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My Land

My Land for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Brandon Stecklein located at PO Box 382 Spring Hill, KS 66083. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lovely game that simulates farming, I would recommend this to those who want a relaxing farming experience
Wiah I could help more with feedback. Hmu if you can and ill tell you more about my expierience. I enjoy it so far.
Addicting! Could you make at tool to drag over crops to harvest. And you should make a sandbox mode.
Got laggy to the point it stoped after having a bunch of pigs is a small area so i couldnt play any more but i enjoyed the gamr while it lasted
It is a good game nice variety of crops and livestock but I don't really like the premun stuff and it a bit glitchey keep updating the game
It's nice to do what u ou want but I had cows and I had water for them but they died of thirst even though water was 4 squares away. If yiu make animals smarter easily a 4 star
Is there anyway to sell back the stuff I've clicked from for example I clicked on the lawnmower a couple of times now I've 10 lawnmowers and no money lol
I gotted killed by grass and chickens. I planted grass first, it spread, i placed chickens, they ran, soon all i had was a feild of grass and an ungodly amount of chickens
Game is nice!! Game doesn't require much space but still nice. But could you make bakery free so I can sell bread. Also add pie maker to make pies of different flavors. Also make bulldozer free cause I don't want to spend money when removing something (I'm not good at placing yet) and you also get a refund. This game is really fun and simple and also light. If you guys (or girls) want farm simulator thats not require much space then this is for you!! 😉😉 Edited:pls make buildings movable.
Good but needs more detail Reply to dev comment: maybe to could add farmers to help your on your farm and maybe also add more variety of crops to choose from. Things like that.
little laggy can you make it were they move arould more, i had sheep on one side and grass on the other and they starved to death
I think that they need something to automatically cut crops. And how do you get watter . Other than this I like the game.
Good game on computer not so much mobile keep on adding new stuff to game please me and my friends love to grind this game during class
I love this game but it does need some improvement. Perhaps more farm animals and something that you can buy that will collect your stuff for you. Other than that its really neat
Good Games but sadly have not seen new games from them on mobile in a while and kinda hard too see at times.
i had an issue with saving,it stuck at the loading screen saving..said it saved but did not. Other than that it is a pretty neat game. Love the kind of idle mechanic allowing crops to grow while away. Only issue ingame is placing numerous crops or trees..it works randomly and places at wrong spots costing money. Other than that small issue and saving. Love it.
its a fun game. i get on everyday to play but i wish there was a multi select like my colony. reason why is because I have so many pigs my game freezes and if i could select multiple animals at once then i won't have to start over.
All the features is OK but I hate is the premium ones I can't have access to the premium because I like free things
It's amazing. But u would appreciate it if you make it where I don't place fencing all over when I try to move my screen and I would like it if you added horses thank you so much though
Really laggy and it could really use an instruction wiki or something to explain the machanics of the animal breeding and crops. Otherwise it's been pretty fun so far. Hoping it gets better.
Fun game only annoying part is the fact that... Y THERE NO TUTORIALS!??! It was such a bad start fpr the first game then i made a new game to be able to experiment with what it does then i made a new game to actually start my adventure. It would be bad if you didnt have a tutorials and thats including my colony.
This is a really fun farmer simulator if you have the free version then the ads don't even Interrupt gameplay.
Its a very awesome game!!!!😍😍🤩🤩🤩 It is small yet very simple to play and master and you wont get bored.but maybe mr. Dev you can add animals like ducks,goats and even fish but will you also add crops like strawberry,lemon, blueberry, eggplant, tomato and other stuff i hope to see this stuff in the game one day😁😁
It's doesn't look like much or in fact is actually much... What it is, is what you make of it tho. It's nice to see games that's aren't based on the p2w or p2p or other modern cash grabs most of the more polished games are rife with. Enjoy.
I love this game me and my sister play it all the time, premium is cheap and worth it. Plenty of challenge ideas to make it harder, not too hard to beat but still a challenge.
Add a multi select to the game so you can sell animals or clean up carcasses with ease. Game is very laggy almost impossible to even open.
Great game could be better if when I bodoze something I get my money back and can there be more stuff to buy and an eazyer way to raise people coming to my land and land extension would be nice but thank you for an awesome game.
This game is amazing you can also buy it for computer there is one suggestion tho I would like it if you could buy more land
I really enjoy this game but i find myself accidentally placing things when im just trying to move the screen around.
Hello ! Is good game but sometimes crashed. Also will be good idea to have something to help you to sell eggs and chickens like chicken house
I love the realism in this game but not how my live stock randomly dies, despite the presence of all necessities. Overall a great game. Don't ever remove the "Plants actually regrow" feature. It's something realistic no one else bothered to add to their game.
Can't save. It just spins and NEVER stops. It has no start over and for a simple games takes way too long to load. I was so disappointed
Its really good but there's not much things and when pigs give birth sometimes there's way to many and crashs game can you make it so there is a burden to kill all pigs and rename
the defation if this is amazing im 11 and used to terable games so if u thinks its bad and think the company that made this game is also this comment ur wrong boi
I love this game. I just wish i could use google play to buy the upgrade, i wish i could cut grass and use that cut grass to make hay, which i could then feed the animals. Plus, i wish there was a few more small animals like rabbits, and the game is definately missing horses.