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Is a Board game developed by PLAYSTUDIOS INC located at 10150 Covington Cross Dr Las Vegas, NV 89144. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was okay the first few plays. You can't keep playing without purchases which is down right frustrating. There's a sense of greed to this app that makes me not want to play it anymore. Also before the update the numbers would highlight on the board as they were called but now they don't. It makes it impossible to play 4 cards at once or even keep up with the bonus cards.
Constantly crashing. I have purchased chips just to lose them because the game crashes. Even when you rank in the top three, very rarely do you make more than your original bet. 4/9 installed the update, first game played, crashed again. Another 80000 chips and 100 diamonds lost.
The game is enjoyable, and I have been lucky with getting decent bingos. It's very glitchy though. Every time the daily & weekly tasks update my prize boxes show empty if I have to close the game. They show ready when I open the task tab, but as soon as the game closes the prize boxes show that gems have already been claimed. It's a real bummer to not have the chance to win the gems just because I can't complete tasks as soon as it's opened. This issue needs to be fixed for regular players.
At first I had given this game 5 stars because it's a fun way to pass time and earn reward points for our next trip to Vegas but with that being said as soon as you run out of the generous amount of diamonds and coins you start off with, it's hard to ever earn more than enough to play a couple of times throughout a 24 hr time period without investing real cash,which I refuse to do with any type of on-line game. Now I just play for the little extra reward pts to add to my other fav casino games.
Every since the update its been glitching. The screen saver will say looking for players, but you can hear the game start calling out numbers!. It happened twice. It makes me mad cause I've lost about 40,000 chips due to this glitch. I may uninstall if happens again! Fix it. Im trying to earn rewards, and i took a big loss!
It's super expensive to play. The amount of money it cost for the chips. Plus the amount of chips earned daily doesn't come close to playing one game. It's a save and earn chips to play once a week. They should allow the chips you have at myVegas be transferred over. Bottom line, its not worth it.
Its great fun. But I can see where this will quickly be a pay to play game. Still its alot of fun. I'd like to see when I get a bingo it would be like a "push" as to how many chips I payed to play. The chips keep going down whether I bingo or not. Thats what makes it a pay to play game eventually.
Great app shame about the reliability, gives you free chips to play but game frequently crashes, especially in the more expensive casinos so you are left with nothing to play with. Very very frustrating, personally I would not buy chips to play this game until the crashing issues are properly sorted out.
When a game can't connect to a game, but somehow still manages to strip you of your entry , then its time to say that it's a con. It cheats you out of your coins and then blames you for it. What a absolute con this game is. Trying to get in touch with support is like finding a ferret asleep.
I like the game, but I'm having problem connecting my Facebook profile with MyVegas Bingo. I am at level one instead a three digits numbers. Do this game suppose to start at level one, when I have established levels and daily bonuses from other games such as Mykonami, MyVegas slot and PopSlots thats affiliated with the new MyVegasBingo games. I'm I doing something wrong 😕? Please help.
As other have stated the game is impossible to win. Getting a single bingo on a card is hard enough, but it doesn't even cover the cost to play...you need two or three bingos per card to cover costs. Without diamonds you have no hope in winning. Even if you are the top winner you usually come out down overall.
I like that this family of games came out with a bingo game. But overall, the bingo sessions are too tight with not enough wins, the amount of winning chips typically don't eclipse what the entrance fees were and in order to do any legit consistent bingo playing for more than 2 rounds one MUST purchase chips or collect hourly bonuses for days. I've been trying to like this game but I simply can't get behind the play algorithm that they have going on at this point in its launch.
The app itself is a bit buggy but for a newer app the kinks are expected I guess.However it does seem to hound ya for money to get ahead. And there's a few features and tweaks like maybe giving us the option to play 4 cards all on one page and not making me have to watch the calls being made , my power ups, and switch to the 2nd page of cards would be a great start! Other than that it is a cool game and I am sure being a player from POP Slots! myself that the game will only get better! Rate B+
I have downloaded, uninstalled and re-insta lled this game 3 times and have yet to play it, the game freezes before it even finish loading all the way. This is really disappointing I've been playing POP! Slots for YEARS and was excited about this game . I'm not installing this game again until i read a review or update about the freezing n glitching issues.
First reveiw was only one star because impossible to earn once Your bulk chips had been depleted from start,especially when playing two cards and dont see a match 10 balls in a row thru several games Now my data was lost even though was linked w/ Facebook,on one hand all that work and points and level are gone,to clairify and the only reason Im not Screaming at the Developer,cause hit 4 Jackpots upon restart. Still worries me about win ratio, entry at 14k-win 1st/pays only 16k for 1st?Imposib !
Very disappointed. This seems to be a trend with your "My Vegas" games. I haven't been able to even collect a single daily bonus, let alone play a round of bingo since your latest update. Before that I was a leader in my club and even spent money to buy coins/diamonds. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall and still can't get past the loading screen. I've tried contacting you via email but no response. Not surprised since this is exactly what happened with My Vegas Slots game that I USED to play
Unless you are buying chips everyday then you barely play. The free chips you get daily barely give you enough to play 2 cards at a time unless you minimum bet everything. Even with special powers you rarely receive a bingo, which you need atleast 2 bingos to come back even. If you're looking for only once in a while game then here you go.
Good game, amount of chips and diamonds given leans towards wanting people to spend a little for that competitive advantage. One major gripe is that there's no setting to turn off the vibration when you get a bingo. Even worse, I set my phone to silent/do not disturb and it still vibrates on bingos. Should really be fixed asap
So far this game is a joke!!! I was kind of able to play the first day i downloaded it... But it wont even fully open and load most of the time. And IF it actually opens, it crashes ALL THE TIME!! Wont even open long wnougj to collect anything. Dont waste your time untill they fix it!!
I got rid of the game because it was very frustrating with all the glitches and before you tell me I should have forced stopped or uninstalled and reinstalled, it DIDN'T work doing those steps.... my issue was it kept turning off every 4 games, and wouldn't register my wins when it would do that...so it had to go!
Im addicted to this game. The only suggestion i have is making the double and triple bingos pay out more. There is no way to continue to play because it takes our chips to fast. I will buy bundles when I have money but on a limited income its impossible to keep up which limits my time playing. And is there a way to have the badges mean something in each hotel like increase chances of getting a gift or money when equipped Or get extra power ups All in all I love it and I play it constantly!
Unsatisfied, when reaching out they do not help. I had big wins and it randomly discounted. This has happened to me more the 4 times already. I ended up using chips and getting nothing back as if that game took the credits and I never played. I will not be purchasing with real money any longer.
This game is the biggest rip off ever. Non-stop glitches, server disconnections and lag issues. Constantly losing my PAID chips, PAID diamonds, PAID daub hints and MY SANITY every time it locks up and keeps my bets. Also just found a double charge on my wife's bank statement for a diamond package I purchased. Not only stealing from me during gameplay, but straight from my payment method, too! Classy!
At first I was skeptical on some of reviews. But I totally just had won a huge win on mgm and right when round ended it froze so I closed app and restarted and it had an update all of a sudden. So I updated and reopen app and what do you know I have no chips left. Wow this is really ridiculous. As much money I spend on this game for them to rip people off like this is not koo.
I love bingo games but this game just has such poor RNG. Maybe I just have bad luck but I play with 2 bingo cards and didn't stamp a single number until 10 numbers have already passed. Did this for 4 games in a row with 2 cards didn't win a single bingo and only had 5 numbers stamped each round. The RNG is ridiculous. I'll stick to slots.
Impossible to get ahead in a game that's twice a expensive as the rest! You don't just need chips to play, you need diamonds. Even if you have those, and you're the top player, you take a loss. You MIGHT leave with more chips if you place the max bet and get a jackpot, but no new diamonds. Gamble (and lose)in a separate spot for those. Want to buy some? You'll spend $20-$40 instead of $1-5 for anything helpful beyond a single game. Also no Facebook or email perks like all of their other games.
Just another rigged bingo game, ran by a greedy company. Prizes require too much to win, and if you get lucky to win you don't win enough to break even. Price for the cards are to high so you coins are gone quick. The caller dances around your numbers so no exp or chance to get bonus cards. GREEDY, RIGGED, GREEDY, RIGGED. DONT WASTE TIME OR MONEY
I would have given a much higher rating because it looks like it could potentially be a fun bingo game, however, I can't even play an entire round because the app keeps closing itself. Very disappointing. Too many bugs to bother trying to play.
It continues to freeze on me along with just all of a sudden exit the application. In the process of the game doing this I have lost over 1,000,000 tokens and many different other things like diamonds.... ALL THAT WHICH REQUIRES MONEY TO REPLACE.... TOTAL B*|| Po0P!!! Please don't leave me alone with this continuous problem bc I would hate to continue to give a low review... I love you guys fr fr!!!
I'm uninstalling this game as it is a new game and I'm sure they're trying to make as much money off people as they possibly can. I loved it at the beginning gave it five stars and then slowly but surely as I progressed in the game it was harder to get a bingo and more difficult to keep my in-game money. Also having to wait 2 hours to get a bonus is a bit of a pain as well. Good luck to everyone.
Really enjoyed playing, created a group, etc. Lots of glitches. When game freezes or you get kicked off, you lose all your initial investment both coins and diamonds, if myvegas decides to give you anything it is so small it is not even worth it ie 40 coins. Using the slots, you don't always get the diamonds. Blackout bingo is another problem as well. Gives you nothing and resets instead of increases. Now won't connect to facebook so can't even play anymore! Frustrated!
It's a bit lagged during play. Also even when you get multiple bingos it's hard to recoup the cost to play. If you don't have diamonds to buy power ups it's almost impossible to gain more money than you started with. I get they want you to spend money but it seems really stingy.
One of the best bingo games out there. Wish it was easier to get the figures you need to gain stars. I always just get the same ones over and over. Won't stop me from playing. It will make me not want to spend anymore money on the diamond and coin packages.
Update: Looks like the bugs have been fixed! I've been able to play as long as I want now. Excluding the purchasing of chips part, the games are fun to play. ---Had to uninstall. I wasn't able to play any games after I played the first game. The games aren't readily available like the others. I have to wait every 3 hours to play. It also freezes up. There's still bugs in the game so I will wait a few months until I reinstall it again. When I was able to get in, it seemed like a fun game though.
Game continues to freeze and I have to force stop Game. I have contacted support, described the problem and when it occurs. I have listed all the troubleshooting steps I have taken and support asked me to do the same steps over. Microsoft release, full of bugs and little to no support.
Getting bored with the glitches now. They happen too often. The most regular is the free coins not being given but the timer being reset for another 2 hours. The game freezes and kicks you out so you lose your stake and any bingos you may have made are lost. Thinking of deleting which is a shame as on the whole the game is good.
During the middle of the games, or slots and every time it opens a new casino it closes the app and I lose my chips/diamonds I bet and don't get them back. Also it's impossible to win and if you do by chance bingo you are lucky to get maybe half of what you bet.. I'm gonna stop playing until they fix the crashing app and can make it a bit more even and not one sided on wins/loss esp when they charge what they do for chips/diamonds its ridiculous theyre getting greedier each game they release.
Cost per game vs prize per game is extremely poor and as per usual its rigged so you run out extremely quickly and need to buy more to play. Its not worth playing/keeping installed once you run out of your initial free install credits as free credits per day is also extremely poor and isn't enough to play properly.
It sucks!!! Just lost 40,000 & didnt even get to play!! 3rd time this has happened. This time by the time I finally saw 1st ball, people were already getting bingos. & it wouldn't even let me mark my numbers before it went back to my homescreen. Definitely needs fixing!!!
I was so happy and excited to play this game this game was a 5 star 🌟 But after collecting 7starts the game literally started from the beginning when I logged on again. I've send my email address gave the feedback , I'm still waiting for a response. Bad bad bad, that just spoiled my experience
Lost everything when I made a purchase. This is not right. Can't access account info because it won't go, I have a club bingo screen that never comes up to do club balls, unless you are trying to play a game and than it constantly shows up. After making a purchase it only allows you to make more purchases. This game is the worst game that I have ever played and bought from. At least when I buy on other games it doesn't cheat me out of my purchases
Sorta fun. Want a bingo game that all you do is lose chips? This is it. Be prepared for 17 consecutive numbers to be called that your cards won't have any matches. And if you get a bingo... You won't even win the equivalent of your bet back.
It's impossible to win on a single bingo sheet or profit at all with this game. I counted the ball drops for hours straight and it does no more or less than 27-30 balls. Without any special items you'll only get 6-8 bingo balls called no matter what. There's periods where I've gone 12-15 balls without a number being called. It's literally a rigged game which will never give you a true beneficial probability. If I'm going to play bingo I'd rather play the real thing.
What is up with this game? After several attemps to install it i finally got it installed only to have it crash and go back to the app every tine I try to play a game. Takes foreveer to load then will only let you daub a couple of numbers before it crashes again. I love bingo but this sucks. Can I rate it less then one star? It won't let me go to my profile to get my bfid. When it finally loads,the first time I touch anything it quits and back to the app.An android through mistplay.
I was really hoping his game could be as fun as the slots version. So far, unfortunately, I've barely been able to play. It takes forever to even open then it gets stuck as you're playing. I just updated it so I'll add to my review after(if) I can play.
Extremely glitchy app, frustrating to play. I play and enjoy all of the other MyVegas games and by far this one has more technical problems and worst payouts, not really worth the time and certainly not worth paying for extra chips. The payouts for max bet are rarely more than the actual chips bet to play, I have yet to win more than my placed bet at the lower amounts and its impossible to win multiple bingos without using diamonds for the extra modifier cards.
Awesome game. It does pay off in the long run. I've been playing my Vegas slots games for a few years now. I have lots of rewards that I can cash in at various casinos. I have used my rewards before when I went to Las Vegas and they really do work. I just downloaded this myVegas bingo app and I really like it.
I keep contacting support as the only worthwhile and affordable in app purchase is the 50 hours of free hits and diamonds purchase that you have to buy or close that comes up when you start the game. IT DOES NOT WORK! If you need the hints you have to pay .99 for only 3 hours. They emailed me back telling me to send a screenshot but the reply would not allow to send anything but text. Game is fun but will cost you a fortune to play
Constant issues with everything on this app. Always takes my money then screws up but won't give back credits. I have sent emails to the developer several times but never hear back. I don't recommend this app it's horrible.
Was a fun game day one. Day two and I was barely able to get one round of game play because of the cost/win/loss ratio. It will take four hours to get enough chips to play a single round once you're out of chips.... How is that fun? It's a shame because this could be a lot of fun, instead I'm uninstalling.
The game is a complete scam, once you get through the opening credits there is no fair way for you to win. The game will just take your coins with possibility to win. I just played 17 games without a single bingo with having 6 cards every game. If that isn't blatant proof that the game is rigged I dont know what is. I've played and enjoyed other games from this developer but this one is a complete fraud, I do not recommend this game to anyone. Very highly dissapointed.
Okay so it gets a one start now bea use games just has to many glitches. This time not only did it freeze in mid of game and not give me my 3 bingo rewards. It now wont let me daub. Still a fun game, and I'm gonna miss playing it. Fun game, But freezes up or kicks me out in middle of game. Then I loose everything including bingos, money, ect...
Something is fishy. How is it that two balls can be drawn and there's multiple bingo wins? This happens way too much to be coincidence or that power-ups are in JUST the right place to trigger enough daubs to bingo. Other than that frequent occurrence, it's a decent enough game.
Why as soon as I'm off wifi and on cell service you tell me there is an update... happenes EVERY SINGLE TIME. you should give one warning of collecting chips before blocking them with all your constant updates. I literally was just playing 10 min ago with a wifi connection and now that I'm on my cell service you won't even let me on to play without an update. Should I send you my data bill since I was JUST on wifi and your app never mentioned needing to update. So frustrating!!!
Best Bingo game I have found so far. It seems so far that they made it possible to win what you need in order to play simply by playing. Unless you place huge bets, you should be able to keep playing as long as you would like. Some other games which claim to be free are not. Either you have to watch ads between rounds or actually pay for the points to keep playing.
Game could be fun if it wasn't so expensive. You spend 40k coins to play 2 bingo cards to win only 1,000 coins. Every 2 hours you Can earn 8,000 coins. Which means every 10 hours you get to play 2 cards. Even their FB page doesn't give free coins. It takes forever to build coins to play for 5 minutes.
love the game itself but ratios are ridiculous. I'm only a few casinos in but how exactly are you supposed to level up when you receive 16,000 coins and cost to play is 400,000 it would take days of collecting the bonus before I could even actually play a round of bingo. This wasn't thought through very well at all.
I'm sorry but gotta give a 2 star for now...I've sent feedback on game several times...I keep gittin kicked, coins n diamonds git takin n never givin back bc game freezes... But other than that, I do love this game...but, until the issues r dealt with, I my just collect n not play for a bit...
I absolutely loved this game after downloading it not too long ago. Now the app will not load at all. It won't get passed "loading assets". I would give this a 5 star rating if this problem is fixed.
Very glitchy. 74 balls per card and 1 free space. Tell me why out of 375+ balls, less than 20 were marked on my board (Club Bingo). Never able to receive the help from teammates. Daily and weekly taskss randomly reset- will say 4h 23m remain; you play one round of bingo and complete an achievement and task, or so it says. You go to claim and all tasks are gone and timer says 21h 6m remain, no new achievements. Play another round and timer jumps to 1h 37min remain and all tasks back.
The game makes it too difficult to play. You either don't have diamonds or you don't have coins. The last few days, I'm not getting any bingos even with playing the 100 diamonds for gold cards. Just losing non stop. The game is trying to force purchasing the items needed to play and get any bingos. It is a fun game but I'm not going to buy things. They should make you watch ads for diamonds or something. Not much fun when you can't really play it. Even with power ups I hardly get bingos.
This game is fun but super stingy with chips/diamonds so I can only play a few rounds a day. Even when I get a few bingos, I hardly break even. This game doesn't even offer any free chips or diamonds on their FB page like their slot games do. Plus, after turning in a collection or two, they make the next set of collections so big, I don't think I'll ever finish another one. Start letting people get decent size wins and offer some free chips if you want better ratings.
I like the games but it freezes a lot. I will give it to more stars if it didn't have so many bugs. But when I'm in a game it will freeze and I lose the game. Just too many glitches. I will add the other two stars.
The app stops working mid-game. Sometimes the app crashes and closes. Other times it completely locks up my phone. Rebooting the phone is the only way to close the app when that happens. Clearly, this app isn't ready for normal customer usage.
I enjoy this game. But.... it hardly ever loads completely. It either freezes on the loading screen, or while in the middle of a game (after paying in my chips to play as well as using diamonds to purchase boosters) it completely crashes and it closes itself out. So I lose everything that I payed in. I have great wifi connection. There is no reason for this on my end. Please fix this and I will change my review.
Winning isn't the problem for me. It's the "tasks". They reset twice in a day and I lose my progress. And the little boxes are always checked off before I even get to play for them. Things disappear those prize boxes are one but I've played the diamond slot and won multiple jackpots- over 700 diamons, but they never went to my balance. So I wasted tickets for nothing. I sent an email with no response. This game is a dud.
Agree with others, lures you in with early wins then you seem to have less and less numbers called, shame because I like bingo and this game along with the others in their collection. Just had my biggest win on 4 cards yet though.... for it to freeze, tell me there's been an issue, not to worry though all your rewards will be there when you go back after reset, yeah still waiting on them.
This game has a lot of bugs. It keeps freezing up, you have to keep tapping the number before the chip shows up by then you have more numbers. Then there's the problem when you are playing 4 cards you have trouble switching back and forth between the two sets of cards. I believe I am going to uninstall the game. I play these games to relax and this game was very aggravating.
So glitchy, its lame. More often than not, the round being played is ruined entirely by glitches or, at the very least, your ability to play the round is hindered as well as winnings. Play tokens and diamonds spent on cards are also lost/wasted. Once in a while is understandable, but 9 out of 10 is pitiful.
I literally spent almost 4 hours to get into this game yesterday...it would load then kick me out. I lost my daily bonus and my steak and never actually got to play. Its been like this for awhile now and it seems to be getting worse not better.
Fun to play, but frustrating when the game crashes and there is no way to recover lost chips. Same when you are interrupted (with a phone call, for example). Would not spend money on this game
Started out great now constant freezes, sometimes in the game, sometimes when loading and you won't get your coins back. If you are in a game and a text comes through, Gone. I have spent the 100 diamonds, only to only get 3 numbers. Not just once, but probably half of my games played I won't have enough numbers to use all the power-ups.Then when you win, you don't win your money back. How many bingo games, irl, don't you get your money back. Zero. If you get bingo you should get your money back
Edit: now I am unable to open the game at all. It's very frustrating after you make purchases you can't use them. I've tried deleting the game and installing again and nothing. absolutely disappointing After the recent update I was unable to open the game completely.. deleted the app and re installed and now I get major glitches where I lose my chips even though I have won bingos?!?!.. never to get them back. Recently made a 10 dollar purchase and of coins and lost them all with glitches.
Crashes - This game has crashed my phone several times now. It froze my phone up twice. Forget talking to support with their million questions about when the game froze, where you were, wifi or data, how many chips etc....... it was like over 30 questions. Bro idk. Your game keeps freezing up. But i really do like the concept.
Bring back the diamonds in the chip slots. It's very obvious that you majorly decreased these, disappointing.... Also, people, save your max bets. I've played MANY rounds and have hit the jackpot in the tutorial, and 1 time on one other game, that's it....and the payouts for a max bet aren't worth the extra chips, either. I'm the group bingos, how can there be 800 balls drawn and still not have gotten a blackout bingo? The prize is only 5000 chips for a blackout, so be more generous
The game is fun who doesnt like bingo. But after a game having 6 pop ups asking to pay real money is annoying. If it happened every once in awhile it wouldnt be a problem. Its aggrivating if i say no to the ad stop showing it to me. If i decide later to pay i will click it. Very annoying.
Haven't had a net positive game in almost 10 games in a row (this includes me using 100 diamonds each time) and if it was positive it was probably a gain of 2% which is then lost the next game. Even the other players are also facing a negative in chips everytime when I see the top 3. If I do even want to play I have to wait 4 hours till I have enough hourly chips claims to play 1 card at the lowest cost.
Game is fun and a good sub for going to an actual Bingo game. Downfall is... you lose more playing vs. the payout; the payout for collecting souvenirs is less than what you can get off playing the game and hitting the number with the ticket prize; some numbers are repetitive and seems like it comes out each game. Overall... fun but I wouldn't pay to play and just collect daily reward knowing all the above.
Zero Stars! Literally no help. Member since April 7th. Seasoned in, bought packages, all casinos opened, level 37,millions of coins/thousands of diamonds etc. Then it was just all gone, like I was a brand new player. Even tried to make me take the tutorial over again. I contacted customer support with details multiple pics, evidence of my account. She was going to fwd to developers for more help. Instead of help I got a satisfaction survey and email says if I need more help to send new request!!
Latest version doesn't seem to be working. It is asking me to sign in again, but when I try to, I just get a blank white screen w/ "myVegasBingo" at the top. The other reviews nailed it with all the problems! I like the game, but it crashes constantly, causing you to lose chips and diamonds, which you need to play. Payouts are not proportionate enough to keep you playing. All these problems force you to lose or not collect your chips and diamonds, so you can't play anyway. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!
New Update: MORE ERRORS: You WON'T get your Diamonds if you hit jackpot on the slots! Music/Sound play in both slots, even when set to OFF. BEWARE! There are a LOT of errors in this game. Don't use your extra tickets to buy anything in the Prize Store. You won't get any "rolls". Also, if you use 100 Diamonds to buy 6 power-up cards, you will only get FOUR cards! This happens in all the games! Just don't soend money on this game, until they fix everything! You won't get sll the features.
Aside a few technical difficulties that were corrected immediately by the support team, I love myVegas Bingo. The reward points are added to the Pop Slots rewards to increase the Casino rewards to be redeemed in Las Vegas, Nevada which I plan to use this year. Awesomeness!
I don't even know where to start with my rant. Other reviews covered it pretty well. I just came here to say... DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME! I was an idiot and did just that only to lose everything due to glitches. Over 50 dollars down the drain. I complain about it in an email and I get 500 diamonds back and 9000 chips. I have lost more than that. Also to add insult you insinuate it is my internet connection. I can assure you it is NOT!!
I don't even know if the app is any good or not because I can't get it to stop freezing. I haven't even made it I to the damn casino and I've been trying for 2 days now. Unless someone from the game reaches out I'm finished trying... Which sucks b/c I won my way into the game from Vegas Slots(which I'm also done playing because it keeps asking how much I enjoyed my prizes in Bingo)
Long term, It's a PAY to play game. When you first start, you win constantly but after a week or two you stop getting bingos and daily coins are the only ones to play with because you don't get enough for playing the actual game. It also takes your chips/diamonds and doesn't let you join a room and they don't put the chips/diamonds back into your account. Was really fun the first couple of weeks but now I can't even play more than two rounds a day.
The game is 100% pay to win. The game's premium currency (diamonds) is mandatory to have a chance of winning. Diamonds run out fast and the only way to win is to spend real money to buy more. Also, betting chips are so expensive, you won't break even most of the time even if you place #1.
Lot of glitches in the game. Lost the little bit of the money to play cards. It can get frustrating when you keep loosing the money in order to play cards. I gave it a 5 star because I really like this game. Can't wait until glitches are fixed.
Just installed and I can't stop playing! They don't make it difficult to win diamonds or tickets to play the slot machine, which is so nice to see nowadays since every other game makes it impossible. Otherwise you have to spend real money to get what you need...not with this game!! 🤩
I love this game but I'm very pissed that just because I got a phone call it reset and went to the home page and took all my coins!! And the game was only 2 numbers in on the game!!!!!😡😡😡 I want my chips back!!! Otherwise I would have rated 5 stars.
The Bingo is great but the setup is anything but Free! If you run out of diamonds u can't play anymore r, that famous, Buy some. So, I wait until the next day to get what little free ones I can. I don't knock anyone who choses to "pay to play"...it's fun but not that serious...for me. Otherwise, it's a good, fun game.
Since latest update, if I'm lucky, I get to collect my daily bonus but that's it because then the app force closes itself. I've uninstalled and reinstalled - nothing. I've even moved it to my SD card - still nothing. Please fix this issue - I miss playing... Update 6/6/21: I can get in, pay to play with coins and diamonds, get to the countdown and get booted out. It's hard enough to win these items but then to lose them... Starting to consider uninstalling permanently...
This game is great until there aren't enough players and then it doesn't return the 100 diamonds used which are not easy to achieve. It returns your chips but not the diamonds. I've lost 300 already and sent in feedback with no prevail.
I figured with the update the game would be better, NOT, it's still pausing, won't take the numbers that are call, and people are getting Bingo's then the game is over and I'm not able to hit any numbers. It's not my phone either. I play several different kinds of games and they work fine. I really like this game if it would work right. Please fix so I can give you 5 stars again.
Definitely a PAY to Win game! Lags a lot, sometimes causing you to lose all of your chips and diamonds for that round. You need to get at least a double bingo per card to have a positive gain. It was fun for the first few rounds, now I'm only able to play a couple of rounds a day, usually at the minimum bet. I definitely won't buy any packages from this game if I'm just going to lose all of my chips in a couple of hours. No support, tried to address an issue and it made me do a survey. SUCKS!!!
I love this game. I have no issues with it except the fact that I don't like the occasional glitches. But, hey glitches happen. Also, I believe if you spend money on this game and lose your chips or whatever it may be it isn't the ga.es fault. You have made the choice to purchase the coins with the chance of losing. I love the rewards popslots has to offer. Overall I am satisfied and loving to play!
Fun to play but app doesn't give out enough daily bonus points to be able to play if starting with low point balance. I play for the fun of it and won't spend money to buy points. I have to wait days before I accumulate enough points to play a few games.
The first day you play is great and really fun. Then you almost constantly lose and barely get any numbers called. It's boring to sit there half the game and not even be able to click one number on your multiple cards. You also don't make it through your power up cards due to the low numbers that get called during the games. Game just is not fun or enjoyable.
I like the game, but the events where EVERYONE is supposed to get some chips/diamonds after it ends, I don't get anything. The "hourly" bonuses, are not hourly. They're bi-hourly. I have been kicked out of so many rounds, it's getting ridiculous. I don't want to have to spend a ton of money on chips, just to play the game. And the other issue I've seen, is that if you don't play 4 cards at max bet, you either will NOT get any bingos whatsoever or I've had it happen where I didn't get any dobs.
Enjoy the game but not the graphics. There needs to be a way to turn the extra graphics off. My eyes have a hard time adjusting every time there is a bingo or power up with extra movement (Luxor pyramid for example). It's probably fine for most people, but my sensitive eyes can't handle it.
I play the game and after I spend my diamonds to get the cards it takes my 100 diamonds and then I get a message saying unable to play and it kicks me out of the game. It does not give me my diamonds back. I stopped playing because it has too many glitches. I feel like they do that to force you to buy the diamonds.
System keeps crashing I keep losing chips and diamonds this is not good fixed please. Just played again and lost my diamond because it said it could not connect to the game. This is very annoying. You need to give me back the chips and diamonds!!! I was playing Bellagio. Now the game won't load. How do you expect people to play?????
I love the game but there are tons of glitches that NEED to be corrected. We don't get enough bonuses for, well ANYTHING. It is very hard to increase your stars 🌟 in this game. It's hard to name everything but they sure did in previous ratings and I concur. But the game is fun JUST FIX THE GLITCHES AND STOP BEING SO CHEAP WITH EVERYTHING.
I really like this game, and compared to others I've played, which is saying a lot. This game actually let's you can in your points for real prizes. Yes, I haven't cashed any in, but yes I know some who have. You do have to pay a nominal fee to unlock your prize, but it's very tiny, like $5 for free nights, food and drink credit, free gambling, etc. It really works and this bingo is very fun. Slots are here as well, seem to pay more than MyVegas slots. But the tickets you use to spin not gold.
Press play and sometimes get a message that I can't join a game at this time, but it doesn't return the chips and diamonds I just bet. I often get a message saying I have a critical error and asks if I want to exit. If I say yes, I lose what I just won\bet. Often boots me out after a game. I usually get my winnings, but I have to restart the app and rewatch the ads. The game is really fun when it works, but I won't use real money until I know I won't lose it to these glitches.
This game is fun, when it works. Just downloaded the new update, went to play and now it's just stuck on the splash screen with the spinning chip saying it's 'Building Assets.' Im on an S9 with latest software update. Game Version appearing on splash screen is 0.1.1679. Bummer. Guess I'll check tomorrow.
Super super glitchy. The payouts are a joke (when they actually work), no extra coins/diamonds posts on facebook or emails like other MyVegas games, so far the extra coins for leveling up haven't increased, Club Bingo resets everyday instead of weekly as it's supposed to... Etc etc... This one needed some more time in testing before being released.
This game would literally have HAD me at 5 stars because I love playing it. But.... this is ridiculous, my game after updating it literally froze 5 times... I didn't even get to play any of the bingo matches at all... Wasting over 400+ gems not even to mention all the chips I lost... It froze less before this update. I could at least tolerate the every 15 minute freeze. Now I can't even play.... FIX THIS SO I CAN PLAY THE GAME PLEASE!
Since latest update, if I'm lucky, I get to collect my daily bonus but that's it because then the app force closes itself. I've uninstalled and reinstalled - nothing. I've even moved it to my SD card - still nothing. Please fix this issue - I miss playing...
Game seems to be fun but crashes in the middle of games. I just started playing and it is already very frustrating to be trying a game for the first time and to have it crashing and lagging. I will give you guys sometime to update issues and then maybe consider installing it again at a later date.