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My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe located at 49-51, rue des Docks, CS 90618, 69258 LYON CEDEX 09, France. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I play this game with my 1yr old. We both adore it, thank you. BUT we can only collect 10/20 Easter Eggs?? Help!
I loved the tamagotchi toy when I was kid. This game is even better!! The tamagachi is soo cute LOVE it.
I'm absolutely addicted to this. At 28-years-old, I remember having the original Tamagotchi Keychain toys when I was a kid. This is even better; with how much more you can do in terms of games and caring for your Tamagotchi. I love it! It's like reliving my childhood again, but with more interactions!.
Love this game. I had a tamagotchi as a child and this app makes me feel nostalgic... But the colors and features are so beautiful and modern. I really enjoy this game. The reason for four and not five stars is you have to watch a lot of ads and/or pay money to do anything cool.
This game is so easy and cute but i really want the editor's should add some new stuff to it like a bigger town and more tamagotchi's and maybe even they should add prince and princess to make it more fun
This game is really neat latly i've had an obbseision with games were you have to take care of things to disract me from the fact my life is falling apart i love this so much its kept me occiopied for hours 10\10
Well this is nice game though. However, I have a problem here. 1. The item is so cute until I use all of my properties to buy them๐Ÿ˜‚. 2. I often click the buy item button with no intention to buy it. I hope you can add the button to sell them back. However nice game. It have many opportunities to collect money and gem! This is sweet though! Well i dont know why others tell that this game had so much ads. You can just turn off the the mobile data - open them back when you want to spin wheel ,etc.
Something wrong with Puchitchi when the Puchitchi needs swimming pool when I buying a swimming pool no camera icon button in here please fix it in no time!
It's ok but it takes forever and no matter how many times you change things around you attract the same ones over and over. Its a pretty boring game...the real ones were better.
its an good game it doesn't have much ads, but. it won't stop softlocking me when I go to an adult sized Tamagotchi's house.
I love this game!!! Its so adorable, and a good time waster. Not too many ads being forced to your face either! I suggest anyone who reads this plays the game, it is very enjoyable!
Its a good game but you have to do a LOT of evolutions with your Tamagotchi and if you dont have money,get ready to watch loads of advisements!But the graphics and the cute characters are great
Honestly... it's the best virtual pet app I've owned by far. With a lot of the other apps, you are constantly bombarded with ads. This is a totally ad free game! You have a lot of mini game options, and the pets are cute. Didn't really think I was gonna like this game to be honest, but for a free app it's great!
great app 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% recommend if you have a lot of free time.
This game is adorable and cute I love it and I never played the old tamagotchi before and I also like the new ones cuz they are in 3D
This game is sooooo nostalgic and also futuristic๐Ÿ’œ. I really miss playing tamagotchi. Really love your game ๐Ÿ˜‡ i wish you can improve it more and more! Thanks for the nostalgia. Love it.
I love this game is so cute and fun I've had it for 2 days now about the second one is in a full day I love it and it's so cool and fun and Asthma little the way animal is on the second level now so now I think my big girl was going to get in on to the second level and it's so fun to be on this game you have to download it guys so yeah I hope you get this game by the way this game is the cutest game I've ever downloaded so yeah I hope you enjoy it bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye
Experincing a slight problem. My tamagotchi asked for the sand box, i downloaded it and yet not able to take pictures with it. ?? Otherwise fun game.
Very good game. the only thing that kind of bothers me is that you can't start a new game but still keep your other Tomodachi pets it would make it feel like the real one overall I think it's really good gaming should try it out if it interests you โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘
Totally love this game hoping for more stuff to upgrade outside then what their is now maybe more levels? A few more games.
Fun game that is free to play, you don't need to spend money to progress, which is RARE and very good.
Really great tamigotchi representation - if you're needing you're fix! Thankfully I stl have my OG connect tamigotchi, but the town interaction is adds a new dynamic. More characters as well.
I've always loved Tamagotchi! An I was delighted when you brought out an android version of it. The game is super cute, and my Tamagotchi is adorable. The only slight negative I've come across is with the new fruit slice mini game, it doesn't always register when you swipe the fruit and I end up loosing the hearts because of this. That is the only negative though, otherwise beautiful game!
Methodical and obvious but OK if you like a challenge to unlock EVERYTHING! If you aren't prepared to pay for quick fixes, be prepared to watch A LOT of ADVERTS.
Its a great game so fun i loveeeeee it get this game it is so fun i love how you can raise a cute little tamagotchi. And their SOOOOOOO CUT GET THIS GAME SO FUN
Typical soulless mobile game. Lots of "optional" ads that the game strongarms you into, especially with the minigames. A lot of "familiar" (i.e., ripoff) games, but they seem very stacked against you, forcing you to watch ads or pay past a point. Graphics are cute. Menus feel kind of messy and complicated (you can only access the settings from certain screens, for example, and the sound toggles sometimes just don't work). Overall: cute, a bit dumb, definitely makes me want to die inside.
I think there are only 2 problems with the game: 1) You don't get enough money from the minigames. You end up getting more by gifts, leveling up etc. 2) There should be set sleeping hours instead of choosing when to send your Tama to sleep. Also, the "Travel" feature from the Tamagotchi On would be a great addition!
Im in my 7 years old childs phone and she loves it! Is good for children download it for your young aged child now!
I love this game but my tamagotchi has been stuck as a teen for a week now. I don't want to restart and lose all of my progress. Horrible glitch that seems to have no remedy.
This is a beautiful game in the starting but after that when you go to the higher levels like 75 that you will have everything you will become super rich i don't know about others but i have 75,100 something like that , and you will not get any other items for the tamatown and everything will become very easy and simple and boring for you๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘ but also you will not feel good to delete it but I'm bored alot so I'm deleting it.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”but atleast i will not feel bored ๐Ÿ™‚โ˜บ
Great graphics and super cute characters! I just don't understand why my tamagotchi evolved into a completely different species ๐Ÿ˜…
Love the tamagotchi device uts self xabt use this app though.. I try connect the two devices and it never works my devices are legit ontop of each other blue tooth is on but won't connect. Last year I was able to connect it but I didn't use it for a while added new batteries reinstalled the app and it won't connect please fix this then it will be 5 stars.
If you want this game you might as well just go download talking Tom it's just like the same thing it's like they just copy talking Tom I would not recommend.
Well made game! Lots of things to do and decorate! I don't like that you have to poke the tamagotchi till it goes the bathroom. Why do you have to help it poop? Why can't you just tell it to get on the toilet? I find it odd and don't like it.
This was an amazing game it's so cute and I only wish there wasn't a add for right when I go inside or outside but other than that I absolutely love this game!!
I was so excited to play until I got to the sleeping part. Wait 2 whole hours you might as well call it "sit all day doing nothing and wast time downloading it". So please don't waste time downloading this.
One of the better Tamagotchi aps to date. Even though it doesn't save your data, it's still too easy to get them back again and perhaps more fun. Not once have I felt the need to spend money. This game is fun and relaxing.
I loveeee this game its really easy to gain coins the mini games are really funn and i love my adorable babies ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
I love this game and I am 29 years old it's so fun and relaxing. I would say it is a great game for all ages I love it!!!
Love this game and if you get the $3.99/plan you have 0 ads pop up anymore. Just sucks my phone isn't compatible to do the hide and sick game since I don't have ar or whatever. Other than that its great
๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’Ÿ HEY DEVS, there's a slight error! The Barista outfit for Orenetchi has temporarily been changed to the new Smartotchi tama. Its just the one outfit as far as I'm aware. I tried to send an email but it just sent me an auto reply telling me to contact support if I have a problem. Its not solely a me problem, so I was just informing someone, I guess.
I feel a lot more should be added, new places to go, more access to the map, more characters and easier to obtain things. Other than that it's pretty cute! I get sucked back in every couple of weeks after forgetting about it. I don't get notifications even when I want them pushed. (Could be half my problem? Not sure)
Adorable and fun characters.. very nostalgic experience since I was born in the mid 80s and tamagotchi was popular during my elementary school days
Again, the mobile Tamagotchi I waited years for, and it even now has more Tamagotchis and contents. Keep up the good work, Bandai. Although, where's the hide and seek game for the Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite? Despite no compass support, "Angry Birds AR" works well (not counting the processor(?)), so what happened?
Great game... Need to try and get some new buildings for the little tamagotchi's maybe some new side missions as well as things start to get a bit more repetitive over time. Add a weekly event maybe or something along those lines.
The characters are so cute, just low down the prices because I wanna level up my place, so pls make the prices lower to like 900 or 700? Because I super super want to give this cute yet amazing game a 5 star.
EDIT: This game is amazing until you reach about level 70 because the 'gifts' become unsatisfactory, no more items for the town, and few new items for outfits, furniture etc.. PLEASE add more minigames! Sudoku, Chess, Guess Who, Puzzles, Soccer, Baseball, Happy Bird spin off. So many options out there to add! I'm tired of playing 2048 all evening
Just enough like the old toys to make me nostalgic but also interesting and engaging enough to keep me coming back every day. Oh and it's adorable.
I really like this app I do wish though that you did not have to sleep so much and that there were not so many in app purchases but it is very fun to evolve your tomagochi and see what new little cutie you get and the in app purchases are optional
My Google Play Games is not working and I lose all my current progress when I move to a new phone. Had to start all over again.
I would give it 5 stars but when it poops in the living room It's not letting me pick it up but in the baf room it does(sorry for my bad spelling)
They give you dumb hints for the next evolutions last time I got cheese that you don't have like "love sweet food and snacks can't get enough of them" and what the food items, unless there's something like a chicken wing or hot dog you won't know what it is or if it's considered a snack item or something sweet. I keep getting duplicates and it's so infuriating
I really like this. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Tamagotchi. Its super cute and simple. Simple was was what I was after. Enough to wanna come back throughout the day, but not an overload of a silly amount of tasks or options of stuff. Just cute and simple. And a simple few ways to earn extra coins and rubies. My only critic is that I wish it would sleep similar to when you do like the old tamagotchi and not every few hours.
Nothing past level 85?? Once I completed level 85 it says they are no more levels at this time but someone is working on it. Whaat? It's one thing to keep getting the same characters regardless of diet and item placement but having a level/rewards cap isn't cool. Update 5/21/20. I'm done. Regardless of diet changes, item placement, etc, I just keep getting the same characters over and over. So, now that it's pissing off, it's time to uninstall.
This game is very fun. I love it so much. I play it all day everyday for the past 3 days. I would recommend it. It is by far my favorite game. The only part I do not like is the adds but you can join the tamma club and get a bunch of stuff.
I really like this app, but the funny thing is, I already have a Tamagotchi and I searched up how to make a Tamagotchi instantly happy.
Anticlimactic waste of life. When you reach the end (Level 85). Nothing happens. Nothing! No cheering or celebration, just seems like a glitch when level 86 does not come. Their support team just informed I've reached the end. Great!? I really enjoyed the dynamic of the game. The earning coins to buy things and the collecting of new types, but there comes a point where no new items to buy so the coins just pile up and the same old characters keep resurfacing with no sign of the new. Gutted!
Way too much popup and ads, if you like your kids to sit and watch ads or be pushed to buy things it's for you. Really not suitable for kids
This is the neediest ad Packed game on the market. I remember Tamagotchi always wanting attention bit this game utilizes that with advertising and pop-ups to spend money. It's a cute looking game but I hate it. There are games with the same features but less ad bombardment like Talking Tom. This would be great for a child wanting a pet because it is always crying for attention like the original Tamagotchi but I don't think this game is for adults at all since it is way too stressful.
It was cute at 1st and seemed like it worked, but after I evolved my baby Tamagotchi to a toddler things went wrong. Constant LAGGY Ads. the world wasn't fine when adds showed up, made it worse to move or click. With the app still opened I put my phone on sleep mode for a break, but when I came back and turned on my phone it wouldn't show up my keypad for the lock screen. I tryed to restart the device but it made me phone freeze and I had to wait hours before I could luckily fix it. Uninstall !
What is this ๐Ÿคฃ this is worst then the real tamagotchi why would they bother the wii version was better and that came out years ago thanks namco what a way to ruin the mobile platform like every other mobile game on here what a waste of potential even I have better ideas then this
I had high hopes for this app. I absolutely love tamagotchi. But mine has been stuck at the teenage stage for days. I cannot figure out why. If I have to start from scratch and lose all my progress it'll be a huge let down.
No matter how long I wait the game will simply not load and I know it's not the phone it just sits stuck on the loading page...oh well I won't be trying to play again as this keeps happening.
Takes too long to start for an app that is supposed to be about quickly checking on your pet and feeding/petting it etc. I played once for a few minutes then forgot all about it for two days and when I opened it again the character was all dirty and had piles of poo all around it and still I leveled up and it had grown up despite me doing the worst job. It's all quite pointless.
Fun game but eventually you run out of things to do. Add more mini games maybe? Also don't get this app if you want a simple classic tamagatchi game. This is a very different type of game. It's addictive though.
Its a very nice aap and a lot of fun....ist not addictive too! At this such time (Corona time) we cannot buy a tamagochi as it is made in china. But instead of that u cqn play this game
The game has some good features, but it would b better if you had more of a choice of Tamagotchie at beginning of the game.
Doesn't let you unlock characters the way it supposedly works. Really disappointing when the game doesn't work how it says it does and is a waste of time when it takes literal days for the tamagotchi to grow up
I love this game because every characters is so cute it's to easy to get a gems and coin toss game is so fun and relaxing and I love all the game
Actually it's very fun taking care of the pets, but it gets stale after a while. However I do love the soft, vibrant graphics! The pets look fluffy it's like you can almost touch them!
Fun and easy game for the most part however, I hate Tama Academy. It takes up to 3 evolutions of 1 tamagotchi to acquire the teacher job for for the most part which is a pain. Also maybe my game has a bug but my classes don't match what is on the board. Since the log-in rewards ended it also got harder to earn money to buy decorations as buying food for my adult tamagotchi is expensive.
I love this game, but I had to reinstall the OS of my phone for a major problem and now I've lost all my progress. My game was link to Facebook and the achievements I made can still be seeing within the play games app of Google. I change my phone before and it worked just fine. I don't feel like doing all over again because I was 3 achievements and 3 Tamagotchi left from completing the game
Love it beautiful work keeps me calm dealing with mental health issues and also disable work hard but its one day at a time
very intelligent integration of Mobile games & Tamagotchi, I also love The way of Making playing Mini games rewarding as it increase happiness of the Tamagotchi so instead of playing other games i play Them in Tamagotchi forever which is nice.......a beautiful game .
A pretty satisfactory Tamagotchi experience! The evolution trees are a bit simple for my taste, the ad support is a little heavy, the games lock up sometimes... But overall, it's cute, simple, and fun-- a perfectly fine Tamagotchi game.
Doesn't adapt to my Xperia 5 screen. Has cut off at the bottom of and doesn't allow me to fully play ...I was liking it so far. Disappointed
Pretty fun! Not terribly exciting, sometimes feels a tad slow but never for two long. Just a nice Tamagotchi game tbh. 3D models are really cute.
A few adds but Not bad, doesn't lag and a fair bit of game play. If you grow up with tamagotchi 100% download this app. The graphics are amazing it's fun watching them grow.
I played this game for a while but couldnt deal with the extensive ads anymore. Almost everything requires ads to keep the game moving even if you pay to remove ads. Many times ads take a minute and a half to finish and only if you tap to proceed through the ad otherwise it takes however long you dont tap to proceed. Many ads are unsuitable for kids even though this is a game for kids. Nothing like what this used to be on the handheld. Also characters going on the toilet always go number 2 only
I have a glitch in the game, it's the Egg Glitch. I just rejoined the game, now I can't open the egg. I'm already high-leveled there, please fix this glitch since I want to complete the Tamagotchi collection. Please update this and make the egg hatch-able even if i rejoin. Thank you. I will add a 5 stars if you fix it.
Reminded why pets in reality are cuter then virtual pets who can die or roll around in poop. This game isn't for the mind.
Such a cute little game .. I love it, my kids love it, it's just so fun to see how far you can get and what new lil critters you can unlock
It's pretty good. The sleepiness meter is more or less the equivalent of "energy" in other mobile games, basically meaning that it limits the player's play time in order to encourage spending money on ways to wake it faster. My one gripe is that the game doesn't account for nighttime. The Tamagotchi won't die or anything, but still. The now pulled Tamagotchi Classic app (which you should really bring back + gen 2) had set sleeping times. Maskutchi would sleep at 11 and wake at 11. It's better.
I like this game. But I just waited over 5 minutes for the game to load and it wouldn't load. It's done this to me many times before.
Love this game I could play this all day and all night if school wasn't in the way the only problem I have is 1 it take so long to get a new tamagotchi and 2 I can't change character and I would be more fun if you could connect with friends other than that I absolutely love this game ๐Ÿ˜โค
Something about Tamagotchi in 3d, speaking languages, playing sports, populating a village, and living inside houses, makes it kinda freaky. Am I taking care of a pet or a sentient being? I never had to ponder these issues in black and white pixel art. That said... I kinda want to be able to battle other tamagochi with my tamagochi
Literally unplayable. Sat on the splash screen for about 3 minutes, opening Google play several times in the process. When it finally let me in, it froze every few seconds before crashing entirely after I clicked on the door.
I'm almost about to faint because Loveitchi is so super cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I super love her cute glitter eyes! You should give it a go!!!!!!
Really cute game and I really love that there are so many options for different minigames. Earning coins is a bit frustrating though.
Viewing the album crashes the app if I flip through too many photos. Feeding tamas the required food does not always give the correct evolution. Some of the ads hijack me to their store page without tapping anything. If these issues can be fixed my rating will likewise improve.
Childhood memories unlocked! Issue to note, even with all sound settings unchecked (toggled off), I still have sound coming from the game.
Here are some things I wish to see added and improved in in the future: 1.) More mini games !!! 2.) Make it easier to earn coins within the minigames (the winning coin amount is too small & takes too long to earn) 3.) The ability to purchase large amounts of coins in the shoppe for a good price instead of just being able to purchase gems 4.) More cute/affordable outfits for the characters 5.) More interaction with the items/furniature/town 6.) More needs/wants from the characters hatched
Sorry my previous review was confusing I will do my best to explain better. Normally when you play the mini games like scoop tower or any of them u get optional ads if you would like to keep playing kinda an extra life and they just don't show up anymore which is disappointing and there was also a purple box in the living room where u can watch an ad for a prize on the wheel which also no longer shows up and it wouldn't be a big deal but the extra lives and prize box was a big source of money
I have a glitch in the academy. Nothing works. I can visit and put students in seats but that's all. I'm currently avoiding it waiting for a fix. Please tell me it will be soon. I've been playing for a long time.
It really, really, needs a pause option for night use. But I really like it. It's just like the old retro game. Woo hoo!
Very cute/fun game, If you had the regular tamagotchi back in the day..This is defineatly a great 2.0 I really like the cute creatures and activities and mini games..I love this game!
Game itself is pretty fun, but I have an issue with it... Not sure if this is a spoiler for some... I have tried evolving Hinatchi 7 times now. The hint says, it would evolve by eating vegetables, but even though I tried that every time, and didn't feed anything else, it always turns out as Nikatchi, who supposedly evolves by eating fruit. I have no idea, why it doesn't work, but it's a little irritating to me... especially because Nikatchi is one of the not-so-cute evolutions in the game :/
So Adorable and Fun. This is a Giant Town full of adorable creatures thats just needs a whole lot of tending and love. I definitely wont stop playing this.
I think My Tamagotchi Forever is a good video game. You can raise pets and evolve into different people. But I would like to make a suggestion. I would say to add more home decor. And that you can make your own house. Or at least make more rooms! You could also try and make more people! That is all!
It's a cute game but the ads are very invasive, I think having to pay for a whole subscription just to stop getting bombarded with ads is not cool. And we should be able to switch between the characters we've discovered...
This app is adorable. The subscription is worthwhile until all levels are reached and all decorations are purchased. Add more pets (less repeated evolutions), more decorations, expand the town and allow an option to purchase gems using in-game money and I will renew my subscription.
The game itself is pretty great, and i dont mind the ads, only problem is all the ads freeze and you cant exit out of the ads, i got to level 3 and cant proceed in the game because an ad pops up the second the game opens and its just a blank white screen with no way to exit...
I play it everyday i like it but my sis didn't play it in 2 months and it didn't die and i thought it would and it just lets u play it everyday even tho i like this game but i dont love it and now i play it one time a week now
I wish that there was a button so you could walk them around the house and that I could see the hole house
Fun and cute virtual pet, it does a lot to improve some of what tamagotchi did, but it feels like it lost some of the magic. On one hand it's nice not to worry about Tamagotchi dying or running away, but with the removal of this and the change in how Tamagotchi evolve it feels at times like there is no real reason to take better care of your Tamagotchi.
I like it this app! It's fun the best part is the mini-games it's much fun my favorite tamagotchi is memechi and memachi and there was no glitches at all but last time it didn't let me play I reinstalled it and it let me play this game again! And in the photo album it say complete but missing image but that's ok I took a photo of the all the tamagotchi accept the graduates ok this is all that I wanted to say ok bye bye!
I am a 90's kid and I am a Millennial. Nostalgia is everything to me, and I owned many a Tamagotchi in my childhood days. This tickles my nostalgic fancy on so many levels. So thank you for that. ๐Ÿฅš๐Ÿ‘พ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ•น
I am r really enjoying this game but it often says to put on the light to get the character out of bed, but to put them to bed to have to put on the bedside light. It should be the other way round
Waht is this its a littral talking tom RIP OFF littraly like seriously play talking tom and play this game can you see any difference? NO the devs dident even try to make something original the only difference is in this game is the graphics its talking tom 1 and 2 and tamagotchi just merged into this PLEASE DONT PLAY THIS!!!!!!!
Subscription only lasted 2 weeks. I paid for the TamaClub membership on 11/15 and all the ads came back today. What gives?
This is so cool but i hate those unlock this to enter something like that and i can't even enter some buildings great graphic i would put a 5 star review soo good game plss
I am OBSESSED with this app!! Being a 90s baby it brings back many memories but so much funner then the OG. You get to pick clothes and decorate not only your house but the other adults you have raised. I love the holiday stuff, it would be great to see a Santa hat and elf costume for the winter season though!!
My childhood but 10x better! I love how the pixel tamagotchi is animated in this app! Im having so much fun. I love the nostalgia it gives me๐Ÿฅฐ. I open the app every time I'm feeling low and I'm automatically a bit happier!
For a modern Tamagotchi on mobile, it's cute, simple, and fun. It also thankfully doesn't seem like it'd scam you on your progress in the game as it also wants to give you more chances with playing ads if you want.
I'd give 5 stars if it were easier to earn coins. It takes far too long to achieve goals and buy items.
Pros: super cute characters and sound, easy to gain coins & gems, consistent leveling up, unlocking new characters, cute backgrounds & furnishings, neighborhood & "graduation" of certain characters to the apartment, unlocking picture opportunities in the neighborhood. Cons: random growth length (some long, some short bf leveling up), interactions become limited & mundane after a while Suggestions: more games, more characters, & more interactions (wash hands, pick up, interact w furniture, play)
Almost like the old tamagotchi but more stuff to do... Super fun with all the characters you can unlock! ^^
Far beyond the target age range, but when I saw the recommended game app I just couldn't help but remember the backpack cliponkeychains everyone had i. Grade school, and if you're a millennial double whammy because to me it feels somewhat a cross of a modern reboot of the classic Tamagotchi keychains with a few bone root graphic remaining, but don't expect much, and neo pets of that era (with the gaming section and all)
I finally downloaded it to see how it played and so far I'm liking it. Kinda like My Talking Tom. Granted, that game got boring after awhile, but still. My only problem with this game so far would be the wants and needs, they go down WAY too fast. I just filled all of the needs and only a minute or two went by and got notified he needed tending to. Again. So I turned the notifications off. Slow that down a bit, please.
I usually don't like games like this but the characters are sooo cute and the game is very entertaining!!! I definitely recommend.
Annoying. I couldn't figure-out how to turn this thing off and exit. Tama just kept loudly demanding attention.
I love how you can dress up and take care of your tamagotchis as you level up to 1 to 99 or something like that, Sorry if there's more levels than just 99 it's because I'm only on level 11 on it.
Fun but doesn't seem fully functional, Tama academy still isn't an option and can't clear notifications from the photo booth.
Its cute i started this game becasue i actually lost this game๐Ÿ˜… but one thing when its loading it takes a while๐Ÿ˜‘
This game kind of sucks. It takes too long to age unlike normal tamagotchis. You cant even get new charcaters no matter what you do. The baby hatch os rigged, you only get the same thing OVER AND OVER. Please just add more baby stage charcaters and more toddlers and more teens and more adults. Please just add some more its boring unlike a normal tamagotchi.
I really love this game. It is just like the old tamagotchi games, just a more modern way. I love that everything in the game can be earned with a little grinding of the arcades and daily challenges. The ads are typical ads that you get in every game, but they are spaced well apart.
This is so good!! I would recommend you to download it. But sometime it gets boring because,there are so hard games and whenever the tamagotchi is at home he says to play games.and the most funny and useless game is that we need to guess will the tamagochi will go right or left๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜….And this game is like copy of a game called as "My Talking Tom" but anyways good game ๐Ÿ‘.
It is great. I have always wanted a tamagotchi! I do love the cute characters you get to take care of it is super fun as well. I do not have any issues regarding to ads as some of the reviews may say either. I had no problems during the game either and it is a well made games. No glitches have occurred! Great game!!!
New to the game but my first impressions on it is pretty good, Nice & easy to get to grips with what your doing, speedy response when you need to do something & really good graphics. Certainly the best virtual pet application I've downloaded .... I'd recommend anyone to give it a try, especially when it doesn't cost anything either.
Tamagotchi is fun.And there's loads of cool and cute Tamagotchi pets. If I were a Tamagotchi I would sleep a lot! Because they are very sleepy all the time! But the thing that annoys me is when the Tamagotchi's are making weird sounds...All I'm saying is that 'My Tamagotchi Forever' is Alright!
I've loved Tamagotchi from they first came out in the little small ones with 3 buttons and in pixel form it used to go off when I was in primary school I was afraid incase it died on me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ this one on the phone is brilliant just brings back many happy memories no matter what age I don't think your to old to have this app!!๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ Lets keep more good stuff coming!! The mini games are good too and help get more coins P.S I just wish there was a bit more interaction with the Tamagotchi
I am NOT happy I payed for tamma club subscription. It is supposed to be for 30 days all I had was 2 weeks and my benefits have gone but the house has stayed with the upgrade I am not happy what so ever I have emailed and asked quetion on game makers sight !! DO NOT PAY A PENNY ON THIS GAME !! They are ripp offs SCAMMERS ! I WILL ONLY EDIT THIS POST OF THE CREATORS DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ! I am un-subscribing and going to put my money to better games !! Peved off is an understatement !!!!!!!!!
I've really loved this game but I had this problem today. I was playing it previously today and everything was fine, but then I opened it again and I was back to level 1, even though I was on level 51 before. Everything I has previously bought in my house and in tamatown was gone and all my previous tamagotchis aren't there either. I still have the same toddler that I had before, although where all the characters are it says I never had it or any others. I still have all my money and gems too.
Love this game so much! Soo cute! Started playing it again after I stopped a while back. Was happy to see a bunch of new Tamas, a school and a big apt building. Now I have a lot to do. My 3 year old loves giving my Tamas a bath too lol
It is cool and nice ๐Ÿ˜ but you have to play all day for it to live but it sleeps for 2 hours and you get notifications which are little annoying and there are a lot of mini games to choose from but I rate 5 stars ๐ŸŒŸ
This is the cutest!!.. I really like how it is made is really adorable you can make you house so nice there's a lot of things to do! The problem is.. Is really lot of my... But is still nice! Five star recommended! ๐Ÿ‘o(ใ€ƒ๏ผพโ–ฝ๏ผพใ€ƒ)o
I love this game!! Can't wait to evolve more Gotchi's!!! Even though I wish it were a little easier to evolve some. I like the challenge of figuring it out!!
Gets boring quick. Mini games suck, rigged to make you fail. Never seen so many inappropriate ads, even in adult-oriented games. Characters do not level up in the time frame they are supposed to. Stuck with the same teen for over a week. Game is incredibly dull and tedious, unless actively evolving. Only thing fun is unlocking new characters. When a week goes by and nothing happens, or worse, get a repeat character, what's the point? Gave it a chance because, nostalgia, but a dud for me.
It's a fun game until you run out of things to do and it takes FOREVER to level up. The repeat of players gets old too. Gonna delete soon because there's nothing left to really do and I'm over waiting to level up only to get the same character again
This game is great... If you want to sit and stare at the loading screen all day long. I'm running it on a Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Don't bother with this trash.
Its.. Okay.. I tried it because i always wanted one of those things as a kid when they were brand new but too poor to afford it. So when i saw this i wanted to try it. I think the graphics are beautiful and very well done. As well as animations. However, I think the sounds are poorly implimented and well.. Being 24 years old, it would be safe to say that ive just out grown things like this. Dont let this review deter you from downloading it. Its not a bad game. Its just better suited for kids.
This is actually my second playthrough of the App about 2 years apart. The game has so much more to offer now. New mini games, new characters to unlock and even a customisable house! Really cute and sweet little time waster. My only complaint at the moment is that they only sleep for roughly 2 hours at the longest. Which means they suffer when I'm asleep, or at work. Would like to maybe have 2 sleep options (like "short sleep" or "nap" for 30 mins -2 hours and "long sleep" 4 - 8 hours).
If i choose to watch a video thats one thing but being forced to watxh one when going in and out of the house is a bit much. Too many but this package adds too. The original game was.add free. The good old days.
I had a Tamagotchi when i was in 1st grade. Loved that thing. This app offers much the same experience 30 years later.
This game is super fun and nostalgic. Overall a pretty good game. The only issue I had was sometimes the tamagotchi would think of things it wants to do then I spend diamonds on that activity but It wouldn't let me capture a photo. Other than that I love the game.
This game is so cute and so fun and love it so much and I think you'll have a lot of fun and die in cuteness lol
Its very addicting and has a nice evolution pace I just started it about a week ago its addicting end that I would happily watch ads on my own for benefits what I don't like though is being forced to watch ads when going from indoors to outdoors and when switching between rooms I'm positive this game doesn't need to force those ads on you otherwise it would be great plus getting 1st in a game leaderboard seems impossible without watching ads
It's a fun game until you run out of things to do and it takes FOREVER to level up. The repeat of players gets old too. Gonna delete soon because there's nothing left to really do and I'm over waiting to level up only to get the same character again. Please stop repeating characters it's annoying. Also deleting now.
this is sooo fun and they give free money too i love this game you can go outside and many more fun things to do
Fun so far, played on and off last few days, it is a high quality release. Game definitely tugs at the nostaglia heart strings if you grew up with Tama in the mid 90s. Monetization seems quite fair so far, a few dollars to disable mandatory ads is all I've paid at the moment and for a few dollars (AUD$), I think it is worth the price given the quality of the title. Lots of minigames to play and tama's and cometics to unlock. Would recommend giving this game a try.
Awesome app! I haven't experienced any difficulties with it and i am obsessed, Overall it deserves more then 5 stars!!!!
the game is great but I want u to add 3 things that I want.1.maybe there should be more charicters whenever u already have the charicters unlocked.2.whenever the charicter has an emotion maybe we could send messages to it then it can read like whenever it wants some thing or just for no reason.3.also make the adults bigger cuz in my opinion they still look like a child.so I think that it's very good.
I really love this game, there is so much to do, an not only do you get to raise a Tamagotchi in this game on the cell phone through the game store you get to raise all the Tamagotchis one after another. There are a little bit of ads but not many. And not annoying.
This app is so cute and I love it because the animals are so cute my duck just turn into a throwing up rainbow star
It has a lot of features, don't get me wrong. It's just missing out on the little stuff, like male or female & the option to name our pets. I feel like making money and ads are what drives the app more now, which is a shame.
I wish you guys kept the mini game of the hide and seek in AR mode. Ive never seen a game do that before and I found it to be so cool and unique. I'm sad that it's no longer there.
Ok game drowned in ads. Want to try and salvage a minigame? Ads. Want to earn in game currency to pay for thing you need to play the game? Ads. Your Tamagotchi need to sleep? It's dreams prompt you to share on social media platforms. $6.99 monthly subscription for no ads. Get stuffed ๐Ÿ˜† I would pay $5 outright for the game if it was microtransaction and ad free. As it is? It's cute looking adware. Uninstall.
I paid for the tama club in my subscriptions it says it doesn't expire til June 22 but the game is saying its expired... Also I cant complain about it because I'd have to make an account with Bandai Namco it doesn't even have America/North America or even United States nothing representing USA is available to choice as my Country. How sad is that....๐Ÿ’ฏ
Really wanted to like this but I just can't justify keeping it on my phone. It's really cute, but not only does it crash constantly but it runs in the background and eats up my phone's battery. It also occasionally gives me banner ads that force open my google chrome app to an ad webpage the same way a virus would. Not only that, the ONLY way to save my progress is to link the data to Facebook of all places - not Google for some reason? Eugh. Not worth it.