalled it for space. But when I recently came back to the game, using the same device as before, I am experiencing major issues with the game freezing and having frame drops. If this could be fixed, I would enjoy the game as I did before. (Edit: Thank you!)
Beautiful game but it has one small problem you should put the rod and fish bars above the rod and fish pictures and not below them while fishing because the player's finger covers the rod bar and can't see the number clearly while pressing on the rod's picture.
The game is good but for some reason it won't let me furnish my ships at all, if I go into my ships the game freezes and I need to get off to go back on
Pretty dang fun fishing game with a really unique game play. Seriously, download it. 5β˜† if the devs add a restore progress option. I had played through to the final area, and had literal days in the game, but when I switched phones all my progress was gone. Love this game, but be warned there is no cloud save feature (the one they provide didn't work for me)