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My Pocket Pony - Virtual Pet

My Pocket Pony - Virtual Pet for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Dio Alias Games located at Cheboksary, Urukova 13, 428000. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It isn't a bad game I just wish the prices on certain items weren't as high. Like a pacifier. Who wants a $250 pacifier!?
I like it cause you can kill them and please add blood and add violence also make that the siblings can kill each other and you can feed them to dogs and throw them out
I love this game l played this game since i was very little and now l play it again l wanted to find that same game l played since l was little and l found it πŸ™‚this is a amazing game for u if your bored and your at home (ofcource everyone is bored cause Quarantine) so stay safe out there! And play this game its coolπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜Š
YOU MUST SEE MY COMMET!!! ITS A BUG!! THERE IS A BUG WHEN YOUR PONY SITS ON TJE TOILET OR IN THE TUB the ponys body splits in half please fix this glitch i dont wanna play if my pony is bugged out :(
Compared to other games I've helped my daughter with this is by far the best.. Easy.. and plenty of options to play with... love the different hair styles and that you can dress them in adorable clothes and the option to add rooms.. and refurnish.. not to mention how simple they've made it to collect coins... πŸ˜‰
THE BEST GAME i love the game i wanted to play another one this i like the best game ever PLAS MAKE ANOTHER ONE thx to the creator I wish I could meet the Creator and again thanks... :D\XD THX SO MUCH sorry im some times shy and excited well im 7 years old I got two brothers two stepsisters and two parents and another one well thats it with my famliy odd but... do you make videos i dont really well tell me what you like well i have 20 friends...alot i know im about to be in 3rd grade luckily :D)
This game is so good bc the pony's health doesn't go down for no reson, it only goes down if you don't let the pony sleep or eat (she will cry if you don't wash her or play with her.
This is a great game because u can make your own pony and take care of your pony and there's a hack i found that was unknown hehehe i'm sneaky hehehe anyway the hack is that when u buy 1 object (like food, toys, etc) and u want that same object u can go to your πŸŽ’ and click the object that u want to make 1 more...u have to click that object two times fast or the hack won't work..U can do that same hack on any object in your backpack (πŸŽ’)....U can also dec and furniture u can't (sadly) buy a car..
soo amazing bc i have been watching my lil pony forever and now a game of it is out i am soooo happy b😁😁😁😁
I love this game but i would really like it if you made more mini games other than paint the pony and i would also like it if you add more furniture but other than that i love itπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
Nice game,but i wish the ponies can grow-up.please make that happen but other then that this is a nice game im sure lots of effort for this game☺
Super cute. The only problem is making a new pony is very expensive, and there's barely any ways to make money. Except from taking care of the babies and mining. It's quite hard, but I really love the game and I know the creators are still trying to make cool games. So I gave it 5 stars.
Pretty cool game but one problem about it that your pony have to take a very long time to grow up so I rate 4
I love it, but I have two suggestions. -I would like to be able to name the pony and choose its gender. -The game description says baby could grow up to adulthood, but from what I see, the pony stops growing to a large toddler. May there be a function where the pony could grow into a child and be able to go to school and you could help with homework. If it grows to teen, it still goes to school, and also has an option to get a part-time job. Anyway for the child to possibly help the family.thx
I love this game it's very relaxing and I have two ponies named Bailey and Morgan but the music is sad and it takes time to make money
this game is weird when i putted my baby in the bath and when i got her out her torso fell apart from her head i putted her down if her torso would come back apart it did not work so i got off the app and then i got back on and her torso was still apart from her head i did not know what to do then so i deleted the app and then so i download it back again i made a new pony i putted her in the bath her torso still fell apart of her head again this can scare a kid plz fix this plz
I love these games and how cute they are i just have one problem and its that its so hard to get money and some things you can buy in the game are really expencive
AMAZING how you can make your own pony and grow it .😍this is the best game ever!!! This game is so good that i always play it
Ponies constantly glitch, break apart, and get stuck in places and can't get them out. One of the ponies keeps dying, despite medicine and shots given. Telling the ponies that they are bad or ugly shouldn't even be an option. Not suitable for a child to play.
I love this game. The pony is cute and sweet. I love this game. But I can't keep taking care of the pony forever. I wish that after the pony grows up we do not have to take care of it anymore. I have already made a pony, and now I want to make a little sister for her. I wish after pony grow up it can take care of itself. Or at least become a pony that can help us take care of her little sister pony. And I need more mini games. Otherwise I would still give that a five star.
It's a lovely game ,but the only problem is that its takes forever to make money,please fix this☺️πŸ˜ͺ
You can put more than one pony in this game.But my only problem is that there is only one minigame.So I want you to make more minigames.If you do,I will rate it 5 stars.
(**A good game for those that are fan's of My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic, and, caring game's!! Pretty good, overall!! I loved it, and enjoyed playing this game, quite much!! Good job!! Have a wonderful day!!**)
I love this game so much . You can dress up your own pet , style hair, pick her ribbons and pick her shoes thank you for this great and wonderful game. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€©
erm ok so basically theres this bug whenever i take them off the bed it legit glitches out and when im dragging it, the body and the head are seperated from each other mind if you fix this?
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It a okay game... But it takes ages to make money it would be lovely if we had more ways to make money... It's kinda hard to say stuff about this cuz its about babies and I don't like them but in this game they are nice and cute! Think wish there were hair styles but I don't care! If you like babies... Sure download it but have making money is hard...
I really like this game. But the thing i dont like about this game is that u can create only 6 ponies and i also wish there were more cutie marks and that winter could actually come there and i wish there were more clothes and you can change the coulors of the clothes and when you buy the clothes they would be permanent but any way i like this game.
VERY NICE BUT I WAS PLAYING IT 10 WEEKS AND THEN IT START ED ALL OVER AGAN FIX IT PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES 😒😒😒😒 it's now fixed thank you best game ever one more thing please remove the time killer
I downloaded this app again to see what everyone is complaining about. It turns out that when you specifically put the pony in the bath tub. It makes the game warp, breaking the ponies head glitch off its torso. The accessories break off and you cannot pick it up. Overall it used to be a great game. But know it's just horrible to imagine the pain the baby is in..
Hi i played this game a long time ago but i just wanted to say that this game is not appropiate for kids like me bc ur pony can die. Yes, it can die. So a long time ago i was making a pony similar to pinkie pie. So i was trying to make her into adult but i kept accidentally killing her then later on, she died. So i press grave thing and press yes to send her to paradise. Id wanna give this 0 star but i can only give it a one sadly. Remove dying feature and ill change my rate to 5. -AestheticDog
I really enjoy this game! But please add more like play online,neighbor,can go to the town and add another game - please add that okay? I'm waiting for it😊
OK so the concept of the game is good but it's hard to enjoy it when legit every 2 mins an advert pops up on your screen. I couldn't even get into the gameplay and actually play it because I found myself watching more ads then, well, playing it. The ads need removing because it's just unplayable like this. And also everytime I turn the music off it automatically comes back on! Finally I read that your ponies die eventually why would u make a game that does that 4 kids!! Needs some improvement!
I love this game this game makes me so happy every time I play it it's like taking care of a real pony is so fun it is my Little pony and my Little pony is my favorite Miss games makes me very very happy and the babies are so cute and get to make your baby's however you want is fun every time I play it I never want to stop playing this game will make people happy Christmas special to me I love it the nice game the game is Victoria fun and I like to keep playing it forever that's why I get this g
It's really cute i love it altho it is expensive to make a new room but other than that it's i great game I'm in love. Very well made.
I LOVE THE GAME tho there is one thing i wanted to be added in this game... I just hope if you can add more minigames? That would be great!
So wonderful! I've always taken care of two kittens (My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom), but I felt like I was missing something. Then I found this game! I thought it was fake, but then I actually downloaded it and oml! It is amazing! I'm a bit sad you don't get to name your filly, but it's fine!
It's a great time killer and the Mini game is pretty fun and entertaining some glitches but this game is great
I have play a game like this home pony . home pony carecter allways cry and disturb the mind So i think lets try another game like that and i try this one and i like it only the problem is that It dont have many miny games this is a very nice game you should try thanks .
It's like taking care of a baby but not real life in a game the way how you make it but it's a little bit like little bit more games on there to play that have like all the colors
I like ro take care of pony games like you make, happy to play your own app. So much work to do for the baby but 2 baby ponies... Bad play! But your game is cool. Btw this is my first pony game i have played.And try to update it too! MAKE IT BETTER! :P
It's a very fun game. The baby is so good and nice and I recommend playing this because it's worth it.
This game was AMAZING (IDC about ads) until my baby got stuck in the tire swing. I put my baby in the pink thing I forgot what it is and then she was swinging on the tire swing, glitching up and down, side to side. It got annoying so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, besides the problem, I enjoyed the app. Btw, thanks for fixing the fatal error thing.
This was my old favorite game from a long time ago and It is fun to play you get to let your pony sleep or clean it or take it anywhere and other stuff πŸ‘πŸ’–
its good just ,there is a glich that seporrates the bottem and wings and the other half is the legs head and mane so please fix that but other than that its good
The game is very cute and you get to grow up your pony you can design your pony to but it's just a bit dark and you can see your ponys death so it's not really much as a kids game
This game is super cute,but some of the things are quite expensive especially making new ponies,please make some new updates
I love to take care of the ponys !I love the fact that while they grow up some stuff becomes unusable just like in real life.
πŸ’–I think that this is the first time I have been playing this game and I... love the way you can play this game and I love the cute little pony well pocket pony mine is called Twilight Sparkle lol πŸ’•β™₯οΈπŸ’žπŸ’–
This game is so adorable! I love being able to take care of little baby ponies! They're all so cute! You can feed them, bathe them, put them to sleep, clean up thier waste, and dress them up! Also, I love the furniture, and the house custimization!
its a little to hard i dont know what to do but i like your game but its not a game i will play make it better beacuse i dont like it that much i am not mean i just dont like it that much beacuse its not even fun cant you make it fun its not that fun beacuse its just takeing care of a baby thats a horse or unicorn just make updates it will make it soo fun i dont know what to say next that if you dont make it fun then im never ever going to play this game for 0 days in this world and im mad
ita nice but theres adds wich when they end it shows me main menu but its very good alot of good features thank u if you fix the problom ( . ). )
I Love Taking care of babies and think I had this game before it was so fun and it has no problem problems
This game was fun at first but then when I was going to throw my pony for fun it disappeared. I tried restarting but still, it isngone
This game, dispite its appearance, is actually quite relaxing. I downloaded it after playing the previous versions and rather enjoy this one, even though there are a lot of ads. The music a soothing, abet a bit bit-crushed, the game is easy to understand and not too difficult to find everything if you explore, and it is MUCH easier to take care of the foal. The game overall is easier than a Tamagotchi, but still as cute.
Its a good game, but I forces adds on you and will stop your game completely. Yes you can exit out of them thank, goodness for that. But that's my only issue with the game.
I hated it the graphics suck you can't really see the pet you can't really do stuff with it and yeah not a great game
it's a very good game, I have played it for a while and started to like it, the ponies are very adorable and I would never forget to play.
Very fun and it actually gives you an emotional connection to the pony your taking care of. Just one request, maybe make other ways to make money cuz currently it takes forever to get money to take care of your filly and decorate your house.
This game is really fun I like it but the music when you turn it off it goes back on but other then that its really fun
This game is so cute and i love it so much! The developers did good on it but theres a lot of ads hut thats the onky thing thats wrong
I LOVE THIS GAME-because its offline and if there's no electricity i still have a game and the characters are so cute so i rate this game 4- stars THIS GAME IS so good and my cousin said can you make them more like adult... and i think so too because their brain is still like babys... they dont think like adults they think like babys....but i liked it
It's nice game better then home pony because you can see how to add a pony but some thing gone tiny wing bit rong that if you want to change your hair stile pony you can't and when you got money you also don't know how to change it but first you can just make a pony named pinky pie that's it😊
i love this game but it looks like the pony only grows to toddler so i think you should be able to buy bigger diapers i mean it makes sense right please I'd like that
The reason I gave it 4 stars: I love it in all but 2 problems...first it costs to much to make a new pony! I also had this and it froze and I swiped it and got back on and it wouldn't let me in please change it but other then that its great :D
I like the game but when I was dressing up my pony I wanted to see what it would look like when I take everything off but then I pressed the accept button then my pony got everything off by accident please put all the things even dresses in there inventory...and please get rid of some of the ads please...but I still really like it.
I love this app ya know! Cause it's so fun! Buy i keep mining for other pony's;-; anyway! This is so fun then the other one! I give it 5 stars and this game is cute just like home pony🀩
It is such a cute game and it is gun how you can take care of your own adorable little pony it has very detailed gameplay and also i hope you guys reach five stars on your game
Good game I guess but you need to lower the Little Prices with the fake money because it takes so long just to save up for something on there
I love this game!It's the best pony game I've ever played!I just want a few things added(1)Could you make it to wear the kids/babies don't have to go to the bathroom to much?(2)could you add wing accecories?(3)Could you add to where you could name them/it when and whenever you want?(4)Could you make things cost less I can bearly work now so I cant make much money so I can bearly afford hair now! You can do 2 or 1 the one I really want is the third one!Please do the third one thanks for reading!
i love this game!! its cute,funny,and i get to take care of ponies thank you for making this game! :3
An add every 5 seconds. It interupts adds to play more addsl No clear directions wear to buy food. Too complicated. Uninstalling.
nice but there's a glitch where after your pony sits on something it gets taken apart it's really disturbing please fix this
Hello! Ur game is fun to play, Ive played this almost for years. But i have to say something- Is that when u play and u create a pony with wings and then u let the pony play outside. it flys aways but it doesnt really bothers me. but i bet its annoying for the others. If u can. Can u fix it? Ty also love ur game !
I dont like this game cuz i played this game a really long time ago and my pony died. Yes it dies. This is terrifying. Im so scared bc i loved my pony and it died. I tried making it a pink pony but for somehow i accidentally killed it. It doesnt have to die. Remove the feature pony can die. Completely useless. Also scary for children. I made another pony today and i might uninstall this app one day. Plz dont download if under 18 or 12. Cuz this virtual per game may sound like its for ages 18+.
it's good but the ads are kinda annoying, there alot and they keep popping up Everytime I enter A building. The annoying part is when I sometimes watch an ad it glitches out and doesn't give me my reward. but besides that is fairly easy to get money and the gameplay is great, just be patient with the ads and maybe add less please?
Hahaha it's actually really cute if the pony dosen't die. Otherwise really good game. I used to play it back in 2019 and me and my sister had a good laugh.
This is a great game I had to delete it one time because I didn't have any space on my Android iPad and when I install it again right now remind me of minty( minty is a pony that I made in my pocket Pony) minty was the first pony ever made!😒😒😒
Why are there so many ads for adult agenda in a childrens game? Please remove ads! I saw ads for hardware and business content constantly. Please fix this when you can!