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myVEGAS Slots: Casino Slots for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by PLAYSTUDIOS INC located at 10150 Covington Cross Dr Las Vegas, NV 89144. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would like new game options. Also, I would like some clarity. The "spin for 10x the chips" offer is misleading. It doesn't look like you're being charged twice, when actually, you must purchase the chips, then the spin. After you've already purchased the chips at a high price, you have to get the spin to make it worth it. I took a screenshot and sent it to you.
We used to earn loyalty points per spin up to a daily limit, now it's via a SLOW timer. I get that this is to entice people to play for longer, but it's not realistic. The other option is to leave the game open & not play while the LP's add up. Inconvenient for players & not good for myvegas (I simply don't play much now). Today I find sapphire MVP has gone from 6K to 7.4K to maintain. Disappointing. Playstudios has sacrificed too much user experience to earn more money. Find a better balance.
I have been playing this game for years and it is extremely fun the reason for the one star is just over the past year I have spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars buying chips and the payouts completely suck. Your not winning real money so why be so stingy with chip payouts? I'm sad to say I will be deleting this app today because it is a very fun and addictive game but its not worth the money to me. I can spend $200 a day sometimes and loose it all within an hour just betting low and not high.
App keeps on crashing on and off for the last month. It's stucked on the loading when you launch the app then either exits the app automatically or just stucked. Please fix bug issues and will change rating to 5 stars.
Three stars because, I keep getting locked out from collecting the LP gold coins. I get the reason why. I have ready the terms. But, there has to be another way! I only play when I'm not locked out from receiving LP gold coins. It's s 300k LP gold coins to redeem a $100 free play voucher at one of the casino's. If I keep getting locked out from receiving LP because they suspect me as a "bot" it's going to take a decade til I can redeem a $100 free play reward 🙄
I love this game. But I've been noticing to many ads. Also I haven't been able to go on today or collect my hourly points. It keeps dropping my connection. So for that I can't give it 5 Stars. Please fix.
I dont like the changes. I esspecialy dont like that there is a cap on how many reward tokens u can earn each day; it just doesnt make sence that all u have to do is remain active on the app to earn reward tokens. You dont even have to play anymore. So, whats the point? Perhaps Im missing somthing, but to me it took away from the fun. Lately Ive just logged in, picked a game, and then hit auto spin until I reach the capped amount of tokens for the day. Wheres the incentive?
Decent game.. Until most recent update (10/28/2020). Can't get into game (freezes on loading screen). Uninstalled and reinstalled game, was able to get in to play, but not able to get back in once previous session was closed out. Not worth uninstalling and reinstalling game on a daily basis just for points I'll likely never use in Vegas.
The slots are tighter than a Flys anus. A dozen spins and no payout makes me go broke and so it's a waiting game for more chips to be able to play again. Spent 500 million with no wins and now I'm broke, LIKE REAL VEGAS. Waste of time. The Events are confusing and cost money. Everytime the game starts you get hit with ads. The Facebook email doesn't give me chips for the app so don't suggest that again. Still no wins. Waited a month to save up chips and lost them all in a few hours. Still losing
So far loving variety and have over 20,000 points to redeem for things when in Vegas in 2 weeks. love that we get real rewards! Would love more food rewards loaded.
I don't know how many times I have to uninstall and reinstall the app I've been playing it probably for years I mean you can tell by how many coins I have over a million credit coins I play all the time every day but it seems like I'm having so many issues with it opening none of my other games have a problem at all on my phone my phone is a Google pixel a newer one and I've never had an issue before until about this last month or so just with the Vegas game. Please fix I'm going to have withdra
Greedy game not worth the download unless you're ok with playing for under 5 minutes before running out of chips. Game had a pretty good payout a while back but now it's horribly tighter than I've ever experienced in the past 2 years of playing. C'mon developers, why so stingy?
I've played this game for months with my main goal of using the rewards earned at Borgata in Atlantic City. Today I go to redeem a quarter of a million points and all of a sudden Borgata is no longer a partner option for redeeming rewards. I'm incredibly disappointed.
Events do not always award rewards as described. When brought to supports attention, 1st gets ignored, 2nd time gets dragged out for weeks and Was told a correction would be made by the end of the week and nothing done. Reached out a 3rd time and told the event did not give the reward that clearly was stated in game and in the emails. Also have spent some over the time I have played this game. Even spent a little for the specific event to make sure I got the larger reward. Popslots is better
Stingy slots. No great bonuses Layout was confusing when looking for winnings. Make some improvements Locked games don't keep me around.
Great graphics. The only thing I don't like about it now, is that they've increased the threshold to maintain Emerald status to 2900 from 2500. I know I can never attain that unless I don't sleep. It will drop me down to Opal status in days and I will be stuck there. Not cool.
Do not make any purchases or they will take your free ad coins away. Contacted them and all they said was "everyone's gaming experience varies". Was getting ad coins on konami [sister game] and decided to test my theory. Made a purchase and my free ad coins disappeared as well. Completely disappointed. Had to inform everyone I know not to make any purchases to avoid losing their free ad coins. 1 star for this issue until resolved.
Worst customer service ever! Do not give them any money, their rewards are not what they portray them to be. Customer service is Email or chat only and if they don't like what your saying they just close the conversation and suspend any further tickets from being responded to. I have over 2,000,000 in reward coins meaning I've played ALOT. I have redeemed in the past with no issues, but now the rewards are pathetic and not worth the $
Worked fine until recent October updates. Won't open via email for chips or on its own. Reinstalled and worked once but after that it doesn't work again. Loads about 95% then just closes. Tried restarting and clearing app cache but only way it works is reinstalling it and it only works once after. Have gone through 2 updates since this happened and is still happening. Using Pixel 3.
Slow and boring. If you like to play fast, then this will drive you crazy because it forces you to watch stupid payout animations before enabling spin button. Average 3-5 seconds in between spins. When you complete a task,, it takes 25 seconds until you can play again. Music is annoying too.
There's definitely something off with the odds if I win only one bonus and after all I get are zeros. This happened several times and I only pay a few days. Hilarious
The games on this app are more greedy than real slot machines. Its a joke and im done. Its fake money so stop taking it like its real you bunch of crooks! Even your reviews are rigged. You have an overall 4.3 stars but most of your reviews are 3 stars or less as they should be. Ill be getting rid of this app and finding something thats actually worth playing. If I wanted to throw my money away I would go to a strip club at least I would enjoy myself instead of my wallet getting raped.
Fun, for everyone having issues w some games, I go in through the blackjack link and access the other games there and it works fine, it just takes a minute but I'm not in a hurry and I have enjoyed some really cool rewards from this game I am even telling my waiters to try it! Free rooms, free stuff to do and free food, can't go wrong!
I'm done with this game! Over a week and one response that just asked me more questions. The game quit giving bonus coins went you played the games. I would have given a zero since the game has gone downhill.
About as lame as real slots winning a tenth of your bet like it was something amazing. Even worse is having coin value scaled way high so a million dollar win looks cool but it would really only be like winning ten bucks.
Amazing app, I tell everyone about it. about it I've had it for 10+ years with Konami and black jack have had so many things comp'd in vegas. I've never spent one dollar. Best part the rewards sync with each other! You get seperate playing coins but your rewards in all apps sync. I love these apps there amazing. Is you want a brainless activity with real rewards dowload
I feel like an idiot.. To play the game if it wasnt for spending money it'd be a 5/5 but spending so much money and racking up so much points to find out you can't redeem them the way you'd like is sad. I went to redeem points for a hotel stay in the city I reside in only to find out that locals cannot book hotel rooms in their City. not everyone wants to book a hotel out of state. I contacted customer service weeks ago and never got a response
It WAS great, never collected anything since I don't have any social media so can't connect to facebook to redeem. Also rewards are on a timer instead of how much coins you use to play. Which means less insentive to buy coins with real money. Which I didn't know when I actually payed. So at least give more coins for less money, doesn't matter anyways
Awesome! I love slots, but it's boring when you aren't getting any actual payout or prizes. The loyalty points in this game can actually be traded for complimentary casino play IRL, hotel rooms, and other stuff. Dope! I liked it better when the loyalty points were based on the number of chips played though, instead of time played. It created more of an excitement to winning. Now it doesn't matter if you win or lose really. I still give 5 stars though.
payout is not great, free spin is super super hard to get. it took me 250~300 spin to Get 1 free spin..
Game is not loading, or if it slightly does it immediately closes, been happening for about a week or so now. Sent an email to support about it have received no response. Planning a trip soon and was hoping to use one of my rewards but at this rate not going to happen. If the issue gets resolved I will change my rating.
I have always liked this app & the new strip design. But there has been problems.Games stuck in loops, lost daily bonuses due to updates or it doesn't give it to you & says come back tomorrow. One of the big changes is the winning chances.A lot more losses occurring. Before it was more even but now they are pushing you to make purchases so you can continue to play.Its a shame its changed for the worse as I still like this app.
Love how this game actually gives what it promises, and yes ads pop up from time to time (especially when your your low on credits) but I do enjoy the reward's they offer for "FREE". It's a good game to play if you eher want to plan a trip to Vegas. Highly recommend!!
The game is a good time waster but I would never actually spend money on this game. The app bombards you with ads to BUY BUY BUY chips, but any of the decent good rewards on the app worth redeeming are perpetually sold out. Meaning they hardly have enough stock to meet the demand. If they weren't perpetually sold out of the good rewards, or made it so difficult to redeem, it may actually be worth spending a little money on the game. Until then, I'll just keep using the free chips.
I like playing some of the games but my favorite game was a few of the slots that have electro links like Luxor but recently I got bonus spins where you get 10 free spins, got it 5 times so 50 free spins and NOT 1 electro link when you USED to get at least 1 every 10 free spins....I had over 5 BILLION tokens robbed by that game that was fun.....not anymore!
Always takes a long time to start up to the home page. Typically there's a lot of pop ups at the beginning. It's a challenge to login multiple days because of glitches. I've been playing for a while and really enjoy playing the app. Can't wait to be able to one day use the rewards.
Edit, after a while the loyalty points stop adding, but you can add a good amount to redem some nice rewards, it is a little difficukt to get, tgey tend to run out quickly. I will update in the future on the actual usage of rewards. Edit, last update has isues, slots get stuck when giving featured prices. Also not adding gold tockens. Last app update yesterday. This is a very nicely made app. The grphics are really good and the concept is awesome. For some reason it makes my phone crash a lot.
This app freezes or kicks me out often. Now, it has also been saying trouble loading asset. I wish it had less glitches, bugs and crashes.
Overall very well done and enjoyable to play. Lots of free chips and opportunities to earn chips. A great variety of different slots to play. A couple of performance issues: For the 2 most recent portrait games I have to go in and out a couple of times because the resolution gets "stretched". And the app restarting after switching to almost any other app is annoying.
using your points in vegas is not as simple as they make ig seem. You can redeem 1 prize per trip.. so free room and free play -- cant do it
the game is fun but good luck collecting your reward points with the m Life website. I tried to go to Vegas using this and the m Life people can't fix my account. the people who run the app are not synchronized with the people who run the website. it's a mess
Good games but some are glitchy. Biggest concern is unexplained MAJOR chip loss after updating. First happened about a month ago with a TWO BILLION chip reduction and then another FIVE BILLION chip loss without a spin or being hacked. Dealing with tech support is very frustrating with "cut and paste" automated replies and no real detailed information on what happened. Any other gaming app (which is what this is as you can buy chips to gamble) would have detailed records of each spin. STAY AWAY!
It gets frustrating as all you want is for people to buy coins. I play for fun of it not interested in buying but games don't want to give just take so it can get you to buy. Been playing these games gorgeous years now! Not as much fun as when first started!
This used to be a 5 star rating, but I'm tired of rebooting and restarting this game just so I can lose. Ever since the last android update this game has been a crash pig. I hoped the new update would make it work better. nope. I've dumped my cache. i've reinstalled. Protip, if you do that, you lose all of your gem levels. I didn't have a lot, but it's another annoyance. Freezes hard on their myriad ads (that advertise themselves!) you might want to try this app on a 4A5G and see if you get the fun experience I've been getting. P.S. if you restart enough times (8 this last time) it starts and pretends nothing is wrong.
The payouts are poor never seem to win and when you do you wont get any more then 80k the games is fixed so you have to spend more to enjoy the game really needs fixing very poor!!
And it gets worse. I tried to write to you using your suggested link below and all I get are errors and an apology. I would give this a zero star rating if I could. Used to like this game but recently it doesn't recognize when I reach thresholds in the missions. I had ignored it for over a month but wanted to finally say something.
Don't waste you time and chips on there new game king and kraken. You won't win any thing. The bonuses are few and far between. And its a group bonus so good luck winning if you even get into a bonus. Played it as a special event and one objective is to win 4mil or more 11 times. The only way to win 4 million or more is to bet ten million. The few wins that I got would usually pay out a max of 75 to 90% of the bet. And the 5 time i won over my bet were barely double what I bet. Played 200+ bets
let's you win just to take it back. classic slot game. graphics are fun and that's where it stops. the fun that is. then frustration and then uninstall. lather, rinse, repeat.
I would give it zero stars after the customer service I have received. The game says that you earn loyalty points every day just for playing. But I have been locked out for five days. Losing out on 20000 loyalty points over that period. The only reason and incentive I play for. I used to recommend the game for the loyalty points. I will not recommend again. I have contacted them three times explaining what is happening and they just give me excuses. Never helping at all.
Another typical casino game where you start off with free credits and you win a little bit right, then once they're gone and all you get is the daily bonuses, the bottom falls out and it falls out really fast. Unless you spend money, the game is a miserable experience. Bonus rounds are almost non-existent, there was no incentive to play this game or spend money on it.
The app used to run so smoothly, till about a month ago where it keeps giving me an error message and then shuts down. I wasn't able to keep my daily login bonus streak going cause of this. Not happy
So many pop ups! All the time, most annoying thing ever. We get you want us to spend actual money, but you don't need to bombard us with multiple pop ups on start up and after EVERY game. Plus the change to a timer based system for collecting loyalty coins is a shady move. Forget playing the limited event games because they're designed to drain all you play money with little to no payout. Only plus is that the slot games are fun and well designed.
The overall game is not bad. One of the downfalls, while playing the game you build rewards points. However, once you are playing for like 2-3 hrs the rewards pnts stop building. Now my other issue is, I can't remember how many times I've had a minimum of 10 days steak, If not higher. Yet again today I was again up to a 11 day steak roughly 5 hours ago, when I came back into the game it opened giving me another daily bonus, and said I was up to a 1 day steak.?? 100% Disappointing!
If I want to play this game I have to uninstall and reinstall it every single time otherwise it crashes when I try to open it. I've contacted customer support many times over the months. They told me to get better internet when I already have high speed reliable internet. They won't admit that their app has issues that make it crash. Now I can't even get a response from customer support. Contacting them will do no good because they refuse to listen or do anything about it.
I have really enjoyed the game until recently. Game stops loading frequently and even after few attempts I give up trying. Reward coins are lost when the game does not load. So much for a Covid lockdown distraction.
I've been playing for several months. It was going great until a couple of weeks ago. The game keeps crashing every time I try to open it. It's very frustrating. Please fix it. If I can get back it, I'll up the stars.
I've been playing this app for years. Five days ago, something happened and you can no longer earn loyalty points. Multiple support tickets are responded to with a canned auto response that doesn't even make sense for the issue being reported. You want to play slots, play. But if you have issues earning loyalty points for rewards, good luck to you!
The success ratio is a painfully obvious controlled system that drops the ratio from 70% win - spin ratio, down to less then 10%, and large wins from about 1-2% to fractions of that when you have played longer then 15 minutes or spent the majority of your tokens, just enough to allow you to get hooked, and encourage you to buy tokens. The amount of times I played for a long time or was low on tokens to have upwards of 100 spins with less then 5 wins across all slots is actually insane.
The original review was before I had to Uninstall cause it was frozen. It wiped EVERYTHING GONE. EVERYTHING. Almost 500,000 in rewards. I'll not waste my time with this game now.
I have to say that I'm very disappointed in the customer service lately. I'm not getting any proper responses to my requests. I've had several times when my million dollar bonus for watching a video said it was going to go to my inbox, and never did. I reached out to customer service about this, and did not receive a good reply. I have also not received the awards for playing the featured games. What is going on?
The games are fun But, if you are a Mlife member you cannot use your coins for alot of the rewards. So that is pretty much unfair.
Chat and help is beyond useless, error in game cost me nearly 700 million chips some of which I purchased with real money. 3 hours for the "chat" to send me a generic form letter. Changing my score from 5 stars to 1 until they get their act together! Support couldn't find my issue so their developers are either idiots or incompetent as logs should show the issue. Requesting refund through Google play. Fix your app!
Your machine are tight. You need to let your customers enjoy your games such as more payout and bonus. I bought some coins and it just go to the drain. I like it but it doesn't keep me enjoy playing your games. Don't be too greedy. Give more winning, customers stay longer an d you make more profit.
The game lately is not functioning properly. I just did the update today and its still quirky. When I selected a case to get the "don't let it end" bonus, it showed 2200000 but I did not get it in my coin balance. I am guessing all of the issues were not resolved with the update. I'll wait for the next. I don't purchase coins to play so there's no loss for me but with the issues that they currently have, I won't be playing any time soon.
Very addictive and fun! It has moments where its really hitting good and then bam! Before you know it you lose all your chips. Im starting to figure out when the switch is made and then i stop. At one point i had over a billion chips so its easy to get chips. Overall its a fun game for wasting time or while on the toilet 😁😁
TERRIBLY UNFAIR GAME, it's impossible to win without spending money and then you still lose. I literally just lost 1.2 billion coins playing 1 game betting 15 mill a spin and never once got the bonus. Lost it all, find another game that is more rewarding to players - remember MyVegas it's just a game and nobody wants to constantly loose!
Fun app but lately it has been needing to frequently restart when trying to open it. Android version.
I play all the time to win free stuff at The Borgata in Atlantic City. Lately all of The Borgata comps are gone ??? Will definitely stop playing if they don't come back soon.
Tired of all the up dating atleast one a month october had 2updates winning is less and less every update also to many pop-ups before you play and my strip challenges should be like it was years ago your choice to play not forced on you everything you played bring back games that don't have progressive jack pots I miss the original Shaq 9 or bedrock and roll ,very disappointed in you and if I could I would not give any stars now you all don't deserve wow another update can't play without update
I love the game but it would be nice if the coins for purchase were priced like the game within Facebook, or if they were interchangeable.
Its fun. Entertaining and I've used the rewards with ease. But over the years the push to buy chips have gotten worse and worse. After this most recent update, its literally 3-5 mins of ads to buy chips before you get to he actual game. Not sure if its a glitch or what but it now feels like I have to jump through hoops just to play the slots lol. I get that you want us to buy chips but throwing ads at us for a solid 2-5 mins when we log on isn't the way to do it. It actually discourages me.
Was fun, but now only takes my points. No reason to buy points, when you barely win. This game has changed over the past year. It is 10/26/2020 and this is my "Dear John" letter. Initially I was excited for rewards and improving my Vegas experience. Unfortunately, restrictions diminished my enthusiasm. My recent trip to Vegas (10/22/2020 to 10/25/2020) I could not use any of my over 500,000 points for 'Freeplay'. The load of restrictions made me ineligible. I wasted years accumulating.
you know for all the money I spend on fake money to play these games. it does return it if played a long time. just wish I could win more..... Update. game rating went from 4 to 3.in my opinion they took out a lot of features that allow you to win . your rate of winning even on the lowest bet 10k is 1 in 5 .so you essentially lose money every play and even when bonus features happen they dont happen as much as they do on the low bets . if you bet high you loose way more than playing 10k slots
so much better than the other "slot" game I was playing, that otherone only gave me daily coins enough for 5-spins & always took it faster when I bet "up". I LOVE that this one plays better & gives real-world (partner casino) comps, too!
multiple games different bet levels and actual money spent still wont get you a bonus anymore. this game is terrible now. played for years its not worth the frustration any more. cashing points and never looking back.
Some of these bonuses are not right. Like the 007. Depending on your bet, u unlock jackpots3x,4x,5x.... Ex: if you get 3- 3x vertically you would think you won thst jackpot, you dont, you have 3 bonus spins to get it. In which to get the jack pot you need to spin and get "3x" in a row AGAIN. as get 3x in the first time wasnt hard enough. Then ontop you get less $ than what you initially bet with. So if i bet 800k, im getting like 250k and it says "huge win! Gtfoh
Game is relatively fun, but it's incredibly frustrating to spend nearly a billion chips only to receive about 100mil in return. It's obviously being manipulated behind the scenes with no real chance involved and the real only reason to play this game is for real Vegas rewards. I've been playing for years and I've always lost more chips than I could earn -_-
Hint..the more you play, the less you win! They track your play time & if you purchase chips they know you're hooked so don't expect to win enough to keep you going for any length of time because they anticipate you'll buy more. Don't purchase anything & keep your play time sporadic. I've been playing for a few years & it's unfortunate that it's become a losers game.
I love this app and played daily until about a week ago. The mobile app when loading gives me an error, not responding. I've updated all my apps on my pixel 4. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I've cleared cache and force stopped. I can play it once after reinstalling and then I can't open it again. Any advice would be appreciated.
not bad but you very quickly go from an absolute shedload of chips to absolutely nothing in no time which is pretty sad considering the amount of money these modern day highwaymen are already bleeding out of all of us