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My Poly Artbook

My Poly Artbook for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Playgendary Limited located at Maximos Michailidis 6 MAXIMOS PLAZA TOWER 3 3106 Limassol Cyprus [email protected]. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
€8 euro a week for premium is ridiculous, its a very nice game but it should be €8 a month at most.
Borderline uplayable with ads popping up every time you finish a section in an image. Not even after you finish each image. There's an ad after every SECTION. This isn't a game, this is more like a collection of ads with a game in between each one.
The games is relaxing and the art is nice. I do have some issues with the numbers however. Some puzzles have numbers that overlap eachother. A prime example is the bonsai puzzle. The shapes overlap eachother and cover the number making it impossible to find unless you randomly place the shape everywhere. There needs to be a further zoom option and shapes that are literally a line of colour should be excluded. You can't even see the number on the shape if it's that small.
Fun and relaxing! The ads after every section are a bit annoying but there is an ad-free version so all is fair. The finished pictures look stunning and I enjoy the process a lot.
I am being charged for this app even though it is not listed in subscriptions. This is a scam. I deleted this app shortly after trying it out and cancelled my subscription. It is not listed in my Google subscriptions, yet I received an email that my free subscription will expire in 3 days and then I will be charged $6.49 month. DO NOT CHARGE ME FOR THIS [email protected] Furthermore I did not even give you one star, it just appeared.
Too many ads all the time. Hate how the boost comes up on the screen all the time, wish I could turn it off. Also wish to shuffle the puzzles, it gets boring because it's to easy.
While I really enjoy the app so far, I wish you could shuffle the order of the pieces as it's kind of too easy to finish the puzzles when the pieces come in numerical order.
It was really fun and relaxing until I open it up and all of my progress reset and it says I have never played before. Very upset. Seeing my progress being completely erased has given me anxiety, so thanks.
The contols are terrible. Every five minutes or so the zoom alters at random and can't be readjusted again unless you exit the picture.
I turned off the sound in the app and turned my phone volume all the way down and turned off all system sounds on my phone...and the app still makes the clicking noise when I place a piece. It's driving me bonkers.
Well if I can get past 5-6 moves without the games freezing up on me then having to back out of the pic I am working on then go back into it.... it would be a very pleasant app.... but as soon as the wand in the upper right hand corner shows up, the game freezes! I haven't even made it to #50, on my 1st pic & I was so aggravated I stopped & wrote this review! Not a good way to get me to pay into an app! And bcuz of this lit'l situation, I probably will never pay into it as I see it as a trap!
It was a good game. However, I opened the game yesterday to find all my progress was deleted. I went through the reviews, and noticed that other people were having the same issue. Please, listen to your consumer base and fix this! It's such a debilitating issue.
This game is honestly amazing, I just started playing the game AND I FEEL ATTACHED TO IT- I just started so I haven't seen any bad things or ads in the game yet. It's really fun and relaxing from what I see. The graphics are beautiful and the different colors are sooooo pretty! So far I just love everything about the game.
Ok, so first of all it is a bit weird you asking to pay money, like when we enter after installing it. It is, well.... not cool. Then after when I again opened the app the second time it took a lot of time to open it . It just showed the pic of the house, you know. And it lags.... A LOT. So after you remove these bugs, I will give you give stars, cause all the bugs aside it is pretty cool.
More/different pics, colors, etc. Would love light, glow & glitch & even glitter filters to enhance pics. Definitely more Asian, Vaporwave & Celtic themes as well :)
It's a lovely game and very refreshing. You don't get tired and the pictures are also very beautiful. Only problem with this game is that after every stage the adds pop up, although they are all skipable but then also it gets a little irritating sometimes. Rest everything is perfect
Great game. I love it. But it caused my phone to over heat alot! Bug needs to be fixed or I'll have to uninstall.
A very fun and satisfying game. The only reason why I have given it four stars though is I am subscribed and so far have seen no new pictures. If more pictures could be added regularly that would be worth the money, time, and five star rating. I know I am not the only one out there so if possible please fix this soon.
Every time I had placed a few pieces, it would stop and nothing would work. I'd have to go out to the page of puzzles and come back in. I'll probably uninstall it.
I've been playing for a couple weeks during the quarantine, and I really enjoyed the app! Super relaxing and fun. But when I switched to my messaging app and came back, the game froze, and when I rebooted it, all my progress was gone. About 60 to 70 pictures, no longer done.
I love this app! I love the quality of art in this app, I find it way superior to any other poly art app. Not only is the art better, so is the way you color it, this app makes coloring their pictures very easy, doing it section by section. Love this app! I definitely recommend that you try this app!
Was not what I was expecting. Instead of normal tap coloring it's a drag and drop the pieces onto the picture more akin to a puzzle. Not really what I was looking for but still a cute game with nice artwork.
I love the game, it's absolutely breathtaking with all its colours and beautiful motifs, but since there are no new pictures getting added, it grows boring very fast! The "daily pictures" are just the same as November and December (doesn't show any more months than that) and we are currently in March?! The Art of the day/week tabs are just switching between pictures I've already completed! The same with "editor's choice".
worst coloring-type app ... limits you to small sections of the picture, ads play between almost every section, at least 4 sections per picture, ads have no "x" to close them, puzzle spaces overlapped with 2 numbers, no choice to restart a picture until it's completed, incessant floating prompt to watch an ad covers the picture, pictures always saved under the same name - requiring renaming of preceding files ... how to describe this app? - fascist, obnoxiously money hungry, idiotic, uninstalled
Was okay until started freezing up every few numbers. Had to keep exiting and re entering. Highly annoying so uninstalled
I really REALLY love this app. The pictures are pretty and the colours are beautiful. The only issue i have with this app is that when you're placing the pieces together you can zoom in and move around the page but when you try and move around the controls are very sensitive so you'll often go past where you want it to go. Other then that this app is brilliant ♥️
Oh my, this is one of the best games ever. I literally play it when I'm scared, stressed or thinking too much. The audio is so calming and beautiful that I found myself falling asleep while listening to it. Thank you and GoOD Job!😅❤❤❤
I want to give this game 5 stars, but there are no updates, new designs and the puzzle of the days are still showing November and half of December. I like playing the game but come on guys keep putting new designs on.
I loved it at first I had many of my completed pictures on there, but on the third day of having the app and I opened it all of my completed works were gone. I thought that was really bizarre . I just did more, third day again they were gone, so I don't know whats going on, and why the keep disappearing.
Would be nice if when you select a number it jumped to correct puzzle section so it would be easier to find
Wouldve been a good app if it would only let you play. Just installed it and it forces me to subscribe to premium without even letting me try to play it.
I really, really, REALLY liked this app. The pictures were all beautiful and I played almost every day for nearly two months, but when I came back today, everything that I had finished was gone, and it said I hadn't done anything. That really sucks since I had done a LOT. At least three a day, again, for nearly two months. It doesn't look like this has happened to anyone else, so that's why I'm only knocking off one star because I really did enjoy my time with the app :)
I love this game! ^_^ But i have a bit problem. It seems that when I have put few puzzles maybe about 8 to 10, it will get stuck and I have to exit the progress and continue it after that. Like every single time. Can you please fix the bug ^_^III Your game is AWESOME and I hope you don't stop it half way.
My Poly Artbook is a great app. I love Poly artwork so this is the perfect app. The creator's of this game did a great job. I love it and recommend it to anyone who loves Poly art.
I think it's pretty good and simple but when the wand pops up you cant do anything and you have to watch an ad when you dont want to