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My OldBoy! - GBC Emulator

My OldBoy! - GBC Emulator for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fast Emulator located at 30255 1st PL S Federal Way, WA. 98003. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I got to play the pokemon games that I grew up on. The only downside is that you have to download the games from third party sites.
Probably the best Game Boy emulator out there. Hands down. I'd recommend just paying for it to remove ads. Or you know. Find an apk online.
Pretty good emulator to use to run all my GB & GBC ROMs on my tablet. Controls are customisable & can be mapped for just about any wireless controller. Graphics match those of a real GBC pretty well. The colour palette feature for the older GB games to mimic the one that the GBC has for them is another plus. The only problem I'm having is with sound emulation. Music and sound effects can be heard, but voices cannot. Some games have voices that, with this emulator, are practically inaudible.
I was shot and killed by a swat team for pirating 20 year old games. Worth it. In all seriousness this app is great, definitely worth the $3.99 ($4.99? I can't even remember how much it costs). The controls layout being customizable is a huge plus, and the "cheat" code system is simple and easy to use. I hear its it's possible to do local online multiplayer, which I'm definitely going to have to try out asap.
For those who want to do patching: hold down on the gbc file you want to run and select patch. Your patch file must have the same name as your gbc file. Hope this helps
the emulation is great, but i have an issue; it burns the still image of the controllers, on my screen, so now i see them after im done playing. if developer could do something to prevent this, like an option to make the collors of all the controllers cycle continually, or something else, this would be a great.
does exactly what it says the ability to cross two games over to trade things by yourself (pokemon from red to blue) without the use of another device is brilliant..
I know I done said this about the other App "My Boy!" but this applies well for both!! It's one of my FAVE Emulators for your Phone 'cause there's a "Link Cable" feature 1st time ever seeing it on GB/GBC Emulators Seriously!! I Just Love it!! - Chief, $avage FoX 🦊
I got this to enjoy the original Pokémon red & blue again. Plays really well and all the awesome glitches of gen 1 are still exploitable. However the only the thing stopping me from giving this a 5 star is the local link function... It crashes the emulator without fail having two games up and linked them. So no Pokémon trades and fortunately.
Emulator works flawlessly. Frame rate never dips and customizable control layout and turbo buttons are a lifesaver. Some improvements could be made to raise app to 5 stars. Add ability to sync saves to Google Drive. Add toggle buttons so you don't have to hold down certain buttons and add ability to have duplicate buttons on-screen to make playing games with a mouse easier. And add option so that pressing fast-forward button increases speed by 1 step e.g. 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 1x, etc.
Best emulator for .gb and .gbc ROMs (not included, for legal reasons) and fan-made ROM hacks (modified games). Includes all the features you could need for an emulator except one: the Google Drive save-syncing feature that has existed for years in the "My Boy!" GBA emulator by the same developer. That is the only reason this gets 4 stars from me, not 5.
Great emulator. One problem with it though. My battery saving mode will change my screen resolution, and whenever that changes all my button layouts get reset. Reverting the resultion does not restore the layouts. Chromecast support would be awesome, too.
you can play any gameboy game, of course touch controls just aren't the same, but your still playing the same games
It's a perfect replica of the old Gameboy! Been playing Pokémon Yellow and excatly the same way feel like playing old school retro like I have on me my old Gameboy. 5* would definitely recommend to anyone who's wanting to play old school Gameboy games! (Just wish they were more explanatory about how to install or obtain the Gameboy game files) as I spent nearly 30 minutes tryna work out how to obtain a Gameboy game file onto my emulator but had help from a friend eventually so all good!
This emulator is great - doesn't seem to drain the battery, is very responsive, and the ability to speed up or slow down game play is really very useful.
GB Palette option literally does nothing. I only bought this so I could easily do gameboy camera pictures with the classic green color scheme. But the option to actually have to original green color literally has no effect no matter what color I change to. I'll gladly give it a 5 star when this issue is fixed.
A perfect GB/GBC emulator. Playing through the old Pokemon games, I can boot up two separate games and trade locally between the two. A huge money saver if you just want to play the games. Customisable controls that can be moved for finger comfort. Handy, built in save/load system. Fast Forward function, cheat insertion. Runs flawlessly. It's got it all. Well worth the money.
Why, oh why, can't I load roms from an SD card? Is there ANY reason why this emulator won't scan my SD card or let me manually browse for files on my SD card??? I don't want to store my roms on my internal storage but this emulator won't work any other way.
The people who put "1 star" obviously have no idea how to run an emulator. If you put in a cheat, and the game crashes, it was a bad cheat code. All emulators require you to download roms. I've ran every single game that I could think of from my childhood, and not 1 failed to play. Ive used hundreda of cheats on thus emulator and they all worked as long as the cheat wasnt bad. Not 1 game crash that wasnt caused by something that I did. VERY GOOD EMULATOR. All the 1 star reviews are from ignorance
Brilliant app. So simple to play and the controls are in a good position in both land scape and portrait. Jumps into the old GB games really quickly. Can't recommend this enough if you like your classic games. I personally paid for it because the developers need a pat on the back.
The finest GBA emulator! I do have a couple of suggestions though relating to input: -It would be nice if you could change the buttons to be toggled. This would really help with platformer games; it is hard to run and jump at the same time. -I'd recommend allowing people to change the color of the virtual buttons. The turbo buttons in particular are red, which doesn't really show up well if you have blue-light filters enabled on your smart device. Overall, great product!
Great overall emulator, my only gripe, I can't get the Gameboy camera emulation to work, I'm not sure if it's because of the devices I've tried it on but It would be nice to know the minimum requirements for it, or if I've just not figured it out.
Works pretty good, but could use some options in the cheats section. For example, the ability to send a cheat to the top of the list and drag to reorder would be quite welcome. Many codes are also very similar, so it would be nice to be able to have a duplicate option as well to quickly make and edit these extremely similar gameshark or other codes.
Great ulator, has every feature I could ask for. Paired with a Bluetooth controller its just like playing the original games
App works very well and the controls are very flexible. One thing I would recommend is the ability to apply custom skins to the background to make it look like you're holding a Gameboy. This app would be five stars if it had that.
The down button didn't want to work. Reset the game. Nothing Reset the button mapping. Nothing Tried to load the game again. Nothing
It asks me to buy the full version, but there is no full version to buy, so I seem to be stuck with a limit on certain features. I dont understand.
4 stars cause I would love to e able to rotate the camera when using the gameboy camera other wise this emulator is amazing
I love this app. I've owned it for years and always works. The paid version is worth it and the creators deserve it!
Could use some updating. Works well, thoug Weirdly its screenshots via the internal function look corrupted when I tweet them and try to see them there. Not sure how or if maybe the png have something to them to make it weird. Pixel 3a.
It does everything I want an emulator to do, and that little bit more! Worth the purchase just to replay my childhood. Better with a controller due to my dislike of touchscreen controls, but that works perfectly too!
I love My OldBoy! because I can relieve my favorite Pokémon games at any time without worrying about AA batteries or lugging my laptop around. I've never had any problems with it not working, and I've been using it for years. All my games run great.
Love it created a local hackmon league with pokemon red and blue with this app and pikasav were league members can create there own custom pokemon based on well what pikasav has to offer no my league isn't a cheatmon league we just create more interesting pokemon...
Finally, a GB(C) emulator that also emulated all of the missing functions others don't have, such as the camera, printer, wireless "link cable", rumble pak and tilt motion support. However, you left behind the ability to switch between front and rear cameras, as well as the infrared port.
The functionality is the best but why does the app request to access my Google account? That's pretty suspicious!
This is one of the beat emulators I've ever used. there are very few things i would change or add and they are just aesthetic changes.
Super good app to play old games with this. I don't know if it's my game problem or it's the app problem but when I traded my Nider to a NPC (this is Pokemon Green), it like glitches. I can't find a solution to this problem so if you can help me that'll be great.
I have purchased this but can no longer download it to my phone. I have had it downloaded to this exact phone many times but now I am unable to download it. Any other app on the store downloads within 5 seconds, this app just says installing forever.
I got this for the pokemon games. Works very well. You can trade pokemon just need the free one on another phone and have all the same pokemon roms. And you can link up from red to blue or crystal to gold or what ever color you want. Thank you for this app. Keep up the good work!!!!
Love both your gameboy and the gameboy advanced emulator and paid for them for no other reason but to support your work. Would be 5 stars but im currently getting a glitch where ever so often the screen flinkers horribly and i have to restart my device to fix it. Could you fix this issue please.
More fun than Mobile Game Apps. All of the extra featured are well worth the one-time. payment of a couple dollars.
Why is it asking me to buy the app when I already paid for it!? I'm just trying to download the app to my tablet because I broke my phone. I love the app, it lets me play games from when I was in elementary. It's a great app, but, I'm not buying the same app twice!!
Great emulator, but I have to manually search for a game each time; it won't automatically detect any roms. Also, I have to exit the app and start it each time to pick another game.
Love the app. Purchased it. Disappointed it is making me repurchase it to redownload after I had to factory reset my mobile phone. Same account. Same email. Same phone. Same everything. It appears in my downloads. I paid for it once, I shouldn't have to pay for it again.
Honestly, Bomb! One thing I am not able to do is Card Pop on PTCG - Pokemon Trading Card Game or Link up Properly in any way with a friend. Also learned that this is not the latest version.
I can't get the link function to work on any setting with friends sat next to me or on different WiFi. Bluetooth or WiFi. I would really like someone to explain to me what I'm doing wrong but there dosnt seem to be many options :/ would like to trade on pokemon
My MOST Favorite GB/GBC Emulator 4 Android 💯 Percent!!!! Easy & Simple 2 Use & As Far As I Know It Is The Only GB/GBC Emulator 4 Mobile That Supports The Multiplayer Function Which Easily Makes It THE SINGLE MOST BEST Out On Android & Mobile In My Opinion! Seriously!! ❤️ I Highly Recommend Paying 4 Pro Or At Least Try It Out!! 7/5 Stars All The Way!! -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-⭐⭐- 😂 - El Savage Fox 🦊
I bought this because I thought "Wi-Fi (Server)" would let me host a server for anybody to join. Because that would make sense. But it only lets you host a local wi-fi server for people on the same network. Why can't I use my device's IP instead of my local one and host a server anybody from anywhere can join? Extremely misleading. I paid money on the BASIS that I would be able to host an online server. I feel I was scammed.
is there a decent website to download roms to play every where I go it's either the game is no longer available or when I go to open the file it says there's nothing that can run it on my phone and to open the store to find an app that will yet brings me back to this same app. So far it seems pointless to have paid for this app
It's awsome but I have one problem when I press fast forward on the game I am playing,the game music and sound goes away and when I turn off fast forward the sound comes back.
Amazing emulator, though I can't get it to run in Super Game Boy color palette mode with the custom border for certain games I thought it could do it it supposedly emulates the Super Game Boy but all it does for me is make it Greyscale, I'd rather just run it in GBC mode with a specific palette if SGB doesn't really do anything. EDIT: Figured it out, had to restart the app for it to work.
I liked the free so much I bought it. Normally I used VBA on my PC, but for Android this is the best. Better even than VBA, in some ways, like saving naturally instead of save states, and easy multiplayer.
Fantastic emulator, games run so smoothly and has all the features I could ask for. Also works great with my bluetooth controller, which makes the experience even better!!
It is a nice emulator that I've been using for long time but I noticed that My Boy has a sync with cloud function and My OldBoy doesn't have it. I've lost an entire Pokemon game save today and I was looking a way to keep it safe on a cloud in someway. Would be nice to have that option here as well.
Easy to use, wide range of settings to help configure to your comfort of playing style or visual aid. Haven't had a game not be able to play through this emulator. Worth it.
Game refuses to hide navigation bar, taking up way too much screen space. All of the other GBC emulators work fine.
Used to be able to trade between phone emulators and save files. Now you cant. F#$%ing garbage. I paid for this app and am extremely disappointed. Not sure why you chose to stop supporting link play but it was the stupidest decision you have ever made.
Let me start off by saying I'm loving the app only one thing I've found wong is "local link" doesn't seem to be working (playing Pokemon Yellow trading to Blue but I've also tried Blue to Red and Red to Yellow with no luck) and it just crashes the second instance fix this and I'll give it the 5/5 it deserves
Great app thats easy to navigate and runs everything super smooth and the file size for the app is tiny
Used to work great, now I can't select my micro SD card as the storage after upgrading to a bigger and better card. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S20. Literally every other emulator except for these let me choose the micro SD.
Love this app! The only thing I don't like is that it saves a screenshot to my phone everytime I create a save state or write over a save state. I have to keep going in and deleting them everytime I use the app.
I really like this emulator because its so simple to use and it allow you to also use the camera for the gameboy camera a feature which all emulator are missing but this one is the best its worth the money
Works great if you can still find some roms that aren't containing a virus or hack. Plus it's an app without ads, unlike 96% of the apps on the play store.
I bought this today, and it seems pretty good so far! Now, is there a way to get a more accurate screen colour? The default colour mode is a sort of brown, while my actual DMG (fat) Game Boy screen is a lot more green, and my Game Boy Pocket's screen is more of a grey. I tried the included colour modes, but none gave the desired effect.
Its awesome but the faster gamespeed ability has spoiled now i cant play on normal speed but i still want to hear the music audio at regular speed, is there a way you can make it possible to keep the audio speed normal but just increase game speed instead? That would be perfect.
Downloaded my first game, used the app's save function and it didnt save anything. I wasnt too far in though so not a terrible loss, but in another circumstance this could be resolutely devastating. Otherwise I like the app. EDIT: I didn't look in the right place, so my save file was there. 5 stars!
Everytime i try to battle over link cable wifi or bluetooth they dont work they always lose conection after one or two moves and the internet is fine.
TOO EXPENSIVE! It's good, but the only thing I wanted was GB Camera and Printer support. $4 for that is steep when there are other options that I prefer overall, some of which are totally free. Also hasn't been updated IN OVER TWO YEARS!
This is awesome. Can play all my gameboy games that i played as a kid finally. Plus you can also use gameshark cheat codes for when you get stuck and frusterated lol
Runs great! My only problem is that I can't figure out how to link to other games- either my own or someone else's (I use it for Pokemon games, so this means I can't trade). But my friends who have this app can do it just fine, so it might just be something wrong with my phone. Just be aware that it will eat your phone battery while playing.
Won't run GB games in GBC mode. You either get monochrome color scheme or Super GB colors but you cannot run them with the GBC color scheme. I want my games to look how I remember them as I grew up playing Pokémon Red and Pokémon Gold on the GBC, not a Super GB through a SNES. Please make this option work. The option is there but it simply doesn't work.
Love this app! The only thing I don't like is that the app saves a screenshot of my game everytime I create or overwrite a save state (in which I have to manually delete from my photo gallery app).
Bugs out a lot, save states get randomly deleted and have to force reset the app every time I want to open it as it goes berserk and can't select game whenever I open it without resetting. Is a newer issue as I've had this app before and on previous phone and no problems. Not sure why it's doing this now. Hopefully will be fixed soon. Otherwise is a great app from before
Emulated is good but the Pokémon trading feature is not working. I bought the paid version for that purpose. 😔
Best GBC Emulator on Android. Shader support, highly customizable controls, 100% external controller support, and solid emulation all make this my choice for playing GBC games. I would like to see an option to make it look exactly like you're playing on an OG Gameboy.
Really great app for playing old games on! I have not found any bugs and it never crashed while I was playing.
I really like this, it's great nostalgia to play these games again, such great memories. Also what's the game that's in the pics?
Great emulator the issue comes with it hasn't been updated in 3 years and the trade function is now broke. I looked on line and found that it has been broke for even longer the the last update.
Works perfectly, I tested a few GB emulators and this is my favourite due to it's customisable layouts.
Just copied this from GBA review i did. I've had this app for a few years & never had any problems. I'm not sure how much of a testing I give it but it runs any games I've tried to use. The link emulator works with no issues & its all really easy to use after watching a short YouTube video. I've used it with a Galaxy S7 & S8. Would recommend.
MyOldBoy is a great GB/GBC emulator. It plays all the games I can throw at it very well. The only thing I have an issue with is that it doesn't support A+B+START+SELECT as a control option or function. Some games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (DX), The Oracle of Seasons and The Oracle of Ages require this control input to save manually, and it functions as a reset command for the system itself. Add that, and it'll be perfect.
Would give 5 star, but the save state button in the top right doesn't work. Have to go to the menu to get to it.
my favorite emulator, except that I wish it had a palette option for dimming the true colors on gbc - something pizzaboy offers, for instance, making games more like their appearance on actual hardware.
Absolute garbage. Can't load saves after a phone restart. Thanks for blowing away hours of progress. Morons.
Solid emulator overall just not what i was looking for sadly I want to do GameBoy camera stuff and it only uses the front facing camera and i havent found a way to swap to the rear camera basically making it unusable for taking anything but selfies with.
Great app, runs very well I hope that the devs are still active and can help with an update for some more features as newer phones have far more capabilities that I think this app would be great to capivate. I will send more $upport if necessary, or even welcome and will edit the 4 stars to 🌟🤩⭐🌠💫.
I bought the paid version for the extra features, but the free version is also great. Best GBC out there, and I tried the other main ones for comparison.
honestly the best GB emulator I've used on a phone. plus it costs as much as a soda so if it wasn't good i wouldn't care. one thing that annoys me is that the GB and GBA arw not the same emulator like most of the others
This app asks for permissions to access Google account more than once per day. It DOES NOT need this kind of information Very annoying for a paid app to spam you for information that it does not need even if you click on deny. Once I click on deny, it still pops up asking me for access to my Google Account. Garbage app.
This is by far my most favourite gameboy color emulator. The fact that I can adjust the buttons to emulate the original gameboy color is awesome. Great app. I love it
Great app for using LSDJ with! question, would it be able to allow recording of the phone's internal audio? With adv screen recorder app I can record the screen(gameplay) but the sound is not recorded with it. I think this app has to allow it somehow because audio from other apps like ZXTune record the audio as well with the recorder
Trying to link 2 phones through Bluetooth, but app is saying that we need to have the same game files in order to link. Trying to play Pokemon Red, other device playing Pokemon Blue. This is confusing for something advertised as simple.