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My OldBoy! Lite

My OldBoy! Lite for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fast Emulator located at 30255 1st PL S Federal Way, WA. 98003. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best emulator out there. nothing else to say. controls work great, picture and sound ar3 great. just great all around.
I love it. But please tell me. What is the game being emulated on the preview screen on this page? Look cool.
cheating including instant save is premium, but this is the most stable emulator, those who hate glitches should try it
POKEMON GOTTA CATCH EM' ALL! Seriously though, fantastic app. Only downside from paid version is no XtraFast speed and no multiple cheats.
Could have been a good emulator, but what sucks in this app is that you will need to pay the pro version to load state and some other stuff.
what's the point of save states if you cant load them? Second of all, why do I have to buy the full version to play multiplayer. If your trying to get money back by making me get the full version, why even bother making EACH EMULATOR twice?
Works great, as good as you can expect from a emulator on a phone. Controls could be better as I do a few misclicks with the directional buttons but you will always have those problems with touch screens as opposed to mechanical buttons Edit- 2 stars due to bug where it keeps holding right down...
For a free version of the emulator, this one has some amazing quality and features. Allowing guest link cable emulation free is also a very nice way of doing the free/full program as it allows someone who doesn't want to buy it or use it much to play with someone who owns and uses it often. Having few ads in the free version is great, and Devs gotta make money, so go easy people.
I love the app but for a while now I have been trying to play pokemon red/blue and I've been able to play the games, but every time I try to trade pokemon between the two games, the app crashes when I use "link local" more than once.
Yes, to load up from your save slots, you need to pay. But it's still a great app. Did you know that you can save via the original way? OMG! The haters are so dumb. Anyways, I paid for it because I cant trade pokemon without it. Still a rad app. I use to be able to trade before hand. But that's the only reason it's not getting a full 5 stars from me. Wasn't sure if I should have just bought the GBA version. Oh well. I probably will when it comes to that later. After catching them all.
The Emulator grapics are terrible even for a gbc. And only 1 cheat in the free version. Are you kidding me? My pokemon memories from my gbc are a better thing than this app will ever be.
This emulator is the best but I have one problem with the emulator it would let me save the game and when I pressed load it would not load the game and it said that I have to pay money in order to load the game and before that it would let me load the game can you please fix this
Best emulator of all time this company deserve more attention. There are good games good graphics good everything and theres not one ad. You should download for the ultimate gameboy Advance experience. Also if your a pokemon fan you can trade pokemon with the system. Fun emulator has me on for hours. Thank you.
Absolute joke charging to save your game when every other emulator does it for free how did you think this would turn out 100% uninstall for me domt waste your time people nearly every other emulator is free to save lol
great app! but I have one question is there camera support in the pro version? if not could you add it to either both versions or just the pro version? (Asking because I want to try out the Gameboy camera ROM.)
The app runs well, but when my phone ran out of battery, my save file of Pokemon crystal got completely erased. Also, not everyone has money to spend on apps, and having to pay to use speed higher than 2x and save states are extremely annoying.
Terrible Emulator. you can load save states which VisualBoy allows you to, for free no less. why should we have to pay to load the roms we have? its a blatant money grab. why would you download roms and emulators? to play old games, and whats apart of that? being able to load the file you just saved. dont waste your time and money on this piece of junk
I couldn't used may cheats at all. It sucks that I have to pay for it. Maybe it's just how business works but for a student like me. It doesn't make sense. I couldn't even save my recent games and I keep getting back to where it all started at all. Another thing, I think my eyes are going to be ruin because the colors are not that pleasing in the eyes. Thank you for your consideration.
Perfect emulator! Great for playing the classics. You need to download a rom from external websites to play the actual games tho
This and My Boy are by far the best emulators for android yet. I was going to complain about how I don't like the blur but I just figured out how to make it sharp which looks 10 times better. I love how that I can trade with myself in the Pokemon games because this emulator allows it. This and My Boy are a solid 5 stars I strongly recommend this app
You have to step up your game I prefer john gbac you can play gbc and gba games. on there and you can have at most 50 cheat codes. and my old boy has lag lots of lag.
Link local did work now does not so I cant play the game I want to completion. Seems to be a reoccurring issue as there are comments about this from a year ago.
I ended up buying the app, however unlike EVERY OTHER EMULATOR OUT THERE you should be able to access save state, not one makes you pay, except this one
Best emulator in Play store. No glitches, bugs, or frame skips. It just works and almost forgot I was playing on a phone instead of the real deal.
It's really good for the most part although sure a lot of the features stripped away makes it a little demeaning but it's good I have no complaints, although I do have a question. what game is being emulated in the screenshots for the description of the app? I really want to try it because it looks interesting
brilliant game, unlike other emulators that drain your battery and overheat your phone this one does the opposite. loads and saves games nicely with no bugs.
I thought it was going to be like the other one but with ads instead you can't use cheat codes that no longer than a line it sucks get the full version it is better.
Works the pokemon roms I downloaded wonderfully. Only negative thing was the load/save states dont work with this free version.
I liked the app but auto-save are more important to me. Why can't you add that feature for free? And I lost my progress to a game when I switched to another game. This disappoints me. However, the app is pretty easy to use and has a lot of adjustment options, which is an advantage. This is my neutral opinion. Please, PLEASE have an autosave. I still have hopes for this game to improve.
Can't load game with free version, have to buy full version to be able to load saved games, give it a miss.
I'm not sure why it has such low ratings, I've played older Pokemon games like Red on this and had absolutely no problems. In fact, my experience was great.
I installed this solely so I could play some Dragon Warrior Monsters, and it's worked perfectly. Double speed comes with the free version, and that's enough for me.
If I could rate 10 stars I would. There are more than enough games for this app to keep you busy. While this is a free app, its still great.
This is THE best gbc emulator EVER!! Just like with the gba emulator, this emulator has link trade, so pokemon you couldnt obtain like alakazam and machap are yours!
its a fine emulator, but i wish there was an option to turn off sgb emulation because the only gameboy rom i have on my phone is toy story which supports sgb which is a problem because it emulates sgb graphics but not sound so its just silent the whole time
Local link broken on LG G4 when switching between games, the app simply stops responding. Great emulator besides that issue, unfortunately I bought it for that functionality, so I'll restore to 5 stars if it's fixed!
Only install if you plan to complete whole games in one sitting, seeing as you can save your progress but you cannot load it unless you pay for the full version. Not great unless you happen to have money to waste when there are plenty if the GBC Emulator apps. -_-
I'd like some save states but it's a free application so I can forgive that. I found it difficult playing any action game as the D-Pad just doesn't work like the real thing which is why 4 stars.
Works great, much better than Retroarch gbc core. Can't save state, only in the paid version. I'll probably pay for it and support the devs. Still can play it as regular gbc saving inside game options, so we can't complain. Keep updating this tough, last update was a long time ago.
I like everything bar one thing about this emulator. About 6-8 months ago, i use to have two different games of pokemon runing and was able to trade pokemon between the two games using the link local function......but now i cant and am gutted. If that function were to be upgraded and workable again i will give 5 stars.
The app works perfectly. It lets you play in multiple formats from gameboy original to gameboy advanced and more. There are settings to make your phone look and feel just like the gameboy that you used to play. Get this emulator.
This Emulator is great. It's just like playing on a real GameBoy. The controls, settings, and layouts are simple and easy to manage. Layouts are customizable (which is always a plus). You have the option to use save state and other cheats if you chose. And you can speed the game up. I use it to play the OG Pokemon games from gens 1 and 2. Those games are old and finding a legit copy that still works would be hard. If your looking for a great gaming experience, use this app.
Best FREE Gameboy Color Emulator Yes, it's true that in the free version you cannot load game saves through the emulator interface. HOWEVER, it still allows you to save and load the game through the game file like a normal Gameboy color would. If you have a Nintendo switch or 3ds and if you've ever played the Virtual Console. Try to recall that it allows you to save at any given frame in the game and you can load the game from any instance. This is what the paid version allows.
Alright, I thought this was cool. My childhood on my smart phone. But if you scroll down a few after searching gbc emulator on playstore, you should find something called "nostalgia.gbc". It does everything you can do here except you dont have to pay. You can save, fast forward (speed you can set yourself), force full screen, and cheats work without fail (after 3 hours of gameplay which is not allot because i have a life.. kinda..). "My OldBoy!" is a money grab. no debit card for you.
I'm steadily getting more and more disappointed with these apps. I have had this one and the free gba one for about five years or more. Things have gotten better when it comes to running the games and for gameplay as well. But other things seem to have gotten worse. For one thing features that were originally available in the free versions, even limitedly, are now gone. Also the free gba app is gone as well. I don't have money to spend on apps, like many people, so this is disappointing for us.
Despite the app's UI being not extremely user friendly for people who don't know what they're doing, this emulator works well. It would be slightly better if it could read roms and bios off of an sd card though. Otherwise everything works as it should.
Uninstalled when I found out save states aren't available. Plenty of other free emulators with save states, went to Johns
Every game I try just says unrecognized file. these are regular roms not even patched ones. they register fine on other emulators so it's just this app
Pretty much perfect. Only complaint is one time I opened the app and my save data was gone, but that's my phone's fault for automatically deleting junk data. 9/10, would recommend, even the free version is good!
Hello, here's my story. I downloaded to play Pokemon Yellow, downloaded well, installed easy, ingame functions well, gave save function worked. 5 stars for use. But, I had a persistent pop up ad on my home screen everytime i unlocked my phone, and occasionally when closing apps. I have a newer phone and virus and ad software and it still got through. once deleted my phone is ad free. 0 stars thanks for listening
good emulator, good sound reproduction, and good support, my only pet peeve is the save mechanism, why should I pay for the ability to load my saves?!?!? i can save, but can't load, the only game I have that can get around this is Pokemon: Gold Version. this is ludicrous!!!!!
great emulator and it can support trade with yourself and other people if your device has bluetooth and connect to someone else's if only you could odd more than one cheat and use only one line And also the games aren't as good as if playing on a John emulator the only thing that sets them apart is that this supports trade
The best emulator for gbc, it has one thing that other emulators does not have, "link trade." The best feature, now I can freely trade my pokemon and evolve them as I can connect to my friend and battle with them.
Wanted to find something to occupy myself on my commute to work and this was the perfect app. Downloaded Pokemon Yellow and the app worked amazing throughout. Never had a single crash which can happen with some emulators I've used. I've been in nostalgia heaven playing old MegaMan, Kirby and having my little Pikachu follow me around as I attempted to be a Pokemon master.
Awesome! I was recently looking for a Gameboy Colour to purchase in the classifieds. Everyone is asking a rediculous price for retro games. Holding my Note 9 in the upright position feels similar to what it used to feel like back in the day. Will be buying the paid version, you guys saved me atleast $100!
Gods, this is rubbish. Between the inability to load states to the controls sticking constantly, this is one of the worst emulators I've ever used. At least give the option to watch ads to load states. In its current form, this is horrible.
My 1 big issue here is that the save files arent free. As someone who likes to do multiple playthroughs of games, I'd like to be able to play the game again and keep my previous run. Other than that, solid emulator. Good controls, responsive, no freezing or glitches in the time I've used it.
This Emulator it great I have no bad experiences with it but there should be some way to save to the Internet so you can recover data on a different device or you lost ur old device (email or password lock) anyway I'd like to see more updates.
I don't usually give ratings, but the My Boy! series of emulators are top notch. The features included are really fantastic, even without purchasing the definitive version: proper save files (save states are completely different, you can still keep your progress by saving normally), zip compatibility, and even same device multiplayer, which makes games that work well with the feature (e.g. Pokémon) even better. I don't even have any complaints; it's just a really good emulator.
Gameplay it was great, never had an issue. But it gave me viruses and had to wipe my phone clean. This happened immediately after downloading this emulator and pokemon gold. It runs fine on other emulators. I figured the emulator would be the issue then.
Well it was working great for a week or so then it just started closing on me. Now I cant get it up and running. Maybe it's my phone but I have the newest Samsung Galaxy out right now and a great internet connection so it should be that. But for the week it was working great and I loved it.
These idiots are trying to charge money for what has been a standard feature set in Android emulation for over a decade. Go find a different one.
This is the best emultor! I downloaded an emulator(another) before, which had all the features in free version, but everytime when used it(another emulator) , keeped hanging and crashed everytime. But this one is great. Ok, some features are not available and I even posted this thing when I was rating the gba version, but now I understand and you all should also, that a free version is limited and this is the best free emulator at all. So, I think you all will understand this.
So far, the best touch screen controls among the other gb emulators. But instead of the standard brown palette, it could have brought the original greenish looking screen of the game boy
Excellent emulator, works flawlessly with the old classics I used to love (or at least, as flawlessly as they ever ran originally...). Ended up paying for the full version. Mostly due to the ability to set up a custom layout (the pre-existing one wasn't ergonomic enough for playing for more than half an hour at a time). Wonderful app, would recommend it to any GB/GBC fans.
how are you gonna make my go buy the full version for multiple line codes,then not allow for us to put in more than that SAME one code,this use to be a good emulator but now its unfair and just a quick money grab fix this and i will change my rating.
It was great until it decided to restart my game I was playing!! I was half way thru one game when I logged into it the next day the save was gone. It says I need to buy the paid version! Ugh okay. Fine. So I spend 4 dollars and the files are gone! Now i have to restart! Sick! REFUND AND UNINSTALL
It is a very good app and I liked it until the fact that it wouldn't let me load into my Pokemon Crystal save saying that I need to buy the full version, other than that it is a very good app.
Very easy to use, been playing Pokemon yellow and had no issues at all but just after I got the last Pokemon I wanted for my final team I load it up and it's got rid of all my save data... Major issue, Im not Gunna keep going if they'll happen.... Anything u can do to sort???
Great emulator just the problem is only 1 cheat code can be entered in at one time or have to pay for other version thats why only 1 star cuz allow 1 cheat
It's a great app to play retro classics such as Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Metriod and more on the go. It's simple, easy to use and such fun. Only reason why it's just shy of five for five is it doesn't provide links to download roms.
Bad. If you click on fast forward it will go fast however, you can't change it back to default. Please fix this!
Man how I wish all emulators would be as good as thish one. I mainly play pokemon games on this and the graphics are very clear. Its ad and hassle free. Just download whatever rom you want to play and play it. It's like having a real game boy in your hands. Great work
The emulator itself is good, and im glad no ads play during gameplay, but i think its stupid having you pay money for quicksaves to play games, other than that there is actual legitimate saving for games so thats a plus. all and all a good emulator
Very good gba people say that you need to buy the full version to load saves but all you to do is save from the game and not the app and after you reopen it'll let you continue So 1 star reviews you're wrong
Love it like really LOVE ❤️😍 IT, i used to play the old system but now the games are WAY TOO PRICEY and i can use cheats for a fun play through being able to trade or battle with other Pokemon games that have been downloaded to phone is the greatest ever plus u can link to other ppl on the web to trade or battle. If you are a TRUE Pokemon fan you will download this game!!!
Great app, does exactly what it needs with no issues. I personally just hate that Save States are premium only, and don't think that should be behind a pay wall but oh well. I upgraded to premium mainly for that reason.
I love the app it plays games very well. My only complaint is that when I used the link to transfer pokemon it worked but it keeps you stuck in the link room. Theres no way to get out of it after the pokemon transferred. I tried everything. Good thing I saved the game to a different slot and not overtop my old save state. No sure if it's the emulator fault or the roms fault but if that could get fixed I'd give it 5 stars for sure.
It has way many features that let you have awesome gaming experience when playing the games of our childhood, Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Sound is about 2 octives 2 high... other than that, itworks well, even on my old fitness watch from 10 years ago
This review pertains to the myboy gba emulator but it was an amazing emulator and ot seems the free version has been removed from the store this was the most reliable emulator i have used and the rest of the apps on the play store dont compare to it id love to see it back on the store
The best GBC emulator on the app store. It's easy to use, doesn't take too many space and it's coompletely offline. If you wanna play GB/GBC games on the go, this is your best bet.
Works well with most any Gameboy game and the controls are nearly as good as the original Gameboy, definitely recommend using this emulator if you're wanting a near authentic Gameboy experience!
The GBA version, My Boy! Free, was removed from the play store with no notice. I can no longer load my quick save because watching an ad is mandatory, but they're no longer serving ads (it just fails). I suggest finding another emulator, without mandatory ads.
was great for a little while. the ability to not load saved states isnt a big deal if the game save function actually worked. I started a game and was saving the way it used to work. but suddenly my saved file went back several hours of time i put into it. Not only do I now not have trust in the free version, but i cant be sure if the paid version would screw up as well.
This OldBoy free GBC is awesome too. But the problem is when i save the game it has warnig or something.
This is too good to be true. But it is true! You can play all of these old gameboy games for free and it totally legal. Right? I hope it it. Well I can't save or load in this emulator. But I can still save in the game like a normal gameboy. So what are you going to do. I been playing this game a lot and I'm happy with this. 10/10
Is there a way that I can make it so when I press a direction button my character moves towards the direction instead of changing direction. Even though I don't move the game counts the direction change as a step. I'm playing Pokemon Gold and Idk if this is supposed to happen.
MyBoy and MyOldBoy are simply the best mobile emulators for GB/GBC/GBA games. The default button layout can be changed if you don't like the way it's set up, the screen size and filtering can be adjusted, it supports Bluetooth controllers, and every game I've thrown at it runs at full speed.
Wait i can't just play old Gameboy games on here? I have to find the game files 1st, then I can play. Makes no sense. If I had my rightfully owned files, that would mean I have the game, and there would be no use for this emulator. Don't download it or waste your time
This is the best GB/GBC emulator on the Play Store, it has all the options I want. I want to make a suggestion, it would be really nice if yoy guys can include a palette that could emulate the greenish look that a real game boy screen has, I've seen other emulators do it, so I think you could implement it on your own emulator. Thanks a lot!
Used this for a long time with 0 problems. Tried using tonight for first time in a while and cannot find my games, redownloaded a couple with no luck, all my saved games are gone, 100% unusable to me now and will be deleting
this is a fantastic emulator and once i have used this tom sort out my roms i will purchase full version for the additional options, but one question, when playing one rom the only way tom select a different rom is to force close and re open, there must be a better way but i cant find it.
absolutely love this and my boy. owned the free versions of both and eventually bought the paid versions of both. couple of the best apps ive ever found on the play store.
...it's pretty good. I hate how the buttons look. and I hate that you have to get the premium version to use save states. it's still pretty good but I Recommend pizza boy gbc emulator or John gba emulator
Emulator works great when functioning. One star because it deletes all of my ROM files once every few weeks. I load the app and, boom, all my games I download, played, and saved for a month gone again! FIX THIS!
it was amazing, the frame rate was good, and the quality was amazing. It felt like I was actually playing on a game Boy. I just wish the free version had save states.
Been using this app a lot for a few months, but today it started crashing whenever I tried to play my game, and made my phone restart itself. Is there any way to fix this?
Good emulator but I give only 3 stars because only I can play GBC Pokemon games and I did not play GBA Pokemon games too bad
Works great for the few pokemon games I've played on it. However it seems that if I start one game, then switch to a different title the save game gets deleted from the previous title. I've lost countless hours of gameplay this way. If this bug is fixed I will update my review and give 5 stars
Great emulator for nostalgia. Could you haptic feedback on the buttons though, since you're working on a touch screen. Loads ROMS fast and stable and without demanding too much system resources. For a free app, it's got a healthy dose of features. Haptic feedback on the buttons woud help get it to a full 5-star rating.
You can't save so you have to start all the way over. So I deleted this app Don't get it. Only if you want to spend it on a crappy app.
Perfect emulator. No glitches, perfect speed, you name it! Can be confusing to know on wich GameBoy your running it on (GB,GBC,GBA, etc...). But a lot of the options and settings are not for use since this version is the free one
This is my favorite Gameboy emulator on Android. I plan to use this app to make music with LSDJ, and it has the cleanest audio output of any app I've tried. The app does have some poor default settings, but they can easily be changed. It can quickly find roms on your phone, but unfortunately it also displays zip files, which makes the menu a little messy. My biggest complaints would be the low res button icons, and the fact that buttons like A/B or Select/Start cannot be separated.
It's a good app, but the free version allows save states, but you must buy it to load them. makes no sense to include the capability to save but block loading behind a paywall. if you're going to strip features from the emulator to make money, strip the whole feature, not half of it.
I am trying different emulators and when i read the review it said it had inbuild cheats but how would i know if i cant even play the game with this app. It says it can't read the game whereas other emulator can read the game file and i can play the game but this emulator can't read the game file. Wasted my time and gave false hope.
This emulator is amazing. I'm able to play old Pokémon games (really the only reason I use this emulator tbh) and everything runs smoothly. Another thing I like is that when I re-downloaded this app after having to uninstall it for spacial purposes months ago, once I re-downloaded all my roms, the save files were still there. Best emulator I've seen. My only problem is that they took down the free one for the GBA.
The start button doesn't work and you have to pay them to use savestates. Wouldn't care if you could use the start button. You can't play certain games without it.