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My Town : Hospital and Doctor Games for Kids

My Town : Hospital and Doctor Games for Kids for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by My Town Games Ltd located at Ha-Rekhev St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a good game but I wish it had more stuff also can you please please make the airport and pets free please
I totally heart this gaming series! Can you can please make a few more games the freemium version thought please? Also, can you make My City have freemium games and same with the Wonderland games? Thanks!
This app is amazing!! It teaches children to learn about hospitals. Its very educative. keep up the good work
Great game, always wanted it! So many options on what to do, many labs and doctor offices, there is a labour room, nursery, xray lab, stroke/broken bones lab, hospital cafe, check in and about 2 more areas! Keep it up My town!
I am so happy when you give this game free and I have played almost all games but if you add some more doctors and dresses then it will be more fun
Very boring doesn't seem to be any point to the game other than tapping on items and turning them on/off. Didn't seem to have any actual missions or anything to really aim for. No tutorial nothing. Extremely basic game. Not for me.
Nice game but I want a doctor cabin and more rooms for patients you can add this all and a operation threatre thank you my town can you free the my city games.
This is really interesting when I first heard about the game I thought it would not be interesting but still I am looking forward to download my town: Beach.
This is such a good game but pls when they sleep In the bed pls when we double tap on the bed they sit on the bed and pls make more rooms I gave this game a five star because u can do new things
I like my town can you please let go my town daycare after my town airport and beach Thanks alot gooooddddddddddd bbbbyyyyyeeeeeee
I like this game and just one thing what do you guys watch add for the people and unlock stuff switched at something but what adds for the people I thought the people was free not like and then that come with the most ugliest crowns
I really love my town because when you download the games like the house in the hospital for instance they don't lock none of the rooms like other games. Also I like how if you download the house and download other my town apps your characters from the house app will travel over to the other app. πŸ’–
I am hoping you make this game free. You unlock a lot of babies without ads. Thank you very much. Can you make my town airport snd beach picnic free ? I love my town . My town is best
I love the my town games I gave it 4 Because I wish you got all the characters for free it is eather pay or advert This is my top don't pay for the my town games the minet they come out wait abit and then they go for free it might take a while but that's what I do anyway good game
I love my town games and I want more my town but put everything free it will be the best game ever. By Megan πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ but it never let's me download any my towns so can you please fix this.
It's absolutely amazing there is so many areas and I just really enjoyed playing. Keep up the good work My Town!!!!
I LOVE it's. So nice but I have mommy to buy the thinks so for this I think my town should be into this I'm so sorry but I'm a bit sad because of this I'm so sorry but for not doing this I give it a 3 sorry but try next time and why is the people that are in the hospitle saying whatch add soo amigo pece out
That game is the best it's free and can make kids know about hospital and if any doy or girl kids need to be doctor when the grow up they can play that game and it's free too
I love this game but there have a problems. They give a real life and so fun. That problems is "The car". My town hospital, High school, Hotel and best friend house and beach havn't car. Another games have that cars and also peoples.You know your problems. Please fix it.
Ok never won this is games so beautiful and I have a a people is sick the songs beginners good but the heaven any something so wrong but I can say it this is so good
It's fun I love that you can watch Ads with the internet I looooooooove this game I am a fan of it en please. Fix the thing of characters
Hey, My Town. Can we put a Daycare Free? And put us an (Ages up to 5) (Ages 6-8) (Ages 9-12) and (Educational) on April 30th?
I love this.game so much and it doen'nt make you pay for the rooms and this is the best app i have ever got
I like the game but can you please make the airport in daycare free because I want to take the babies to daycare and take them to the beach in the airport for a vacation and the hospital when me and my sister been waiting for it so long and I'm so glad that you finally opened it it's I just got the game yesterday and when I got to put the babies in the Washing thing one of the babies got stuck
Can you make more my town free games and it is nice but i want more nice games like this and i still waiting for more new games make more please i want a update to more games but it doesn't seem that fun i want instead of two floors why not 4 floors is more better please please please update it please please please please please please please please please please please update it and make more my town games please i want more things too but I'm still not sure what to say next but please update
I like this game very. There are so many room. There are some patients also. I like to do city scan, mir and body checkup.
I like the game but way to much glitches when I try to take out a character it doesn't go out its soooo annoying.
The memory is always disappearing. And after I unlocked everything that needed ads, instead of just taking away the characters, they took everything and left me with what I had when I installed the game. After just exiting the app, memory just erases itself.
My home town all games are amazing and beautiful . I like it very much it's a nice game for girls and boys . Some family games are so dull but this game is very very very nice good and nice. Thanks Google Play Store to explore this beautiful game. Myself Angela Sarkar. Thank you.
Awesome get tons of character with out paying still some are locked tho . Awesome new characters .the only thing is whith a lot of my town games there are glitches. Safe for kids . All age
This is a great game n m glad u gave this free but the problem is that in any of my town games it is not allowing me to swich the tabs means when i am playing this game n i want to go back to my town house it keeps loading n liading plz it is a humbe requets fix it. Beacuse of this i m dissapointed. My favourite game it my towns all games but this glich was not accepted anyways plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzz fix it.
It ok imlike it but can you make the daycare free bc the school and the preschool freee so why cant the daycare?and the airport bc the hotel free now so it would make sesne to do it but the app itself is pretty good but can there be no ads
omg this far the first time you realised it I downloaded it and it is so cool and good! Keep it up my town!
I'm a fan of my town and a lot of games are free so this game is now free though it was not free before but finally it is free make more free my town games please get the game every one
This game is amazing ✨ Can you make more of the free my town games? They are really fun!😌 Also there are some adds but I don't mind.
This game is wonderful but can you do a favour ? please free all the dresses and when i restart my game , all the characters that i take by add disappear and i have to take it by add again . that happened in all your games . please fix this . but otherwise this game is awsome .
this is a amazing game and i realy think that my town has been my favorite game.Go My Town😊 and i kinda download alot of games of it but theres alot of ads but its fine i still love my town i hope you put another game thats new
I think this game is also great and i think i love your vid please tell me that how you get the green dress in the vid it show so can you tell me my brother also like this he always play and ask me to play this game i also like this game to i dont have no problems for me and this is also good game its not so bad every games are good so everyone rate 5 stars to my town whoever create the game of my city and my town give 10 thousand stars yes ten thousand because they are making free games
This game is very nice. Please free the my town Beach picnic. In this has many kids. I am very happy in this game. But please free the all games.
Mariah love this game it is so cool there's different areas that you don't that you didn't think that we're actually you get to actually like see what you can do and it's like so many people that is a hot but it does not take forever to unlock them if you have money but what I'm sorry so I like it so that's why I like it it's very good
I gave 4 starb bcoz it sometimes hangs very much and creates problems.. In moving or unlocking any character ..that the developer.. Must check...!!!!
I love that the hospital and all the room are free but if there was a little more of baby stuff added would be wonderful also if you all a gift section of the hospital it would be lovely
I love the game take your time to make them all free and get more likes peple dont like to buy games so make more free get more likes and peple love these games i looooooove these games!
I love this game so much! Because you can move the characters and the babies and you can even put the thing in the bed in the hospital bed
My daughter loves it so much!!she has every game of My town.Just the ads are nonstop so please make it where it has no ads thanks.
I love this game but there are many ads with it thats keeps me fron enjoying ig but i love the owner please make a pool one
i love the game but i feel like more characters need to be added into the game and less ads that's all I have to say I really like the games but maybe someone should be free like all of the games should be free couple of people don't have the right amount of money that's all I needed to say
I am 8 years old and i am giving it 4 stars because it is pretty boring not to be rude but they dont even come in sickπŸ™
I can barely do anything without using ads and it doesn't even let me use the ads to get the things!😀😑 Anyways its a nice game .πŸ™„πŸ˜‘βœŒπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
This game is amazing lots of rooms to explore and all baby's are free and some we can take by ad but only for 1 day please make some more time but how we can take wheel chair to outside door and please make my town airport free
I love all your games. I have tried all your games. I loved them all. Plz make your Airport, Day care, Pet care and Beach free. PlzzzzπŸ™πŸ™
I like this game but you need to wach add to get someting that you want and to make it easy just spend muny but i dont want to do that but i still like this game
this is a nice game but when I play too much the character of this game suddenly disappeared so please fix this game and I give 5 stars
What is my first time playing metaphors theme as so can you please tell me what it is I mean someone David Wise ones. Small like 10 Stars honey buns it's so amazing as 10100 100 about that dolls kill even Godzilla and my name is Piper and I'm six a tired saying sex and saying but whit1000
it's fun but why with all the characters are unlocked it's so boring only having one or two characters but I do really like it that's why I gave it five stars
It would be better if you could make someone have the same outfit and be pregnant with that outfit a lot of times I also couldn't wait for the game to come out
I love this game but all the my town games has not got a car but in my town videos there is a car so please and a car. By Carla
So I wait for this to be available on my I pad then when I down load it it say this ap is not opptimissed for your device no rediculouse
Its really good πŸ‘ but I feel like there should be some thing to move the characters like ROBLOX, so you don't have to use your hand and maybe they can make it more fun πŸ˜‰
I am so happy when you is giving it free πŸ˜€. There have many kids. I tried almost yours all free games and it is very super games but can you please make that when they sit on the bed they sleep. Please make it like when we double-click on it they sleeep or otherwise they will sit on the bed
Awesome game😍 please make the my town airport free and after using the dresses they are not becoming pregnancy dresses again please fix itπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
This App Is Super πŸ‘πŸ» you what i do to make some of it free i watch every ad on every character and the clothes and turn off my wifi and after playing i clear all of my apps except for this awesome game if i could rate it 200000 i will :)