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My Prettygirl Story : Dress Up Game , Cute doll

My Prettygirl Story : Dress Up Game , Cute doll for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by FirstFox Games located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't know if this is just my electronic but this game sucks I first got into the game it showed the logo then the screen turned all white my screen started blinking and it took me back to my homepage I uninstalled this game and then installed it again it still did it. Do not get this game if u do u got it just to see a screen blinking. Believe me something is wrong with this app. Please fix these errors and I will tell people to get the app it would be a pleasure. Thanks from Viana Cabezas.
This game is so much better than the others but I think it's kinda like a gacha/lumine copy so I think gacha is still better.
Hello! I would like to report a problem. It's about the game kicking me out. Ever 3 - 6 minutes the game kicks me out. Can you fix it please? ^^ Thank you!~
It's a good app but it keeps exiting. I wish I gave it 0 stars! It keeps crashing and kicking me out! It also glitch.
It was weird I couldn't use any clothes or anything I don't like will/has been uninstalled nothing creepy tho just kinda annoying πŸ˜’. Download if u want
Best story maker ,but please make offline ,if it is offline it is the best app ever . please one doubt how to add the extra pose to main pose box .
I love this game but when I opened it now it said theres abnormal data and am confused and I had to re buy my premium clothing with mileage and 4 of the packs keep saying payment failed I don't know why but plz help me. I have over 4 thousand mileage by the way so idk why it said payment failed
Could you add a story feature where you can add animations, slots for each story you make and narrating. It would make the game more fun. :>
I love your game but can you please have different skin. I would well love it if it have skins tone please. I think the best games.
Hi First Fox! I don't even like this game ( It looks good but......) Like some say it's a Gacha Life rip off. You look like those other games I played before. Try Gacha life/Gacha Club, it looks better. And also, I click the shop, but it's too expensive (it's not custom any more) the only you can custom is hair and eyes. I also don't want to watch ads like the 31 games and others. This is only my opinion. I put only 2 stars.
It is a fun game but there is only one problem there is no variety in race ! I tried to improvise to ask my mom if my character looked like me but it was only the color white skin also the hair has no African American hair for example I have weave Wich is braids and sometimes I have two fluffy ponytails we should also be able to add colors together like my hair right now is black and purple . I am just saying we should have options on the little things like also make up
the adds are a bit much to save something that adds it own water mark plus there shoud be basic poses like sitting and walking poses and this is almost copying gacha life but i guess i would not say rip off its actully pretty good for a basic game and i would rate it 5 stars if you guys add walking poses atleast because i wanna try making mini movies on youtube with this app
Very bad game...it doesent let me play in the past it let me play it was my faverourite game please fix it...who fix's it i will thank you and never hate you :) my one is Android4.2. Symphony tab
Greetings, I played this game when it 1st came out. When I re-downloaded it, it kept kicking me out. Please fix this T-T
Ok I'm not ok. After 10,000,000 years I came back to play this game and 8 saw you have to pay for like everything and it's a rip off of gacha life and ever slow I'm not happy😠😐😴😑
This game is more of a meh the clothes are expensive and about three of them I can't get even if I have enough money. Also when you add a girl character she has no arm! Please fix this!! I really enjoyed this game and I want to play it again. πŸ™
Please fix this problem when I go to the game my ipad turns white than black and I have to keep pressing the home button I use to like this game but now it's like it's broken 😒 :/
πŸ₯°πŸ₯°I like the game thank you So Much for creating the game . The game is Very simple to play...πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Just stop saying that its a gacha life rip off its not, it even came out before gacha life even existed.
This game is so terrible. It's just like the game called Papo world spaceship. My little sister was sooooooooo angry! She felt so angry it's like she wants to break fragle things. Worst game EVER!
The ads are a bit much and there are to little of opinions in this game. It feels like a cash grab to me. The graphics are fine, but they are a bit uninspired.
Can't play without any service. It's very frustrating because I love playing this game offline and online 😒
Cute but its a gacha life rip off. And alot of ads, the quality is TERRIBLE!! No. Just dont get this app guys. 😐😾πŸ₯±πŸ€’
I loved pretty girl games and I felt like playing it after many years. But could I get help because it sends me to my home page on the loading screen that says "Tap to Start" i wish I could play it
It's fine but people call it a gacha rip off. Just because it's a dress up game, it's not a gacha rip off. To be honest , i don't like gacha.
it wont work i downlod it and it goes on a wiyht screen and kicks me off pls make it work cos i love my prettygirls this one looks soooooo good pls Pls get back to me pls
I love this game but it glitches sometimes i dont know if its just on my tablet plss make the game proper
This is the MASTERPIECE they worked hard, this is not a gacha rip off! And also any pretty girl game actually came out before gacha,also the items in the shop was actually easy to get,it's easy to save up 3300 mileage but saving up so much took me only a few minutes. The game didn't crash on my Android (Samsung galaxy tab) there is just way to much ads but I just ignore the ads.
It's really cute and I love the new poses. but you should add poses like sitting, dancing, laughing, and others. Also add stuff like blushing, more eyes, more mouths and more etcs. But most of all thanks for making this game!
Its very nice just unlock everything and more position and add much much more then it will be more fun to other then that it is fun just like gacha life and gacha club☺️
It has some bad spelling when u enter also most the stuff I can't even get! It's just a knock off Gacha Life! Plz fix this game when possible! Ty
I think this is a terrible game it is super glitchy and you have to pay for even one piece of clothing nothing is free exsepet downloading it DO NOT GET THIS APP IF I COULD I WOULD RATE IT ZERO STARS!
I LOVE IT SO MUCH,BUT,do you think you can add a gender choose mode (without paying) add boys to the game and every outfit thst you made for the boys and girls
First of all, I already knew it would be a knock off gacha game so I won't enjoy installing a knock off gacha game, but the reason why I installed it was because I was creating a YouTube vid about playing knock off gacha games, then every time I try to enter, it would just kick me out to my home screen. Please fix this! Ps. While i was reading reviews it said that their were only one skin color, you had to pay for the clothes, you couldn't change the hair color and there were alot of ads.
this game is amazing. trust me. but I do have an idea, why not add a way to edit the skin tone? this would make avatar customization much better. I do hope you add this (if it's not too much)! (Edit 8/5/2020) Due to Covid-19, I have been on this game 24/7. Many people have said this, but I will say it too. 4 items on the shop (Pure Lovely makeup, Cute Chic Make-up, Neat Short Hair and Lovely pigtail hair) I cannot buy due to an issue saying 'Payment Failed' when I can afford it. Please Fix this!
If you bring back the cheap items, I'll make it 3 stars again because the items for coins is too expensive now. Change this or all my friends are deleting the app!
I will give it two star bec when i install this app i was really exited of it to open but when i open the app i see "tap to start" i press that and its come out "nickname" i press that too but my keyboard doesn't me to type.i was really exited of it but my keyboard doesn't show up.