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myDream Universe - Metaverse for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by UnknownProjectX located at 3304, E, 100 Po Lam Road North, HK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game could try to tell basics in a more understandable, or a more informative, speech, but overall it's a good game!
If the Creator could make every thing bigger that would be fun Can you make everything easier for the beginners bc i had to do this for a month to get a black hole And make every GP price go down Its fun
I appreciate the development. Nice game . I honestly like it. I loved creating solar system, absorbing,etc
I enjoyed this game far more than I expected, I've been playing almost two weeks now and I'm glad there's not a ridiculous amount of ads. The broken english translation is pretty funny too. "Your main plants have been destroyed" I really like how I am able to share the upgrade points between save files so I can zoom around as a black hole and use gravity to shatter all the bodies and collect GPs use them on my other saves; i spent 3k on a binary system, the most common IRL. ๐Ÿ’–ALL THUMBS๐Ÿ‘
Could be a fun game of it didnt crash every 5 minutes. I mean there isn't a lot going on the screen, no extended bit.rate, so I assume bad coding? Fix this, could be fun, but isn't.
One underrated game. I totally like this game, and I don't mind the ads that much. I can even watch a few ads to support the devs for creating this masterpiece. And for those who don't know how to earn GP, just go near a star that has lesser health than you and you will start absorbing the star. Once the star gets destroyed it splatters into asteroids. If it has planets, they will get destroyed too. Sad thing the word limit is 500, I can tell more to newbies.
It is really good butI don't get the thingy when trying to gain mass and stuff it's hard to move it around and stuff why not be able to just like drag it slowly that would make it easier to control and I have no idea how to gain mass in GP and stuff in the mode where you drag your planet around and destroy it by hitting planets randomly like after two bits of a planet it gets destroyed which I likebecause I get a lot the first time and I don't get like the like explosion sound whenever...
Instructions are practically nonexistent. Go home to transform to solar system and then what? Horrible Horrible Horrible
This game for me has no ads for me i dont care about the ads thers no ads every 30 seconds theres only ads when i want GP good game keep it up and make my dream universe 2 please and also when you find weaker stars than you they die fast but when i comed across a strong star i defeated it easily cuz i was farming stars and had 2m hp when i transformed into a neutron star i easily got 3m hp cuz stars like me can be like me and 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 game so fun :)
Add codes so you can get good stuff 1% chance after universe killed /NEW stars (unreal) can get by codes
It's a fun game just super complicated. I can't figure out how to transform my planet or anything. So I've basically got the mass but have no clue what to do now.
Awesome app! I'd love a universe made just for neutron stars and their planetary systems only(the Pulsar Universe), that would be the perfect solution having to random neutron stars(pulsars). Specially for people that played Mysolar Build Your Planets for a long time and got used to a universe full of possible battles with other solar systems.
Its amazing and very addictive i spent like whole day on this game yesterday.. it needs some updation on Items and you should add a feature for timelapsing (slowing and speeding) and all other things are perfect ..I am also a Developer and i really enjoyed this Game...Thanks man
Cery good may i sugguest a joystick and there is a bug where i collide with alot of planets and the game freezes and says:sorry the gams gas stopped
Well i guess this game is good but the thung is that its a bit hard to grow wait IT IS POSITIVE HARD LIKE POVITIVE IM TELLING YOU!
I love it alot but then i was storage cleaning and i deleted it but no i installed it again but my data wasnt saved, id realy like it if you fix that plz.
I love this game thanks for making it, controls are hard so, can you add joystick?, settings for you to use joystick, and remove bots and add real players, when they move you see there fire, when use joytick, fire is there too, add speed botton when use joytick,add solar system, to buy it it needs 320 GPS add MPS, MPS is eazy to get, to get it crash the asteroids or absorb it with a star, Make GPS eazy to get,add a GPS shop,add the new one and MPS will let u buy, 100, mps10 , 1,000, mps100, add
I like this game but the only thing is that my brain thinks that tap the place you want to move but this game is the opposite.
It's super good I love it but u should add stronger bots or against real players and make the bots stronger I'd love that Please and still Ur really smart cause making games is hard but people write bad reviews for no reason it matters how many people play it and it matters about fun and the lag isn't Ur fault (:
I am not giving 1 star because when i start the game i want to see the whole cutscene but the mobile crashes after half cutscene then i have to wait 10 minutes until the game is quitted i cant even turn off the mobile
It's an amazing game there's only one problem the graphics they are so bad they are the worst I've ever seen.
i so love this game why is defeat all sunny and each some level for transform black hole over things is so good game no funny ๐Ÿคฉ i so happy
How do you even play this game, i got all tge mass i needed but i cant get in orbit with a star to form a planet. Maybe you should add a tutorial to the game so people know how to play
I like it cuz it helps me understand how planets are made and how a universe expands and all that really cool universe type stuff.u know the stuff that we are made of but in a cool we'll put together game.
The developers are really greedy (ads are over 30 seconds and you can't do anything without watching ads or paying real money)
I generally dont install and keep games since I always run low on storage(ROM) and memory(RAM) but I have been playing this game since a year now and this is simply brilliant. If you want a simplistic time pass game with realistic graphics, you wont regret installing it. I can assure you, you'll love this game. Also, there are no ads if you switch off data. Really this is a very underrated game.
Its a great game dont worry about ads turn oof you wifi so ads will not show and btw theres a chance theres still ad you can fix it my realoading your app. Hope i helped;)
Ok so I thought this was gonna be a fun sandbox game, when I got onto it I was so disgusted. Controls are garbage, and I don't understand the point at all.
The Game Says "You Have Enough Mass To Create A Solar System Go Back To Home Screen To Create One" And I Go Back To Home Screen, Try Every Button And I Can't Create A Solar System
really good game and very fun although its very small like there after a certain point there is nothing you can dl in it
This app is awesome and exactly what i wanted cause YOU and only YOU grte to choose how you make your universe! Its a fun game and ads can give you alot of GP. Theres only one thing i want; i was a noob before (lol) and placed two planets in the middle orbit place and i dont like it like that i only want one planet there so could you please make it to where you can edit where the planets are placed in orbit but yeah its an awesome app super cool deserves all five stars and more
This game is good and all, but there are a lot of bugs. Also the game makes my phone heat up really, really fast. The game itself is dumb. There is no objective or storyline to this. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜•
so ive been playing this game for a while, and to actually build your own solar system, thats a great concept. To strategically manuever a solar system while its planets are on their own orbit. I would rate 5 stars if this was a multiplayer game. Having a universe filled with players that builds up galaxies together to actually make a universe on its own, having to battle against other universe's players. The game is great, but it could be better
i have stopped growth of my level 118 rock planet but its STILL bigger than my four suns wich i hate. (also thanks for replying to me owner) in real life if neutron stars get to much mass they colapse in to black holes so could you also add that at level 230 neutron star? i encountered a glich where after my sun was destroyed, i was controling one of my rock planets could you fix that? Edit! These comments are from my 7 year old son Will, he loves this game! Thanks.
The concept seems good but it takes far too long to build mass and progress, making it somewhat boring
I think i forgot to post my first review but this is a good game I recommend it oh ya can you make it so you can make civilizations on planets and so neutron stars can turn into black holes because they can do that in real life
The game is fun but have if the time when I watch adds I don't get the gp plz fix the glitch it's very anoying
Despite being a pretty small game, I do like it a lot anyway. It's missing stuff like asteroid belts and habitable planets, but other than that it's good!
I Enjoy. It. But there are sooooo manyyyyy adsssssssssssss but its weird when im a staring at a asteroid do u need more asteroids to create a planet? And whats going on the 0 orbit its looks like its the planet is it like a closets planet orbit? Im not sure i just watched 30 ads or maybe 38 ads idk but awesome game. Please what is these save things tell me pls
This game is the worst game I've ever downloaded it doesn't let me do anything it just pauses my screen you suck at making games
its a good game acutally but you dont know the controlls there is no list of movements or what you can do
It vere good you can aculy make a solar systom but it qould be cool if you could name th planest or solar systom good game though.
Cool Game it has cool graphics In the next Update you add Terra (Earth like) planets, alien lifeforms that could destroy other solars, make moons more visible and customize them and get Moons (Submoons) of there own other, other planets could have (acidic, ocean and etc) Add planets (non-gas giants not star) could have rings. Customize planets, stars ,moons, moon's moons. Cities on planet have life. Add habitable zone Habitable(life) planets only and add customizable names for stars planets etc
I liked this game until it started crashing gathering materials for a moon. Unstable game. Not worth putting time in if it just crashes and dosen't save what you did before it.
Horrible it was the worst game i have ever played you control a little planet that justs smashed into the other things to get bigger but it doesn't get bigger it is a waste of data i do not recommend this game
I gave it 3 stars because it is a really fun game, but then it started crashing and I would lose everything I collected. Super annoying!
Great but add something stronger than black holes I played for only 2 days and got a 56m mass black hole.Still Great!
I know how to control you should do is click on the screen to move. I tranform my star into a largest star and tranform into a blackhole and earning Great points was very easy. Why their is no nebula on game please add nebula so most of star can form by nebula space cloud .The game don't have 3D mode please add 3D mode also add life. Thank you
The reason why I gave four stars it's becuz the planets need to be build by rocks pls change the way of the planets being made!
I really like this game, and I'll probably continue to play it, but it crashes repeatedly and it get really annoying. not only do I have to restart the app every ten minutes, but I keep losing progress. This game is really relaxing and satisfying, but please fix the crashing. If the game didn't crash as much as it did, I'd definitely rate it five stars, but I like keeping my progress.
I upgraded my plant plus I have a lot of HP my GP is at 31 and I have destroyed 31 planets and I like how I move
Updated review: Rating decreased ใ€‹There must be added the option to lower the graphics. Run this app on multiple newer devices. All have not been able to handle the graphics. The lines to showing absorbtion do it frequently. Please lower res or something!ใ€Š Its a bit hard to control, but thats partof the fun try click n hold and tap other side of screen.I think control over moon and ring and planet color should be free. i really like this game!
Class game been playing it for years just downloaded it again it crashed on my last phobe but redownloading it seems to help or uninstalking kast gane update But excellent game ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿ‘
Amazing I came back and I still had progress amazing I gave it five stars but can you make the change planet and star look just a bit cheaper pls
It's a good game but I have been sitting down for hours and hitting asteroids and i am still an asteroid.
Really good i enjoyed doing the solar but thers a bug where ur game crashs and it comes back on and ur a noob
Is there a tutorial? Ive been playing a couple of days now and all i could do is make the asteroid bigger, and whrn i press planet it says "zoom to planet" and i do as it comand ls but when i resume the game it says that i have to go to home screen to become a planet and its kinda confusing since idk how to turn into one
This is by far the most realistic space game I've ever played my life is so cool you can actually get strippers on it
I love this game I like the fact that if you destroy suns it gives you more level without using gp and it also destroys plants when a sun is gone unless if you have more suns then that will not happen because there's more suns for them.
its a realy cool game you are a star get antho mass to level up your star to level 2 and then you can creat a solar syitem how can the game get better than that
Very cool, but, the controls in this are LITERAL garbage. When you get another planet, the controls are gonna be so bad, that it's so hard to fight planets, plus, you should fight planets, you alot of GP, I hope there's a setting where you can edit how you move. This game is a piece of poop and garbage.
Not really sure what I feel about this game, as it's terribly repetitive. The main idea is that you create a star, then float about in space trying to grab enough mass (asteroids) to upgrade your star and create planets. The biggest reason I only gave 3 stars is that there's almost no instructions on gameplay, and what there is is poorly written. It seems like it could be a great game with just a few improvements, but right now, it's just a big grind.
Is fairly decent game. It's not hard to understand. Once you get so far up though they stopped working. It has kicked me out of the game because I can't keep up with what I am doing. Obtaining the orbits is a pain in the neck
This game is so cute with the moons. Also even if you go very far out the game doesent lag! Best universe simulator EVER!