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My Wolf Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim

My Wolf Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The plot is amazing, I love the music, the art is great, and I really feel like I can connect to these characters. I would do literally anything to be apart of the wolf race. This is the only thing that has kept me going through out my life. I bet no one feels the same way I do for these characters!
It was good, although I wish it was longer and actually OFFLINE, and the good options that cost gems I wish I could say but can't, because I don't feel like wasting time earning gems. I would like to rate it better. My favorite is mariya
I would rate this 5 star but if u want to choose some things u have to use diamonds and you have to pay real life money for them I don't agree with this alot
I loved it, I tried finishing it a couple times but I never did when it first came out, but then I came back to it and I don't regret it! The quality was too good and everything had so much life. There is so much story and so much background on the characters that bring everything together and I feel like there could be another season on this by the way it ended! I picked, Ayano, she is even mature and cute and I always smile when I see her. Thank you for such an amazing game!
Really good game however, every "premium" choice results in one of 2 ways you pay gems for a pretty good story or you dont and basically blow off a good friend. It sucks that I have to be rude peice of garbage just because I dont wanna pay real money or spend hours collecting gems. Please have a 3ed option where premium makes a really good moment, one normal choice makes a sad moment and the last just makes it an ok moment.
It's a good game overall but why can't you choose your gender? I really think you should make that an option because your acting like girls wouldn't wanna play this game as well.
Really enjoyed it, the story is really great and nice characters, but it opened my eyes to how rare it is for me to fall in love, but it isn't the games fault. (((Also, the important decisions are really expensive, so watch tv and play the minigame just keep tapping and you will get points to convert it into gems))) If they made an update to make it longer I would rate 5 stars. In conclusion, great, enjoyable, a bit short. Definitely recommend, but sad game, I won't deinstall, hoping for update
It was the best anime dating sim by Genius which I played. Just the the first chapter had too much Premium Choices, and I forgot to count, but the rest had almost two or three, and the last two chapters had none. Therefore I recommend it. Also the storyline was wholesome.💓
Many interactions felt forced. I mean this guy is protagonist of a dating sim, but everything just feel so unnatural. I didn't like this one as much as I liked the other from this team. In fact, I'm disappointed. BTW, I only played Maki route. Perhaps other girls have more flowing experience to offer
It was the best anime dating sim by Genius which I played. Just the the first chapter had too much Premium Choices, and I forgot to count, but the rest had almost two or three, and the last two chapters had none. Therefore I recommend it.
I love this the story makes me so happy when I read but I don't like how I have to have reading tickets if someone could tell me why I need these I'll think about changing my mind
So cute! But I can't afford to put money into buying rubies. And the ads to earn coins don't give enough. And I can't give up some of my apps to download a different app to run for awhile. So uninstalling. Sorry
genuis studios is getting better quality as in all side characters dont have a gray shadow anymore and each time a chapter ends it has a frame with animation and sound/music instead of it just staying in the same frame. but keep up the good work
It's a good game, but I hate how we have to use gems to choose other choices, it's just making us pay money so we won't hurt the girls feeling. I would give a five star if I were able to choose any answer I want.
I like the storyline HOWEVER I feel you need to make Rubies free to get for a small amount like watch an ad a day for 5 AND I really wish you would extend the storyline, maybe the player decides to be a wolf, maybe theres a new threat?
I wanted to like this game, i really did, but despite all the ups, there was just too many downs. The game is a choice game, but the only good choices are the one's that are impossibe to get. After a while the game becomes pay to win.
If this is not the lesbian game then why would it be on lesbian games on the in the Play Store...... I gat some people like it but and I do but I wish they didn't have your character a guy's name.... like when I try to put in my name they always refer to it as a boy name...like, tf.... and the storyline is good but character's name make it more lesbian NOT a guy please
Please make a second game for this, my experience was AMAZING i love the characters the story and everything else, nothing was bad. Please make a second game i really enjoyed and i hope you enjoyed making it!
I would give it a 5 stars if there was less grind. For your other games i suggest: Removing the energy from the minigame. (Or atleast let the player recharge with ads) Make 3 ads thst give points instead of 1. Make the ad give 20 points instead of 30 points. Make diamond prices get lower the more diamonds you want to buy. You will earn quite a buck from people like me who cant afford micro transactions, but will watch ads to help with the game. Otherwise 10/10.
I really like this game but can u give us at least seven tickets I like the story but I always feel bored when the ending is only three tickets so plz give us more tickets I the graphic this game it's so good so I give u five stars but please notice our favor tickets😁
Thanks a lot... Now I wish this was all real. It would be better if you could get more than one "ticket" every 2 hours, because it's kimd of annoying having to wait 4 hours just to do 2 "episodes" that last about 10 minutes total. I hope will be some kind of update that'll add more episodes to the story. Like, if I had unlimited tickets, I think I'd get through the entire thing in about a few hours (didn't keep track of episodes). This game is way too short. But it's awesome.
Could be a good game, but is done poorly, to make any decent action, you'll need rubies, which is either purchased or you can trade coins for a small amount of rubies..by the time you've saved up enough, you've perhaps forgotten about what's happened So...forgettable story
It's a great game overall but I would get rid of the premiums those suck and sometimes makes you a jerk and I wish the main character was turned into a wolf.
I like the game it's interesting because you can choose your own way to go but the thing I do not like is that you have to have diamonds and when I mean diamond is that you have to pay to choose and answer choice in the game but not money you start out with diamonds in the games but not a lot of diamonds I wish that you can choose to enter choices by yourself without paying diamonds it would make the game a lot more better but I still like the game it is very interesting
Even though I am a girl, I beloved the story sooo much! I missed it a lot after I finished it :( It was sooo sad, but ended with a Happy Ending! (Mariya's Route) The game was incredible and the story is wonderfully scripted :3 Ayano, Maki, and Mariya are sooo kawaii!!! UwU And the graphics are well-made :OOO I will miss this game sooo much, Thank You For Giving Me Memories!!! Arigato!!!
Incredible! I so highly recommend this app. The story is exciting, thrilling, and heartwarming. I cried when my character professed his love for Mariya. I'm so glad I found this app.
The love the story, the graphic and music made the story very interesting, I would give it a 5 star. Really appreciate the work in this
I downloaded this game thinking this is going to be a very low quality game but this was actually really fun and addictive, definitely not what I expected at all. I'd recommend this to anyone. I've given it 4 stars because after you have used up all of your tickets you have to wait a long time to recharge them again and an other reason is because I wish this game would last a lot longer and continue on from when the game ends right now, I think this game should be made into an anime to be honest
This was my favourite game ever, I cried when I finished it, which is what I am doing now :'(. There is one thing though. It is very hard to get gems. Other than that I hope this was real every day of my life :(. I am going to go back to crying myself to sleep bye 😢
Funny story and good graphics don't make up for terrible gameplay. Too long of a wait to get tickets back, too much of a cost for "premium" gameplay which is a load of garbage to even have as an option. I regret downloading and playing this terrible terrible "game".
It's a good game but pretty much the only way to get gems is to pay money wich I cant do alot and all of the good choices in certain situations cost gems but you only start out with like 30 so you cant have a good story unless you pay money. Also if the games worknout how I think they do then the game is made by gold diggers if you ask me because of this but it may not be the case.
If i could give 1000000000000000 stars i would because the actually fixed the problem where i completed a challenge but it didnt give me points thats all i needed to see for five star rating
Would have been a pretty decent game if it wasn't so grinding. After the first free choice, It becomes pretty obvious that the game Devs want to force you to pay to play. The in-game reward for watching ads is so ridiculously low. And you can't make key decisions without rubies which cost a lot. *1 key decision = 24 rubies* *1 ad = 30 points* *30 points = 1 ruby**** ****PS: you can only watch two ads per day. No other way of earning points.
I instantly fell in love with this game I wish there was more at the end when you go out on a date with whoever you choose though. Thank you so much for making this game I hope to see more from you guys in the future.
Love these types of games, and found it similar to Nekojishi. However can say that only on chapter two and am very disappointed that the game wants you to pay to play. So I'll just not play it and "farm" whatever free things I can so as to not pay my way through. Story so far is cute, characters feel unique. Would rate it at a 4 star but that pay to play kills it for me.
Its great i love it but it has to reload for 2 hours to be able to play the next part and some answers that you need rubies and those answers are well probably the ones you will use more it is great but i hate it is pay to play
I really love it this is my third one I'm downloading ,ok but I have to be honest the gems pls I know that you don't want to hear it but we don't get our lover hope you update it soon 😁
Has a really cute ending but I'm grinding my teeth on getting gems so hard takes forever 100 coins for some gems man and like oh you need 28 gems if I see another game like this I'll still play it I like the endings owo SOOO CUTE
People should stop complaining about the ticket stuff, I was able to complete the story in around 2 days, It's pretty short. I do agree it's inconvenient with the rubies though, it's hard to get points to exchange for them, so you basically have to pay for them. I wish you could get a few along with the tickets, because when you don't pick the desicion that costs rubies it makes you seem like a jerk. I loved the story and the graphics though.
Garbage, Please update I cannot make one good move without having to pay Rubes this sucks I only have 9 rubes now.It is only goodish ok UPDATE or It really is stupid😡
I think this game is perfect for the holidays. It's obviously very romantic, and it can get intense. If there was snow involved in this game I would've called it a holiday game. I recommend this one for people who patient with the rubies and the tickets. If you want a tip on how to not deal with the rubies while playing the game, I have one for you. It's a lot of work but I recommend it. If you don't want to deal with rubies while playing the game do the following: 1. Wait to the minigame slot machine is fully charged. Look at the settings on the upper right corner, (the house) and there should be a 1 near it. (That means the machine is fully charged) 2. After you give up on the machine, exit out of it and the house menu. 3. In the bottom left corner there is a video that will give you 30 points 4. The house will be fully charged once a day but the 30 point video will be fully charged every 5 or 6 hours. 5. Repeat step 1-4 until you get up to 670 - 690 rubies Good Luck and Thank You Genius for making such great games. Merry Christmas to you and to anyone who is reading this on December 25, 2020. If it's another day for you I hope you have a great day. This is my last game for 2020 see you Genius and reviewers in January.
I love this App, The story, its catchy and It can catch the readers attention and tickles their hearts,😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 the Graphics is Good, Totally awsome I wish for chapter 2 hehe😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 I love The story, All of it😍😍😍 Its the best app for me😍😍
I love the story is just epic I wish yall reales a second season about this story plz do it I just finish the story and I already miss it :,)
Loved the story and visuals. My opionion of the girls changed so much from start to finish and by the finish of it i ended up wanting the girl i never thought i would while playing. Great game!
I agree with Pixel Rank. Because this situation sucks that you have to have all these diamonds to continue the storyline. Considering that any way of advancing the story requires them. After the first choice you no longer have enough diamonds to continue.
I absolutely LOVE these games, but one downside is needing gems to choose a different route. If they could take that away or put the amount of gems less, then this game will be PERFECT. Still, overall, PERFECT GAME!
This is one of the most best apps that I've ever played everything and it is very interesting and its fun game to play everything about ub this game is fun and they did really good on this game.
This game MIGHT be good, I did not continue past the second choice. Once I had seen "premium choice" it was quickly followed by laughter and the deletion of the app. If you ARE interested in grinding out for the gems/crystals or paying for them, have at it, I hope it's worth it. "Ain't no one got time fo that!"
The gems ruin the game. They're hard to get, and if you want, what I'd say, a good story, you need to constantly have around 25 gems.
This was a pretty nice experience, I ended up falling for Maki and her cuteness. I would literally do anything for this to be real.
The story is good the choides you make actualy matter some what and the character's are cute and have their own fears even yiurs if you dont use gems to buy every exotic choice
I love it but almost all thes games good options are whith money if it wasent I will give it 5 even 6 stars
The game is over all amazing, but maybe you guys could put a option where you can mute the music of the minigame? When im playing the minigame im usually listening to music yet the background music of the minigame completely ruins it for me
I live this cure little game I spend my time playing this when I have nothing to do, I feel these types of games would be better if you could get gems a little easier though I love the storyline I love the game congrats you deserve 5 stars
Game keeps crashing and doesn't respond. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't even solve the issue. Have to re-install days later to fix for a temp.
I loved the game and storyline, but not being able to have certain options because you don't have "rubies" is frustrating. I know you won't do anything about it because it's your way of making money, but maybe have an option to watch an add for some or something like that. Still an amazing game though.
Well writen and the premiums cost little on some of the more fun ones at the end but it's starting to show a problem with the playback like with princess girlfriend so as a warning and an ask for help to the devs please becareful when playing and devs I plead please Fix the playback for the videos. Oh and ps to other players there is a roulett spinner in the home button at the top right of the screen in each game where you can earn point quickly and triple the point gain by three.
Beautiful game at first i thought it was one of thoughs cringey weird visual novels but this game changed my mind about it i liked this game
A top tier pay to win game. The game is fun except for the fact that you have to spend money every time you want to make a good choice, there is also no in game way to make rubies.
I enjoyed the game, however, it takes a long time to reach the end without buying gems and tickets. However, I do like how you can play the minigame to earn points to get gems & tickets for free, however that route takes a lot of grinding due to the highest point value is 13 (you can watch an ad to triple the value) and the exchange system requires a ton of points.
Its best i like the story but sometimes when there a rubie choice you need rubie to do it but sometimes its cost money but its ok this is the best and awesome keep up the good work 👍👌