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Mysteryville 2: hidden object crime game

Mysteryville 2: hidden object crime game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Nevosoft Inc located at Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, 191002, Rubinshteina str. 20, office 4.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty good. Mades me think . I like it. 8/21/15---ok I still love the game, but I'm stuck trying to untangle these stupid wires on level 19!!! There was one challenge that I was able to skip. I'd like to skip this crazyness. I've done this challenge about 8 times and it seems to be an exercise in futility. HELP!!!!!
You cant play past the 3rd level without posting to your social network, then you xant play past the 5th level without BUYING the full version. 2 stars cuz it was fun while it lasted, but im uninstalling, cuz I refuse to pay for a "free" app...
Good game get rid of timer. Would give it five stars. And get rid of stupid penalty for tapping 20 times really lol. Either ok game
Name player IT was an awesome game FINISH ALL DA levels n it dnt make u post on YR FB or Twitter IT gives U an option if not u can exit it out TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER N DATS ALL N CONTINUE WITH UR GAME...SO RECOMMEND DIS GAME
Not much for timed games and penalty for picking wrong areas. Another game bribbing you to post something on Facebook or Twitter to play the next chapter or buy the game. Dumb game!!!
This game would be great if they didn't force you to either buy full version or let the game post to Fb or Twitter. F U, I'll find another game
Its cool you don't actually have to buy anything for the entire game not just the demo .. Just have to download 3 games from the list and open them once you get to that point in the game. Love that ! Only thing I've noticed is there are words missing or out of context, grammatical errors and misspellings sometimes. But no biggie, English must be the second language of the makers of the game. Its a pretty addicting game though !
When starting on this "adventure, I was skeptical as the first few tasks given seemed to set a low standard. Soon, I found the peculiarities of the characters engaging. The challenges grew along with the story line and actually, I will admit to caving to frustratingly glaring at the scenes to find objects that could only be found when taken in context with the storyline! You MUST follow the story or risk failure... A true "mystery " to solve!!
Trying to collect all the business cards for the mayor and the last one is hidden under the bar at top that displays the timer and menu. How am I supposed to get the card when I can't move the bar. Poor lay out. Was enjoying the game up til now! Sort it out for 5 stars, else I'm un installing!!
I love this games even mystery case files games. The mcf games are 12 and they are huntsville,prime suspects,ravenhearst,madam fate,return to ravenhearst,dire grove,13th skull,escape from ravenhearst,shadow lake,fate's carnival,dire grove : sacred grove and key to ravenhearst. They are super scary
I like this game, but the only reason y i give it 4 stars is because some of the objects are hidden behind the banner as the hint shows, but i cannot get it.. im on the "find all business cards" level and i can't get past it because of this problem.. i wish there was a way to either scroll the screen or remove the banner area.. please fix!!!
Would have got more than 3 stars if I had known how easy it was to play before I brought it as it would only play a demo and would notvgo any further!! Should be for kids only as it was to easy and only took me 2hrs to finish it!! Wont be getting the next one sorry!!
Game is OK, but every game by this developer says you can earn the rest of the games. However, when I tap on it nothing happens so I have wasted time downloading and playing these games only to not be able to continue it. Very disappointed
People who can read this your so lucky. Cause iam gonna said you something that your heart will touch just three words JOKE JOKE JOKE Kind of funny right hahahahaha
It's only HOS. No adventure involved at all. It's says there are 22 levels but there is just about 7 that are repeated. And the items that you have to find are pretty much the same in every level, they have just in another location. There is way too much text bubble talking scenes, that by half way through the game, I got fed up with and just skipped through. In fact I got very bored of the game quite early on and only finished it because I'd paid for it.
IT MIGHT SEEM GOOD but it isnt you get stuck and then you have to wait for like hours for the thing to unlock...overall...please make it better.
They oblige you by letting you play the kiddie level for free and then force you to either let them in, into your fb or twitter or purchase the game. Should be chucked out from the 'top free' category
very interesting game....hours of playing time...quite addicting....I ended up purchasing the entire game, and I have not been disappointed yet.
I've played other games from this developer so I had higher expectations for this. From what little I played it was good. I dislike the fact you have to review,comment,tweet or pay to move on and once done it doesn't move on. I'm deleting and disappointed. I've written great reviews about other games that you have had . otherwise the play is good and the graphics.
Enjoy the game. But get time out just moving the screen around. Either I'm to heavy handed or it needs a fix.
These games pretty much hinge on the quality of the screen images, and despite some imaginative gameplay and puzzles, it is let down by the very thing that is intended to engage the interest: finding objects in the pictures. As a player zooms in, the clarity of the image suffers and becomes soft and poorly defined. I also made the mistake of selecting outline for the object list and find some pig the outlines are quite vague. To change this I must restart the game, which I'd rather not do.
It's overall a nice game, but it would have been much better if the objects on the list were a bit more tidy. Also, level 3 is pretty hard where you have to do a puzzle with torn bits of paper which has something written on it. So, 3 stars for this.
Unless you're willing to share on Facebook or Twitter you cannot play the game past the 3rd chapter unless you want to pay for the app. Very sad.
I removed this from my device after the second hidden picture. If you want to get to the third, you have to post to facebook or twitter. Not willing to do that. Stupid of them, I would have told my friends if the game had been fun. Shouldn't require sharing to play.
Each game takes me about 3 to 4 hours to finish. People keep complaining about it not being free but it is technically, you are playing the free version. If you want more you get the complete version. I think it's great that you at least get to try the free demo before buying it b/c other games you just have to buy it without trying it out first. For only 2.99 you get hours of play and storyline as well as lots of fun. Graphics may be so so but characters and voice acting are so great. Really draws you in.
Please don't listen to the whiners. If they had had read the "More Info" tab, they would have known up front that you would have to pay to unlock the whole game. It would be nice if all awesome games were free, but developers and artists and story writers do need to get paid for their work somehow. $2.99 is more than fair for hours of entertainment. I think of it as a tip for a job well done. And no, you don't get to win real prizes for spending real money, but that's how entertainment works. You pay to see a movie, you don't get to take it home with you. You pay to see a show, you leave empty handed. Please ignore these fools. That said, this game was AWESOME!! I gave it 4 stars because I think it has the potential to be even greater. Mix in more game variety, there are limitless options. My only other suggestion would be to slow down the conversation. Maybe make it strictly player controlled so they would have to click to read the next thought. I missed a good deal of the conversations between Laura and the townspeople because it went by too quickly, or I clicked too late and skipped right over something. Otherwise, game is FABULOUS!!
I am jst downloading te gam lts see hw it works bt mny of my frndz tld me tht ths gam is vry gud ad vry thrilling we wil be hvng fun solving te cases...... te cases wil me be much diff whn we be finishing te levels so jst download if u want to use ad dnt wast ur mb if ur nt playing ths r any gam
It's an okay game. Some comments mentioned about having to post your progress on a social media. You don't have to, on my Galaxy S3 I pressed the back arrow/key and skipped posting.
Was a great game but in bills house the very last item is covered by the top bar and items list... shame seemed very good. Galaxy Note 2
One of the poor and boring game I have ever played in my life. .... waste of time ....u can't play 2 chapter. .. don't download. ..
Even better than the first and side puzzles r harder. Kind of stuck right now...can't get a picture right and there's no skip or help to this one ( I think its the last supper).