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My Pocket Girls

My Pocket Girls for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Vozart Holding LTD located at Arch. Makariou III, 155, PROTEAS HOUSE, 5th floor, 3026 Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The voice acting is HORRIBLE, the girls aren't cute and the little blonde girl, the only cute one, is locked and u have to buy to unlock her. Its dumb. Not only is the voice acting bad, but theres no choice to turn it off๐Ÿ˜ก I'm disappointed
Pretty great fun and makes me happy to make others happy (even fake people) but anywho there is a glitch with the tasks not being able to be collected and the air hockey game and tennis game with Yuna seems to break the game. Othen then that, Good Job!!
Just make the download do it for once, not for once u open a new thing like task or job, u already download the content and then u download again for another content, that's just bad.
won't even load just get stuck on authorisation with a blank white bock and loading circle, I've clear off all other active apps and my ZenFone 4 max isn't a low grade phone so spec wise can and does handle more demanding games
Very fun game to pass the time. My only small issue the girls seem to have more than 1 voice actor. Although it's not annoying where it runis it, but feels like a nuisance when you notice it.
It's a good game. There's fun mini games, outfits and most items are free. Although i do have one problem. When I get crystals as rewards, it doesn't add it. It's stuck at 2 crystals. It would be great if you could find a way to fix this issue.
Fun and quirky little game, i appreciate the option to grind for cosmetics instead of forcing the player to buy them like 90% of other mobile developers. I liked the voice acting too it makes the game different from other anime-ish games!(black jack is broken tho ๐Ÿ’€)
Great. In my earlier review I said you dont have to pay for anything. I think its just the extra outfits that come in a pack. One funny thing I noticed is that the girl will send you notifications telling you they miss you or something.
On my device the game with bricks in unplayable due to me being able to place blocks at the very far right of the game cause the tick button is off screen.
I will rate a five star if I can ever play it as soon as I pick a name it says loading goes all the way to 100% 4/4 but then reatarts the app it never loads the room.
Mini games with a hot girl in the homepage where you can tap her so that she can talk trash or any other messy things. It is not bad though, just when the lady asked if I want to stay to play a mini game, I answered no, then she did not reply to me anymore. I did not like that. This lady's a b*tc*. That is what popped into my mind. She has full stats that time. Happy metter is full. I did not play one game and that's it? So I let go of our relationship and uninstalled. XD fun but not my cup of t
The gameplay is unique...but so small things to do...i really liked your artstyle... But the gameplay doesn't feel real..and pls ad a button for game saving...i might play again if the game become better...and Japanese voice cover would have been nice too
it's not bad. The mini games are very repetitive though and don't pay out enough to make playing them seem worth it. Also, it would be nice if there were a button to hide the user interface so we can see the whole picture without obstructions. I like the game, please continue to improve it. :)
I'm already played this game and download the room.. And suddenly no internet connection but my internet is fine, and i need to re download again the same room, again and again.. Fork off, its not worth it.. I hate it when it need to re download
Like the game, but the voice acting is horrible, sorry to say, anyway to turn the voices off? Also, do you have any more content planned for this game?
At level 23 with yuna but the date game is too random. Maybe make it easier the higher level you are like she is 'trying to win' but is purposely trowing the game? Oh and also need something more after unlocking the bedroom cuz it's pretty much like everyother room. Nothing special. Otherthen that pretty good game.
Just stuck on the loading screen no game or anything it gos to 100% then nuthing happens just at the start of geting in the app
Overall very good and fun game. I don't understand people that complain about the diamond and coins since they are very easy to get just by doing simple tasks which I think resets every day but the only problem I have is that I am stuck on the date with the blonde girl. After I collect 8 blue squares and 10 green ones it just does nothing and I can't do anything else than leave to do it all over again for the same result. I'll give a 5 star when it's fixed. EDIT: the date glitch has been fixed!!
Decent dating sim. Has many different mini games each with upgrades. Also has many unlocks and doesn't force you to pay to win (although it's an option). The English is a bit hard to understand in certain spots but overall, not that bad.
Game is great but there are some repeated dialogues. Also, I want you, guys to add few more dialogues after refusing a game for any girlfriend. Mainly - Fix the bug for Pizza Delivery where money income resets after level 15 Thanks
I like the game. But there's bug with Izumi. It's like i can't raise her level beyond level 2. The XP meter doesn't rise. An Artificial Intelligence free chat option would be awesome. But then you would have to beef up cyber security. Because of the bad hackers finding vulnerabilities. it's unfortunately that they do that. On many AIs.
I deleted the game a while ago and made progress, after redownloading the tasks missions are bugged to where I cant complete the "get to level 3" mission because I loaded the game with characters at level 5 and 6 Other than that it's a good game with good sprites
Sorry i can't give this game 5 star because after i choose character, at the loading screen freez and it say no internet error, please solve this problem asap or i uninstall, that all i want to say..
I wanna rate the game, but it won't even start up. It tells me you've successfully logged in, but doesn't change off the load screen
More talk will be good.They talk less.more santances.Upgrade the game although It is good.Make a talk space like talking angela.
the game was great, but wouldn't it make the game much more greater if the game has no timetables? cause it's more fun than having to follow the girls schedule and plus some other players have a schedule that will make a conflict between the game and their own schedule which in the end would make them lose the game, leave the game hanging or to stop playing and uninstall it. so please take away the timetable/schedule.but the jobs has low income
For some reason it kept restarting on me. What I mean is that when I leave it how's back to the beginning like when you start ( sorry it's sounds dumb) like over again. But I like the game. :( I'm sorry it sounds dumb.
For some reason I can't buy anything in this game. Either coins or crystals. Whenever I'm going to buy something it price says $0 USD. And when I pick what I want to buy nothing happens
Do I Have To Download The Additional Resources To Make It Offline?Please Reply I Will Give It A 5 Star If It Can Be Fully Offline
Fyi my phone has 16 gb tank u very much, i downloaded this game and it stuck on one screen only it jus kept loadin. My internet speed and my memory is up to date. My phone has the latest android system app too so how can u say my phone has 1 gb memory and u know ntn about my phone?. Every other latest game download n giv no prob on my phone smh. I will download ur game today and try again. Next time suggest other way instead of saying my fone has low storage plz
I understand the need to download files for the game to work, but why does the app insist it be allowed to monitor and make phone calls on my phone? Ain't happening. Go phishing somewhere else. App appears to be an identity theft tool. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
This game is honestly great, buuuut their are some complaints like how I have to grind coins just to open a room or get a costume so I think to player gets given 25,000 free coins so their is no grinding at the beginning and make some of the prices lower like instead of 2500 try idk 1500, and make costumes cost affinity so that's theirs a reason to play those stupid love games or whatever that raises the affinity meter, and please change like every minigame to have better controls please?
This game should be in the guinness world records for a app that too much downloads brooo the app is 100+ mb and then while im playing the game why i should download the games map and the girls? This game is trash!!!
This game is not free, it cost 2 dollars to buy crystals to unlock your first girl. If your going to charge people to play this game then you should tell them before they download it.
Graphics are really good and girls decently drawn. Opening art is great. Gems are fairly easy if you unlock VIP for just 4.99. Just earn money & get green baloons. Fairly easy to play. The 3 girls (imo): Naoka is childish & bratty but probably the cutest. Yuna is sweet & dreamy & best personality. Izuki is mature but seems pretentious & bitchy & to me is a bit unlikeable. Complaints would be that there's no "view screen" option without UI for screenshots & Filing job minigame is way too fast.