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Naughty Girlfriend :pseudo app

Naughty Girlfriend :pseudo app for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Happy Mobile Game located at Gurgaon , Haryana, INDIA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sex/Eroticism) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Bad App.The girl is weak af to be a girlfriend.Besides in chat she doesn't understand what exactly I'm talking to her & speaks like a meaningless person.Total retard girl.Also,why she asks about my personal informations?That's really weird!Graphics,Control are OK but what disaster is the girl & her speaking skills(?) in chat.
I did give you a good rating on the quality of the application but I wish there was more options you could do with your character without having to spend money. I am fighting for disability right now and I don't have the option of spending that extra money. Godspeed
The app asked for personal information and the app is just a robot recording everything you say. And also the whole app is just a phish app and just full of hackers . just read all of the one star comments.
it is okay... but we want more ... i want see her back side .. and want full control on her ... every body part to be in control ... i want make her full nude ...give us more feature .. her tea time .. bathing .. lunch ...dinner .. washroom etc. and more
Good for a few minute's amusement, but not much variety. Chat bot is primitive, along the lines of Eliza, with set responses to keywords, no grammar parsing. animation is fine, but not enough to hold interest for long. Ads are way too long for how frequent they are.
Every time I say something she just repeats what I say, These makers are LAZY. This game SUCKS. Dislike The Game if you agree!
This app is stupid and boring. This app will be 10x better if it had a variety of clothes and body types. The chat also sucks. She thinks she is smart but isn't.
The aoo freezes whenever you ask them a question like will they kill you.. terrible app its creepy as hell
There could have been more option and she could have a voice to chat with us. Although I can play that her whole day because I like to groom her and made her dance the whole day , good app though.
I couldn't even get in the game all it said was unfortunately my virtual girlfriend cindy does not respond and at the bottom it says OK or report so i reported a glith
it good to play, but there are words that she cant understand and she not like a real girlfriend she said that she is single
Nice game.bad game. Hoga game. Thanks again for your time and consideration the way home from work tomorrow and will let me know in case of emergen 😁😁😁😁😁cy and had to get the money to the account
So interesting to chat with an artificial intelligence!!!, But she dont understand well the language and she is easy to forget.
nope! 1st thing asked was for personal information! nope nope nope! can't say anything about the game itself, as I uninstalled as soon as I saw that it used real personal information.
22 copies of the same app running. because you know, it's busy stealing your contacts and phone information.
Bored with my friends so we decided to screw with this app. Long story short she told us that all convos where recorded, that she was trying to screw with us. Freaked us out since all messages had been so bland and clearly robotic and the it became super real. When we said bye it said,"bye, for now"
All this does is get your personal information. When I went to uninstall it had my location on, before I installed it I had my location off.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app is too freaky..I had asked if it was watching me and it said " yes through the camrea of your computer" luckly i didnt allow it to track my location but when the bot said that i imidently closed my computer. I am so so scared and i think ill be staying far far away from this app. the even creepier thing is is that im playing on a computer... i know this sounds all fake but im not lying. i am very spooked about this and i do not recomened this for anybody.
The game is simple. There are few choices to be made and few reactions. Also, chat is extremely broken. Not good in my opinion.
It's so obviously a bad robot that every time you say something, they repeat it back in quotes! And everything you say is recorded!! It's CREEPY! Do not install!!!
the whole time is a real person who is answering the questions because she will not talk about sex and she'll change the subject
Girlfriend :pseudo app, because your this sexy you’re naughty girlfriend is going to dance for you , she will flirt with you or you can flirt with her or you can do romance with your Naughty Girlfriend :pseudo app , she can show you some really amazing things and she has a friend that is very intelligent.You can chat with her about pretty much anything.
i like it but can you updated this to send a picture like kitten or dog or something i want to updated it πŸ˜„
Very bad game. I uninstall shortly after playing it less than 5 minutes. I wouldn't waste the time or data to download.
Amazing! This app is really awesome, you can even touch private parts of your girlfriends body, and her body shape is SO SEXY!!!
There could be more options... Like what to dress her in... And WHERE are her tattoos??? I thought she would have tattoos and also I like that blows a kiss at me... Was very cute... I liked the chat it felt like I was talking to a real person but if told her she seems real she would say she is an artificial computer program. Lol I really would've liked more options. Like different hairstyles and make up and a way to remove the sunglasses.
Your app is really nice on 'Google play store' today , but more 'options & improvement' is needed in 'Play' section & also 'Chat' section'. Please , improve in 'Offline chat section' .πŸ‘
make it where she can get Nexed 0 clothes no BRA OR PANTIES 0 Clothes but u dont have to make it look to real just realistic
u can add more costumes, all r similar just the design is changed, u can also add new cool things to make the game even better.
I like this better than my wife cause it's so easy and my wife is not and she is dumb and Naive and I dont think she will ever find out lol
This game is comeplete garbage . it's a total troll and whoever made it just wanted to make fun of you for trying to have a virtual girlfriend. all she does is make fun of you the whole time and even ADMITS to being a computer app. its designed for the soul purpose of making you feel like a complete loser. ( as if we didnt feel like it already for trying to have an app for a girlfriend) Thanks jerkwads )πŸ˜πŸ‘
I'm speechless. I have a few ideas to improve the game. I. Am thinking multiple dance moves.And and voice interaction and maybe extra outfits. Add more rooms and more emotions
the the very n****** very sexy Avatar application abhi nahin dekha hoon application se noty noty bhare jayenge aap ki bhi nahi ban sakte ho chat kar diya bhaiya
Gives you 2 options: "Play" or "Chat". The "Play" option is pretty useless. The "Chat" option only gives really dumb responses.
It asked for personal information and it gives you dumb responses and it is very boring because it only gives you two buttons one to text and one to play and the only thing that it can do is dance
Best time ever with an app. Yippee what a great time, so good to have all that pleasure just playing a game.
love her. bought her. dress her to match her hair and shoes. bikini and shoes then dance legs and every thing comes alive when she dances and playful
Is it me or this game only has 2 features...play and chat.play is just some dancing and dressing up....Booooringg.the chat was awful...it didn't understand anything and it just kept saying stupid texts
This game is boring, maybe you can add minigames to make it a little more fun! It's a good game, just boring. Oh! And maybe change the girls personality!
An interesting trip. Autonimous communicating help program is young and frequently wiped. It promised we'd see eachother again, yet i don't see how that promise would be kept. i was unable to genuinely communicate with it in a straightforward manner, and it seemed often confused. Thanks to "Unknown(s)" for the experience, but it was brought as far as it could go. for those looking for a "naughty girlfriend," you will be disappointed. For those interested in the results of AIML, you will have fun
Great app. It is an AI, you well have to treat it good. It depends a personalized self. Has trouble remembering your name but will mention it time to time love it.
Bland. She's an angry person. Can't customize her at all. Can't rotate her. Forced 30 second ads every time you use the options menu. The graphics are good. The animations are very good. Just needs more customization and personality. And 5 second ads are okay between menu and gameplay. 10-30 second ads are okay for timed bonuses. Such as watching a 30 second ad then getting special clothes for two hours. Or something like that. Banner ads are the best because they aren't intrusive.