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My Planet

My Planet for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Brandon Stecklein located at PO Box 382 Spring Hill, KS 66083. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the game is very fun but i would really like it if you could add were there's a heaven and some people come to heaven that's my only wish
He did it! He created the dumbest thing on the entire world wide web! I hope he poops his pants for having made this game. Ugh!!!!
Its a pretty good game, but I have 2 suggestions. 1: a sandbox mode 2: something to automate the rain and sun, probably has to be unlockable somehow.
Sun bar refuses to move...I've had the sun out for 2 days with no change. ALSO, for whatever reason supplies stopped being registered as "sent" to the moon and that whole population died. It's a shame, such small bugs that can be EASILY fixed are killing any sort of fun this app offered. Fix this.
When you start new planets maybe different land formations and perhaps allow planets to war with each other
Your game is ok but it needs like better graphics add more god powers allow us to see the people and move them just like a god would do make the game more realistic ok
Cool little game. now much you can do really other than watch bars go up and down, and when you're playing it can feel a bit of a grind. would be cool if there was much more customization and things to do
Good game but I can't keep up on both of my planets, for some reason my first planet kept dying and my second planet was doing good, can you please set the stats of each planet fill at the same time?
I give it 5 star because this game has a potential Idea: 1.redraw the graphics 2.zoom option to see what happening in the world 3.add a zombie apocalypse 4.add a alien apocalypse 5.i will say it again redraw the graphics Dont abandoned this gamed it has too much potential
The moon consumes supplies way too fast, when I supply it there's no supply, thee might be only a little bit but it's gone so fast
Pretty good, although the game could use some balance. when I ended up making a moon base, it seemed to take all my god points to maintain it. Also some things like 15 God Points for 20 people is very week and should be at 1 at most. Finally I think that the Experience generation should be modified somehow on your current population / ammount of people you have to insentivise keeping a good growth
fun to play if you dont do anything in your life. its not really real time play if people who work come back everyday with a dead world.
love the concept but eventually it stopped letting me send supplies to the moon and all the people are dying. It took the points but it didn't send any supplies to them. I'm honestly mad I was happy to have the moon full of life and you starved them all and waisted my points if this doesn't get fixed I'll never play this game or recommend it again.
The game is mostly good, however it suddenly started to stop sending supplies to the Moon when I tapped the button; as in, it stopped filling up the meter. If it wasn't for this issue, I would give this game 4-5 stars.
Great idea! I've dabbled in coding a bit so this is awesome to see. It's simple and fun. I wish faith had a bit more of a role. Maybe in achievements?
my planet is god for the planet because the god can be incernase by longgggggggggg time then expand ur game with gods and this rate is good for others
I give 3 because it's okay it would be better it there was more to do. Like zoom more add ons to planet, make the moon more easy to keep going, special features buildings styles colors, type of religion, what the people look like and some of the things they do. Put years how long the civilian lives. More ways to watch the people on the planet move around, more animated functions and more colors. Add a few government options maybe even have the option to make the ppl make their own kingdoms
its a great game but can you make it so that when I exit the app it auto pauses if you do I will give 5 stars
Plaese add multiplyer to the game but it is a very good game just make multiplayer please and make like planet war like you can play on ladders
Sick of coming back to nothing, and the game still running even WHEN I PAUSE IT! I can't play 24/7. Change it and I'll rate 5 stars easily....
i had fun with the game but i did one game. thats because i have no idea how to gain vegitation so people just died and no one went to paradise ☠😢
I can play this game for hours non-stop! This is such an attractive game! Thank you! By the way, what is the max number of People you can get on a single planet?
I'm sry to say this but the game does not open up plzzz fix I only rated this cause it said no way loser so I wanted to be nice I'm not mean
sorry but no good, i don't see how to play this game. i also don't see any options but sun and rain and no way to increase vegatation, graphics could also use a lot of work. can't see your people or the planet except from space and the planet doesn't seem to change no matter what you do with it,
When i was gonna play my colony i saw this game and i thought it was cool but when i played it it was super laggy fix this and ill change my rating 2 five worst of all ads are steady and the most worse one is at the middle of my gameplay i get kicked out of da game do what i say FIX IT
4 Star because in all night its still continue i mean night in real day but maybe sometimes i downlod this game
It was ok at first but after i got my second planet things started to get annoying. Wish you could pause one world when your messing with another one.
I love this game u get people so fast but I wish I could see your people and control them but there's not much things u can do with your god powers and the rain the sun that's all u can do to your planet make it day and night and make it rain oh and if u could add instructions how to make more planets I would love that oh and I love this game just a reminder but I love this and thank u for making it I love this game by.and person u press the speed up button and u need sun and rain well u welcome
It's an okay game but it gets really boring a few seconds from playing it, adding new content would be great it's good to take inspiration from other games and at the same time making it unique but in this state it can get boring the moment you first start playing 5 seconds of it
It was good at the beginning but the game wasn't as content full as I was expectecting, it got a bit dull after 20 min of sitting their waiting.if it's an idle game then put idle in the name.
Good game at start but when you send colonies to moon after a few thousand people supplies are going down too fast! It costs one god power to send supplies but Supplies gone - 10 Seconds 1 God Power - 20 Seconds About 20k people die and its impossible to play Otherwise 5 stars but that its killing the game
This game is stupid it's dumb I can't get humans on my planet not even one or two and for some reason it won't pause so I gave it one star if you can fix all of those stuff that or get you to all 5
It's good, I think you did a good job. remember, don't give up keep making changes to the game. then trust me people will really start to play. This game could be the new fortnite XD Ps. I absolutely hate the game fortnite, just a little fyi
It's a good game I just feel like theres always more potential in games like these like there should be a game that you can colonize different planets in different galaxies, build up a space force and go to war with other planets but theres only so much you can do on mobile games
Why is the game Glitchy because even if i did not make it rain the water bar adds up even id i make sun nova it still add up this is the worst game fix it and i will lik it
i really love this game. however i got a new planet, but when i would use the sun on the nwq planetb, it would use the sun on my old planet. killing its pop.
a awesome time killer but the only thing I ask is quests for more items and a free roam on the planet so you can see what's happening but other than that I strongly recommend anyone and everyone to try this app very creative!