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myKONAMI® Casino Slot Machines

myKONAMI® Casino Slot Machines for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by PLAYSTUDIOS INC located at 10150 Covington Cross Dr Las Vegas, NV 89144. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This USED to be a great, fun, rewarding game to play. But whatever they did to it lately it is awful. If you like to win DO NOT BUY CREDITS. Before purchasing I would win / lose pretty evenly. After buying you lose all the time. I went through 300 million and maybe won 15 times. Or you get free spins and 9 out of 10 lose. Or you get the 6 links betting 2-3 million and you get a value of 250k the majority of the time. And the prizes are not good anymore. Your better off just putting money away.
If you like losing this is the place. I went from 1 billion chips to 100 million chips in less than 20 minutes betting 5,400,000 chips a spin. All this game wants you to do is purchase chips. You'll feel good for a while cause you're winning then the losing begins and there's no coming back from that.
This My Konami app has been so bad, it won't load, keep saying "searching for network", it doesn't matter where I am at, it's NOT the internet connection, that app requires so much, it crashes most of the time. It does the searching for over 90 seconds not thing loads. So annoying!
Horrible Update! I used to love all the myVegas apps and used their rewards every time I went to Vegas... now I go to Vegas every 8-12 weeks and their rewards are awful. I live in FL so I can't participate in any Sweepstakes and NOW I CAN'T Collect Any free daily email coins. Whoever's in charge needs to lOOk at who's responsible for all the Horrible changes to the games and rewards!! Losing another loyal player!!!
The game started out a little difficult low bonuses with minimum pay out. Then after I bought some credits then pay outs are a lot better. I'm really enjoying this playing experience. I lowered the rate of gameplay due to the fact that on several occasions when I press the button to stop the game will continue to roll forward and stop on some three to four seconds later. Purchased coins and only activated 3 bonus games for the entire amount of coins I purchased not fair.
Terrible your game runs slow you buy chips ,you would think the bonuses would come around a little just sucks no enjoyable, not asking all the time but it's been a couple years I have been with Konami very disappointed
used to love this game , i have spend a lot of money for in app purchase , game don't pay out , hard to hit jackpot even your bet is high , the more you spend the game get tight more than ever . My VIP host is great that the only thing I would give 5 stars for . I had over 100 billions last weekend and lost it all less than one week , never again , I'm uninstalled this game , bye mykonami . You have lost one of your VIP !!!!!!
Back to not fixing issues and putting players on the back burner. Not offering chips to replace and cancelling previous days so when it is working you can't catch up day 2 still wont fix issues. With each update you start over
6 hours of play on Star Watch. Hundreds of million of dollars and never not once did I get a single set of 8 free spins. Not fun anymore. Playing out points and then done with this game
Definitely one of the worst slot apps on the play store. I played for about 5 hours and my RTP% (Return to player) was less than 10%...most Vegas slots are over 90% RTP, it's purely a cash grab and it's sad that developers can't make games that are enjoyable for the player and makes them some profit from micro transactions...instead it's all about what they can get from your wallet.
Very few wins. Tournaments are a joke. Need to have different bet level tournaments. Can't compete with those that have trillions of chips. One max bet and they win more than most in the entire round. Most of the games are the same, just different pictures. The music reminds of midis from the early 90s.
At the beginning the game variation is set to pay a higher return to player. When you level up you hardly ever get free games. Once in a blue moon. You could have spent a trillion coins and still not hit it because it's coded that way so you buy more coins.
This is the worst ever! Disconnects, you hardly ever win, so disappointing You developers really need to rethink, and make some positive changes,still no payouts Connection a bit better, don't mind adds if we get free coins, need to win sometimes to make it exciting, a big payout once a week would make me play more After playing it again for a couple days to see if they have improved on payouts its the worst for bonus coins, daily coins and payouts, wisYou need to make it more fair please
I used to love playing this game all the time but for awhile now the game has been so stingy with coins. I used to actually spend a lot of money on this game but not for months now. Between the horrible ridiculous amount of ads and the little to no wins or big wins i really only play the mission some times but i never spend time on this game anymore. And customer service for this game is really horrible!!
A cool game to flick through various slots to play for a 1/2 hour to hour each day, I find certain games suit certain daily missions so once you've played a few you can experiment to you find a suitable winning strategy. I've earnt enough play time credits to monitor the offers now to, hopefully there'll be a suitable one sooner or later I can claim. So many people say they pay money to play this app to but you can still have a good experience if you strategize well, 250+ winning days straight!
Since this app updated last it keeps freezing up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it still freezes up. Very frustrating. It was great until the last update, that's why I'm giving it two stars
I'm having trouble loading into the game keeps going out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Still won't load into the games. Won't load the game since the upgrade. What the ????
I love the choice of slots. Just takes awhile to play because you have to be inturuppted constantly for store ads.I hope they have changed their ad policy.They could be really a great app.
When I first open the game and try to close out the ads to buy more chips, the app has a major glitch and I have to keep tapping the screen until it finally let's me get to the main screen. Please fix this, it's really frustrating and keeps from not wanting to play
I love the games because they are actually authentic. It's just like playing in a real casino, you never win. PLEASE, PLEASE add Treeasure Voyage. That's my favorite Konami game.
Don't waste your time. Just the absolute worst free slot app ever. Slow moving, no big wins, nothing good about it. Uninstalled it almost immediately after downloading it.
30+ Notifications in 24hrs. The actual game play is fun and the slots are interesting and I have played many at the casino for real money. the opportunity to earn actual "rewards" is nice and I have used some in the past. Have played this for a few years and am around level 950 with over 2,200,000 loyalty points. The notifications are NON-STOP! enough withe the notifications, please lighten up with them. PLEASE! don't want to uninstall but I'm close.
Listen 14 times I tried to update, then it keeps on doing it. Still cannot do. There is something wrong with the update. So there are a lot of bugs In it. So correct it so I can play my games. You don't want a rating on it,because it won't be good. Please get this update off of my kanomi. The update is faulty.
When I first used this app I was very excited. I play these games at the casino near me. I thought it would be fun to use while my local casino is shut down. It was at first and a few times I won. But now, I watch all the ad vids and it doesn't seem to matter how much I save up or what amount I bet, the game keeps taking with very few (if any) wins or payouts. Would never purchase coins thats for sure! Never get to keep them. Maybe find another app instead.
Had no problems before the latest update. After the update, it always says it needs to reconnect even though there is nothing wrong with my wifi. It also would say that it seems that i am playing on another device even though my phone is the only device I have this app active. Once it tries to reconnect, it would freeze up and I would have to restart my phone. It would run fine after the restart but it would also go thru several ads before I can start playing.
After the latest update the app keeps restarting my challenges back to zero even when I complete all my task. They used to give away free nights but stopped after the covid now they have 25% off but you can't use those so I don't know why they have them.
Since the latest update, I am unable to get points and perks from my email. What a bunch of BS! I spend a lot of money on this app because it's my favorite. This issue needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP. And the players need to receive all of the chips they should have received from the time of the update, to the time it's fixed. Loyal players are being robbed.
For the past week or so I attempt to load the game and I get kicked out. Tried updating app but still have the same problem. Keeps stating"loading event" and then I get kicked out or message cones up that states app has stopped working.
I have all four of myvegas apps from playstudios and this is by far the worst. You will spin 20 times and only 2 spins will win you minimum money. I wouldn't waste another dime buying chips on this jaded game. This isn't real slots so be more user & play friendly and stop dialing back on the spins. Be like your other apps and stop wasting our battery life 🤷🏾‍♂️
loved this game but you update to often and each time you do the game it's worst always problems with the network it plays terrible and you can spend millions of dollars and never win points
Terrible. Mor often than not when i have to update, sometimes it takes days to restart.iloose what i had and have to start over.
Many times waiting to connect to network. Have lost points because of lost connection. Hasn't gotten any better after many times of sending feedback when the game fails. Getting better at responding to problems, still a few bugs to work out. Still having problems with the network, told to do the regular stuff to fix it. Have done everything several times, still not working correct. For the most part, the game is ok.
This game is SO BAD, do NOT waste your time on it. Most boring slot game I've played to date. The wins are rare with VERY TINY payouts. Big wins rarely happen. Epic wins NEVER happen. On the time in a million when you win 8 free spins and don't win a single coin in those 8 spins, you know the game sucks really badly. Where is the fun in that?
App keeps crashing... screen goes blank, and I'm back to my desktop. 4 times in the last half hour. Annoying!!!
Awesome!!! Fun game, helps pass the time, but it feels like lately it makes me lose more to pressure me to spend money in the game. And now theres less free chips and i havent got a promo email in almost 2 weeks...weird. 3.5 stars
I don't know what has happened....I use to love Konami, I have bought many $'s worth of points because it use to be fun and you could win points and even the jackpot from time to time. Now you can't win anything substantial to keep playing. Not worth buying points anymore, and on the challenges in order to win you have to bet so high, you blow through points in a few minutes, and you can't get into the bonus rounds anymore either. I think its time to find a new slot game....☹
It is a fun game but the glitches are to frustrating. Twice now I have won free spins only to have a glitch where I dont get to use them. And now the game when I open it states loading event and freezes up completely.
Edit....Annoying.... prompts to buy coins comes up not once but twice every time you change the window and 3 times upon opening or more. And slowly! Very low win ratio. Not fun anymore! 1st review....Gobbles up power with a couple of unnecessary flashy elements. Very slow response on my samsung galaxy tab a. But you get lots of free chips and the slow factor lets you keep it longer so still lots of fun :)
Since downloading the new version available they disconnect you making you go back to the same game in different screens getting you to buy more points and it takes 6 spins to get a little payout then 5 then 2 and 2 , you also can tell when they manipulate the games out of the blue you win ,used to like playing but now its a scam of them trying to make money
The rates are absolutely terrible, I've never expirienced a pokie game this bad. Do not download it!! I just spent 600 MILLION coins and never even got 1 free spin or bonus. Beware of this money trap
Hard to win it's like they want you to buy to get anywhere. It still very hard to win if you raise your bet it's really hard to get anywhere. I like the games you offer but frustrating. Still very frustrating if you get a good hit you won't get nothing till it'dtaken it back. They advertise free but try to get you buy all the time. Like most games. won't let me update so may have to quit playing.
Everytime it tells me i need to update, the game develops a new glitch. This tme it just keeps circling and pending never giving me an chance to Update. Pls advise on how to fix.
If I want to change games I always get back to main menu and store. It would be nice to have last game played listed first. Easier way to access my favorites.
I've played for years. Commented.....alot. Explained my gripes. Ha Ha. Almost EVERYONE has the exact same complaints. I first started playing Vegas games is because I wanted to accumulate enough loyalty points to have a fun vacation. I have almost 4.5 million now. I've spent hundreds of $ on coins to play these games(konami, Vegas & pop slots). I can honestly tell y'all now, that's not on my bucket list anymore. For the younger crowd. You'll make millions WORKING for these companies.
I love playing your game have a 400 day streak on wheel and a 337 day daily bonus as of today I cannot play the game freezes up and I cannot play and I can not log into fb. I am not happy right now. If you can resolve this problem will give you a 5 star rating. Happy New Year
A few days ago I logged on only to discover that I had to reload every single game again. And now just a few minutes ago I will have to repeat the process all over again! I don't have Wi-Fi and so it eats up my data. From reading other reviews I can see that just like many other games this one has gone downhill. Unfortunate for all players. I am on level 265 but not sure if I will keep the game.
I like the games, as some of them are ones I have played at the casino. I thought I would try making a chip purchase to play longer. I tried to made 2 purchases and I never recieved the chips.. Contacted customer service by email with photos and was never contacted back. I also tried to "retrieve lost chips" it said there was nothing to recover.
I have updated and it doesn't reflect the new version you say on my Samsung Tab 6. I am still not able to receive the chips, it still goes to the Play Store.
Not bad but needs work. Annoying as heck that the game needs to redirect you to the chip store TWICE every single time your chip count goes below your current bet amount. I would hope people are smart enough to realize they can buy chips at anytime. At most this should be a once a day reminder not every single time you run low on chips. Graphics are also somewhat grainy. Could use a facelift.
If you don't mind losing more often than winning then play away, games are professional and generally smooth running.... you'll never progress by playing with free chips alone and will have to purchase chips to play on though buying hundreds of pounds/dollars etc worth of chips kinda negates the reasons for playing in the first place which is to get loyalty points to trade for perks in Vegas!
It does not work I can only play for about 30 seconds and it keeps cutting off repeatedly and I'd like the game but it's been like this for a long time there should be someone trying to fix the problem
These games are tough. It's just like gambling in a Casino. Sometimes you just loose no matter what game you're playing, Exciting and challenging
Doesn't pay squat. Just the simple task of getting free spins is ridiculous. You can play hundreds of spins and when you finally get the free spins you get Cow Manure for payout. I suggest not even looking at this game. Played w/ 4 billion, to start, & let it auto spin at 6 million and literally got NOTHING for payouts. WHAT the hell was that about. Just another Scam Vegas game built perfect for playing you like Vegas. Also, I love the cookie cutter replies the developer leaves for customers.
With the recent update it takes forever to "find the network", I have full bars and LTE. I dont want to spend 6 minutes trying to load a game. All my other apps open right up
I love this game,It's easy to play and there's no shortage of coins to win. The graphics are great and you find the game passes the time. I recommend you try this game there's no end to the fun you will have. And the best part of it all you can win real money when you play using Mistplay app to play your game. What do you have to loose, try it out and I'm sure that you will have a great time like me. Jules Marion Jolliette Quebec
Super fun and even a little addicting, Although as of June 2, 2021 I haven't been able to get my free credits from my email which is frustrating bc I've spent quite some money playing My Konami! In 5 years, this is the first time I've had such an issue ☹️
I uninstalled this when I was connected via FB. IMMEDIATELY started winning as a "guest" with smaller bets. Bit when I was connected via FB betting 6M a spin, I didnt win squat. It only took my 600B - never got free spins and only won a put 1/10 of the time. And when I did win, it was less than my bet. RUN FROM THIS GAME. IT IS AWFUL.8
Ugh. They Really want you to spend money on this app. The slots are slow, and you lose your coins every day. The Store pops up twice after you lose, as if to say "You need to buy some coins! Keep Playing!" But the slots don't pay out, why would I Want to keep playing? Most casino apps will keep you going when you're starting out on the game, and the slots pay out just in time, so you Want to keep playing. This is just... ugh.
Fun game but they lack in giving free gift to those how do spend money on there game and you lose more than you win I find that I only win for awhile after I buy coins then u start to lose them
Very good games but this app is set up just like the casino. Your in-app purchases can get costly. Know your limit! I would love to see games such as Full Moon Diamond and Jade Dynasty.
I need to let you know that I have installed and uninstalled this game dozens of times. Everytime I install it, it wont let me play the game and I keep getting cut out back to where I am. I have plenty of credits but its not letting me go to a game. I need someone to please fix this once and for all so I can play the game that I like without getting cut off everytime I try to get on.
When you try to redeem your free coins, open the app, press the notification, wait a few seconds then press ok. It kept freezing until I did it like this.
You need patience. Everything is slow. Loading, changing between slots, etc. And that's because of you having to connect twice to the store every single time. Frustrating. Then again the free coins are plenty but the wins not. OK, took me about a month to figure it all out. It's a joke. I have to hurry, have to uninstall this ridiculous app😛☹️!
This is a Great game very addictive. When I'm out of coins and collected all of the bonus I purchase more coins my kids say I'm over doing it but I enjoy the game. Is there another option or other ways to collect bonus coin? Sltill loving this game .. and love the New games
New update has killed all ways to collect loyalty chips thru email. The app doesn't even open. It open the loyalty in browser in which it says it needs to be installed. Wow... good job in losing more players..
Had to edit my review, the more you spend money the more you lose and rarely get bonuses on games played. Just eats up your money quickly. I used to love this game. Disappointed
Huge selection of real Vegas style slots. They give you free coins every day for slot play. If you like a challenge and seek accomplishment then you will love this app. When you play you also receive rewards points that can be used in most Casino's in Las Vegas. They are real and work because I have used them in Vegas. I also used my points from my home in Washington State. I bought tickets for a drawing in the 12 days of Christmas Event and Won $5000. I have won in other events. This is REAL.
Loved it for the first year. You cannot use your rewards all in one trip. Cannot use for chips and room same trip. Can only use if staying in that hotel. They changed their rewards, so when I got to 1mil pts and thought I was going to take a cheap trip to Vegas and gambling and alcohol. NOPE. Changed pts from amount spent to a timer NO EXPLANATION. BS. AI is always learning from your use to extract max $ from you, punishing you until you buy chips. Friend never bought any and never runs out. Hm
I wanted to like this game, even put money into to support the makers of the games. However, my credits lasted about 10 minutes. Lost almost every spin after buying credits. Sadly, will uninstall.
3 times i have lost 260-340 free spins in the yellow zone during retriggering in free spin play. I have never been refunded. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. All they tell you to do is hit the balance of fortune button, but it was way to late for that. I hate getting cheated, especially when you purchase coins.
Love this app!! My only issue now is any free chip offers take me to the play store & I can never redeem them. Never used to have this issue
games are fun but you dangle the carrot. Win a little and lose it all. So we buy money and lose it just as fast.
Today I hit a bonus that gave me 480 free spins. The game gave me an option to play 480 free spins, or take a one time dollar amount. Can't remember what is was. Several billion, but I wanted to play the spins. I got to play six spins. As I pushed for the 7th spin, the game glitched. It restarted and I lost everything. There is no place I could find, to make a Complaint, file a report, nothing. It's like it never happened. If it stays like that then MGM and Konami, and Play studios all suck
Great slot game, konami makes great slots and this game has some of my favorites. Koi jump and all aboard are some of the most fun slot games I've played both on mobile and at real casinos.
I am giving 1 star because you can't leave a review with 0 stars. Do not waste your money on this game, you have absolutely no chance of winning unless you keep buying more chips no matter how many credits you manage to build up. They will also drive you insane trying to entice you to buy more!!!! I am now adding an additional review on 12-27-20. Like an idiot I decided to give this game one more try and I was definitely right the first time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP.
So many pop ups and freezes. Whe. I have to touch the screen 9 times to find out what is up before a popup loads its not a good design alot of games are getting bad with tryig to constantly sell you stuff and make you buy on accident instead of making a game you keep playing cuz you want
It's fine. I do love the variety of games. I appreciate the free chips. I even have fun sometimes! However, I don't feel some of the extras aren't worth it. I've found myself losing exponentially more money while earning the meager rewards in tourneys and other quests. If you've had an extremely bad beat, they do sometimes reimburse you *some* of what you've lost. I'd love to see what strategies ppl with +11 figure coins are using to keep all that coin that doesn't include microtransactions.
Played this for couple years Good games addicting when your doing good won a j p lost most of it pretty quick win some lose some the only downfall is pricing goes from affordable fun to non affordable eat all the points up no really pricing after a purchase is the biggest down plus not being able to purchase more than one at a time like a special of m or more for a dollar most folks or at least I would buy ten m for ten dollars
Too many adds at the start. No I don't want to buy things so don't let the keep popin up! If I want i will go buy myself I dont need a pop-up every time I run out of coins! So frustrating!
I would like my money back on all of app purchases... The screen said they were out of coins n the game kept messing up. It was not a good experience at all n I was Soo excited in the beginnig but now I'm mad n disappointed. Would like to know how I get a refund on all purchases in that game?????