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My Plant

My Plant for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Vegst. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really had some fun but you can only grow one kind of plant and that plant is yours forever and I couldn't water my plant which frustrated me a lot.
For some reason mine is all over the place with the image layers, his face is all over the screen in pieces, the widow is half on the screen and it's got random squares on it. Maybe something went wrong in the download?
I like the look of the game and I liked the initial goals but it would be nice for an update with additions to the game. I seem to be at a standstill, unable to advance any further. Also, the leaderboard won't load, anymore. I hope to see changes, in the future! Thank you!
It's stopped crashing and the additions to the store are great, but my score doesn't update anymore. I really like this game, but it's just been really buggy since the update.
I like the game. But...am I the only one..the old guy makes me so mad? Why is he so rude? I'm trying to find peace with this game and I have a rude cartoon man yelling at me. Dom
first after time the game is weird georges mouth fell of second the game is not much fun add more features
I love this game even my 11 year old and my 2 year old loves this game. But neither of us know what to do with the gloves and how to give the plant love. But this is the only plant I can keep alive. Please tell me what the gloves are for and how to give love.
The man in store is so rude! He says "return with coins next time!" Or "Get lost!" And other rude stuff. Plz just fix this and give him a nicer mood. Also, I think he looks weird. Plz fix that thanks
i cant login because it wont let me do the @ sign so pls fix that pls and also the glitches, i cant play it because the glitch makes the shop guy look weird and i can see the back of the pictures
I love myPlant, it have given me a reason to wake up in the morning and given me someone to love. I don't know where I would have been whiteout it!
Once you reach 100 meters, nothing to look forward too... This must mean it's completed & now for uninstall?
It quit giving me snails for days so then i tried re logging in then after I did that the snails were back but my plant was only 4m when I was already to 18m and the items I bought recently were gone. Also i think it doesnt fit the screen it doesnt show the ends of branches only about hslfway out. And the shop man is too grouchy.
I uninstalled this straight away because one the man at the shop is just mean two the man at the shop is creepy and three that it is not helping with relaxation like AT ALL! Do not DOWLOAD u get nightmares!
When i return to the shop, and when i put put out a purse there, the old guy says "No money no buying." Or "Get lost! " so rude... i mean if this guy were so unfriendly, whp would wanna play this game? 😠😡😡😤😤
Definitely a work in progress. One thing to work on is the speed of things. Such as how soon it needs watered again. Also if snails give you money make it a skill flick thing to get the money. Otherwise they just go anywhere which is annoying.
I'm giving this one star because it wouldn't even let me register my plant. If you're going to make a game at least do it properly.😑
Its very glitch graphics, the voices are creepy, but like the ides of the game. It just needs lots of improvements to do.
It is a grate game but I took a star off for the weird guy that just walks into your house! Creapy! Also he sais "roar!" When you dont have enough money to buy something. Also he hates me.
Very simple and sweet game: fertilize, water, revive pests, get new tools,watch it grow. Only word thing is the seemingly random but useless gloves that don't seem to do anything. Perry well put together game, otherwise. I really enjoy it to pass the time.
Would rate more but it won't let me register I tried like 6 users and phone number and it won't take email
I really don't like the fact that it's really hard to register your plant and it doesn't tell you what you did wrong, or how to fix it.
Its pretty good. Would like it if the flowers turned into fruit and you could sell the fruit. Would also like it if the windows would go away after it gets big enough
The game is nice if you want a pocket plant to care for. It would be nice though, if the game wouldn't crash. Also, why cant I see my plant anymore? When I started in the afternoon, it was next to the crashes working fine, but now the plant has disappeared and the are crawling around in the nowhere :/
I don't like the man. I wish he wouldn't make noise at all its creepy he don't talk just grunts.... also he's like ur best friend then goes bipolar on u in the store. I don't get it. This game makes me nervous
Added this game cause it said it was relaxing and helps with anexity.. guess it was just a paid promotion from nonplayers because the man at the shop ruins the whole experience, he is so rude and just meam.
i would give it 5 stars but the old man is creepy and mean i dont know why you wont change it to a nice old sweet lady instead since so many people have complained about it already
If I could give it a lower rating I would. Just an all around boring "game". Slow as hell. Dont waste your time.
the game is amusing but the fact that you can't register your plant is incredibly annoying. I'd change the rating is this was fixed, but based on other reviews- I don't think it will be fixed anytime soon :(
This is a cute game with a sort of creepy guide character, I love to see how much it's grown since I've last seen it it. The button that let's you see other plants is broken though and it deleted most of my progress without giving back my coins. Other than that this game is great
i think my plant glitched out, it wont show the top and middle parts of my plant anymore. also i can't register no matter what i put
I really like this game! Great for relieving stress. But I do not understand what the gloves are for, or the jar in the shop. Please, if you know the answer, tell me.
Love the game and it's really interesting so far :-) George has a creepy laugh ^^ it's fun to play and fun to watch your plant grow
This mans chin is detached from his head, I'm not sure if it's because of a glitch or the kind of device I'm using but please fix it?