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myVEGAS BlackJack 21 Card Game

myVEGAS BlackJack 21 Card Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by PLAYSTUDIOS INC located at 10150 Covington Cross Dr Las Vegas, NV 89144. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love that I can use loyalty points to buy coins. Wish all the games had that feature in their rewards.
Smooth game play, lots of bonuses, and no ads! And the loyalty points are great for redeeming awesome real world prizes!
Hiya ๐Ÿ˜ who has played it, how come that it's such a hassle with sudden exits? ๐Ÿ˜“ The application is so so, as I got, this is a crude copy of the original website xrespin . com, only this site has the perfect graphics, gives free spins for new players and also a bunch of rewards ๐ŸŽ. Just for kicks try it, take a short rest and play it๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ˜˜! If you tried it, then thumbs up! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I agree with the other reviewers that this game is completely rigged. And when I say "completely", I mean even the daily bonus is rigged too! No matter which present I choose, I get a card; never extra chips or XP. The game is no longer fun if you feel like you are always being cheated.
Really fun game, but I do have one major complaint. I have been a real casino blackjack player for 20 years. There is no way humanly possible that whenever the dealer is revealing their cards and say I have a 20 total on one hand and a 18 on the other hand. I would say 60% of the time, dealer will draw something like 6,7,8 cards in row and dealer will have an Ace if not two to four of them. Or dealer will draw like two,three, or four 2's. Or dealer will draw five or six cards that are A's, 2's.
If it wasn't for the loyalty points I wouldn't bother. This game is so rigged if you bet larger. I bust 90% of the time if I hit on 12+. The chance the dealer busts is 10% and majority of the time manages to push or beat you when you get 20 or 21. Extremely hard to accumulate chips filled with low login bonuses and video ads.
Wish I could give 2.5 stars The game is so frustrating, you can never come out head. 5 blackjacks in a row and then I'll get one... Maybe. Pushes A LOT! Anytime dealer shows 8-10/face card, almost always turns a 10/face. All that to say I will only play when I get the daily bonus, so 20 minutes to get 2X points and enough coins to play and not lose it all in 20 minutes. 3 stars because, if you can legit not be frustrated and gain rewards, they do work. I use them often for food and drinks.
Great games! Smooth running app! Real Rewards! Great fun and educational. Make it as exciting or as casual and relaxing as you like! Try all the myVEGAS game apps. With something for everyone, you won't be disappointed. It's a winning combination!
Rigged? I don't know. Been playing for a while and there does seem to be patterns. Betting 2X or Betting Max almost guarantees a loss. But then I've also had some pretty good runs. It's entertaining enough, it's free, and it's a good way to stay in practice with basic strategy.
Fun for someone who likes gambling. A bit of a grind, I just hope those rewards are legit. Edit. they are but for some reason it stopped giving me loyalty points at 14,000. Does anybody know why? Also I like how they pretend they don't know the purpose of a game is for a player to win. If anything it's supposed to cheat for me, not against me. The best thing to do is for it to not cheat at all of course.
The game used to be fun with winnings of coins based on the bets. Now it changed its format to a "time spent in the app" which awards 100 gold coins at a time. The new format of awarding gold coins is completely lousy.
Really disappointed that it has switched from winning Gold V Coins to just XP and and regular play coin! I won't be playing Blackjack anymore now what a bummer!
MyVegas Blackjack used to be our most favorite game. Why the changes? Why the boxes for daily bonus? Bring back the wheel and give more free chips. We lose so much more than given that we can never catch up. We love the layout, stars, meter, sounds, colors and levels. Please give more free chips, like in the beginnning. It seems rigged, like you can never win anymore. Never change the layout, but please give more free chips and give back the daily bonus wheel.
VERY unrealistic. I've never seen the house get so many 19,20, and 21s in my life. Not to mention player gets 13, 14 and 15s 80% of the time. If you hit, 60% it is a face card or 10 and you bust. It also is always searching for network all the time even when there is a solid cell connection. App needs some work.
App is completely non-functional. Load screen goes straight to a screen to accept the terms of service, which is completely frozen, can't click on anything. Reinstalled the app, same issue.
Terribly unrewarding. Awful offshore customer service. What would you expect from a game based in vagas ganes and also on vegas odds / and gives rewards-(ish) for you to play from home? This company has 4, and some to be released (targeting elders - ie Bingo) apps that can provide actual Vegas rewards - the winnings are well controlled by adjusting your odds while playing. I actually love playing the games, but when you get to the point of paying money for credits- they are a complete waste.
Little laggy and it'd be nice to have auto deal, but overall a great way to get my fix without actually having to spend money
What happened?? Now the blackjack games won't even load can't even play blackjack.... a little help please
Super slow and keeps freezing. I've tried reinstalling it and it's still super slow. Way disappointing. I loved playing this game.
If you just want to play blackjack, this game is mostly fine. If you play it expecting real rewards, youll be mostly dissapointed. Using basic strategy and martingales (which doesnt work in real life) ive aquired 80,000,000 chips. If i had to buy chips for real money, i wouldnt play it. Max Bet also seems rigged. Theyve also capped your coins per day (which cash in for real rewards). The rewards are mostly bleh & come with caveats like "2 night stay" or bogo. Others are impossible to get.
1.5 million lost over a stretch of nothing but bs from the dealer. Clearly wanting to drain all my money so I will make a purchase. Such a joke.
Great game.... But sometimes I beat the dealer and it gives me a push no win ... Even took a screenshot Unable to post screenshot
Agree with those believing the play is rigged. Often hangs too, even.with strong Wi-Fi connection and fast snapdragon 845 processor.
Been playing for two weeks with no issues. Now, whenever I open the app, it doesn't respond to my touchscreen. My touchscreen works perfect with any other game and app. (As it did with this one) but all of a sudden this app doesn't respond to my android touchscreen. I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling, same issue. Any suggestions?
Game freezes whenever point counter cycles. Very broken, makes game almost unplayable. This is on and off though sometimes they fix it. On top of that the game does almost nothing but cheat. No one has ever lost ten hands in a row at a real blackjack table but it happens to me every day. Cheating players out of FAKE currency in a mobile game? Why, what does that do for you??
Definitely NOT honest shuffles ! There are way too many face cards being delt. Dealer gets 19&20, player gets 13,15&16. Player's draw card is a bust card 80%+ of the time. All is set to get you to buy more and more points ($$$).
May 26 update stops bonuses from FB and email from being redeemed. The links only opens the app with nothing being awarded. Can I revert back?
Exciting games to play and the graphics are great. It keeps me entertained for a long time. Thank you.
I'd give this game 0 stars if I could. It's absurdly unrealistic. I tracked 100 hands, and the number of times the dealer draws to 20 or 21, or gets a blackjack has a probability of about one in 3 billion by my actual calculations. If you double down, expect to lose. If the dealer's hole card gets him to 10 or 11, expect him to get a 21. If you expect the dealer to bust, forget it. Play perfect basic strategy and you'll lose about 10% of what you put in play, every time you play.
BEWARE! Watching ads to get coins, the video will freeze but the audio will still run in the background. This allows the ad to "finish" playing and devs get credit for it playing, but since the video has frozen, there's no way back to the game after the ad. No way to click back out either. So the person has to close out the entire app then reopen it to watch another ad (which freezes etc.) This is a way for devs to get credit for an ad view without needing to give out free coins. DISHONEST!
Love this game and the new updates. Have 5/5 of the connected apps (5th one being the facebook one). Real rewards. Quick rewards. Can gave rewards in less than 12 hours honestly in about an hour or 2, just depends what kind of reward you want to redeem.
Simply the best blackjack game out there. This due to: game play, excellent graphics and, excellent audio tracks. All adds up to both a fun gaming experience and, one with a classy feel. Yet now. DELETED game! UPDATE: As of June (2021), I can sadly no longer recommend this game. A "new" version was offered for download. I did that - still great graphics and music, yet programmers have BLANTLY changed the algorithms MUCH more to their favor. Dealer at risk=NEVER bust. You at risk=almost ALWAYS
It's a great app but sometimes it won't give out free chips because the app won't open. And I don't believe the computer should be able to get 5 blackjacks to 1 of the actual players blackjack.
Since the new update it freezes in mid play getting tired of having to go in and out to play getting old needs to be fixed. Still not fixed getting tired of it gonna delete it.
They constantly require you to update to the latest version. Unfortunately every time I try to update this latest version I get a message saying "pending" update.
And even blind friendly I am visually impaired and am all the time looking for games that I can play anytime. Especially ones without the use of adaptive technology. I love the fact that the dealer read the cards to you. Now I'm able to sit in the doctor's office waiting room and play a video game on my phone just like the rest of you!
This is a good time killer. Except it doesn't pay out like it says. I hit the progressive target getting 21 with three 7's and got nothing. Also while playing single deck, I seen 2 of the same cards in the same hand multiple times. But other than a few bugs, which hopefully they'll fix soon, this is a great game. Just got 21 with three 7's (all spades) again in Progressive and didn't receive the pay out. I have a screenshot of it for proof. Please fix this issue.
Like the game, but it's obvious how it's designed to the games favor when dealer is drawing, It will draw a 4 or 5 card 21 without taking a face but i draw and it deals me face after face, so try and not be so obvious..
Every 7-10 weeks log me out from Facebook and i need to log back. Today unable to logback as the privacy notification button is out of the screen and unable to confirm it.
Pretty fun about 1 day in, but when the big bucks roll in, the odds get unrealistic. You should expect the dealer to bust at least most of the time when the face up is a 6. Nope, almost never. Uninstalling.
I am not very happy with this app as I am losing out on millions of bonus chips so can someone please please rectify this ASAP as I spend a lot of money on other konami games
I love blackjack and this has a good easy to use set up with lots of options. Haven't tried the other games yet but they looks sweet too
Casino action blackjack...fun. And you earn real reward points to use for food and travel. New daily awards is great!
I love playing Blackjack and this app gives a realistic feel to the game. It's my fix until I can sit down at a real table!
If your goal is to stack up Loyalty Points, this isn't the game to do it... in fact, you actually might lose some Loyalty. They basically give you no daily chips compared literally every other game. You can however purchase playing chips with loyalty points... but you'll never earn them back... they'll lock up the loyalty points before you gain even a tiny fraction of what you spent
At first it's very good, but after awhile you have lost all of your chips.. It keeps saying that I close the advertising ad before it ended. Even though I have watched a full 30 seconds..
Thanks for resetting my all of my coins the week of my vegas trip. I will never play this game again. It takes to much time to gather the coins then the game decides when its time to reset. What a rip! If the customer matters this would not happen. Welcome to the world of gaming I guess the house always win.
It is almost realistic except that you lose a little more than in real life. You will lose. If you play free chips you will learn what it looks like to lose swiftly, immediately, and im all violation of any "randomness". You. Will. Lose. Don't waste your time
Games always glitch. You can spin to play and watch the glitching in real time. You'll often see an "almost win" and then the game glitches and there's no win (imagine that!) I've also noticed if you get to the level 4/emerald rewards status (in one of the myvegas games), the game inevitably gets "stuck" in updates multiple times while you try to collect chips and keep your status causing you to lose the status. Don't expect ANY response from emailing them. Service sucks pretty badly.