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MY Little Fantasy: Healing RPG

MY Little Fantasy: Healing RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cute game, but nothing exciting. Tapping system only good for single hero speed boost... They have a cool down of 10 secs give or take. Not much ads, you gain gems and gold from watching ads, fair enough. Or you make one time purchase to disable banner ads, this purchase doesn't affect ads for gems and gold. They only allow two characters in the battlefield. I was hoping for more characters in a battlefield. Gameplay is dull and not exciting to draw my attention to keep playing.
The game is interesting and simple to play. Not multiplayer. Not much content. Lots of pay to win part.
Has the potential to be a good game, but when I search for games to play while afk and this comes up, then it should have some way of progressing while I am indeed afk. At the very least, if you're going to put an "idle mode" in the game, make sure it can stay idle for longer than 10 mins without an ad to interrupt (and hold) it. I spent all night with my game in idle mode only to find out that an ad was keeping my game from making progress not long after I set it down. That's ridiculous.
There is a bug occur in login screen. I have sent the "login failed" screenshot to dev email. Please fix it. Thank you.
Have no problem so far an I love the graphics like tapping to speed things up it gives me something to do. just really hope it does not turn in to pay to win like characters weapons. I am fine with paying for cosmetics one more please do not add that stamina bar the one that makes you wait for so amount of time that would really ruin the game big time. Don't understand why some say it has no story. It has one just got to look for it.
Not much for a healing rpg. Poor user-interface display. Lack of proper tutorial orientation. Solely based on my opinion for playing it for the first time, not impressed and not entertained. I will play it again in the future and observe if it improves its overall performance.
I like it, art style is very much to my liking, cutesy. What I wish to see is character customisation. Creating our very own, unique characters. Maybe local multiplayer ? It's a very nice tap game, but like all tap games it WILL become repetitive at some point. How about making events like raids? Guild raids ? I've seen very little tap games that incorporate multiplayer in them and seeing this game do that is going to be amazing. Hopefully in the sequel, hm ? p/s: Shop prices are expensive.
This game really gets on your nerves because even after HOURS and $$ you spent, your data can be randomly gone. Twice happened in my case: first time restored through reinstall, second time when the game was updated and forever gone. Devs are not helping, response is lacking. Overall very disappointing, all they can say is: "Sorry, please reinstall the game!" with no actual fix. I even cloud saved daily to prevent this, but bunch of people saying this, and I should have trusted the reviews.
The game is interesting and simple to play. Not multiplayer. Not much content. Lots of pay to win part. The amount of grinding required for this game is ridiculus.
interesting concept. its ftp friendly. bench mark diamonds are needed beyond dungeon though. it would be awesome to see new activities in game as well: tetris style pvp climb to the 100th floor before your opponent from 0 starting or random party/gear to entice purchases, suprise challeneges, secret floors/acess points on main floors, guilds, guild bosses, world bosses, chat system would enhance the game dramatically. attack assignment is a must too.
i was only able to play the game once. it crashed and when I restarted it, I couldn't log in anymore. I tried clearing the app cache and data and now it keeps trying to install updates which at the end will come up with a message saying update failed. tried on both wifi and mobile data, no difference. would've given 5 stars if I was able to get back in.
its a good game but the pop up ad when the next stages start ruin it big time.. its an idle game yet needs to close the ad or you are stuck.. you cant farm overnight and its 2020 this game should have offline farming...
Fun little time killer. Not what I expected from the title of the game. Instead of playing a "healer" you're playing as a greatsword wielding warrior. Still good for five stars, just needs a title change. Thought I was gonna have me a little healer while my team blasts bad guys. Oh and by team, I mean that one helper. Good game. Slow progression, but good. Oh, reduced 1star for lack of offline progress. Level skips are nice, but not that great.
Great game,love the simple ui,only drawback for me is that you only get 3 boss keys per 24 hrs,would be great if there were like a +1 key every hour or so,other than that,well done and thanks for a great game
Was fun at first, but the progression is utterly slow. So many random upgrades, very little chance of the good upgrades and drop chance. Please adjust the rates and progression speed.
Great game, really good idea for a not so idle rpg,(the graphics are also great), however, I was only able of finishing level 60, after that I closed the game, on the next day i tried opening the game and discovered that it just won't work, showing a screen saying "checking version" during a endless loading screen,i also went as far as letting the game "load" for over a hour and a half, and it didn't work, any help is greatly appreciated as I really like the game and would like to play more.
This game has potential I must say, despite it being an online game, it lacks an interaction that, of an online game, it would be nice to have some challenges or online events while working your way up to the top. Also, the female characters are cute, VERY. Why most male characters here are chubby though? anyway all it just needs now is an individual costumes for each character, not just our beloved Main Character. It would be a waste to have all these costumes for herself. Keep it up!
good game and good graphic all can do solo pretty easy to grind and its not ptw u just need to grind alot and u will be powerfull enough good machine to killing ur time i already got the payment good game peolpe should try it
dont bother to afk this game. set up this character to auto level for the night, set it into screen saver mode and went to sleep. 8 hours later i find an ad popped up pausing combat, leaving my character only at level 10. I have tried this several times. ads interrupt combat on a regular basis and dont allow you to leave the game unattented. For an afker style game this defeats the whole purpose of the game. deleted.
Hi. Your game has a problem with an ad of the game 'Happy Soccer Physics-2017 Funny Soccer Games', it do not close, I can not get a reward and to continue My Little Fantasy I have to close everything and reopen the game, futhermore, the same ad is there after it. I like My Little Fantasy a lot, A Girl Adrift too, but that problem has stopped my progress. Thank you for the attention and help. I wish you good work and everything more.
This game is an amazing experience. no pay to win, no hassle of the top dog. Just cruise control. Theres no rush to it, you can play it at your own pace. I do think that the rubies are a tad bit over priced but since theyre handed out so often, and in sich a decent quantity I cant really complain. Overall I am enjoying it to the fullest.
Smooth animations, sweet charcters for the casual idle warriors out there. just turned party level 2 and so far i love ot!
Great graphics. Mechanics is quite decent. But dont be mistaken, this is not an IDLE game. It is also ad-infested! Every time you die, there is ads. To get a tiny boost with free resources? Ads. Honestly what started as a pretty fun experience quickly turned sour with the amount of ads i was bombarded with. I understand devs need to make money but the spam heavily affects and interrupts gameplay. Already uninstalled this game after 20 mins of play. Not recommended at all.
Best idle game of this style! And I've played tons of them. Awesome how you can unlock skins without real money, and you can choose favorite looking one, while still getting star bonus from all bought. Only thing I don't like, is it seems impossible to get the watermelon event done! What are hidden bosses? Please tell me dev. Great game for all!
It was honestly a good game. I ended up putting a lot of money into it. But after linking my account I kept getting an error that wouldn't let me log back in. I had to claim for a refund. That said, I did really like the game, and it's a shame that I had to refund, but it was just too risky to put money into. Much love, Devs, but please fix the issue so that it doesn't happen to someone else where they lose the money put in.
Loving the game. So far it's not too slow or too fast. Needs a little more information available but most of it is easy to figure out. Love the art, not having any issues with the app and even the grind isn't bad. Keep up the good work! Personally I also hate games that rely on PvP to get any meaningful gameplay or worse to progress. My hope is you add to the gameplay but not PvP. My party lv increased but nothing in the shop changed. A tip in the game said limited items would appear.
I like this so far but just began. The simplely cute characters are refreshing and game play is easy to understand.
I like leaving the game rolling at night and wakeup in the morning seeing all how far my team got over night. However one of the few things I don't like is that there is not an option for Auto-Collect/Start the allies that are set in the Quest collecting gold. Also one thing missing is the over view of all of the status %, including the boost from the supporting team and the Costumes armors/weapons, but for the leader and ally that is deploy at that moment, To know what to upgrade next.
I didnt know about this game at first, it looked fun but started out kinda slow but now that iv been playing for about a day or two its really become one of my favorite games
Login error keeps on saying I cant login and progress on a different device, Iam quite sure that I never played this game before tho, i will change my review if it was answered and solved. Edit: It was fixed after a few days for some reason, but I had not reinstall/update my Google play games or service, guessing it was similar error like what others had. Edit x2: Its happening again when I start opening the app the 2nd time, not gonna try again.
honestly review: the gameplay need too much resources to move up, which it is quite not fitting the idle game style( if this is one). this is just a non-stop( knight) style with a cute and good looking graphic design that doesn't run around! it is fine that you don't use in-game money to level up the side characters, but in-game money isn't exactly easy to get too and dont even talk about the Quests( with that stupid extreme success rate!). Synthes are too much too +20 for both? com'on!
Interesting game. The worst part is only no offline progression, so the only way to move forward is to keep opening the game and put the screen off option? Can't use phone for other activity. Or am i doing it worng somehow?
This is a long crawler type game where you progress as far as you can go, then reset & do it all over again while accumulating the strength to get faster each time. It's a relaxing grind with no 'real' goal other then the journey itself. There's no other people to compete with, no competition & no rush. As someone who is pretty hyper-competitive this game is a breath of fresh air. **one issue is a lack of a real faq section. how do you upgrade the shop? I suppose I'll find out eventually
After the latest update the game slowed down a lot. You get very limited number of teleport tokens used to skip early stages after prestige, making getting back to high levels unbearable. Bad decision, hopefully reversed in the future.
Awesome 😘 good job...I play a lot mobile game..This game different ya can do this and that to upgrade ya weapon & armor..Love the soundtrack ..keep it up..Make more Awesome game πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™This is a fair game..
i actually love this game. cute characters. nice battle animation. premium currency hard to come by... but its fine. Random gacha draw of characters would be more fun. As we get to higher level, upgrading equipment gets a little annoying. It has to be a better way to upgrade, so we dont have to keep seeing the results every time.
I really like the game tbh, but this game isn't suited with strong data retention capability. For an RPG being able to load a save game is very important. After the update I can't log into the game, and I was looking forward to the new stuffs too :/ I have purchased some items in support for devs, so restarting isn't an option. I wish I could get back into the game, IF NOT then I demand a full refund. Not because I'm stingy but the devs shouldn't have released this game at all if that happens.
3 stars for the designers. Cute characters, the story is indeed healing. But the game progression is too slow, no offline farming, the ads are too much, the rewards are meager. Shame.
Login Failed! after I've dowload the game, I managed to play for an hour or two. After I closed to game it would not let me in anymore, kept getting a login failed error even though I am connected to a strong internet connection. Update: Reinstalling fixed the game, but i lost some progress, so make sure to manually save before exiting the game. will update later but so far seems to be a fun game.
That 50% of success rate when upgrading is more like of a scam. I've collect lots of monies and i mean A LOT OF MONEY! But then i lost it all because of that 50% success rate.. Cheating game. As expected from scammer like you
Click a menu, get an ad. Go out of the menu, get an ad. Check inventory, get an ad. The only "little" here is gameplay, as it gets interrupted constantly by ads. -5/5, ad-infested trash.
Nice graphics, but gameplay is boring. Nothing much to do after a feel runs. Game is not idle - so you must stay login to keep running, but the progress is super slow and there is no speed up. Shop is expensive, items and gold are hard to get. Too many ads - must watch ads for extra gold and rubies because everything require a lot of gold and rubies. After all, it's hard to feel relax while playing this game.
always wrong use menus, tap - tap again to use - tap item tap.. why, not just tap on equip, and then enhance? and.. really, no prompt when extraction equipment? I just upgraded spend many time to upgrade just one weapon and wrong tap to break it into a enhace scroll without prompt. nearly cry but its ok.. just i wont uninstall this because of my finger always wrong :")
Its a pay to complete game. You will need to shell out money ($15 at least) to get to stage 1,000. This game has little content. Every stage is almost the same with minor differences. This game was designed around money first and gameplay second.
It was OK in the beginning but then you will begin to realise that progression is extremely slow unless you dedicate a phone aside to keep it running this game. There is no offline stage progression. Progression and upgrades are extremely slow to work towards and unrewarding. Sorry to the developer, but I will be uninstalling this. It's boring and not entertaining enough to take hours of my life away from me.
super cute little dungeon idler with a FUN storyline that seems to progress late into the game unlike some games that end it after the 2nd boss. My only complaint is the lack of an "upgrade all/max" button when I'm trying to upgrade weapons and equipment, since tap-tap-tapping the button seems to cause a bit of stutter and lag.
The game looks damn good for this genre, the only sad part about the game is not optimized, some phone can't even start the game at all, froze at the loading screen, if the developer really hear suggestions, I suggest that you optimize the game and make this game playable even during offline, I bet more player will play.
Crashed way too often, and loaded fine only 20% of the time. Had to always restart the app several times before getting the game screen to display. Account authentication wasn't consistent, forcing some more app restarts. Collecting afk chest crashed the game, as well as upgrading items. Spent some money, but overall disappointed in the end.