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My Rental Girlfriend

My Rental Girlfriend for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the game ylwas great but the biggest down part of every game they have is the limited choices cause it really affects the story you want to make
Just chill with the Dimonds I got the game to joke about it and laugh in i got invested but the good choice is 20 Dimonds and that take like a hour to play/discover games and earn the points adds are ever hour and a half so if I want to game just know that the best choice is not going to be available and if its a really good choice then use it fix it what ever company im to lazy to check by swiping up 👋🏼
I must say this game is very good overall,, the character is cute.. But i really hate where we must choose the answer we didn't want to give...i really hate it,, so much.. Why the rubies can't regen like the ticket? But way faster than the ticket do..
Good but u should continue the story After the girl that u choose wins and u could add stuff like after their marriage or they live together that kind of stuff And the story is too short plz continue the storyline😭😔
Good storyline. But the update is irritating. I can't turn off the music at all or change text speed. Please fix this
The plot is amazing. The only drawback I have with the game is the gems and tickets, they really make the progess went very slow. But I will still give this 5 stars for the experience!
I was amazing, I loved how you added a new season if you're able to do this to some older games it would be awesome as many were very enjoyable to play or led to a suspene to continue! I love the art work and have characters relate to the season 1 was great, keep up the amazing work!
This is amazing and wonderful, those characters are beautiful and the choices are great too. I really love this game. And also the graphic is awesome too.
Can someone explain to me what points are for? I assumed for rubies but I've watched like 5 videos now for 30 points each but I don't see them anywhere. And the amount of rubies required is way too high, so buying a few will get you very few anwers.
I love this app, just like the other ones I get really into it and it's just really a great experience. Anyways I got a suggestion to the creators u should a thing where when u connect to your Google play account to the game all the points u add up from the other games will build up, plus if u do that you'll have a lot more play time with the apps. I think it would be really cool
This games great until season 2 in season 1 i choosed Celina but in season 2 somehow im with Zoe theres somthing wrong with that plz fix it.
The story is meh. I could legitimately make a better script, but it's still OK. The thing that sucks about this game is that you can't play it for more than 20 minutes at a time without paying real money. There are also some speech choices you can't make without paying money, and they aren't even much different than the regular options. This game is trying to make as much money as they can get, but they're not providing enough value to make it even tempting to spend money.
Game and the character development, I just can't get enough of it but the choices, they'll be the real deal cuz the gems, can't be enough to play even if I collect points from video a week actively and decide to play after so I'm looking for a another option which led me to conclusion no matter how long you play minigame, the gems are always insufficient and will gradually rise if you don't use them also the more you climb fewer are your chances to land on minigame's victory PLZ FIX THIS ISSUE
Wow this is gonna be the best game that Genuis Studio Japan ever made to my choices, Not only the three girls are beautiful and kind but also the almost all of them has their own background music just like ost in anime and the story is quite unique. It's so funny that I named my character Kazuya from Rent a Girlfriend anime but my character is more than mc of rent a girlfriend. And this have not much have main antagonist, only the clients are the only enemies in this game.
It's an ok-ok game, not really good but not very bad either. You shouldn't really expect anything out of the box. Good time pass game but choices are very misleading. You'll choose some option and the story turns completely the other way. The choices are basically super confusing.
Its a good game. It make me feel like I have a real girlfriend even though its just a virtual girlfriend. The graphic also good, but I hope they can plus the ticket limit and give premium choices for free. Overall its still a good games. 🔥❤️
I rlly love season 2 so far its been so lovely i cant wait to finish it 5 stars also i would appreciate it if u made a season 2 on more games like my cat girlfriend or my wolf girlfriend etc
I rate only 4 because i want to choose premium but it needs diamonds pls remove it that could be fun Pls thank you And i really enjoy this game
It is a great game and it's addicting. The only problem is the time for the story ticket, you should reduce it to 2 hours rather than 3 hours. Arigato ✌
It's a really good game. It has a nc story and all but, you shouldn't really abuse the gems that much because we won't be able to pick the right decision if there's something holding us back. But it's still one of the best games I played. Team Celina✊✊
This game has amazing story, art, great characters as well as their personality, BUT the problems are the premium choice and story ticket which is kinda spoiled the mood and the prices are quite high too. (I understand that you really need supports but IF you consider to lower the price or shorten the time for story ticket trust me this game WILL BE PERFECT!) Anyways you still deserve highest rate. #Edit : I know some of you will name your character as Kazuya so don't lie to me 😂 mine is Hikki
Just awsome season 1 is flawaless 10/10 but season 2 is not up to market may be 7/10 ... Really like it
Amazing! Not a game where you have to pay to get a good story. These cutscenes can be payed for with rubies either earned by spending money or by playing the mini game slot machine. Not to mention a great story. I have to ask the Devs though, ''any more seasons coming or will there be only 2?''
Ok i would've given 5 on one condition the choices were free! I can accept the whole waiting to continue so you don't exhaust the whole thing in one sitting but having to pay for the "gems" just to select the conversation choice that impacts the later upcoming story? Thats kind of stupid in that case why not price the game while at it? Because its honestly kind of irritating when you can't select FREEly what choice you make. Please change this
Its good over All, but The monetization. Im just gonna say it sucks. The Romantic Choices Cost Alot and The First Choice you Make Sucks all your Rubies and It takes FOREVER TO GET MORE. Make them free. I would watch ads for that ( depends on ad rate though )
Amazing! I finally finished this game, played it a long time ago but never finished it. But, since I heard there is a season 2 of this game coming out, I decided to play it again! Please, play this amazing, romantic, and fun game that every moment feels special and real. I chose. Zoe, she is so confident and caring, she is beautiful inside and out and I think her style is cool. I find her very unique and I don't regret my decision, I can't wait to see her in season two. Thank you!
I love this game. I have played through both seasons and just fell more in love with it each episode. The girls are so perfect and the story is so amazing.
The game make me excited .but the most stupidest thing is when i want to watch Ads the ads open really Loud at the full volume. Even i slow my volume until 0.. but still the sound so louddddddddd Do you want to destroy my audio or what. Smhh .. if u want me to watch the ads at least i cant slow the sound.
The story is good enough but those rubies are really a head ache, even for a basic choice like saving the girl requires rubies which makes it feel like irritating decrease the amount of rubies required or give more via ads and in the start
Season 3, the 2 seasons was heavy weight in the plot and the plot was good make season 3 where in the start you pick the gf i want in the story but still great game
First game I've played looked this and gotta admit it was not bad at all. Earning points isn't so hard to do and the story is pretty good.
Even though I haven't finished season 2 ... I want season 3 right away ... I really love this app❤️...also can you decrease the gems in decisions and increase the gems in trade hehe❤️
I love the story and how I get to know the characters. But I only gave a four star because some of the premium choices are so stupid in my opinion but it makes sense to me since it's a romance game but I would wish for you to lower the prices of the choices. I'm hoping you guys are making a 3rd season.
I give up telling you guys when are you gonna listen to us and make changes this will go forever if you don't listen to us remove the story tickets, premium choices it so dump to your game is the same as the others games like this fix the mini game. Now I wanna give you guys idea's like and character customisation's for your the male character and add animations and I hope you listening to us and add a new menu for the future games you will make. Make every single game different
I really like and love this game it gives you an experience of getting like a real girlfriend and the girls in the game are very beautiful and sexy.Please do more of these type of games and please bring back my robot girlfriend because it was removed.
The gameplay itself is fun, but it doesn't really feel like a choose your path game when you have a free option and the other one you have to pay for. I wanted to keep playing it but had to uninstall it for this reason.
Pretty good game. But I gave this game 4 stars because the choices are very dependent on the in game currency. Rubies are very hard to acquire or exchange. Premium choices need to be lessened.
Great story but man the choices we want needs ruby money and the free choice ends up hurting each girls feeling what a disappointment. I just hope the developer provides us a chance to pick ruby choices by watching ads 3 times I dont mind watching ads 3 times..
Overall good, the story, the characters and more the problem is youll be forced to buy rubies with real money or else youll be forced to pick the option u dont want i recommend removing it or just add a way to get a rubies like watching ads or logging in every hour this is the only thing ruin the game cause it cant be avoid that some people playing this are totally broke.💀
Damn. I really stopped playing because I didn't want to hurt any of the three girl's feelings. But I eventually manned up and completed it. I really enjoyed this game and I'm sure you guys will too. Cheers.
This is really good game this game is basically about a waiting game so you really need to wait for the ticket to play again.
Don't bother playing this game. If you decide to play this game just start with season 2 as your choices in season 1 don't matter. I picked Tessa to become my girlfriend in the end of season 1 and now at the start of season 2 it's apparently Zoe who has become the girlfriend. If you are gonna give us the option to pick between the girls then at least be consistent with the choice we make.
A short story line altho I guess in the end it's good but It whould be alot better if u could make the storyline longer but good work keep it up 💯
Good game and nice story. However I would be more appreciate if the developer would also design more costumes for each of the girls. I believed they already earned quite a lot so it should be natural that they should also put more effort to make this better
The amount of crashes I've experienced with this game is actually annoying. I don't think I went 8 minutes without the game crashing. Devs, Please fix this issue as soon as you can, because in its current state, the game is borderline unplayable.
This game is great, I don't understand why some people are mad they have to pay for choices, which is one of the only ways the studio can make money. I'm just here to read and visualize since the pandemic has been giving me a huge headache, and its really nice that the studio still made their way to make more games, which is really appreciated
Please add season 3 into this game... Overall the game was quite fun and I wish there were ways to get Diamond and tickets for free without purchasing them by using real money.
I haven't played this game yet but what I wish is that the points that you earn from playing other games made by this company would transfer over to other games made by Genius. I have over 9000 points in another game made by genius and cannot use them anywhere else after finishing that game. If this was implemented it would be a fantastic feature.
Overall this game is amazing. You can choose your ending, I have tried 3 of the endings and it was good. The story was also interesting and the characters too. Personally I liked Celina more than anyone in the game for some reason. Everything is perfect about this game except the waiting time for tickets is too long. Like make it 30 minutes or 1 hour you know 2 hours is too long. Also premium choices with diamond it is kind of a down side. Rather than these the game is absolutely awesome.
Great storyline for season 1 but I am a bit dissapointed I wish they add up few episodes to spend some time with the girl I choose after the contest and I just started S2 and it's really confusing and the girl you choose in the S1 is going back as a friend not girlfriend Pls follow up season 1 storyline the story will feel more real and enjoyable I expected more from you guys Pls try to fix it over all I'll give you guys a 4 star
I love all your games!! I'm a big fan of yours I love how you made a second season keep up the great work 💗💗💗💗!!!
Good music, Great Story, Beautiful Girls, And also if you want to pick Tessa 😏 you'll know (although that was the only ending i know for now) but yeah great game, good story but i would recommend to make the time for waiting the story ticket lesser so more people wouldn't get bored (good thing i had patience) and make the coins for the choices lesser to so it's more enjoyable (seriously i grinded for points and traded for rubies just to get those choices) and that's all
I had Fun it's has so tempting All the time Even tho it's some what P2W sometimes but it keeps me motivated to play it the story is good it really took it's time Making the Character's have more To them and of course I choice the Zoe route Cause she's all around Balanced.
Ur game isn't opening after 1 time it's just showing loading n i have tried everything like force stop, clear cache n it still not run
Great Storyline and great characters. Only wish the premium choice prices would go down a bit to where its not as expensive
The story was really good. It clearly took some cues from a certain somewhat popular anime, but it was not a copy. Great game overall.
Beautiful. Just, just beautiful. Definitely play it 100%. I love everything about this game, and will undoubtedly play pretty much all of the other games made by these developers. It was, magnificent, to say the absolute least. I love it
Good game. I really like the character sprites and the art. The storyline is also very good too. What I really don't like is that when you have low diamonds you have to pay for them. You can exchange, but you have to exchange high amounts of points for little diamonds. And you have to watch an add to get 30 points every 4-5 HOURS?! Isn't that a little much? And I can only do 1 episode every 2 hours because I have to wait 2 hours for a play ticket. So not fair.
Very well made the story was great and the choices where hard but not to hard that it made it better thank you for the great game
I really like it all the girls are cute 💞😉 One: This meh mom's phone.. Two: yes I'm a girl.. Three: yes I'm lesbian
I lovs this game its so good but i hate and i hate that we have to use gems to use answers we all want to use and the tickets are just a way of us not playing as much its sucks that such a good game has stuff like this that make players not like part of the game if there was no gems or no tickics that we had to use i would play this game the whole day! I give this game 5 stars because even though this is just a game and is not reality u litearly start have feelings for the girls in the game!
Amazing! The stories in this is absolutely wonderful. Despite the fact that u need some time to get points for diamonds, it's extremely nice to read. I suggest reading this alot
It's a good game, one of my favourites, but the premium questions are too much gems. I would lower it down to 10 or 8, because it's more reasonable. It's a really good game though, really like it.
Good but I spent a lot of time on adds getting gems to do the right choice i wanted and I will say its a good game amazing story specially for the lonely 😳😞just give more jems i get u need money but tone it down and give more jems
I really like the game, the design and story is really great. But i will only give this 4 stars bcuz u need to spend to get gems, and if u play or do the things it doesn't even give gems. But all in all i liked the game.
OH MY GOD..!!!! It is an total hit...Amazing girls story (of both season), endings and what not... ONCE IN A LIFE TIME opportunity... Loved it the most...Plz keep making more and more seasons and these types of games..I ❤ U. P.S. Celina has cot my heart the most... She is my most favorite character amongst all the games..And her looks are breathtaking... Touched to heaven...I pray for ur well being developers...Keep making till U and I, and we all get old..(then teach ur progeny also the same) ❤
Absolutely amazing game the story line and the romance is 10 out of 10 only thing i want is a 3rd session like im not lying this is by far the best game you guys made it has a lot of potential just got to add more to the story like in the 3rd session you can maybe like marry one if the girls?????
I really loved this game the best one I've played yet I didnt like the gem part but I liked how you can easily get story tickets for free rather then having to pay like in other games. I loved the story and the art was nice. But I wish there was more imagery like when characters dress up they actually change outfits and I would love to know what my character and other characters look like rather than just the three main characters. Literally everyone else is black figure you dont see art.
Thank you for making this game, Genius Studio Japan!! I love this game! Even if i dont have any gem. I love this ending :D
It has a very intresting and suspenceful story. Very impressed by the creaters of the game... Thank you for making such type of games....
Good enough story, but the prices of everything are way to high, or make a payed version of this app where everything is free, or lower the prices. Also how long does it take for you to realize in this game who you like, there is a clear choice but u in the game just isn't making a decision
The game is nice. The storyline is pretty amazing. But the premium choice system really affects the gameplay. It's okay if you want to keep gems, but lower the price of the choices atleast. It feels like a waste to grind for the gems only to make one choice for all of it to go away. Also, premium choices are the only way the characters progress with the love story. Which is pretty taxing.
This game would get a solid 5, but due to needing money, nearly $40 of you where to want a perfect party through. And your money only counts towards 1 play through before being wiped clean like you had never played a dime. Should be changed to a system of paid, or not.
make a part two with the same characters i loved it a lot! also i want to see what happens in the end like 10 years later with their relationships and stuff like this.Also i want to do more things with my characterlike changing clothes get dressed and stuff like that.
I really love the story and i hope this will continue on for a bit longer. The characters are very unique and the storylines are great. Hence i am giving a 5 star rating
Dont usually write reviews but I like to say that, You guys have done a good job on making a second season for this game. To be honest, I like the idea of having a second season because I wanted to know more about the after story. It would be even better if you guys would implement a second season for all the other visual novel you people created. If you guys are willing to make a second season for the other visual novels, I'll gladly wait.
Idk how games like this usually works but well.... Just spoilers here: That ending seems lackluster lol...not even like a few dates with the girl you picked like at least three should have been enough.
Great story just didn't like to continue the story you needed tickets but other than that it was excellent.
Please make the story longer for instance show us the wedding and the part when they have children. If you can do that then I guarantee that you would have more than 5 stars if possible 😂
I really loved this game but the downfall is that the premium choices are too expensive.And other problem is that they give only two choices.when it comes to premium choiches it really sucks.It would be really nice if we have three choiches everytime.
I love the story and how it leaves cliffhangers but my favorite part was the end because it ends with happines
I dont wanna make this to long so the characters are amazing i love the story i love the choices for the chats the only thing wrong is in my opinion gems poinys shouldnt be hard to get and i think the options shouldnt cost that much i think it should start at 6 then go to 10 when the options are more romantic and serious but i wanna give it a 5 star also i wish there was a free play after words so you can kinda continue the story and spend more time with the girl you chose at the end.
I really loved this game it was very inspiring and reminds of how much I love my real girlfriend in real life keep up the good games and please can I help with the art style thnx ☺️
I love the story and how it turns out for me. But the only concern about is that the Gems are expensive and as for living in a 3rd world country the exchange is very high for small amount of gem. This force you to answer that you didn't want... I believe in order to enjoy the game for it's fullest it should be free or pay 1 transaction for it to choose all the outcome you want... it should be affordable!
This is a very interesting game, with a believable story, and heart worming characters. I loved this one with my heart, and will recommend it to each and everyone of you.
The game's storyline is absolutely wonderful! I never been so excited for a story game this much! The only con about this game is how you need to pay or wait for a ticket to continue the story. I know that you have to earn money somehow. I would be fine if it was just watching an ad/s. In my opinion, paying in a story game is just absurd. Everything should remain free so the player fully enjoys the game. If the player enjoys it, he can donate. If all these things are fixed the game would be 5/5
Now that I've played season 2, I definitely love this game even more! It was a lot of fun and it was just overall satisfying in some ways too, I especially love all the endings and the basic relationships between you and the girls. This game was made even better and I can't wait till genius inc. does a season 2 for any other games as well!!!!!!
This game is totally legit..... respect for the creator....I love the storytelling and the twists in the story.....what an awesome game!🤩.....But I'm still mad because I have to pay a rubies to do some action😅😅 But it's okey....hahaha I enjoyed it very very much! Thanks for this absolute awesome game👍🏻
Its a very good game, i love the story. The premium sysyem is kind of annoying but at least you can get it by farming, but im having a problem entering. It doesn't enter, the loading appears, and then i go back to my home screen, i did try re-installing it but it still didnt work. Any suggestions?
It's like a good romance anime where you are the protagonist obviously. It has great animation and a good storyline. Just don't get to emotional like me when playing😁
The ending quite sad that we need to choose the girl at the final and broke their hearts. But that's what i like about it. Its gives a tough choice.
I can totally see the plots and knew that it is impossible to find a girl this sweet in real life, even if we take the wrong choice it gets to the right path by itself tho it was a fun experience