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My Secret Bistro

My Secret Bistro for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by FLERO Games located at Wemade Tower, 6F 49, Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyenggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
ill give it 5 star coz it was really nice from the graphics to the story how the game is, but it has bugs that you cant get the expedition tools. hope you can fix this issue.
ARE YOU SERIOUS? you just made an update just now. And it says that I need to free up more space that means I need to delete almost 5 of my apps? That' ridiculous. I just bought a VIP and this is all I get? I am player of your app for 2years! TF with ur system? Why it's almost eat up all my space when you just update a few info in this app? Give me a valid explanation!
The game concept is simple but the characters and storyline are interesting. I wish that instead of giving us additional floors, the developers could give the option to expand the 1st floor beyond 18x18. Either that or open the other floors for business. Right now you can't add tables/chairs or kitchen stuff to the other floors which is a waste especially if you want to show different themes in the game.
I LOVE THE GAME but why it isn't available in offline mode? The category say its offline but I can't play it offline. I really hope you fix it because I want to play it more often. After being fixed I'll change the rating.
i really like this game! the characters are so cute and some of the missions given are very fun to do. This game is actually similar to the games I played in the past. Additionally, in this game you can make friends with everyone
Game over! Wheres the cooking! AGAIN ran out of boots keys NONE! you MUST fix output given too many pet drinks is a cooking game not a Pet game odds cant even send to find ingredients! Need easier way to visit pets at other peoples cafes waste of time click pet wait open pet menu wait give pet care wait then click exit wait too much when you want to visit all of your neighbors pets! Forget going into pet menu and just let us click the pet sitting on the street no going in menu to click anything
The app is amazing, but it started crashing a lot. Crashing at the worst times. Also, when i shut the sound off, it would turn back on a few seconds later and for the shippings, it been endding wayy before time. If you fix these problums, then i will give a 5 star because other than that it is 5 stars. Also, maybe lower the drink energy price.
It keeps saying "Internet connection unstable" "Error occurred" every now and then even though I have good signal. I can't enjoy the game. It's kinda disappointing. Please fix this.
Fun game. Game play is good but can be improved. Graphics are great. Exciting monthly/seasonal event updates, but for me 30k event coins that should be obtained within 30 days are asking a bit too much, even after cleaning up all friends kitchen, petting friends' pet, and going for adventures. If 10k was too little, probably make it 15k is better rather than 30k. Especially for friends who can't afford rubies or enough mats for good rewards quality of part time jobs.
I really like this game,but I have some problems. Why can't I add the second floor? Notification of "currently customizing the restaurant. Exit the restaurant customization" keeps showing up when I want to do the expansion. Another problem is I can't claim rewards after finishing the decorating theme. The notification "you can claim your rewards after customization is complete." keep showing up too,while my point is 3,113/700. It's frustrating & disappointing because I can't expand my restaurant
The game is really cute! I like that it has a storyline, and there's all sorts of various things you can do. It hasn't been as enjoyable lately though because there's been an error/bug when I pack an order to complete my goals but it does not register as it being completed. I'll pack like 10 orders but it will only register around 1 or 2 as done. As a result, I have to wait hours before the next expedition and start all over again. Hopefully there's something to be done about this!
i like this game, easy to play, but it often say that my connection isnt stable, in fact my connection is in stable condition,, i also only can play this game in 3G not 4G.. when i want to play the advertisment in game (cause there is a quest) it can't play and say "error code fill" edit: after new update, I can't download the data. It keep say there is problem with server, error code (302) -__-
I really really love this game and in fact this is the only game I have most of my screen/app time on maximum. However I noticed that the app kept on crashing now and giving me the "error_network_blah". Kindly Advice
Love the social interaction of this game. The many floors to decorate allow a lot of creativity and I have spent hours just redecorating. Special items usually available for long enough to save up for. Gems for watching ads is nice. I can't think of anything that I don't like about this game. Which is why it's the only game that I've given 5 stars.
so yeah, i like the game but my only issue is that i can't edit my place like??? everytime i try to edit the place and saves it, it always shows network error even if i have a good internet connection and the timer for the food always stuck in zero, i can't serve the food unless i restart the game. it's cute and fun but please fix the issues and bugs thanks :)
This game is awesome the only issue i have is the fact that the loading takes forever. not the beggining loading but the internet connection one. Edit : my internet connection is very good. But when i want to buy things or check mail it takes forever for the loading to move Edit 2: its better now so its fine.
It's super cute. It's just the loading. It lags like crazy, going to friends, checking orders or just anything like that takes way to long. The frustration takes the fun of the really cute graphics and addictive game play.
I really love this game a lot, it makes sense thag as you level up it gets slower and slower. You have endless goals you can make for yourself and with the quests and orders, im having difficulty changing my username tho. My usernames Noxine but i want to change it, i even bought the name exchange/changer but it wont work. Despite that the game is really fun to play, keep doing your best devs! 💕
You need better coin spending options such as a coin mall or improved coin lucky box. You need to stop inflating the economy with higher and higher coin PTs released every month. You need to remove all PT quantity placement limitations on floors we have bought with our own rubies and coins. You need to give players controls of WHO can apply to each floor in our bistro so we do not have to rely on people reading our rules... Or allow us to assign each PT to specific friends. Updated.
This is a fun game. The characters are cute, and the graphic is beautiful. I enjoy playing it. However, most of the diamond items are very expensive. It cost 30 diamond to get 1 of the workshop material, and 1 workshop item required 21 nos. Per material. The good part is, this game can be play free without spending any money. Overall, the workshop and package need some improvement.
It's an interesting and good game. But there have some crash problem currently when playing the game... I hope it can be fixed ASAP :)
I love this game! would be so interesting to see if other levels can be used for other activities (e.g relaxation for guests which will give us more energy too)
I absolutely love this game! However there is a bug in the game that lets some furnitures cost wayyy more higher even though they give the same amount of points like the other ones. Also I lost a huge sum of money because the game disconnected in the middle of a purchase.
I think this is the best cooking game ever: 1. It doesn't really need much storage 2. The graphics are cute & realistic 3. The gameplay is interesting, i don't find it boring 4. Besides the gameplay itself, we can obtain rewards by joining an event 5. Customer service is really responsive whenever i contact them by email 6. The developer handle the problem immediately by fixing bugs Ps: i've played this game since 2018 and i've loved it since then.
It's a good game but has issues. When people visit my cafe it always disconnects. Network errors run rampant. Also, no notification of maintenance. Start cooking a 30 second item, then get booted for hours. There is a language barrier between players, wish there was translate. Also wish there was a way to lock part time jobs or assign them to specific people automatically.
This is a cute game but it constantly crashes so I have to redo things I've already done. It crashes so much that it's making me tempted to just stop playing the game.
A good leisure game. The only drawback is that it can’t be played offline. I want to be able to play offline.
Buffering the game. Literally everything you do on this game causes it to buffer/load. Click your mail? Prepare for minimum 1min of loading. Click your main character to level up or learn a new recipe? Load for another min+. Want to sent your characters out on exposition or load up a shipment? Load for another 5mins.
Great graphics and fun to play but so many server errors. Interestingly also always after large purchases, you can lose thousands of coins you've been collecting for hours of playing. For this reason I'd never consider buying anything in game, seems like these "errors" are just there to rip you off...
Not like the other restaurant games this one is very easy to play and very enjoyable you can actually play this game without even spending money. All in all this is a great game. Keep it up developer and IT's kudos 😁👍
I love this game, but it has so many bugs, it always comes out by it self and i spend a lot money and ruby but i don't get any income decorations, last but not least can you add chat option beside guest book to communicate with each other it would be better. Thank you
P2W, forces you to stay friends with people for 24 hours before being able to delete and they don't let you work or do anything. Very slow and can't do anything after lvl 12 besides watch the grass grow.
Bleeped up how I get one egg and my 1st time having a pet. Yet, no instructions. I thought release meant to release into the room to play and feed. Nope. How in the world did this game get so hecticly complicated? Not much in gifts to gain the next floor levels or "Ali's whatnot" and other things. How can I obtain the pet back? Where are the characters to inform me in a short video on how to manage these issues? YouTube it or implement it w/in the game plz.
i literally love this game❤️ amazing graphics with cute characters and there's a lot to do so i never get bored of playing it. Keep up the good work✨ Edit: would've been so much better if we could text our mutual friends other than writing on the guest box within the game.
Great game. Developers really listen to you if you experience any problems. The game is really fun and it's easy to make money, decorate, cook, etc. It's not like bakery story where one dish takes 2 days to make. Need to download! I've had issues but overall, it's really a great way to pass time and relax. You get to go on expeditions, trade items with friends, make new recipes, fulfill ship orders, upgrade your staff, and get income decor! There's a lot to do in the game! 5 stars <3
I love this game ,its been almost a year or more than that , i redownloaded the game , before i even sent a message on gmail ,but it didnt help me recovering my old account , now i have to start over.. I connected it on google before but its so hard to get it back , i can't even find ways to retrieve the account when i search for it ... Now i even forgot my Game iD , the server and other things they asked before for getting it back ,all i remember is my game name . I want my old account back .
This game is great! I see lots of potential in here! I'll give this a 5star because it's very entertaining, lots to discover and to unlock, the decoration are so cool, lots of characters, etc. I hope next update you'll put active status that kind of stuff to know easier if the player is online or not. Also, add a pm chatbox something like that so they can communicate easily than to go to their profile and drop a message in guestbook. I hope this game will be better in the future!!
Would give 5 star but it crashed a lot. Esp when i open pot then it crashed & my item dissapear (T_T)
i really love this game but the only thing that bother me is the internet always error even though my connection is perfectly fine. please fixed it.
3 star for now. I love this game but the latest update keep me out of the game it always say that I have low internet connection that I did not
This game is better than any cooking game I've ever played! It has so many things to do and ways to customize the kitchen & character that I could never get bored! Expeditions for ingredients & fulfilling catering orders are easy with help from other players. I especially love to find the players who have a Molang to pat and feed♡
Won't ever purchase VIP again, I didn't even got atleast 1 PT. I felt like I've wasted my money I've regretted purchasing itㅜㅜ After the recent updates it's now really hard to win lucky boxes nice items, I've purchased VIP to atleast get the takoyaki shop but always got 1 alloy and 1 fairy branch each draw, I've drawed 500 rubies for VIP lucky box but didn't even get 1 PT. Why it's so hard same with the staffs always 10 B staffs in every 10 draws at the same time. Same with pets also. So sad.
Fun game, i've been playing for hours and i'm still not bored 😀 Edit..please remove the password lock on the market, i'm too shy to ask for passwords so whenever i get the 'buy from market' quest all i can find unlocked to buy is maps, i have 500+ maps, i don't need anymore.
I guess after playing a while, I have calmed down. Your game is amazing, and I like the mix of simplicity and complex designs for the characters. The food are magnificently drawn too.
Love it but unfortunately can't make the other floor to be another place for customers to visit, I hope it can be more better.
I love it so much , Flero Games, keep up the good work only there are a little problem , the problem is that the loading is taking so long but I dont mind
Event glitch for ring bell. I KNOW i rang it twice but it still says 1 of 4! got new device wanted to move game to it it'll download then asks to do an update but that download won't work it keeps saying internet connection unstable retrys over and over. so I tested it on other devices it'll work on 3 of them but not the other 3 The device actually need it on doesnt work! so how fix that!? It clearly not my wifi since itll work on 3 of them
3/23/2021: The game is taking a very long time to load or I'm getting an error code 118111. I love playing this game, but it's becoming very frustrating with the continue issues. Removed a star due this issue. Please fix this.Help please!! I simply love this game. Very interesting and mind boggling on how to move forward, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.
I just recently downloaded this game and I really love it! The only thing is that it keeps having connection error even though the internet connection is perfectly fine. And today I bought a gemstone from the mall. But when I went to checked on my storage it's not there. I tried closing the game and opening it again but still, the gem is nowhere to be found! I hope someone could assist me regarding this issue. Thanks!
Love this game, the style of it, the way you can decorate, create quick dishes, rack up the profits. Its super cute, the only down side is the energy needed. Why not give the players the choice? Also, the internet connection should be of choice as well, it drains my battery too fast. Hopefully you consider these ideas which will make this game perfect for ultimate fun and keep this game on my phone. Thank you!
i love this game, this game has everything i need in one game. restourant decor, dress up, and managing a restourant. this game is super fun, im easily bored with the other restourant decor but not this one.
I love the game but recently the server keep disconnected and it makes me feel like giving up on the game. I disconnected at least 10 times in 20 minutes. I keep on relogin and at last i fed up on it. I checked my wifi and mobile data, everything is alright. I tried to play other online games as well, everything's alright. Hope there'll be an update soon to fix the problem.
I've been looking for a game that was like the old game Cafe' World in Facebook and this is it, except it's prettier and highly customizable. Very relaxing. Thanks!
It's a great game but it has issue. I am unable to reload my lost data even after I tried both Google / Facebook. ... after I wrote 'CONFIRM' I am unable to select ok button .😦 even after redownloading it thrice.
Hi! I really love this game but I'm not receiving my party time Cooper pot or rewards, I will give it 5 stars when you fix it,for you can know and I'll change my review❤Thank you for reading!
Love the feel good vibes, the fairy tales characters, the ability to earn income fast, and decorate the restaurant with generous amount of designs available for free!
Amazing as ever !!! I can't get enough of the cuteness 😘 this gàme is adorable 😍😍 but there's à tiny problem, i can't play the ads and my keyboard won't pop out ! I'm playing as a mute for sometime now 🤣🤣 I'm just glad that PLUG is there to help me when i need to buy something. Can you help, pleàse? Wish you all the best !!!
Edit: I always encounter a problem where after I got to ring my bell, the game will face an error where I lost all of the bronze, silver and gold pots. I'm so disappointed, PLEASE FIX THIS. I've always loved this game, but it makes me angry whenever I lose my pots after the error.
Really like this game..kinda addicted actually but somehow my level stuck at 75 can't get higher, why?? Help please..
I really like this game so much! Not only managing your own bistro but to connect with other people as well by applying part time jobs! What i think it needs to be concerned is how you chat with people, i think it's really spamming on other people's profile. I need a chat room with the people i want to talk to without spamming and i do please hope you can make the message longer. Also, getting rubies are very hard. Overall, i really like it and i'm looking forward for the best update everytime!
It's very good when I first time play this game, but now it always showed me "unstable connection/network error", and after that it didn't saved my record when I enter back the game. Might uninstall this game if these problems still can't be solved, because these problems had burnout my patience, thank you.
Love this game! Always something new and exciting, from new story lines to new characters. The music is calming make this a great game to play after work. Mine was accidentally uninstalled from my device. Luckily I was able to connect it in setting and nothing was lost!❤
Just started playing this game. It looks cute and seems fun but after 2 or 3 minutes it says there's a network error and kicks me, resetting some of my progress. Please fix it
I'm so disappointed how the game literally keep stopped and auto-quit at level 8/'friend' introduction. And I can't do anything except confused and deleted the game. Idk it's the fault of my poor device or what. Please help
I'm sorry I had to. The graphic is excellent and the characters are so cute, I would have love to play this game my mom also but we had trouble saving the changes in our bistro. We changed it many times and I was sure the internet connection is average but the changes couldn't be save and it's soo frustrating!! Been trying it since yesterday and it still say error. Do something the game is losing above rates
Game is crazy good but wish they added a different feature like you have a friend that you would like to talk secretly, instead of texting them and then pressing the button. Why can't you have a chat where you can talk to them instead of literally going back to there shop, pressing there icon, then going to where you text is wasting my time of playing this very good game. This game has actually been my favorite since I played it. So, please be considerate about what I wish could happen. I mostly help people who just started on this game or they'll ask questions about what will happen when they get on this level and this. I need like better access for getting a person to the next. That's actually my only problem about the game. I just wish it was easier to text others. I really like helping people so please make it easier for me and probably others to-do so... Thanks for making this crazy combination of cooking and cringe but funny stories to read. Please at least do something about the conversation mode. (」゜ロ゜)」
It's been four day i can't play the game, it says a problem occurred in the game server, i already reinstall it but still have the same problem, please fix it
The game is cute and enjoyable.. i love playing it bt the game has some issue . It always kick me out of the game every time even if my network is good, it always shows error , i don't know whats wrong with it .. i hope the devloper will check it out soon ..
I love this game. Story lines are really nice. You do not have to pay to play if you take your time and enjoy. Really wish they would improve the hatching of pets or make the incubator much easier to come by.
My wishlists: 1. Hopefully the staffs slots for expeditions increased.. 46 is not enough for explorations ^^ 2. floors expansion more than 18x18.... 3. the option to sell part times to other players...... 4. more chances to get free rubies...... 5. additional numbers for helps and applying for PT.......... QUESTION? Aside from getting extra ingredients, what are the pets for? We cant even play with it.
hi, like e'body else here: 1 "unstable network" become my new recipe. 2 keep showing"error code no fill" to get free ruby. 3 my foods on stoves keep missing,hv to cook over again. 4 hatching eggs? really s'thing. pets never show up! always hatch items which we can easlily get in expedition. 5 your lucky box is not fair, Benny.. pls fix. im 1 of yr fans and pls dont make me leave this game. tx
i like the game but it has taken 5.00 from me twice without giving me my gem and rewards and there is no way to get your money back
Used to like playing the game and I have put up with way too many network errors and crashes that made game play unenjoyable. I do not want to put up with it anymore. Also having to redo quests again after I just finished them, so frustrating. Hopefully you all fix all this, because the game used to be fun. *Gave game another chance and reinstalled, can't buy anything from the market place. Ends up end up being sold out when clicked. Not much fun, videos won't play. Uninstalled again. How sad.*
The game is good. Basic resto social game. The visual is cute. The fairytale is a distinct take. The mechanism is not tha unfair but could be better. The frequent crashes ruins the experience. Right now i cant even open it.
I like this game and I wish that there'll be a part when it can play offline (when doing a quest for example) and online (when you want to visit other bistro) because not all the time I have an internet to play and it makes me a little sad.
I love this game. But please make the event coins come much easy. And make way to buy tickets and staff it's so much better. I wish that we can buy things from some place !! :)
LUCKY BOX IS SO DISAPPOINTING I THINK IT'S BROKEN. The lucky box is unfair. My friend got the income decor with just a few spins, but me I already spin many times and still got nothing not even the 30 rubies one but my friend got one. Mind you that my friend just started playing for weeks and I've been playing for months. WTH is wrong with this system??? It's disappointing and I start to lose interest playing this.
I always getting this unstable connection notification while playing the game even though my network speed is good. To make things even worse. I couldn't complete my task properly, for example, my task is to buy newspaper. While I purchasing the newspaper, out of nowhere the unstable connection notification pop out and restart the game. I notice that I already purchased the umbrella but the task won't complete itself and need to use diamond to complete it. Kinda annoying
i had problems with opening it but i reinstalled and it works perfectly fine now.there are small problems like how the market works. since they added a pet options all you can find is items related to pets and no potions or food
I really love this game, it really brings out your creativity for designing. Although I hope there's no problem connection lost while opening some pots bcuz I lost a lot of brown and silver party pots.
im so sick and tired of your games CONSTANT ERRORS N CRASHING. after 3 in a row i just quit playing everyday. its so lame. FIX IT.
• Love this game ❤️. Cute graphics and i really enjoyed it how the game works. But there's a things that I hate, its always crashed, always network error pop. I don't understand why it happened. • Trips: I always checked the time before I leave so that i know when to come back. Ex: I see 3mins left on my trips so I decided exit and do something. When I came back to get the reward its not finished yet and the time was 17mins left but i see 3mins left before I leave. Kinda disappointing. Pls fix
This is addicting game. Please fix the bugs. All characters and designs of the furnitures etc. are so cute.
This game is nice and all but its getting out of its track. This is a cafe/bistro game, yet the pet/animals are having unnecessarily too many features and asking more demands & eating up storage. Sadly its almost getting less & less likely a cafe game. But i will not give this a low star rate, just wanna voice it out..
i don't know but i still have issues about the game. i still can't save everytime i try to edit my resto. it always says network error, even if my internet connection is great. so yeah, i don't know what's the problem anymore. maybe change your requirements about the internet connection, because honestly, that's too much. even if we have the fastest connection, it still has errors in the game.
It id a very fun game and i can design my own dream bistro too. unfortunately, i hated that i didn't save my own cafe and everytime i got bored, i will delete the game.And then i download it again, then i have to play the tutorial over and over again😭💓😂
The issue of the rewards is fixed after the update. Very happy and excited with the game, lots and lots of beautiful things keep unlocking while getting higher level. But there should be a store where to get the rare items like spruce, mithril, alloys and flames because they are rare and really hard to get.
Okay i'm totally fed up . I tried to play this game LOTS OF TIMES bcs i can't pass the downloading additional data ! Everytime it reaches about 50 to 60% the download process STOP and i need to RESTART downloading . Wasting my time , i can't even PLAY . I believe this game didn't have any server outside of Korea ,that's why THE SERVER SUCKS and KEEPS LOSING CONNECTION . my internet connection IS STRONG !
I had originally given this game 5 stars, but had to change it to 2 due to a bug. Customers haven't given me a SINGLE expedition tool in days!! Please fix this and I'll adjust my review
Cute, fun to play and so many things to do 😍!! Also made lots of friends there. It's quite addicting once you play this game for awhile. It would be nice if we can play the game offline ^^ Also you guys should improve or add new features when we edit our restaurants for example a undo button just in case we mess up or a feature where you can delete the furniture themes separately so we won't have to get rid on all of our other furniture.
I really enjoy this game, and I love that it's not too difficult to level up. The only thing i dislike, is how hard it is to build anything in the workshop. You pretty much have to pay real money to get there. You can get supplies from some of the lucky boxes, but it will cost 5million gold just to get 1 material, and you need atleast 20 OF EACH. Having some lower level builds, that only require 10 or so, would be really nice!
Tss. When its finish download i open it and duuuh! I don't like it. You can play it when it is done downloading the latest data. Please fix this. I don't like when you can download first the latest data then you can play it. Especially when those people who wants to play the app who has the low storage of their phone. Please fix this.
Best game for me. I PLAYED FOR 3 WEEKS. Nice graphics and animation. I hope in future updates they'll allow the customers to go in other floors and more shops and amazing events will happen. I understand the bugs every game have that too. Keep on updating please.
It's a really nice game (the game I've had for the longest time (♥_♥) ) it's just that I wish you could buy gems with gold coins. Had it since somewhere in the beginning of quarantine.
I'm addicted to this game..PRO = easy to earn coins n gems(can earn 2 gem after short ads) Cute graphics,lots of gorgeous decos (can buy with coins n gems . expensive tho. THE ONLY CON IS THAT ITS KINDA BUGGY 😩..not too much(thank goodness) definitely not my phone fault coz i have 6gb ram with 3gb to spare even when im playing games...its kinda annoying when its time to use my lucky/party time pots..thats the moments its freaking glitch..Making me lose my Pots 😤...Please Fix This Glitch.TQ
This game is amusing. It will be great if we can open this with our gmail or Facebook ID. I mean number or email and password. 😄😄😄😄😄
The game is fun, and the art style is really cute. BUT loading times are ridiculously long, making the game super tedious. And your restaurant barely earns any money at all while you're away, thus you can only make gold while playing. And again, playing is difficult with the stupidly long loading times. I'd avoid this game unless you have the patience of a Buddhist monk.
I enjoyed playing this game! It's very cute especially the themes and how you can decorate them and i love it (♥ω♥*)
The pet evolution doesn't work for me. I've tried to delete and re-download, changing pets and evolving doesn't work... Is it only me or more people with this bug...
The game is addictive. But I have one problem here when the game says there's an internet connection problem, after the game refreshes it also refreshes every thing that I already accomplished! I check my wifi and it's stable. Please fix this.
Seriously? New update cannot fix the bug. I'm sorry but my internet speed is great n hv no problem with my phone ram. I will take a break from playing. Thankyou
It was a good game, but lately it keeps crashing as the app will suddenly closed. After the update it seems like the game was loaded so the game control is lagging. I tried to purchase the bonus ruby event, but somehow it always shows that an error has occur. It's good for me though since it seems that I don't need to waste money lol
Customers cant access second floor and upwards... You can only put tables and stoves on the first floor which is dissappointing.. All the other floors can only have income decorations... It would be better to utilize the floors in any way you want.. not just used to store decorations.
I really love this games, but their is to much error network, its always when im trying to change the layout of the bistro, please fix it so i can enjoy the game
Updated, was able to find my account with the facebook after makin a character. Make sure to link ur accounts to fb or google. Game is wonderful still, and the updates are awesome. Thank you
Awesome game, in my game there aren't any error so I could say it's perfect. I love how this game works. It doesn't get boring like some of the games I played before. It's one of the game that I really really need so thanks for making it.
I wanted to like this game because there's a lot to it that you can enjoy without purchases. You can even earn premium currency (rubies) without spending money. However there's multiple currencies and energy sources on top of that. Everytime I look at the in-game purchases, all I can think is that it's grossly overpriced. And if you don't claim your purchases they expire!? For a game selling 100$ packages that's ridiculous. I won't support this kind of game.
I love this game, there are however a lot of microtransactions. However, you are able to earn good items if you savd you gems very easily. The only down side to the game is loading different screens, peoples markets etc is really slow, probably because its dedicated server is in Asia. Meaning, you gave no chance of buying items in others markets before someone else.
would love to give a 5 stars since its fun but there's some issues. i always got 'network error' every now and then even though my internet connection is completely fine. also whenever im editing it always crash and won't save the changes i made which is pretty annoying.
The game is addictive. But I have one problem here when the game says there's an internet connection problem, after the game refreshes it also refreshes every thing that I already accomplished! I check my wifi and it's stable. Please fix this. Update: the game is crashing. Another update, no more issues to the game it's amazing. Tysm devs.!
My fav bistro game. Thank you Dev team for the constant effort and improvement. *Feedback: 1) Pls improve Landmark pot rewards, give something different from party pot and omit milk from reward 2) Pls increase the income coins for Workshop Decor income to above 3million at least 3) We have billions of coins but nowhere to spend on, let us buy million income decor with mil coins. 4) Event coins too little 5) Too many candies!! Market are full of them. No balance in the system..
Error with apple fresh dish my 2 minutes is now 20 but gives me the same as a 2 minute dish!! also all the areas that you unlock for the world there aren't enough workers to send to them you need five more I've got two areas with only one person left to use and no more people to add. Wasted areas i could have more ingredients to collect!
Addictiiinnggg!! Entertaining!!! There's a lot of ways to gain rubies, coins and hearts, u don't even have to spend real money to level up 😊
I just started playing this game. Yes its cute and nice Im actually enjoying it however, Unstable network and when I just tried to check my notifications or just go visit your friends shop it takes time to load sometimes never, everytime it happens I always restart the game.
I really love this game..I love it so much that every time I uninstall this game or when I get a new phone I always either reinstall it or make sure to install it on my new phone.. however with that being said I do have a suggestion for u guys..n PLEASE READ THIS..CAN U GUYS PLEASE MAKE IT TO WHERE THE 2nd floor n up make it to where we can put stoves n ovens on those floors so people can go upstairs n eat too..kinda sux all u can put on those floors r the little odds n ends that make u money.Pz
I really really like this game, but it crashes a lot! Also takes a while to load different elements. I could deal with the crashing at first but it's crashed at times when I used gems. Recently when I spent ages redecorating my bistro it crashed when I clicked save and undid all my effort. T.T
I can't get my old character/account back and yes I did use my gmail when first using. I only want my old character back I don't want to make another one this is the third time (if I make one it will be 4th) I made a character am 𝙉𝙊𝙏 gonna make one again. Pls fix problem thank you.
Addicting. The graphics are adorable. I cant stop playing actually. The problem is it keeps prompting me there was an error and its deducting my gems, my energy and money when i try to purchase turns out its only deduction and you need to purchase it again because of the error.
Until I can reach support, I'm gonna give this a 1 star. I have no way of saving my current account because I made a burner account that is linked to both google and facebook. I have no way to save my account before I switch phones soon. I sent an email, and was told the address was incorrect, when I clicked on the email on here. Please fix this.
Overall, this is a good game. The characters are cute, I like the stories and this game doesn't force the ads on its players. The real money purchases are a bit pricey though, but we don't necessarily need to spend money because this game is generous with its rewards and very easy to earn money. My only problem is this game usually crashes when I open the trade. And some of the high level players are kinda aggresive. This is is just a restaurant game geez, calm down.
Dear FLERO games.. This game is fun. but unfortunately, only the first floor can use customers. please make for the other floors. I will think about playing it on. I wanted to put all the costumers for every floors. This would be more challenging.
After the last update, i can only play for a few minutes. After that it kick me out from the game. Please fix it. Thankyou
The game is AWESOME! And very addictive~ Graphics are so cute and stuff. If you come from I love Pasta game then you'll Love this one!
Incredibly cute, addicting, and fun game to play, perfect to kill long hours or minutes of the day spent waiting. However, multiple network errors do randomly occur.
Good game but it said "required update" i opened play store after that and i couldn't see any update button so i decided to uninstall and install it again but it still the same 😡. Pls fix this
I love this game, however since i got it (a few minutes ago) whenever i try to restyle my cafe i set it all up as i want it and when i try to save it and go back to playing the game i get an error message saying theres some problem with my internet connection and the game restarts and my progress doesn't save. I tried several times to get around this problem like only doing a little bit at a time then saving it but the same thing happens. I would really like for this bug to be fixed because i really do enjoy this game
This is amazing. I really like this game. I have played 4 years. But why does the ad always get error so I can't get Ruby. this is very annoying
It's been a week and yet I'm still experiencing errors everytime I open the game. I also emailed on your customer service about this issue but no response at all. What now? There's an upcoming event but you still didn't resolve this errors we're experiencing. It's annoying, really. -_-
This game is perhaps one of the most enjoyable game I've ever played. However, it has so many bugs. I am supposed to get keys after giving drinks to the customers but i didn't get any! The game will keep refreshing after a bug occured and i keep losing my progress. I hope your team can focus more on fixing the bugs instead of adding more features. Overall, I love this game and totally recommend it
Can you guys please add like an "are you sure you want to buy this item" optional choice in the market stand. Many times I lost a lof of money to bought something unnecessary just because I accidentally tap the things I didn't wanna buy. It's really become annoying now, please consider that option. Thank you
30/3/20 I think the server is pretty bad today, everytime I achived something the server would be down and the app was forced closed or or the server was reloading itself. This has been happening since today's interval 00 am kst
I really like this game. Cute graphics which leads to cute characters as well. I play this game regularly to the point I skip sleep just playing. The only main dilemma for me purchasing something with real money is it's too expensive. I will rate this 5 stars if they will lower the costs of expenses. Thank you Chef Benny!
error connection when I open my party time copper pot, then when I log in again my copper pot lost, and there is nothing in mail. Also some problems with market stand, I can't see the things I put on market stand sometime even I already put things on it, but other acc can see it and buy it. Then sometime I have to rejoin so that I can get my money on market stand but if the thing wasn't sell, I still cant see it also. Pls solve the problems asap.will put 4-5 stars after the problems solve.
hello! i think this is a really nice game overall. the is still very fun to play without spending real cash and i love how we can manage our bistro freely like we are the manager. it gave me great game experience. i guess this has a lot of space for improvement. i'm quite bothered how the game haven't adapted to todays phone screen ratio and auto cook would be nice so when we're not online they're still making food😂 BUT love it overall! thank you for keeping me amused🥳
Please fix the Apple fresh. You increased cook time from 2 minutes to 20 minutes and left the result of only 11 being cooked at a time. It is taking forever to complete orders that need Apple fresh.
Need a easier way to visit pets at other peoples cafes. You click the pet wait open pet menu wait give pet care wait then click exit and wait again thats too much when you want to visit all of your neighbors pets! Forget going into pet menu and just let us click the pet sitting on the street no going in menu to click anything.
It was a great game but even though my internet connection is great, I've been experiencing "unstable networt connection" since the last update. Also, I am getting "error" in some rewards to be claimed after watching an ad. Hope you fix this.
Nice 👍 i really love it. My only concern is the loading its so much annoying. And sometimes it said that my internet connection is poor.
I like this game but it always says I have a network error and kicks me out. Also when that happens I lose coins and hearts. For example I upgraded a recipe then right after it said network error and I lost the upgrade. 6000 coins.. Came back on and had to do it again.
I absolutely love this game but it's becoming impossible to play with it constantly crashing. There are so many frequent errors. PLEASE FIX and I will give 5 stars
Really want to like this game, its cute and I like decorating it but 40+ summons on a special banner that has only SS, S, and A characters and not a single SS..got 1 S and the rest are A. The drop rate of an SS character ridiculous.
Wow! Thsi game is good I mean.. it's all like the other cafe games.. I'm not really that far in the game but I just downloaded it yesterday. The only thing is that when your at the part to pick you name, I put a letter and then It go's uppercase again. But that's it its a good game tho;)
I downloaded this game like a long time ago,so i tried coming back to this game and *sigh* i cant even play the game cuz i have to download the extra after i downloaded it in the app store,i hate it that when there's a network error it restart the downloading process to 0,i wish it just like interrupts instead of restarting it to 0.
I love it, but lately it doesn't load well, if at all. It's hard to use all the gems I bought when I'm stuck on a load screen for fifteen minutes or spent FORTY MINUTES trying to turn it on only to get "connection unstable" when I'm about three feet from the router. 😔😭💔 I know my phone is good enough to play it. It's a Razer 2 with 8 gigs of ram, for heaven's sake.
I really like this game but unfortunately the waiting time is terrible. Sometimes it get stuck loading on the boat crates and I have to keep restarting the game. Pls fix and I will give 5 stars
Really fantastic game with few bugs. Sometimes you'll lose an item that you try to open due to the dreaded network error (I've lost a few lucky pots to this :( ) but otherwise it's a great game. No intrusive ads and rubies can be earned without spending money. Highly recommend trying it out.
Love this game but what happened to the income store? I've been saving ruby's so I can buy some in the store coz it just cost like 300 rubys but now it went to 500rubys not fun anymore 😕
just dislike how it's kind of hard to get materials. plus it would be nice if there was a searching system in market stands so it'd be easier to actually find what we're looking for.
It's a great game, it's cute and easy to play. The problem is that it glitches often and restarts the game randomly. Other than that, the game is perfect. It would also be nice to have a world chat function to be able to communicate with people freely and in real time.
I've just updated the game and it always freezes and quits the second I finished loading the game, causing me to be unable to start the game. Apart from that, I love the graphics, gameplay and continuous update and feedback from and for the app even though it's been running for some time.
Love this game so far, but keep getting an error message and my stars aren't being counted and stuck on level 12, please help!!! Error code 118111 giving it a low star just in hopes this review is seen and error is fixed. I really enjoy the game
i like this game, easy to play, but it often say that my connection isnt stable, in fact my connection is in stable condition,, i also only can play this game in 3G not 4G.. when i want to play the advertisment in game (cause there is a quest) it can't play and say "error code fill" edit: right now i can play the advertisement
Love Love this game been playing for a few years, but when my tablet broke I had to start over from level 81 had so many pretty part time I had it saved on facebook, but when I got a new tablet my boyfriend set up my tablet including downloading this game, I started it but I think by then it was too late.
This is one good game. The reason why I give it 2 stars is the fact that it can't be used with Android emulator (Nox in my case) and for someone who spends most of his time in front of PC instead of smartphone, this is a huge huge downside. I don't understand the reason and it is just a huge dissappointment.
I like this game, but unfortunately when they do updates there is always some sort of problem, either within the game or it doesn't even start at all. Currently for me, it's not even starting now, force closing on the title screen.
I've been playing this game for 3 years and still on counting. This game is really addicting. Kudos for you people, the creator of this game and their team for a job well done. I have a little concern with these Fairy Candy, I have a lots of that stored in my marketplace, a little suggestion if we could maybe use that not only with the evolution of pets maybe we could get a PT using those fairy candy's. :)
It gets five stars because it is very free-to-play friendly. If you are smart with your funds, you can get many good things (servers, part time, etc.) that will bring you very good rewards. Even certain in-game funds, such as rubies, are decently obtainable. The only thing you really need to spend is time and patience. Already level 44 and I'm raking in the dough. ONLY DOWNSIDE-relies on good internet connection. Many times I've gotten network error because I don't have good internet.
I love this game the tasks are a bit hard but other than that everything goes very well.... I wish I could make houses too in this game so it would be more interesting also it should have had backup so if we reinstall it we can have our old hard working level back but if you uninstall it once then you'll have to start from first that's a bit irritating... but still I love it the most amazing cooking game I ever played
Great game, lots to do. I love how the new features adds more fun to the game. The only thing missing is the voice of some of the NPCs. The voice collection of main NPCs are incomplete.
I enjoy playing this game but recently I had encounter a problem. I think there's a bug/error in this game. My money was deducted after the game ceases to respond and hang. Also, my mail is empty even though it keeps on notifying N. Please fix this. I really like this game.
I really enjoy playing this game. You can cook, apply for part time jobs to gain coins, read stories (in quests), customize your bistro (with nice themes), can play with your friends and meet new friends in guild. You can watch ads to expedite quests. This is a perfect game to those players like me who do not want to pay real money but still can enjoy playing. I recommend this game to those players whose also looking for a relaxing and cute game. :)
Really amazing game! If you don't have much time but want to relax by playing a game this is it! Amazing events and characters...graphics are the best! I have been playing this game since last 2 years and I never got bored ! I'm not a consistent person but this game is good...it always gets better and I keep playing it ...such. Relaxing game❤️
Could be more fun, takes a while to earn enough money for upgrades, overall a great distraction game though
Really fun and cute café management game. The tasks keeps you busy and the gameplay is addicting! The only problem is that this is the only game where I have had connection issues. It was fun while it lasted but I couldn't stand getting kicked off after cooking or unable to stay on for more than 10 minutes. I'm not entirely sure if it's my internet but it only happens with this game. Other than that, it's very fun and maybe will go back to it when I have a different internet provider.
love this game, i have been playing for months. im always coming back to it in my spare time throughout the day. doesnt bombared you or force you to watch any ads. ofcourse you can watch some to earn more rewards if you want. lovely design and great customisation. made some great friends within the game too. highly recommended for a "my pace" game.
Please fix the bugs. Most of the time the game will show "ERROR_CODE_NETWORK" for nothing. I also don't know why. Sometimes it will show that there's no internet connection when I'm totally connected to internet. The game will forced stop. It's annoying and disappointing because the game suddenly closed when I'm opening the lucky box. When I open back the game, the lucky box or pot is gone and I don't even get any gift. PLEASE FIX!
Used to love this game, i play it everyday.. Now, i cannot even open the app! It shows "The secret bistro keeps stopping".. I played well in the afternoon, and in the evening, app doesnt work anymore.. :( (Updated the app as well, but still doesnt work.. sad..)
Love the music ☺ but hard to get an egg and very disappointed when it hatched something else instead of a pet? Then next egg needs a new incubator and new slot ...... Sigh..... Otherwise a very good game to while away the time in this lockdown period.