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My Mermaid Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim

My Mermaid Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So here's the thing, I'd give this game a big whopping 5 stars if you update the game to make it an option to run from ilsa instead of saving her from the pool, they're really mean and I wish you could have an option to run from her when she supposedly gets dragged in the water, and OMG I haven't finished the game yet but I sooo hope that the main guy turns out to secretly have merfolk blood bc that would explain why ilsa kiss didnt work and why his mom told stories of Merfolk
The game is super addictive...I really like the story but... I hope there's a part 2 in this game. It is not complete yet... They still didn't fix the problem of the meirfolks teretories^_^ getting even smaller. But overall a great game I will continue supporting you all and give feedback to every game I finishes..😊👍
This was a great game and I loved every bit of it. Admittedly my favorite was delta, I loved her behavior at times and I love how her sense of self develops over time. I also love isla and pearl too. All 3 were great and I hope the next game will have another amazing set of girls like the past few games from genius inc. Including this one. Thank you for another wonderful game. I look forward to playing the next one
(Game tester) this game is a very warming taste to it. It seeps you in and alouse you to become the person in the game its graphics are great that a nother thing that will seep your readers in bad graphics will just piss the reader off so anyone reading this good graphics good coments. I respect the way you use dimands to get money becouse how else are you going to get money great work. Keeping an eye out for your next one
Super cool this game I wish more story and more cute character and one story have a prince and princess give a 5 star
This game is very good. The graphics is also very good. But the only problem is the premium choice's. But this game is after all awesome.
Can you actually make Mermaid more accurate or is it just like Little Mermaid because I never seen Mermaid having legs but I know little Mermaid have till she free off the ocean and never breath underwater because of the legs.
Nice every story you CREATE is nice guys try every single of genius game its amazing I always love it and I always give it a 5 star so please create more I cant wait until the next one comes out
This wasn't quite what I was expecting, which was good in some ways but ended up being detrimental overall due to the worst selection of LIs I have ever seen in a game. Disappointing.
This is the best game I ever playd graphics are grate girls are cute and dailoges Cool I want more keep up thanks
Awsome game just the paid options are the problem make me kinda sad that i have a paid option really good but cant choose it cause i have no gems and im not spending money on it really sad overall a good game probly one of the best.
The characters are cute in many ways my favorite was Pearl, funny how she was the only one prepared for my choice of choosing her. It would be nice if you could like customize your character. But I get it's suppose to be actually you.
Since I rated 2 star, I never meant to hate this game but there so many premium choice that make me force to chose negative choice and I end up being guilty, I hope the next game would be less premium choice and easy way to get rubies. I should have download apk instead of original sigh.
It is like other dating sim of Genius Inc with its focus on story telling over game play and the need to pay for the premium dating choice. It have heavy world building with the mermaid powers and mermaid society, but the story is otherwise generic.
Amazing! So much real life stuff that goes on today are in this game. I also believe people can change, you just have to give them the chance to change. I also love how I was also part mermaid! I chose, Pearl, because she is optimistic like me and sees the good and all. She also tries her best to prove herself and I admire that. Thank you for such an amazing game!
Not my cup of tea. I wish we could interact more with the characters instead of just watching our character acting like a goddamn moron.
It's a good game wish there is more like it Oh and there is a bug every time when I collect points It says sorry didn't work try again later even tho I earned them
This game is really goodd the bad part is when you have to pay gem to do what you really wont or i will give 5 stars this a good game
It's a great game if you like anime dating Sims honestly I recommend all of them I played all of them and I loved them all to
I like this one, good dialogue story, and good graphics. The story of two different species going from not liking each other, to getting to know each other better and actually liking each other. The overall game is good and the theme is consistent though the story.
Perfect game I didn't see any glitches or background issues I wish that we could get enough gems for two premium choices but overall 10/10
At first the story isn't that enjoyable but when you get into it the story is really interesting and keeps you wanting to read more plus the girls are absolutely amazing so much backstory and heartfelt things also I don't know if it's just me or not but it seemed like there was less premium choices in this game
The story is super short that i completed it in 2 days. But it is good. Make the story bigger and i will give you all the stars you deserve
Story is smooth with frequent twist or suprises also the art style is serene that cute bytheway "Delta best girl"
This is a fun game the characters are fun and interesting and the story isn't bad I definitely recommend this game
The story was awesome. In fact last few chapters were quite intense.Isla was definitely my favorite with Delta coming close second. Isla's snobbish attitude was really entertaining.Thanks for giving MC and Isla a happy ending.Everything was quite good except Pearl. She is actually looking like a kid. That's not a good thing&Its wrong.
It's a nice game, I really like the characters, and the story is very nice, but I dislike how you have to use rubies & tickets and such to continue the game...
Considering the other things that this company has produced, it's most likely a very good story, but the beginning was really rough. Most are, at least a little, but wow. Likely a problem with the rubies costing too much, exchange rate from points being too high, and other such problems with premium choices. I don't know for sure, as it got too cringy and rough for me too continue. I'm uninstalling.
Its a grat game and fun to play I WUOLD like to see a prat 2 of this game if possbl I wuold like to what hapins of this game enging it's a good game to play
this was the best one ive ever played and the best made by genius, i wish they would add more episodes to this because i loved the story and almost cried at the ending. i only have one problem - there are too many premium choices, i get the inclusion of a few but this is just too many, and i end up feeling guilty after not having enough/not willing to give up money on diamonds. but i still give this amazing game 5 stars!
It's a good game and good characteristics and I like your guy's games so far and It's been some time since we have seen the next one and keep them coming
Okay, perfect Five. Soooo cute! Great ending. At least for Pearl. I loved it! This was, by far, the best dating game I've ever finished! Possibly even played! Great graphics, great humor, great plot. Won't lie, *SPOILER* hearing Pearl call Clyde a bastard was unexpected, but definitely a welcome surprise. Back then, he did deserve it. I normally don't leave reviews on games, but this was just too great not to. I'm impressed by everything about it. There is nothing that could make this better.
Man this game was awesome. Like the other games that I played, this one didn't ceace to amaze. Great characters. Good dialogue. Compelling story. And one of my favorite. But sakura scramble still takes spot number one though.
The game have so many perfect spots/times for wallpapers tho.. especially at the end, i personally chose Isla, cause i thought she is the cutest that is :)
Such an awesome game I'm a big fan of your games I love the part when at the end everything always works out🙂
This is one of my top 5 favourites the characters are so cute and adorable! And the story is amazing!
Thus far I played until I didn't have enough free rubies to make the premium choice after Delta tackled me. I named my character "human" so it was funny when Isla addressed me as "human" at the very beginning when she was still posing as a human. I also think it's strange that we are shown the visuals of the 3 characters while the player character is still unable to open his eyes on the beach, and that they alternate pronouns for addressing us, using "they", "it", and "he".