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Mythic Legends

Mythic Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Hyper Dot Studios Limited located at Agiou Georgiou, 4607 Pissouri, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game but needs some dire balancing. The light hero/champion that makes the the units invulnerable is overpowered and some units seem to need buffs/nerfs. It seems that this is the only Auto chess game that players have their own progression system with the cards and heroes, I like this but the pay to win ruins it
Game is not bad but have terrible exploit (feature) which makes it unplayable. You can spend 20 minutes in purpose to win your tournament and get 20 exp points or you just use only one unit, loose tournament in 2 minutes and get 15 points. There is no sense to win. You progress few times faster when loosing games intentionaly. BTW you play against bots anyway.
It's a fun little game though would like more gold rewards and takes abit of time to collect your hero's but it's a good game
1.) Give us more rewards like daily log-in, gold coins every each battle and etc. 2.) 3star battle spells needs a nerf. getting 3-4x 3star battle spells in a match is an easy win. 3.) Daily deals was too expensive. 4.) Tornado is a game changer by luck. The duration of the stun is too long. 5.) Add troop formation 1, 2, 3 and so on changing troops and their positioning was too hassle. 6.) Archers were too soft and a little weak damage. 7.) Blademasters were too strong.
This is honestly one of the funnest games I've ever played on mobile, but the p2w aspects are a little ridiculous. I understand the need for them but getting proper rewards for only a few matches and then having to wait an entire day to make it feel worth it just isn't fun.
I've been awed by the Brilliant graphics and good gameplay. Thought I was playing with real people but turns out they are just bots, I purchased premium but it is not totally worth it!! You need to unlock the next stage to get the characters but if you spend the gems to upgrade the premium pass on low level stage you can just get the characters on that stage not the characters on the next stage. TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT! REQUESTED A REFUND I HOPE YOU WILL GRANT IT. WILL BE CHANGING THIS REVIEW AFTER
only three star, at first i love the game...but kinda sad that you don't have any options to earn hero specially to earn gold for upgrading. and also if possible..we will all be happy if there's a daily rewards...that would be great. thank you 😊
So far, an interesting game with Chess mechanics but permanent progression (card and character level), just missing an encyclopedia imo and eventually more daily progress possibilities as I feel limited too fast but I guess it's because I enjoy it maybe too much.
I like the game. Good models and designs. Steady progression, grind and reward. However, I bought the battle pass and it hasn't activated. £4.99 and it doesn't work. Will give better rating if resolved quickly.
You need to add some game modes. Because it's too simple and gets boring really fast. But it has good potential. Good luck.
Pretty decent game. Consistent, nice balance of grind and new champions/legends, and the tactical system actually seems to impact. Not 5 stars because some champions seem to have some buggy movements and AI in moments, but not really experience-breaking. Has a nice variation in content through growth with new abilities and types of champions.
The game is great but you don't really have concept in it where you just play rank up and complete the daily sword thing it'll be more fun to have mini games and more ways to get chest and diamonds to make the game more interesting not just playing until you rank up cause it gets boring
I really wanted to like it. But it will become a game of daily 3-4 matches of pushing the "next" button. Good luck though
Enjoying the game. It's Good for me so far. I'll rate it five star if the next updates and features will be better. This game has a good potential. A Cross kind of Autochess x Grinding. I understand that developers need money to create new features but "Please" stay F2P and let other players get a chance to get every heroes in future and Avoid Exclusive units. I suggest to put money milking tactics on cosmetics such as skin or board decorations. Oh! No stat boost on cosmetics please.
lack of rewards means u have to pay. the classification of legend, rare, mythic and common heroes becomes useless. been watching a single character per battle and its too random, sometimes it doesnt even try to strike just standing there. this game needs to be more accurate to make it "strategic". auto battle should not be auto random movements/target. its funny to see level 5 assassin can just manhandle a level 7 blade knight face to face.
This was the best idle game ever!! 😍😍.But can you add some features that can fight with AI offline for additional rewards like:antique coin. These antique coins can be used to exchange at the shop like anything you want. Also add some custom lobby and friend list so we can fight with my friends.Add more legends and champions that is like copied from other shows like.... Hmm..... Robots,mythical creatures and more!!!
Another P2W game, but i guess its not multilayer so its fine. Was exciting for the first 2 days of me playing but it becomes too tediously hard to obtain upgrades. Its a variation of the auto-battler genre and a mix of gacha maybe. It's a fine game, would have been a really good one if developers improve it in a way that you want to keep playing it rather than make you spend real money for upgrades.
Great game. Obvious pay to win makes some battles unwinnable, but doesn't stop progression through the game.
Interest Game. unfortunately not enough options to pick up shards of heroes you have passed. I wanted a pure desert team but can't. Star lost there. I win 9 out of 10 matches by being a turtle, fighters protecting ranged. Even against higher level. Tldr: need more ways to get past characters.
Familiar gameplay with a twist. Easy to learn with enough complexity. A nice game. Would recommend to others.
Ok, at first it was fun at all, but then it got harder and harder. The game is unbalanced and the traits are God damn boring. It's a great game idea, but you should find a better game designer
İt's a brilliant game with awesome graphic and game play but there is no chats,no guilds,no ranking league with rewards, no guild wars, no friendships with list and trades and friendly fights . Needs lot's of work. U will be making money and ranking your game and to be known with this futures. We all play games with this futures. When u have all this we will rate 5* and bring tons of people to play it.
The game was great. It seems like a fun game to play however. Internet connection issue always pops up cant even play. If theres no player to fight in tournament. I suggest you put on a campaign mission where we get to fight AI. Will do 5* once the connection is resolved
Good so far. The graphics are pretty good. How the game works is unique. Its smooth, but i dont know if ill keep the game. Its not that exciting. So i think ill wont keep the game, but i will give it a 3. And will still rate it. I really dont know what to say about the game. Thats all i have to say. The game is decent.
It's a pretty decent strategy game. Similar to team fight tactics. That's where it shines to be honest it might be better. I really would like it if it were slightly easier to get items for the characters I'm after. Also resources shouldn't be placed into a task bar it's annoying when it's full and you have to wait a day I get you need to add some motivation but it could be done better
amazing game. Like all mobile games there is a slight p2w. But this is very slight. Any cards gained in arena selection of cards that are not abilities are perm. Rewards are pretty good and although there arent really rewards other than a few games once you reach lvl 100 on daily rewards whjch can take about 5-10 games the league rewards are quite generous. I would suggest maybe a more long term reward system apart from league. . Maybe like a battle pass but not one where you pay for op stuff.
Cool game but pointless to some extent. I don't get these 24 hour cycles and why would the player's normal progress be tied to them. You can effectively play this game half hour a day
Fun game. Good concept. But you definitely start to realise the pay to win playing kick in around leader level 9 or 10. You can't get gold really at all at high enough quantities to upgrade anything. Gold in the store for crystals is at a terrible ratio. And the crystals themselves are even harder to get than gold. Then the normal store that updates daily always has ridiculous prices like 400 crystals for something...very much promoting a pay to win attitude here and that ruins this game.
Ok so if you wanna play free grinding mode... at lvl 9 to 10 you need 640 cards to upgrade a champion... so if you do the math withe the amount of cards you win... is like... you buy or get out...
Great at first.. The daily goals require 100 points to get them all. 3 battles completely won are not quite enough to get 100 points, and I've never done badly enough to get less than 25 points on average, so it's always 4 battles a day to get them all, regardless of how much attention I'm paying.. So it's like an idle game, unintentionally.. Skill doesn't matter, as you lose nothing for doing badly, you just get fewer points.
Really enjoying the game, nice auto chess style game, good strategy aspect, I like how unique all the factions are and feel look forward to seeing more factions hopefully some aesthetic options too new boards, avatar effects ect keep.up the good work
Great game! I suggest adding more daily missions/tasks and more rewards. Also add some type of leader board I guess? Oh and a lobby room where we can add our friends if we wanna play together
Its a cool twist on the auto chess games genre as well as having unique and original graphics. Overall a good game.
In my opinion this game is spectacular and really fun. No bugs that I've encountered yet and the cards and playstyle are great! But it does start to get quite grindy as you progress.
Lately I experienced "Matchmaking Error" when ai try to create matches, and it is still like that until now. This is not good, specially when my account is almost at 10000 points and I can already unlock the last chapter. This game is good overall. This was the only problem I encountered. If this is a bug, I hope that You fix this soon enough.
So far so good. A lot of areas to be improved but still enjoyable than most of idle games i've played so far. A lot of suggestion from other users like me have been posted so I must assume the devs must have collected enough data for their future updates. These game has a lot of potential so please dont screw it. Thanks devs.
The game is really good with a few flaws. 1. Some characters have delayed attacks so when they use their special and they die after the special does no DMG. There's times where that DMG can save a person. 2. You don't get any reward for playing after about 6-7 games which is about 30 mins of gameplay. 3. Your hero level increases the amount of characters you can have on board. This has a chance to allow pay to win to exist. 4. Theres a lot of different items but you'll usually get the same 8-9.
They have essentially looked at League's Teanfight Tactics and done their upmost to make it pay to win at the cost of quality gameplay. The game leaves very little room for skilled free players to thrive against paying ones. It's not an awful game, but I wouldn't recommend it. Also you play against bots, not real players.