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My Supermarket Story : Store tycoon Simulation

My Supermarket Story : Store tycoon Simulation for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by JoyMore GAME located at No. 99, Tianhua 1st Road, Chengdu High-tech Zone, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please help me to log in with my old Store. Because I've uninstalled this game, and I wanna play again with my old Store
UPDATE! They started working on the game, it got better. But I cant complete the daily active tasks, every time I try to go to the Mall its freezing the game HELP!! I thought i found the perfect game. Then I reached level 50. Now dont know what to do with it. done all the challenges, iwas going great, I said I will play this forever.Now I see no point as I cant achieve anything. Why not make this better?Hoping for a little development b4 I uninstall. Hope I dont have2. I πŸ’š the game.
Where did the wheel go.There was a spin wheel that if look at the ads it will let u win prizes on the wheel.Its gone now ?? Plus the ad money icon to let you earn money disappear and comes back some time as well
this game is great..i enjoy playing this..but i want this game to be updated..thank you Please update this game..thank you Please update this game..thank you
Good game, but it is almost identical to My Store:Sim Shopping (My Dream Store), a sim supermarket simulation. The packaging of products and items are exactly the same, as well as the entire game play.
Very nice and interesting game...however i don't like the fact that the robot only stocks one type of product...it should be able to stock different varieties if available...eg if there are 4 fruit baskets, it will only stock one particular fruit instead of stocking all the different varieties u have...i have to go back and redo everything myself...not very convenient
Very stupid game in the world. The problem is still same. Like the first time I install the game.All of my level is lost and missing. I'm very disappointed with Joymore game developer. I thought after the feedback that you give me. Everything will be changed. I can play with this game. But nothing changed. Maybe all of you doesn't care if play this game or not right. SO EVERYONE PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. THIS GAME VERY BAD
I love this game a lot but the part I don't is that when the distributor get tired I didn't really know what to do if they were tired so I made a new employee and that fixed the problem πŸ‘Œthere's nothing else I hate I love this game so much so I'm rating this a five star✨✨
Purchased a starter pack and never received it! The money was taken out of my account. I forced closed the game and cleared the cache and still didn't receive it
Hi guys, do waste your time in here. Forces you to watch ads. There's nothing you can do about. Stay away. I want to play not to watch ads.
Please excuse me for yawning. That's how boring this game is. The only thing that is exciting about this game is the graphics.
I like the game. I just wish I could pause it. It's fast paced. Even when you close the app it's still going. When you come back to your store it's a mess. Celebs are taking pics in a trashed store with no food on shelves. Also when you're making upgrades and changes to the store it's the same issue. Sometimes directions aren't clear at first. I didn't even know that to clean trash up you tap it to sweep.
Great but i gave it a one star because first of all I'm not seeing the option to connect to plays games an secondly it copied some of My Cafe characters the developers are so lazy they can't even make there own characters all they did is stolen the characters from My Cafe and changed the colour of the characters clothes
I'm new to this game. Every few minutes the cashier lady was asking to watch the video. Suddenly the video stopped playing and after that getting only the error as play failed. Please help
After playing and then at a certain level it freezes when I go to the mall. It was fun for awhile but it freezes up and shuts down
Most enjoyable game I have played ever...very different ideas and it is very unique compared to that of other games..we can have the cash and coins very easily....this game make my whole day very busy and interesting...😍😍😍😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
I do really like this game but I wish there was a lot more to do and a lot more story. Since is in the title , I thought the store you would continue to build.
Well this was my favorite/go to game but then an update came in! Well i dont kno how to get what a purchased thru my distrubtors
Very addicting game an nice calming stress reliever an enjoyable experience game for any anges 😊 Love playing this game πŸ€—πŸ™ƒπŸ€—πŸ™ƒπŸ€—
A Good Time Consuming Game, But the Text is like Plain like its a Blank Canvas, and Those Characters also goes to my Supermarket, doesn't make that much sense, Right? So I could Give this a Five Star until the game updates for more customers with different design of Outfits! Ok? But Still, Its still Good.
Once you get to a certain point you cant go to the mall anymore. It just closes the game if you try. Love the game but not the bugs. 4-7-21 ***progress is being made on bugs***
I'm enjoying the game 'till the last update. There are no more drinks available in the store for the vitality of my employees you can only get one when you finish a task which is not enough for all the employees. Now I cannot earn from any of my stores in the game. Please fix it!
Game bugged! In the begining u need to build shelf however shelf already in shop and not allow to buy it. So selling doesn't start, cannot be played farther.
Loved the game until i updated it. You cant buy any products now. I purchase my products, distributors start packing but when the time is up for products to be collected nothing happens. No click or touch on distributors helps it doesnt collect your items purchased. Theres also an expansion amount on top again for products but it does not want to do that also . Please do fix .I absolutely love this game. I' Ve sent an email also still waiting for a reply .
I love the game it's fun but the only thing is there is no option to save your progress. If you happen to uninstall the game for what ever reason and then reinstall it you'll lose EVERYTHING and you'll have to start all over again from scratch. I'm not seeing no way of connecting this game to your Facebook account so you don't lose your progress. This is one big reason why I don't play games that you cannot connect to your Facebook or log in with your Google Account.
Was a 4 β˜† game until the update. What did you do and why?? πŸ€£πŸ˜… after 3 tries into the updated game I just literally uninstalled!!! My shelves say how many items are there.. invisible!?! I was level 50 and for some reason that was locked not leveling at all for the past week. Now I'm 34 or something of the sort with all my hard earned bucks for the Brittish black & blue shelves vanished!!! Really!!! Why would you take my shelves and ser me back so far and take all my hard earned green bucks also
Pls HELP. I already updated the game and played it quite a long time but now it suddenly changed to the old version I don't know why.. I like to play the updated version, not the old one. Pls help to return it. I lost my storage quite big. I have storage capacity of 6000 and now I have only 1900. WHAT HAPPENED??? And the green dollars become sooooo hard to gain!
Please fix it quickly!!! After I updated this app, my expansion skill had gone 😭😭😭 why??????? Please gix this bug
this game is great..i enjoy playing this..but i want this game to be updated..thank you Please update this game..thank you
Really like the new updates but I dont see the "black friday" or "hold promotion" area so im not sure how to complete the all the task for the day. I also don't see the status bar as far as how close I am to the next level. Basically everything that was in the upper left on the screen is gone now.
I love the learning skills it gives to my kids when they are playing. Daily life skills that they have to put in motion when we go on our shopping experience
Loved this game until it just reset on its own and now requires me to start all over after playing the game for month's. Definitely will be deleting because im not starting all over again.
I really recommend this game it is so amazing and works even when you not using the app which helps the most. I have no problems with this game. I give this game 5 stars.
I want to really like this game as I think it has potential and I like the multi tasking. but it takes forever to connect to the server, slowing down my income as I can't collect from other businesses. the robot is almost more hassle than he is worth as he just stocks the same things. and I've only been on for a few days and already seeing that I'm going to need lots of 'cash'(the harder to get currency) for upgrades. I cant even load videos to earn the cash most of the time.
I downloaded this thinking it would be like Marketland. The English in this game is so horrible I couldn't understand even the first task I was supposed to do without guidance. The game is pointless for a person who speaks English, or any other language for that matter.
I thought i found the perfect game. Then I reached level 50. Now dont know what to do with it. I done all the challenges, it was going great, I said I will play this forever. Now I see no point as I cant achieve anything. Why not make this better?? Hoping for a little development before I uninstall. Hope I dont have to. I love the game.
It's good but I can't stop laughing whenever the superstar leave 'cause her car directly gets to shore!!! Hahahahaha 🀣🀣πŸ€ͺ🀣🀣
The game was fun and addictive until recently. A couple of days ago, it took me offline for some reason. I can't collect money from any of my businesses. I have all of them and upgraded. I have two houses, upgraded, can't access either. I can't see the leaderboards or see my friends anymore. I read other recent reviews and other people are having the same problems. All you get in response from the developer is the same copy and paste response that's on any low review. I'm done playing this game..
This game is neat , I only wished there were different kinds of people, adults and kids as well as a shopping cart and less cost of items
this was fun for the one day I got to play it. I'm not getting money from business, hearts from houses, and goals are not being completed even though I'm doing tasks. I dealt with all of that, but now it keeps kicking me out of the game, running super slow, and saying connect to server when I try to click on recruiting, and it keeps taking me to the welfare part. and guess what its messed up again. and I am not getting anything from houses or businesses. need cash for everything. no thanks.
I enjoyed the game, however, my dollars (even those that I have purchased) continue to disappear. I assume that the game is reducing my dollars which is extremely frustrating and illegally wrong. I will continue to take screenshots and keep records of when my dollars are deducted without me utilizing them.
This game has limited 'gameplay?' All i do is purchase n stock, if you added more interesting game abilities, maybe this would be great. I do play, but it quickly leaves me tied. P.S your theme shelving are way too expensive. My Cafe made it accessible. Do make this a bigger experience. Would love more to develop in my business! Graphics, are great, as is the stars n other shop factor! Love black friday rapid mode.
After all the technical issues began after the update, support was very helpful & quickly fixed the problem I had going on...thank you ....every game uaually have bugs and issues that have to be solved. I love playing "My Supermarket" and look forward to play for a long time.....😁
My cashier doesn't get hired... I'm unable to play the game due to... Also don't know the use of blues cards at agency and the orange card it's become complicated to understand what's happening ...plz fix the problem
After awhile my game won't load at all. It just shows 0% and I even tried leaving it alone for several minutes! And I was loving it before that. I even tried uninstalling and installing it again, same thing happened. Don't know what else to do! Definitely a waste of money for the upgrades and stuff. I am not happy!
This game is the best! I really enjoy playing it especially it can be played offline. Not only the game is the best but also the Developer of this game. When I couldn't connect to the server, I e-mailed the Developer and they fixed my Supermarket, that's why I can play it like before. They even gave me a redemption code as compensation. I appreciate their fast response.πŸ’– I really love this game πŸ’–
I like the gameplay but why all npc look not friendly?. looks like full of hoodlum πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸ™ˆ make all npc friendly looks πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜β˜ΊοΈ
Was enjoying the game til the update....now I cant figure out how to distribute and stock my goods....have spent alot of $ trying to figure it out....like 2 days ...please fix it back like it was before....I just read other reviews, everyone else is going thru this same thing as I. It basically was a "bad update"..I, myself have spent real money trying to get ahead. I am gonna be very upset if I have to uninstall this app.. Please do what you can to fix these issues as I love playing.
I love this game but unfortunately their is no option on how to save your progress. I was already in level 17 i had 2 houses and my supermarket was big already and i am earning big time that was before i sleep. Then the following morning when i opened the game i was surprise thar i went back to kevel 11. I lost everything arggggghhhhh
Good game I love to play but could use a little work (making the levels more than 50, been able to extend the supermarket to more than it is)
I lost my game content tonight and it is making me start all over again. The settings are in a different language not sure what i hit ti lose everything. Help i have spent a lot of monet on this game because i love it so. Don't want to have to start all over again.
I really was beginning to enjoy this game... however i have No idea how to hold promotions / not really any instruction on hiring / what if you accidentally hire more than you need? / way to many videos to watch. Tried to uninstall to start over -- no option for that either.
It's okay. A lot of the English is poorly translated, it has the occasional pop-up ad, and ads appear at the bottom, even sometimes they will randomly appear on the bottom if you purchase something. The game requires a lot of grinding, and can have server loading errors since it's probably on Japanese servers. The controls are smooth, and the graphics are impressive. Other than that, nothing too fun.
I love everything in this game! You can reach 100k coins in just few mins and that's great. But the only thing I want to add here is there should be automatic restocking of shelves so that whenever I play again, the only thing im worried about is purchasing stocks. Also it would be really better if there's a neighborhood function where you can chat and visit people's store and help restock stuff or gift something etc. Please hear me out
Good, but my suggestion is to add more depth to the shelves and exterior design of stores. It still feels like I'm just adding a bunch of "blocks" to my store. I do like the use of freezers and refigerators though, but other units such as cookie and shampoo shelves have a dull typical layout that I've seen often in tycoon games like these. I would also suggest adding an option for "returns" or paying rent for the space. I do enjoy the design and selection of foods available. Thank you.
The game is good, interesting to play...I would have rated it 5 stars but recently I can not purchase anything in shopping mall...anytime I click on the store it takes me back to my phone home page. Pls, can you fix it. Thanks! All the same, the developer has done a great job.
I purchased ' Gift Pack 2 ' yesterday, the contents has not been added to game ? How this can be resolved. Other than that it is a great game. Sorted 13/10/20
I like playing this game, but it would be great if when you put the staff on rest they actually rested and got their vitality back over time. Having to use drinks for the vitality becomes an issue when you run out. Other than that I don't have any other complaints.
Love this game... Hope you can make another game like this.. Either restaurant or cafe that can operate even if it offline. Thank you
The game was a great game until i tried to download it again and now it want download. I really liked playing and now it say the simulation wont download. Can this be fixed. I tried everything.
I recommend this game also guys....it is a very addictive game & super relaxing too....u can play it ofline....i really love this....πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–thanks to the developer....
when I originally got this game i loved it but after the last two updates the game freezes all time. Waited months for it to be fixed. Finally tried playing again and just get a white screen. No response from developers. Deleting game. So useless. Do not recommend!!!
What is the point buying the houses on this game when you can only level up to 50 I have 3 houses and still 2 more to buy but whsts the pointing in me buying them as I cant level up no more I'm at max level developers you are not very smart
Under achievements, I'm asked to login game 7 times and I don't know exactly what that means. I've opened the game several times but I don't seem to finish that task. And also from my shops icon where the settings are there is a spot for me to enter an activation code which I have no idea what that is. Please help!
I spent 2 days straight on here, got to level 4 and a half. There are alot of bugs on here. The fact that when you stock up your shelves then exit the game and wait, log back on only to find out that all your stock has been sold but the amount of coins you have is exactly the same as when you left it so you loose money when you dont play the game. Also i hired a bot to do my work for 3 days, i exit for the night, jump back on in the morning and all my stock was sold out, and i lost alot of money
Its not often that i find a game that i actually like and can spend hours playing without getting bored. Theres always something to do, new things to unlock and never have to wait or get stuck. And no unwanted adds popping up like most games.
How u supposed to play. U cant buy another shelf coz its already in the shop. And no customers walk in after u set it up
I paid for the 2.99 special today as well as .99 cent special and its still hasn't been added to my game 😑.... Please fix that or simply refund my money... There were no options in game for me to address this
Was a great game but after the update and new featured the game just does not move ahead. Jusy shows teaching and gets hanged
Game is one of the best idle games I've tried but I got to the point in the game where the mall is inaccessible as it would crash the game once you click it which leads you to incomplete missions. Hope the dev team would be able to fix this bug.
I love the game it's fun but the only thing is there is no option to save your progress. If you happen to uninstall the game for what ever reason like say you get a new phone & then reinstall it you'll lose EVERYTHING & you'll have to start all over again from scratch. There's no way of connecting this game to your Facebook or Google account so you don't lose your progress. This is one big reason why I don't play games that you cannot connect to your Facebook or log in with your Google Account.
I downloaded the game in the last few days but immediately I entered the game it will quit me when it loading. Please fix it
I was in level 24 before I updated the game. After updating, it jumped to level 50. Now the game is worthless to play. I wish I never updated the game. NEVER DOWNLOAD. I REPEAT NEVER DOWNLOAD.
There are no instructions on how to upgrade shop not even on the internet which is bothering otherwise it is a very nice game.
Reached the point where everything is pay to play. Methods to obtain Premium currency is massively restricted. Normal gameplay options randomly trigger the microtransaction store to pop up and if you are tapping fast there's a risk of accidental purchase
I used to love this game when you could hire the robot but with the last update you guys took the robot away?! Whyyyyyy?! The robot made the game manageable and fun instead of stressful and rushing!
Great but i gave it a one star because first of all I'm not seeing the option to connect to plays games an secondly it copied some of My Cafe characters the developmenters are so lazy they can't even make there own characters all they did is stolen the characters from My Cafe and changed the colour of the characters clothes
Kept on saying "Connecting to Server" whenever I try to collect on my businesses. It's been happening all day. I read a review about it also so there must be something wrong with your server 'cause I can watch livestreams, so definitely it's not my internet connection. I hope you'll be able to fix this asap. I was just starting to like the game. :(
This is so annoying! I was in a level with 1 crown, had all the shops open, and one house open. Had about 400 thousand plus coins and when i opened the app it started again from level 1. Please fix your app and return my data. And if possible have connect to Facebook or something that way our data saves so when something happen like this we can just connect to facebook in order for us to continue where we left off. Btw, i have been playing this game since the characters were just kids.
it is good before the update. gotta delete this one since it is hanged. can't do restocking of goods, it just add employees to your shop then the customers are not getting in, only the superstars. FIX IT. I really enjoyed this game before the update.
Spent alot of money on this game, support is unresponsive to my emails, ever since the update 2 months ago there are numerous glitches and now the game doesn't even open.
no tutorial no interaction between the staffs to the store inaccurate tasks did you just updated your game? Totally sucks...
It's a nice game and very addictive but the problem is the expansion one needs much greenery to expand. please can you make it moderate.
I really enjoy the gameplay. The only negative thing that I can really say is that there are a LOT of grammatical errors. It's very obvious that a translate-to-English software was used due to the amount of errors throughout. While that has been distracting, it hasn't disrupted my enjoyment of the game. A Few Suggestions: "The Black Friday" should just say "Black Friday", "barber shop" should be a bank, "cinema" should be a pool, "coffee shop" should be a candy shop
I'm new to this game and till now it looks fine, but something bothers me there. I put my birth year in the information section in 1998 July and I am still 21 years old, but it shows as 23 years old. You might want to fix the calculator of the game. It's something small but it does bother me a bit
So far I like it. Wish it was cheaper to expand and grow the store. Also would like to know how to start the game over again to do things differently.
The sales you get on Thurs - Sunday morning aren't the same across the different businesses. also if there was a recursive 12mnth calendar. The customers should be able to pick up more items after pay day or month end and less and less as they get closer to the next payday. Repacking stock shouldn't take unpacking it first. A promotion that gives discount so that the products around it can move would be well appreciated. There should be a marketing charge for poster u can place outside of shop