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My Magical Girlfriends : Anime Dating Sim

My Magical Girlfriends : Anime Dating Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game on my opinion is a little bit meh because you have to wait until the last chapter to actully do the girlfriend part of the game but other than that the games pretty good and you should play it with music.
amazing game, i chose to go with charlotte in the game, but the story seems to be better for elise, amazing game. 10/10 would recommend, lots of fun but a bit annoying ads for rubies system, however u can play without ads or rubies
These games are great, but the rubies are kinda dumb. They could fix the rubies problem by just adding more minigames to play or a daily system that rewards you for playing the game daily.
Love this game , one of my favorite . Great story , credits to the studio and to the story writer/s . Thanks .
Loved it!!!!!!!!! Can there be a part 2 please because it was the best game I have ever played!!!!!!!
I would rate 5 full stars if the developers could add a main menu and a daily reward to this simulator, because I know how it feels to be addicted to a dating sinulator with our own choices. But without enough game-money to continue or make it better, it just seems like playing a game without levels... So if I get a response from the developers with a positive reply, saying that they will make it better, I would appreaciate it. Thank you.
Y'know,the game's actually good,I enjoyed the storyline,The characters are cute and well made,but there's just one problem,Premium choices.I mean,The game's good I tell ya,but still,The answers kinda ruin what being free in a Choices game is like,So could you atleast just make them normal answers?
It was fun but I am sad that it ended it needs another season to continue the story I hope you answer and work on it
I like the end of the story but can you expand more the story like their ending is more longer than now so the story would be romantic and touch the players who play it or can you update the story to new every week like Moe ninja girl and add some secret story of the characters. I'll be more fun. I like this game so much especially Elise's ending. She is cute, kind, caring yet curious.
i had a good time playing the game but i wish there was a sequel or the story continued further, i would have given 5 stars if you didnt have to spend story tickets when restarting the game other than that loved it
It's a really good game but it's impossible to make good choices after the first premium choice you make. Getting rubies becomes a boring and time consuming process of playing the slot machine for points to exchange for rubies but even at that each premium choice is at least 28 rubies. The only way to progress further and make use of the premium choices is to buy rubies or spend your time building up points at the slot machine which means you'll spend more time on that than the actual game.
Good for a sim annoying to do the ftp style but Im not paying. And there is a glitch across all the sims atm where if you do the minigame even if its highlighted to do it so you get a guarnteed match in slots the vid wont show up and it wastes the slot. so if you get triple 7s and the vid says come back shortly and try again you lose the coins and its very frustrating.
This game was pretty good you don't need to do the special opinions to have a good story with the girl you like in the game. If only you could get gems easier. Other then that this game was probably the best out if all the games this company makes. Keep making games like these they pretty nice!!
Splendid story, interesting characters, beautiful art, and exceptional music. The story had continously entertained me with an intriguing plot and great characters, along with the interesting backgrounds of the characters. Although the ruby system's repetitive, it was worth the grind for an amazing story. Overall, a magnificent game and I'm fairly sure there is definitely more to come.
I love it! but if could have continue to other parts without paying (Tickets) same for the choices , If it was free then it was prefect!
The game is amazing the story the characters the animation that they move is just so amazing and also the ending images just amazing. Also the video and the minigame really help you get gems i do 2 premium choices every episode cause of the video and the minigame. Genius keep working like this 👍
Was a joyful experience throughout the story. It gave me something to look forward to every 2 hours after each chapter. My only complaint would be in regards to the Rubies, and we're only given 30. However that aside, was quite the enjoyable experience.
THE STORY IS SOO GOOD! Though the option were a bit hard to go through... but still it's fun, it has teached me how to look at other people perspective and how they feel.... (I ended up choosin' Elise of course ;)
This is a good game, but the other choices requires Rubies and to continue the story requires tickets, i have to wait 2hours to get 1 ticket that stops the fun. but it's still a pretty good game i hope there is no more ticket requirements to play the game continuously.
it's an ok game it has a great story, great actions, great dialogue, but you take too long to make a ticket if yall could shorten it that would be great and maybe give us some more gems so we can pick more premium choices sense we dont like spending money on mobile games
Can I just say that the storylines are just amazing? The art,effects and background?I just like this game more than all of the others.It has something that attracts me to it!Especially the characters!!God please Charlotte is like so cute??With her mouse ears and personality!I personally beated the game and gotten all of the endings.If its it's possible I would like more games similar to this one! Now the thing about premium..Its really annoying.most of them need gems.But still great game!!
the only reason I'm giveing it a 2 is cuzz I like the story but you can tell the game designers dont Care about the people downloading the app becuase everyone is saying that their choices are bad because most of the good choices require diamonds and they only give you enough to make one premium choice and that's it the only way to get them after that Is to pay for it it's really sad to see somone be so money hungry to the point where they wont listen to the people downloading the game
This game has amazing plot and great character devolpment. The background art and rhe characters are amazing. There is a lot of moments that will either make you smile or laugh. But theres a catch if you haven't played any visual novels from just Genius Inc than after you complete an episode you got those diamonds or rubies but in this one and others from this company you don't.
It is a truly wonderful story, I feel very accomplished for finishing this game and the amount of things to look to into the game is great, the characters, graphics and they look more loli... too, it's very lovely
Great storyline so far! You start by having a dream that explains how you gained the ability to see auras (earthquake-related injury), and once you meet the other three main protagonists (i.e. the love interests), you are whisked into an all-out adventure that seems to end too soon, only for it to have a "postgame" of sorts once you finish helping the trio with their main task. Issues: minor spelling errors (like "togather") and inability to make more than one premium choice without paying.
Onward, we all know that gems are the only problem when it comes to "Premium Choices " Well anyways nice one....
I love it, so much, the Elise ending was just amazing, I really want there to be so much more games like these, like "my bakery girlfriend" or maybe "my fox girlfriend" I don't care what it is, just as long as there are more
I n my opinion is that the game needs a rubies that's I love every time I play a game from this owner. It was fun it makes you leave the reality and live to your own imagination. Genre: Adventure Comedy Ecchi (slight because of those words) Lolicon Mystery Romance Harem Psychological Supernatural Thriller Great (my opinion) genre and story
uninstalling not going to waste anymore time with your games. dont bother downloading. you cant pick the good choices without paying cash, and you have to watch 10 ads to get another story ticket. you need then frequently. ill just go look for a cracked version.
These are decent stories and unique characters, the problem comes in with rubies and tickets. Everyone who has played this agrees to this unless they're rich, the fact you can only make one premium descision without spending money is ridiculous, and having to use tickets to advance the story is just stupid since you have to wait about three hours just to get into another chapter which you can't even make every choice you'd like in. Remove the rubies and tickets, make a donation thing or something
I loved this but the options in Elise path is really good but I wasted all of my gems just so I can get something and I did but please limit the gem options down.
Absolutly positivly delightful! I love it! But there is just some things. One: at the end where were effie and charlotte two: what happened in the other world after she perminently left three. Why were the chapters so short? But overall, what a great one, keep up the good work! EDIT: The second time round and its as good as the first
I liked the game it was amazing but the only thing i dont like is how long it takes to get gems but other than that i liked
Mc needs be evil and do evil things like not caring for them and become a antagonist. Also he needs get agressive and mean. Wish he can kill in this game because I would be killing them 3 girls one by one. How come MC has to be loser with worst outcome. He needs kill all 3 the girls and problem solve. I'll kill bunny girl and make new coat from her fur, mouse girl kill her with rat poison, and last girl poison her drink
This game is so cool i give it five stars and you can make your own choice and premium choices i hope you make more of this games
I rate this game 5 STARS its really good whoever made the music in this did a great job. when reached the end i was like wait thats all NO NO THERES GOTTA BE MORE. and theres no more. XD i wish i could do more with Elise.
i love this concept but maybe put one gem after finishing a story? i guess people will like your apps more not hating just feedback pls make more artstyles pike this and i love the characters my favorite is Charlotte pls make more of her!! pove it hope you make more of these
The storyline isn't bad, but the choice system is. You need rubies for the "good choices", which take a lot of time to gather since you need to exchange lottery points for them. 12p = 1 ruby. And each premium choice takes around 30 rubies. So that's really a time-consumer. And the non-premuim choices are pretty disappointing. There's an option to multiply your points by 3 after every slot turn, but I was pretty unlucky and kept getting 2 or 4 points majority of the time, so it didn't matter.
I really like them 3....I can't choose of them in the last episode of the story I am really amazed this game is not boring but I hate the tickets but it's still makes me happy and Elise,Effie,and Charlotte.....you can enjoy them 3❤️❤️🥰🥰
this game had me going for hours on end! it is such a great game and I'd recommend it to anyone who reads this. I do think that they should make a part 2 to all of these to see how your life goes afterwards
please! please! make it easier to earn gems! I love the characters and story so much and the choices are really good but it's so hard to do the choices I want because most of them cost gems so please make it easier to make Gems or add a new mini game also I am not able to earn points by playing the games
i would rate it 5 stars but this game has such a bad gem system, couldn't you get money any other way, i can't even protect effie because i gave the magic girl my jacket, please update the gem system, its very annoying.
its a good game but just to get a girl you need to pay actual money that is the only problem i have with the game. you cant get anything but coins which just help get story tickets without paying real money please make it possible to get gems without paying since im not a pay to play especially for this game which doesnt benifit me in any way other than what the game is made for... getting a magical girlfriend
All of these games are too bad when I got into the game I have to spend to things and the home icon when I spin the wheel it didn't give nothing that they should make these apps linumi and that game didn't cost gems I'm never installing another one of these games
It was amazing so many good choices, even though some of them cost money and I could only choose one premium one ;-; I still enjoyed the story it was awesome pls continue to make this wonderful visual novels you guys are amazing thank you 💜
The art and story is amazing. Well in exchange the choices are limited in a way... I played the minigames where you will spin to win... and grind for points which kinda sucks and it takes quite abit of time to be able to exchange for 29 gems... but, got to do what I have do for better story outcomes.
I love this game, not only is it entertaining and interesting but it really is the key to my hapiness, and usually im extremely stressed so the music in this game is so relaxing and soothing. I just wish players would be able to get tickets faster. Amazing app, never stop creating! PS+ I finished the episode ^~^
good game like most of genius's games but half of the choices require premium currency and there is no steady way to earn premium currency. So essentially the full game is trapped behind a pay wall that is not cheap. If Genius changes this then my review will go up to 4 stars.
wow I like it it's the most sexual slash romantic game I've played out of all your games. Make another part to this, I really like this one, I wanna see what happens next when I take her to the bed 😏😍😎
did not like it do to having to buy tube to do actions. Would give this game a five start if it didn't have to use in game money to do actions I wanted to do.
I was to sad to even end this story, very very amazing characters. The only problem I have is that it's hard to earn point to exchange for some gems for those premium choices. Besides that, GREAT GAME
The story lines are really great. The arts are also perfectly drawn. Thank you for making this story,I've never had such fun. 5 stars for you.
I loved it but... you should increase your ticket limit to 3 instead of 2 and make other mini games other than slots and decrease the points cost for tickets to 300 points each. same with the other games that you created.
love the story line, kinda hard to choose between the three girls, but the tickets took 3 hours to regenerate, but it was worth the wait
why cant it be a fully free game instead of not being able to do half the things in the game and only able to do the 'Premium' choices once and no way to do it again. i played 2 other games from the dev and it was the same thing, different story but same interface is the same and it over all sucks.
This game is so terrible and I absolutely love it. Almost nothing in this is actually good besides the music but I will gladly say that this is one of my favorite games I have ever played.
Amazing fantasy storyline with a variety of girls and reasonable choices depending on your taste. However, it seems that it is quite hard to get gems without paying and i am often limited to the other options available. Other than that, cool game
completed in 3 days loved the story make more like this but please make the premium choices cheaper or give more rubies to start off with because i found it really hard to get good choices after the first 3
good plot and good choiced but it advertises way ro much for somr choices it costs gems witch cost money and you require tickets to move on you start off with a few and then you have to wait and absurd time to get more good plot though if the devolper is reading this please rrmove tickets
This game takes your money I'm free to play person but this game say it is free but really once you install it you have to make hard choices on what you want to do the start you only get 30 gems and once they are gone you have to play the mini game which is not fun it is just boring and if you get into the story will have to make a choice to pay to play more or wait and feel guilty about your choices this game has potential but like make a way to make the mini games fun
i loved my magical girlfriend alot of intimate and romantic moments in the game. the music is memorable and the story kept me interested till the end. charlotte's ending was satisfying. great job genius.inc.
these games are so good, i cant believe them, imagine a game where all the main characters meet, that came to my mind since the scenarios are all the same in every game i thought of it xD
I would give it a better rating but it doesn't really deserve it... I mean it's a good game but... It- 1st of all you need gems for any of the good options to get closer to them...2nd of all nothing moves really ..like when it says " Effie jumped up and down over and over " they wouldn't move at all... But I like the art and it definitely has a storyline. But I wish you could just watch adds for gems instead of having to pay money... REAL MONEY!!😠😠😠
I think one is okay, the story is fun though I think is not as interesting as the other genius Inc games I played. I like Elise the most out of the three girls. I am not a big fan of magical girls.
The game and graphics are good, but the fact that you have to spend so much time waiting in minigames and for points to turn into rubies makes it frustrating. I would have to spend all day playing minigames and claim time bonuses to be able to advance 1 ruby decision. Also the animations in the minigame are extremely slow and the "minigame energy" thing that doesn't allow players to play the minigame for too long is just too much.
This is a complete money grabbing app. If you got no rubies then you only have one other choice.. BUT the other choice is downright trash, it doesn't even worth choosing. It would be better to have more choices, or rather make the non-premium choice to be a bit exciting, 'cause once there is a premium choices, the other choice is INTENTIONALLY boring without any real development . Gotta uninstall this.
It is a very nice game . Here you will never fill lonely or boring . It will always keep you active . And the three girls in the game are very cute . They all have there own personality . According to my opinion , you will love this app . It do not use reality , instead it uses creativity and imagination . It can be also called as your Dreamland . So , play and enjoy the game . Thank You
Its really fun but I really had it when you have to pay or get form the spinning machine it takes so long can you try and make some other games so the choices are for free thank for understanding
It was pretty good. The system for being able to play and choose certain options seemed fair enough (even if grinding for points can take forever sometimes). I only wish there could have been more to it. There were limited animations and the story was rather short.
I love it and it good but I don't want to pay for a free game not many ads no subscription but you still have to pay to play more
Very good game great story line good carecters and over all great game but the one thing i dont like is the rube system its very repetitve i was going to give it a 4 star but its to good of a game
This story was super dope! I absolutely enjoyed the plot, especially with how Elise and Kevin actually knew each other a year ago and how personal choices and changing situations led to problems between Jenna and Elise. And we got to kiss her a total of 8 times! For emphasis. So very heartwarming as well and great character development for Kevin and Elise. ❤
sooo i just got done doing all the endings and i think effies ending is kinda the best (not sexual wise)because it made me to most happyest for them cause i really think the guy being with her is gonna make her not be afrad of other peps ever again so anyway just wanted to say that i loved effies ending it was sweet happy (But still a little more sexual :/)
It was epic! It had a great plot, the girls were gourgeous, and I enjoyed every second playing this! Btw I chose Elise... She's so cute!
Loved the story and love the girls each of them are brilliant and loveable in their own way I have read the story twice and I have picked Elise and I have also picked Effie and Effie is my favourite so far but it might change when I read it again and choose Charlotte, keep up the great stories and keep making loveable girls for your stories
I give 5 star for this dating simulator because i addicted this game... but please make easier to get some episode tickets..and easy to get rubies please...I think the DEVELOPER doesn't notice our ratings.but the story can end even no premuim choices
Way to childish and the animation doesn't fit the story. For example : she puts her hands on hair legs or had or whatever, the t shirt gets wet, you won't see it in the animation, but a normal standing of the character... + you really have to pay to enjoy the game and be able to choose the path you want. If there would be - points I would definitely give it at least - 1.
amazing it's so addictive, I just wish there was a VIP system that like after a purchase or 2 you would be able to get gems for fewer points. but I still have to give it 5 stars
I HATE the fact that i have to pay just so I can make a decision like trying to stand up for Effie or save Charlotte.
It's a great game! Love the app. Annoying things include having to buy gems for premium choices. But how has nobody mentioned that the tickets take like 2 hours each to read another chapter. and There s only two tickets
it is a good game, but the only problem is that you have to pay so so so so many gems. and, you have too little tickets. and, I don't think the devs reply.
Fun and sweet. Great plot hooks with satisfying conclusions. You get the usual guilt trips for not choosing the premium dialogue choices, but they're handled well and you can still get a happy ending regardless. Well worth reading, one of Genius's better visual novels.
The game was pretty fantastic and emotional (mostly). But the problem is that just about the premium choice thing but overall this is a great game.
It's a good game. cute girls, good storyline. My one major flaw are the premium answers. The premium answers are always superior to regular ones, but it costs 20+ rubies and it's honestly hard to get enough points to buy rubies from the mini game. And another way to get rubies is to but with money, but they're way too expensive and the amount is way too low. Change premium answers into regular answers so we don't have to pay for a better storyline. Please take that into mind.