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Mystery Hotel - Seek and Find Hidden Objects Games

Mystery Hotel - Seek and Find Hidden Objects Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Crisp App Studio - Hidden Object Games located at 65049, Ivana Franka 55 Odessa, Ukraine. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The zoom function is helpful, the graphics are very nice, but I expected the story to progress at some point. I finished all the room goals, the it just kept looping through the same completed rooms
Superb game worthy of a 5-star rating. I have found this game to be a delightful way to occupy my time and look forward to playing the other games by this developer in the future. NOTE: The developer of the game is knowledgeable, and in particular very prompt, when responding to any questions one may have regarding any game related issues.
Cannot zoom in. Have played games with this feature but not happening when I try to zoom in. Sorry - uninstalled Edit: Thank you for the reply! I tried it again and uninstalled again. The screen does not zoom in no matter what I try. I've played many similar games without an issue.
Great Game.I loved playing.No problems at all.Awsome!I love playing Hidden Objects Games without being Timed.You should be able to play any game Timed or Untimed.I love playing at my own pace.Thank You Guys!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!
This was a fun hidden object game. Yes, it truly is free like they say! Some objects can be hard to see but the zoom in feature helps tremendously with that. Great game! Thank you!
ok, but the game keeps going off. l can only play one scene or puzzle then it will quit. l have a new phone so that's not the problem.
I have gone thru everyone of the segments,got every1 of the achievements u can get, go to hint button it takes 2 the segment i was in. Right b4 this constantly restarting, my character was being drugged by the doctor & clerk, then it popped up to get Xtra hints to download another one of your games, i stopped downloading after the 2nd. I only gave 3 stars, bc im stuck.But i usually only gives 4 stars anyway bc it gives the developer room 4 improvement. I like the game, but help?
Only just at start graphics r good,seems little easy but im sure(hope) as progress it will get more challenging.
Wonderful, esp. no time limit. Good after a hectic day. Beautifully artwork, nice music and much more. It's a keeper! Thanx
I like not having to buy hints!!!! a lil heavey on the lily's garden ad... but Its not hard to hit close!!!
I have turned notifications off many times and it turns them back on and dings me. Good game but sorry, that's a no go. Uninstalling
Game was fun but ended. Did find out nothing about who killed her grandma. Was good but have uninstalled game
Fell in love with the simplicity of this game. Not to easy and not too hard. No annoying ads. Graphics look very good and storyline is good.
I was enjoying this game until an ad popped up right over the clues of what to find! Totally unplayable. I ask you Dev, how am i meant to find the hidden object when the clues are hidden by an ad? Also, finding the postcards and having the picture solved for you is no fun, why don't you let the players solve the 'jigsaw'. If it wasn't for the ad and the above mentioned jigsaw, this game would have rated at least a 4.
The items blend in to much, if you can't see to well to begin with it very frustrating. Also the miss lead you, like calling a wrist watch a clock.
This is a great new aspect to find a hidden objects. No time limit. Great graphics, and you can zoom. Definitely one of my favorites I've downloaded more than one of your hidden object apps.
Not into the story, but feels like a run-of-the-mill searching game. not like the regular folklore-steeped ones I normally play. Kinda creepy, dark, strange characters, but history.
Okay, this game was fun for awhile; but scenes have become so repetitious that I'm moving on. Thank you
I started playing this game & it just ended. A certain character is brought for questioning & that's it. I find myself back to the main screen free to play any scene I want. Speaking of which, every scene looks like a black hole threw up all its contents in there.
Cannot zoom in. Have played games with this feature but not happening when I try to zoom in. Sorry - uninstalled
Very repetitive with the same rooms appearing. Not much progression and no point as it gets boring quickly
A game worthy of a 5-star rating "to start" I found the game to be a delightful way to occupy my time. So much for the good news! The developer of the game while very prompt when responding to questions regarding game related issues, is apparently not too good at correcting them.THAT SAID, after exchanging messages regarding the failure of the "zoom in and out" to function, which has still not been fixed, as an older player where "zoom in" is a necessity for me to play, makes the game useless!
it would be better if when you search for objects the word lights up when you're near it. I play on my phone so it's not easy to see objects. otherwise it's challenging and fun.
Great games that you can play off wifi it use a tablet. Managed to get 2 stars on every scene, at the end the doctor poisoned me with the same needle that killed is grandmother, everything went blury as if you pass out ,then it says do you like the game then download the full game.?
Great, absorbing graphics, but the timeline and flow through the rooms is hopelessly muddled. You can't go back to see clues or dialog. You drink a mickey at one point and pass out, but simply advance to the next level with your sudden unconsciousness never mentioned again. (I mean, wut???) The game finally parks on Grandma's room and never lets you advance. You just redo Granny's room over and over, no end, no solved case. Select prior levels, you still advance to Granny's room. Broken.
Now that I'm near what appears to be the end, it forces me to play the same spot the differences game over and over again.
Finally a really good, challenging hidden objects game! Great graphics, very detailed, no timer, and an excellent mix of obvious and not so obvious hidden objects. Good story line as well. Excellent!
I enjoyed the game until the ending, if that's what it was? Dr gives the guy serum and then "the end"? There was no actual resolve to who the murderer was, nor was there any option to continue by way of paying to continue or a "part 2" to this game. Highly disappointed and frustrated!
Finally got the zoom to work; very uncooperative. Game seems okay so far. Would be better with more searches and less plot. Well, that was a quick game. And it keeps saying "update now"--and when I click on it, nothing happens. It was okay, better than many with too many froufrous.
The best hidden objects game i have found that i can play on my phone! no timer. items well hidden but not impossible to find! moderately interesting storyline. love it so far.
I'm having fun. It's very relaxing knowing your being stressed with that fact your being timed. I like that.
Ok I like this A lot but now I have a gotten to the point where I can't progress it is constantly making me play find the difference on 2 different levels and I've played the at least 20 times each every time I press the Arrow button to progress to the next stage surprise surprise find the difference what is going on???
Absolutely love it!! NO TIMER! Finally a developer realized that not everyone like feeling rushed and having to race against the clock. Non intrusive ads, entertaining enough story, free unlimited hints, not too hard but not too easy either. Definitely recommend!
Does this game ever end? In other reviews, it stated that the hero is poisoned..in my game, my grandmother has been poisoned. The games vaguely get around to who dunnit, but it's not like you finish the game, there are just never ending repetitive rooms with repetitive objects to find. Not the worst game but I like more of a storyline to go with the hidden objects. I quit. I have played find 10 differences about 30 times. I think it's stuck.
After I got so far....it just kept me going to the same room finding the same.objects over and over so deleted it. It was supposed to be a storyline but after it got to going thru checking the concierge it stopped
If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. Found it recently and I love it! I appreciate the no limit. For me that made it so much more enjoyable. Won't discuss how many tries it took for the photo. I got it tho. Love this game, thank you for creating it.
Generally a good game but I've got to a point where the story doesn't seem to continuing, I'm just stuck playing the hidden object games over and over again, so it's getting pretty boring now
While the game itself was well designed, my biggest gripe...... no way to save and exit! After playing a short while I had to close the game and upon returning, I have to start from the beginning! Oh hell no! For there to be no option to save and exit is why I only give you 2 stars. With that option, maybe, 5 stars. I'm not going to start all over again repeatedly just because I like the game. Uninstalled!!
The game was fun but it won't let me go to the next level. I have completed the first one, watched the ad and still it won't. It just keeps taking me back to the last scene of the first level.
Great game but not enough levels or mystery to it I just started the game and already finished all the levels I think unless I'm missing something?!??! It's still a fun game I just wish there were more rooms to unlock!
Nice game. I found a bug where when you start panning around while zoomed in, if you zoom out while still moving you can zoom outside of the map. Otherwise enjoyable so far.
I'm really enjoying this game, as I do with everything Crisp App does. There are endless searches, and I really love the music. These devs put out the best games, and they're totally free. Wonderful job.....again!
Another beautiful masterpiece from Crisp Appp! Plus a cat in every room. I just installed this game on my Bestie's tablet! I had to share the beauty.
The game is challenging, fun, the music is good very relaxing. lots of items to find and I like the countdowns for the much needed hints. Thank You
It's okay. I sometimes have a hard time seeing the little things. It would be very helpful if you could zoom in to see things closer.
I love the relaxing music in this game, and my anxiety likes that there are no time limits. the scenes are pretty, and challenging, without being frustratingly challenging. so far so good!
this is a awesome game to play with 😀 and now I have been laying in bed because of a broken my knee in three places from a fall and this game is so good to play with it is a awesome game I would give 60stars instead of 5 Stars
I enjoyed the game initially. So how does one progress onto the next part of the game? I am at the part where the character is drugged, passes out, then no more game? Not even an opportunity indicated in the game to pay for continuing on in the game. Quite frustrating!!
I love this game but for some reason I'm stuck playing in the bedroom playing the same over an over even after updating the game its so frustrating how do I get to the next room / level please
Strictly just HO scenes with a very short story that ends abruptly. Not very engaging in this way. I used the magnifier on all scenes due to the the scenes seemed to be zoomed out.
Best hidden objects game I've ever played. Graphics absolutely stunning. Gorgeous detailing. No set timer which is wonderful. Great eye .. brain .. hand coordination. My compliments to the creator of this game .. it's total lovage! I really enjoy playing this game and I thank you for its inception.
**Newest Update** Is the game ...? Over?? The story isn't continuing anymore. The last scene was very vague. I don't know "who did it" There are no last credits or... ANYTHING? I am very confused. -1☆ **Fin** **Sure! However, my email address is different than it is listed here. This is just my Google Play account address. I use ProtonMail! So, be on the lookout! 😀👍 ** Fin update **
so far more challenging than most. Too early to make a true assessment. Graphics are nice. So far game play is straight forward.