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NANACA†CRASH!! Bike Crash Game

NANACA†CRASH!! Bike Crash Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by M.C3 CO., LTD. located at 愛知県岡崎市赤渋町字本屋敷17番地4. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is apparently based on a hentai, but there is no adult content as far as I know. A simple one-press game based on timing and luck, I spent more time than I care to admit playing the old flash version and this port plays the exact same way. The game needs more information about when specials can be obtained though.
I scared my husband when I saw this was available! I've been making happy noises ever since, it's such a well done port, and the updates are fun! Bought the non-add version immediately! So glad to see Nanaca back!!!
Little changes have kinda ruined this for me, it has problems when you pick up speed with recognising taps and ghosting thru characters
Ghis game is one of thd most fun I've played in a while but the adds are so hard to close. It is mildy annoying.
After unmounting my SD card to make space, the game vanished from my phone. I had no idea why, so i went to the Play Store to find it, and was told it had been uninstalled. WHAT? So I reinstalled the game, everything worked fine. Until a short time ago, when my phone once again told me the game had uninstalled itself. Now, after five attempts at reinstalling it, the game refuses to do so, giving me "Package File is Invalid" and "Unknown Error Code-21" messages every time. Great game, big problem though...
I really enjoyed the Flash version of this game so I was very reluctant to give Nanaca Crash for Android such a low rating. But it is COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE on my device due to bugs galore. Perhaps the develops took the "crash" part of the title a little too far...
This game has always been an addiction of mine. Was sad when i learned flash was no longer supported by android. So glad there's a version for my mobile!
The greatest flash game ever is now an app? I've loved this game for over a decade. I'd like to see a high score leaderboard sometime. I know my 19Km probably isn't anywhere near the record. But it would be fun to try to best other peoples score. ナナカクラッシュ
The game itself is great for passing time, and it's good entertainment. However, with Android 5 (Lollipop), the game freezes up and/or crashes completely. This is at least the case on my Galaxy S4 Int'l.
I really enjoy this classic game. Tapping at high speeds is significantly harder than the flash version though. And sometimes I find myself flying through characters I should have connected with.
Really, really good. Little changes haven't worked out such as the power up highlights of girls is at the bottom left now making it harder for peripheral vision to work in both opposing corners, and the red bike boost is not very responsive when falling at high speeds compared to PC version. Enough has been changed to be fresh but not too much to ruin it. Very balanced app. Crashes on nexus 5 lollipop in various places. Bugs to fix. My biggest problem is no music. I play it for the music!
Played this flash game long ago on 4chan. Glad to see it received a proper app release. If I had to find ONE fault, it would have to be the minor pauses in the music. But that is petty. 5 stars. Excellent.
Shame cos I love this game. Can't aim and shoot without huge lag on pressing the screen so its useless. Nexus 5 with android 5
It's a simple game but great, it's perfect for burning up extra time, particularly when I'm not in the mood for other games. Love the art style and all the extras like the voice acting and art photos, etc. that you get in the gallery section, on top of that you can even download stuff from the gallery, what's more is all the stuff in there are things you earn through playing the game.
An unexpected masterpiece comes back and is better than ever! The game design is really solid despite being something that should be just a fan service.
Exactly the classic flash game. Now with a tutorial! Ads are a little intrusive, but not terrible. Would love a paid option.
Fum game but the initial loading time is awful. I have a nexus 7 and the Now Loading animatiom runs really slow, after that everything is ok. Fun game from my childhood.
I LOVED the Flash version and played it somewhat regularly for over a decade! What I don't like about the mobile version is that it does run significantly faster, and more importantly, the "SPECIAL" indicator is in a different place. I understand using the space properly on a mobile device, and how that may require moving elements. However the action is fast and it is too difficult to compare my SPECIAL meter with the upcoming list of characters, as they are on opposite sides of the screen. I would feel better doing something as drastic as moving the score to the bottom left, with speed and other info, just to keep SPECIAL next to the character pointers, since these two pieces of information are very important to mentally process at the same time quickly.
The classic flash game in a convenient Android wrapper! Works great and is really fun. Only complaint is the obnoxious ad that gets in your way while you're flying in the air
I used to play this all the time on the computer. Nice to see it as an app. The achievements are a nice tough, and it's nice to know the characters' names. One issue is that the "special" screen is in the opposite corner of the "upcoming" screen (not sure of the official names of those), which is a bit irritating. Pretty sure "special" was underneath "upcoming" originally. Ads can also be a little intrusive (though it doesn't affect actual gameplay). Still enjoyable.
God, I played this game so much when it first became a thing ages ago. I can't believe there's an app now, that's just great. This game is a lot of fun when you just want to sit around and waste time.
I really love this game but it's pretty much unplayable in this state. It keeps freezing all the time and stops responding in addition to having huge slowdown issues. I'm running this on oneplus with android 5 so there should be no problems like this. And there's no music playing. Please fix this app..
I missed playing this Flash game in high school. This one functions just like the original and has Google Play integration for achievements (both cool). There are some secret achievements but there's no hint on how to get them...
All of the images you get from getting achievements are censored. The one with Nanaca on her bike is supposed to have a small sliver of underwear showing, and the one with Misato is also. I'm not sure what else since I haven't unlocked all achievements. I know this may seem slightly perverted and a stupid thing to complain about, however if you want to be true to the original Cross Channel game then those things need to be there Fix this and I'll change my review to 5 stars immediately.
I stumbled upon the flash version of this game while late night stumbling and bookmarked it after playing for a few hours. I recently went back to playing it and saw that they had this android version... immediately downloaded! So simple yet fun for hours and hours. I wish they made a super bouncy ball with the tumbling guy inside lol.
I absolutely love this game, played it tons on my pc back in the day, and I supported the removal of ads to support devs. This angle up business, however, is the most unfun experience I've had in this game and I don't remember it in the original. if I could turn it off and never see it again I would be so happy. If I hit it even once I'll pause and restart rather than watch my dude bounce VEEERRRY SLOOWWWLLY for the next 5 minutes or so.
Loved the old flash game on PC, and really wanted to love this port as well, but constant freezing and force stops means it is not a good experience. I'll be watching for updates and bug fixes, though. This was one of my favorite casual games back in the day.
How on earth do you get the three secret achievements? Nobody online seems to know. I've got everything else and tried lots of things without them unlocking. Do they work at all? Also sometimes your character just passes through girls.
I mean, you crash into a guy and he goes further by the girls that reject him. There is only one problem in the game. The music stopped looping after getting girl's special or after a set duration. It should be a relatively easy fix. If it is fixed, I will give 5*
Enjoy playing this every now and then, only up to 15,??? Meters but still learning how to surpass that. Had no issues and on a Moto E with a 1GB dram and a Snapdragon 800 quad core processor. $100 phone and runs the game pretty well... Don't understand why others are having issues, try reinstalling?
Not as good as the original. A little more laggy and having the specials in the bottom left rather than above the character icons is a bit of a bummer. My version also doesn't have sound for some reason. I like that it follows the same rules as the original though! A good throw back.
I played Cross Channel (PC) quite a while back. I never heard of its fan flash game, so this was new to me and I got instantly excited. I loved the characters back then and I love them even more now. If the game isn't addicting enough, the leaderboards and/or the achievements will definitely keep you going. My only problem with this game is it doesn't have a purchase option. I'd totally pay good money for this game. Love this. 6/5.
Game is pretty simple but hard to master. It's also incredibly addictive because of its random nature. The best part is the ability to create combos with some luck and skill. Really fun and a great way to waste time on a simple anime game!
I can't hear the character's voices anymore. The only one is Kiri's voice and really really low. Even in the gallery it doesn't work. I tried putting the volumes on max but it didn't work. Not sure if it's a problem with the app or with my phone though.
This ranks among the best distance games I know of, next to Burrito Bison. In some ways, this is even better because of the pure technique involved, versus Bison's grinding. The achievements and alternate settings add a nice touch, even for someone who has no idea what CrossChannel is.
How did somebody make one of the best mobile games before mobile games was even a thing? It's even more fun on a phone and tablet because it's full screen, and the ads aren't intrusive.
I have loved this game for several years and when I saw I could get it on my phone, I was so happy! When I opened the app, it lagged a lot. A simple update should fix it.
...except with a tiny annoying ad in the corner in between games. Also if you have a phone or tablet that's even remotely decent then it's like 60frames per second which means it's more fluid than the flash version ever was on any other platform, making it a bit hard to time the bike impact power ups if you're moving really fast. The trophies and galley unlocks are... Mildly worth while, but its the game that's most important and it is the same.
I remember this game back when it was a roundom flash game that I played and loved and now even though nothing much changed it is still as much enjoyable as it was back then.. Perhaps a story element should be added to the poor guy when he finally stops xD
This is the best game ever where you can crash into a perverted miscreant with your bike as Nanaca (from CROSS CHANNEL), with help from some friends to keep him flying. There's no other Nanaca bike crash game like it.